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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2322 English [Readable]

Mysterious Dragon Seal is a defensive secret technique that Ban Qing understood by himself and condensed by the crystallization of his lifelong practice.

Since he was promoted to the cultivation level of the emperor realm, this secret technique has only been used three times, and each time, the opponents encountered are all powerful men in the emperor realm.

But today, in front of Yang Kai, a martial artist of Dao Source stage, he had to use it again.

Because he can feel that if he doesn’t use this secret technique, he will undoubtedly die!

This feeling was groundless, but it convinced him.

The dragon shadows emerged, entangled and converged, condensed in front of him, and in the blink of an eye, a protective light barrier that looked like a shield appeared in all directions. On the shield, several true dragon patterns were vaguely visible, lifelike.

After performing this secret technique, Ban Qing felt calm, and the feeling of panic and palpitations finally subsided a lot.


The blade cut through, the shield that’s able to defend against the powerful blows of the emperor realm, but it was as vulnerable as a piece of tofu, the solid protection is cut in half, without the slightest hindrance with the blade, go straight to Ban Qing’s chest and abdomen.

If this blow is connected, judging from the strange attack displayed by this blade, I am afraid that a guy as strong as Ban Qing will also be cut into two.

Ban Qing’s face changed abruptly, and he didn’t dare to hesitate anymore, pushing back with the force of the divine soul.


With a soft sound, Ban Qing forcibly got rid of the constraints of the power of the Space Law, and avoided the fatal blow by a single margin.

However, there was a two-foot-long wound on his chest and abdomen. The wound stretched from the abdomen to the shoulder obliquely, almost cutting off his arm.

There was no blood flowing out of the wound, no signs of flesh and blood turning over. I can’t even see the bones, but from the wound, there is pure divine soul energy flowing out, constantly dissipating in this world.

“It’s a pity!” Yang Kai muttered unwillingly while looking at him, before he rushed to Ban Qing twice recklessly. Just want to induce the opponent to relax his vigilance, and then find a chance to give him a fatal blow.

Although the strategy was considered successful, Yang Kai’s two rash actions undoubtedly made Ban Qing underestimate his abilities, and thus directly came to Yang Kai’s side, giving Yang Kai the opportunity to perform a counter-kill. But, the emperor realm is emperor realm after all, and when facing a fatal danger, the reaction speed is not normal. At such a close distance and such a sudden attack, he could actually avoid it.

Not far from the other side, Ban Qing was hit hard by this, his eyes trembled violently, and his face changed several times. He stared at the blade in Yang Kai’s hand and shouted, “What the hell is this!”

“Soul Slashing Blade!” Yang Kai flicked the long blade in his hand. Pointing to Ban Qing from a distance, he grinned and said, “Don’t hurt your flesh body. Just hurt the soul!”

This time he entered the world of the Divine Movement Mirror, Yang Kai only brought three things besides the divine soul spirit body entering here.

One is the Purple Sun Profound Light Cover that Gao Xueting gave him, the other is the colorful Mild Soul lotus in the Consciousness Sea, and the third is the Soul Slashing Blade.

This is the thing of Insect Emperor.

In the Shadowed Star, the insect emperor wrecked the world. Yang Kai slayed him, got the slave insect bracelet, and the soul-slashing blade.

The Slave Insect Bracelet has a special effect on various insects. Yang Kai used the Slave Insect Bracelet to escape danger several times. As for the Soul Slashing Blade, he has never used it much. He didn’t even know that this thing was actually a Divine Soul Artifact.

So when he first entered this world and checked his body, he was surprised to find the Soul Slashing Blade.

Even though this Emperor Artifact has never been refined, it still cannot deny its powerful damage to the Divine Soul. With a sword in his hand, Yang Kai severely injured a strong man like Ban Qing with just one blow. If he refines it a little bit, in the special world of this Divine Movement Mirror, it would be easy for him to take Ban Qing’s life.

After eating a ditch and gaining a wisdom, Yang Kai secretly made up his mind, after this trip back, he must find the opportunity to refine the few kinds of Emperor Artifacts in his body.

Previously there was no refining because of insufficient strength, but now he has reached the level of Dao Source Stage, and the power of divine sense is comparable to the peak of Dao Source Stage. Refining it should be no problem.

Whether it is the Soul Slashing Blade or the Slave Insect Bracelet, it can be very useful in some special occasions.

“Damn!” Ban Qing gritted his teeth and shouted. Although he didn’t understand what Yang Kai’s phrase “do not hurt the flesh body”, he also clearly realized the threat of the long blade to him through the blow just now. It is a deadly threat.

Now that he has suffered heavy losses, Yang Kai is unscathed. Coupled with Yang Kai who seems to have some strange divine ability, Ban Qing has already begun to retreat.

Although rumor that the cultivation level of the Emperor Realm was shocked by a Dao Source Stage martial artist and retreat would spread, and it would be embarrassing to go out, but at this moment, Ban Qing can no longer take care of so much. The most important thing is to keep his life.

In addition, the secret techniques cultivated by Ban Qing are used in conjunction with concealed assassinations. Generally speaking, people who practice this secret technique and divine ability tend to be cautious when they are good, and timid when they are bad. They are like rats. Their actions have always been futile. They travel thousands of miles away and will never entangle and fight with the enemy. In a head-on confrontation, their abilities will be greatly reduced.

If the person standing in front of Yang Kai at this moment was a strong man like Lian Yan, even if Yang Kai injured him, he would not leave immediately.

Can the absolute gap in the realm of strength be made up for by a little injury?

All in all, after Ban Qing said that sentence, he was already shaken, and he wanted to retreat first and plan for the long term action.

But at this moment, Yang Kai’s whereabouts was suddenly lost in his eyes. The Dao Source stage boy was still standing not far in front of him at the moment, but in the blink of an eye, the opponent disappeared.

“What?” Ban Qing was shocked. He himself is a strong man who is very good at concealment, but at this moment, he found that there is this kind heaven-defying human in this world.

Yang Kai suddenly disappeared, which was undoubtedly much better than his method. It was a real space divine ability that ignored space barriers.

He hurriedly released his Divine Sense, wanting to find out the location of Yang Kai, but shortly afterwards, a cold wind came from behind his head. The cold wind seemed to blow from the Underworls, as if it could freeze the soul of a person.

Ban Qing’s eyes widened sharply, already aware of the enemy’s position, he did not dare to neglect, and while turning around in a hurry, the power of the divine soul burst out, turning into a pure and visible attack, and greeted behind him.


With the violent energy collision, Yang Kai’s whole body was shocked by the blow. The light on his body flickered wildly in the air, but Ban Qing remained motionless.

After all, there is an absolute gap in the realm, even if Yang Kai used the space secret technique to take the lead in a sneak attack, he still couldn’t achieve the expected effect.

From this point of view, if Ban Qing hadn’t been too careless and didn’t understand the existence of the Divine Soul Artifact, he wouldn’t have been slashed by Yang Kai, as long as he was a little clear about the power of the Soul Slashing Blade and was a little bit more cautious, Yang Kai will not succeed.

“Hah!” Yang Kai land to the ground and let out a dull roar, his face changed several times. This kind of shock and collision on the divine soul is simply not something human can tolerate. The kind of pain is far clearer and unbearable than the pain of flesh and blood.

The divine soul seemed to be torn apart, there was no way to suppress it, there was no other way but to endure it.

But Yang Kai is smiling…

Because his method worked again.


Ban Qing was taken aback by the strange sound, but he quickly realized where the sound came from.

He hurriedly lowered his head, only to see that the wound on his body was actually covered with a dense layer of black dots. Upon closer inspection, Ban Qing scalp suddenly felt numb.

Because those dark spots are actually tiny insects, innumerable and densely packed.

Anyone who was covered with these insects would be unbearable. What made Ban Qing most horrified was that these tiny insects went in along the wounds of his body, one after another, in the blink of an eye.

Ban Qing’s face turned completely blue.

With the cultivation level of his emperor realm, it is natural to feel that these insects are actually eating his own power after they have penetrated into his spirit body and swallowed them wantonly.

His power is constantly passing!

“What is this!” Ban Qing couldn’t help falling back several steps, looking down at his body, and shouting in horror: “What is this!”

Since meeting Yang Kai, he has asked this question several times.

For a martial artist who was born and grow up in the world of Divine Movement Mirror, there are too many methods and things that Yang Kai demonstrated today that he doesn’t understand.

The most important thing is that even though Ban Qing does not recognize Soul Devouring Insect, when he sees this thing, he has an instinctive fear. This fear is buried deep in the soul and is innate. It’s like a frog meets a snake, and a rabbit meets an eagle…

When he roared, Ban Qing shook his body, forming an invisible aura that enveloped himself.

The Soul Devouring Insect that had not had time to get into his body was shocked by his blow.

However, the pure divine soul energy flowing from the wounds of Ban Qing is simply the most delicious food for Soul Devouring Insect, how can they let it go?

Without waiting for Yang Kai to drive them, they gathered again and turned into a cloud of insect, wrapping Ban Qing.

The scene that made Ban Qing desperate appeared.

The protective aura of his emperor realm has no effect on these insects. They just lie outside the aura, constantly gnawing, and in a short while, the perfect aura will be gnawed out of a hole, cover him again, and drill into him along the wound.

“Holy Insect!” Ban Qing suddenly seemed to think of something, his face changed a lot, and he yelled in horror: “This is Holy Insect!”

As he shouted, his eyes couldn’t help showing a miserable look.

Even in the face of the Soul Slashing Blade, he had never been so helpless, but when faced with the Soul Devouring Insect, this Emperor Realm powerhouse actually showed despair.


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