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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2325 English [Readable]

“Sect Master Ye!” After Yang Kai replied, his attention was drawn to the huge platform in front of him. A pair of eyes fixed on the platform, watching carefully, and his eyes were full of light.

“Young Master Yang…” Ye Qinghan was about to say something, but Ye Hen suddenly raised his hand to stop her, and then took a silent motion.

Ye Qinghan also knew that she was a bit abrupt, spit out her tongue playfully, and stood beside her father, waiting a little nervously.

In front of the platform, the three of them remained silent for a long time. Ye Hen and his daughter had been watching the changes in Yang Kai’s expressions, but Yang Kai’s thoughts at the moment had plunged into the platform in front of them.

The platform in front of him is obviously a huge formation.

Yang Kai doesn’t know much about the Formation Way. The only Formation he is proficient in is the Space Law Formation, which is the blessing of Yang Yan. In order to arrange the Space Law Formation in the Shadowed Star and even the home Star Field, he did not do much, Yang Yan even taught him the method of setting up the Space Law Formation.

Therefore, Yang Kai’s understanding of the space law formation is extremely thorough.

Suddenly, he immediately noticed that countless mysterious formations were engraved in this formation platform, connected to each other, becoming the hub of the passage through the star boundary and that secret realm.

Those formations were mysterious and unparalleled. Although there were many differences from what Yang Kai had mastered, Yang Kai only understood them thoroughly after a while. Not only that, but he also realized some other things from those image, which made him think about it.

The formation knowledge that Yang Yan imparted to him is undoubtedly the top-notch, and the formation platform in front of him is definitely inferior.

However, the stone of the mountain can be used to hit the jade, and the seal carving on the base platform of the formation still allows Yang Kai to gain something.

After a long time, Yang Kai took a deep breath. Withdrawing his spiritual mind, his eyes are bright.

“Young Master Yang…” Ye Qinghan called nervously after seeing him finally recovered.

Ye Hen also asked nervously, “What did Young Master Yang find out?”

Yang Kai nodded and said: “Sure enough, there are many talents from your noble sect’s ancestors. The person who arranged this formation is definitely a Formation Grandmaster. Let’s put it this way, the formation here is completely fine. It’s just that the energy is exhausted, so you only need to replenish some energy. It can work again.”

Ye Hen heard this, his eyes lighted up, and he whispered: “Young Master Yang is certain?” After a pause, he said in embarrassment, “It’s not that Ye doubt Young Master Yang, but this matter is related to my Thousand Leaves Sect…”

Yang Kai smiled slightly. Said: “I understand, Sect Master Ye doesn’t need to explain, but I can tell you for sure that there is no damage to the formation platform here, and…even if it is damaged. As long as there are materials, I can make one.”

Ye Hen was shocked and looked at Yang Kai incredulously. Only then did he realize that he had underestimated Yang Kai’s accomplishment in Space Divine Ability. He thought that even if Yang Kai had some understanding of Space Force, he was able to cultivate it at his age but it would never be too deep, but now when he hears this, he knows that he is wrong, Yang Kai’s accomplishments in Space Force. I’m afraid there are only a handful in the entire Star Boundary who can grasp it.

If not, he would definitely not be able to refine the formation platform with such confidence.

Ye Qinghan said: “If there is no problem with the formation here, why is the entrance to the secret realm closed?”

Yang Kai said: “The space law formation is connected in two directions. If there is no problem here, it doesn’t mean that the other side is OK. Maybe the formation on the other side is damaged, so it can’t be used.”

“On the other side…” Ye Hen frowned, and said in surprise: “Young Master Yang meant that the formation platform in that secret realm was damaged?”

“Probably so.”

“How is this good?” Ye Qinghan paled, “If the formation on the other side is damaged. It can’t be transmitted to that side at all, even if there is a repair method, it can’t be used.”

Ye Hen looked at Yang Kai and said, “Young Master Yang has a way?”

Yang Kai grinned, and said: “For the average person, if the other side of the formation is damaged, it will naturally not be able to transmit, but if there is Space Force, it may not be impossible to follow the connection between the two formations and directly open the channel to enter the other side, so… I should be able to try it.”

He didn’t say too much, even if he was 80% sure, the more hopeful things were, the more dissapointing it would be when it fail.

He has always been a cautious man.

Ye Hen couldn’t help but get excited and clasped his fist. “If Young Master Yang can repair this space law formation, then he will be the benefactor of my Thousand Leaves Sect. If Young Master Yang command it, my Thousand Leaves Sect must obey and die for it!”

Yang Kai said lightly: “Sect Master Ye is serious. It’s just…I can try it, but it may take some time. My friends are still in the Thousand Leaves Sect, and Sect Master Ye will have to take care of them.”

“Naturally.” Ye Hen nodded, seeming to know what Yang Kai was worrying about, and immediately said: “Ye will take care of them well. If there is any damage, Young Master Yang can ask me.”

“That’s good.” Yang Kai nodded and said, “Does Sect Master Ye have the map inside the secret realm? If I really teleport to that side, maybe I have to repair the formation there, and I need to find some materials in the secret realm.”

Yang Kai still has some materials for arranging the Space Law Formation. They are all left over from the home Star Field. Although the grade is not high, it is definitely not a problem to repair it. He has observed the formation before. At that time, he also kept all those formations in mind.

The reason for saying this is naturally because Yang Kai is also very interested in that secret realm.

This secret realm is the absolute secret of the Thousand Leaves Sect. Every generation knows nothing, except for a few people. There should be some good things inside such a secret realm. Yang Kai naturally wanted to explore it to see if there was any chance.

Moreover, Ye Qinghan also said before that there is a place in this secret realm called Emperor Heavenly Valley, which is an excellent place to understand the mystery of Heavenly Law. If the Dao Source stage martial artist can comprehend it, it will be a great benefit for the future promotion to the Emperor Realm.

Would Yang Kai miss such a good place?

Looking for materials or something is just an excuse.

Ye Hen obviously knew it well, but he didn’t make the slightest refusal. Instead, he readily took out a piece of yellowed animal skin and handed it to Yang Kai’s hand and said, “Even if Young Master Yang did not ask for it, Ye is also going to give this map to you.”

Yang Kai took it, and just glanced at it briefly, knowing that the map was not fake, and he had taken it in the space ring right away.

“There will be work for Young Master Yang.” Ye Hen held his fist solemnly.

Ye Qinghan also said on the side: “Young Master Yang, be careful, if things can happen naturally, it is good, if not… you don’t have to force it.”

Yang Kai said, “I will do my best.”

As he spoke, he shook his figure before rushing to the platform base and sat down cross-legged.

In the next moment, the Space Law suddenly fluctuate, lingering around his body. In an instant, the space of ten meters in a radius suddenly collapsed, and a series of small and dark space cracks appeared, like a fish, swimming around him.

Both Ye Hen and his daughter changed their complexions, feeling the danger brought about by the space cracks, they retreat, looking at the front with amazement.

“This is the Space Law?” Ye Qinghan’s beautiful eyes widened, and while exclaiming, she wanted to feel what the Space Law is all about, but no matter how hard she tried, she still couldn’t get anything. She only felt that. The power of the Law lingering beside Yang Kai is so mysterious that she can’t comprehend it at all.

Ye Hen sighed: “Mastering the Space Force is recognized as the most difficult thing for martial artist in the Star Boundary. I didn’t expect that Young Master Yang has mastered the Space Law to such an extent. Given time, he might be able to use the Space Law to reach the peak.”

Ye Qinghan’s body was shocked, and she looked at her father incredulously, as if she didn’t expect that her father would give Yang Kai such a high evaluation. But then she thought about it, before she met Yang Kai, had she ever seen such an outstanding Dao Source Stage?

She is also in this realm. She naturally knows what the strength of the Dao Source Stage should be, but Yang Kai’s strength is far from what she can guess. The ordinary Dao Source Stage is as weak and ridiculous as a baby in front of him, even those 3rd-order Dao Source Stage are not Yang Kai’s opponents, and they can easily be killed and crushed.

It is rumored that all the big figures who have passed through the world are amazing and brilliant when they are young, and they are proud to lead the crowd. Isn’t Yang Kai like this?

Maybe… in the future, he will really be able to achieve the pinnacle road and be famous in the Star Boundary as his father said.

Thinking of this, Ye Qinghan couldn’t help but tremble with excitement.

Because she was able to meet Yang Kai when he was young and had the opportunity to witness the growth and rise of a big man. Although her relationship with Yang Kai was not very close, she still felt proud.


Just when Ye Qinghan was thinking about it, there was a strange sound in the void. After that sound, Ye Qinghan’s pretty face turned pale, because she found that the surrounding space was completely frozen at that moment. She seemed to be wrapped in a piece of ice, not only had difficulty breathing, but even the Source Qi in the body started to run intermittently.

Turning her head and looking around, Ye Qinghan found that the situation with her father seemed to be the same, with a look of hard work resisting the suppression of the Space Law.

At the moment when she was flustered, Yang Kai suddenly opened his eyes, his face was solemn, and he stretched out his hands into the void ahead.

Under Ye Qinghan’s attention, those two hands disappeared strangely, as if they were isolated to another space.

However, Yang Kai made a very difficult expression and posture, with his hands spreading to the sides, and at the same time he scremed.

Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi…

Along with Yang Kai’s movements, a dark crack suddenly appeared in front of him, and there was aura that could make people panic in the crack, as if even the sight could be swallowed.

“Void Crack!” Ye Hen exclaimed, staring at the pitch-black gap without moving his eyes, shocked in his heart. It was the first time that he saw such a huge void crack, and he clearly felt the degree of danger of the crack, and he was stunned.

With Yang Kai’s continuous efforts, the crack continued to expand, and soon became a passage that could accommodate one person. The chaos and nothingness in the passage seemed to extend to the wasteland.


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