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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2326 English [Readable]

“This is Void Tunnel?” Ye Qinghan murmured softly, covering her red lips.

Although she has never used the space law formation to travel between two places, she knows that there is a void tunnel connecting the space law formation to each other, but she has never seen it in person.

This is the first time.

Although Ye Hen was also extremely shocked, he stared at the void tunnel unmovingly, as if he wanted to learn something from it.

There are not many opportunities to see the void tunnel, especially the void tunnel which was opened artificially, the traces are obvious, if you can really gain something, it will definitely benefit infinitely.

It’s a pity that no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t grasp the traces of that Space Force, and he was extremely upset for a while.

But Yang Kai had already stood up, and dashed into the void tunnel. At the same time as his figure disappeared, the cracked coid tunnel seemed to have lost the strength to support it, and it suddenly closed.

Ye Hen and his daughter both looked worried, wondering whether Yang Kai’s trip would go smoothly, or if he was lost in the void cracks, he would never find his way back.

In the tunnel, Yang Kai took a stroll.

The turbulent turbulence around him came, but was pulled aside by a magical force on his body, which couldn’t hurt him at all.

Mastering Space Force, Yang Kai is no longer the same as in the past, the Space Law has penetrated deep into his bone marrow, so this mere turbulence of the void cannot hinder him at all.

What makes him somewhat difficult at this moment is how to find the entrance of that secret realm.

Although there are two formations connected to each other, the one in the secret realm has been damaged for countless years, and Yang Kai can only vaguely grasp the connection from there, but not completely certain.

In this void tunnel, he could only move forward quickly in the direction that the weak connection came from.

Fortunately, as time goes by. The subtle connection became clearer and clearer, allowing Yang Kai to make sure that his direction was correct.

Don’t know how long it took, Yang Kai suddenly stopped at a certain place, his divine sense released for a moment of perception, and said to himself: “It should be here.”

While speaking, he used the Space Force again. Slowly sticking out his hands, he thrust into the turbulent void and turbulence ahead. Wherever his hands pass, ripples rippling through, and the turbulence is smoothed like a wrinkled paper.

As Yang Kai opened his hands, a ray of light suddenly appeared from the front.

Yang Kai raised his brows, knowing that he felt right, and even more force was urged.

After a while, Yang Kai tore a crack in the tunnel again. From the inside of the crack, Yang Kai vaguely saw some unique scenery, and he was happy, no longer hesitating, and go straight out of the crack.

A slight weightlessness came, and Yang Kai quickly stabilized his figure. After his vision recovered, he found that he had come to another world.

The spiritual energy here is extremely rich. Not inferior to his own Mysterious Small Boundary in the slightest, the spiritual energy that slumped together still showed signs of misting. It is breathtaking, full of spiritual energy, and the vegetation here grows very well, with dense grass.

And where he stood, there happened to be a base platform.

This formation base platform was exactly the same as the one that Yang Kai had seen in the Illusion Formation mountain valley of the Thousand Leaves Sect earlier, and it was obviously made by the same person. It is the other part connected to the base platform.

But probably because it hasn’t been used for many years, the base of the formation is covered with grass, which makes the base seem a bit ruined.

Seeing this formation platform, Yang Kai knew that he had not found the wrong place. This should be the secret realm of Thousand Leaves Sect. It was also the foundation of the prosperity of the Thousand Leaves Sect and the reason for the weakening of the Thousand Leaves Sect.

Yang Kai stretched out his hand, the scorching power diffused out, and the green grass was burnt to ashes at once, revealing a complete platform.

He swept through his spiritual mind and wanted to know what was wrong with the formation platform that caused the two places to be unable to connect.

Soon, he discovered something and couldn’t help but sigh.

Although things were similar to what he expected, they were somewhat different.

There is indeed a problem with the base platform here, but it is not a natural problem, but a man-made problem.

Yang Kai discovered that the seal-carved formation on this formation platform had a sword mark running through the entire platform. It was the destruction of these formations that caused this formation platform to be defective and could no longer be used.

How could this be? Yang Kai couldn’t help but become suspicious.

According to Ye Qinghan that day, the reason why the Thousand Leaves Sect gradually declined was because the entrance to the secret realm was suddenly closed. If this were the case, the Thousand Leaves Sect would not have fallen so thoroughly. The key is when the entrance to the secret realm was closed. At that time, the Sect Master of Thousand Leaves Sect was still in this secret realm. The Sect Master of that generation brought in most of the cultivation techniques and secret techniques in the Sect, causing the Thousand Leaves Sect’s inheritance to be broken, so it gradually weakened.

By now, the Thousand Leaves Sect could no longer drive even the Earth Grade puppets, and could only let them standing on the square in front of the main hall.

He thought that all of this was just a coincidence, and he also regretted the bad luck of that generation of Thousand Leaves Sect’s Sect Master, but when he entered the secret realm, the entrance was closed.

But he didn’t expect the truth of the matter to be very different from his guess.

The formation platform on this side was artificially destroyed. Judging from the strength and roundness of the sword mark, the person who destroyed the formation was undoubtedly sober at the time. He did not wantonly destroy it, but just cut one on the formation platform. The cracks caused the two platform to lose contact.

Combined with what Ye Qinghan said, this sword was undoubtedly cut by the Sect Master of Thousand Leaves Sect at that time. He was not trapped here because the formation was suddenly damaged, but because he wanted to stay here subjectively, in order not to be disturbed by others, he even did not hesitate to damage this cross-boundary space law formation!

Why does he choose to stay here with the many cultivation techniques and secret techniques of Thousand Leaves Sect? Is it to comprehend some secret technique and do not want to be disturbed? Yang Kai looked blank.

If so, it makes sense! The sword marks on this formation are not deep, but just happen to hinder the transmission between the two places. If there are suitable materials, people with a little bit of strength should be able to repair it.

The Sect Master of that generation of Thousand Leaves Sect was at least an emperor realm, and possibly even a powerhouse at the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage. He damaged this formation, and he certainly didn’t worry that he could not repair it.

It’s just…what secret technique is he going to practice, he has to run to this place? Yang Kai thought for a long time but didn’t understand, he could only shake his head and sigh.

He didn’t rush to repair the cracks in the formation, but took out the map that Ye Hen had given him before and took a look at it.

This map is not complicated, because this secret realm is not big, about the size of his Mysterious Small Boundary, but the world’s spiritual energy in this place is extremely good, obviously there are excellent earth veins.

If the two platform can be repaired, the Thousand Leaves Sect can be connected to this secret realm, and the spiritual energy here can also be used by the Thousand Leaves Sect, and the cultivation environment of the Thousand Leaves Sect disciples will be greatly improved!

The map was clearly marked, and Yang Kai quickly found the location of the Emperor Heavenly Valley.

After a while, he put away the map, sacrificed his ship, and galloped in that direction.

As he passed by, Yang Kai couldn’t help but stop and fly down from time to time.

Because there are many precious herbs in this secret realm.

This secret realm of the Thousand Leaves Sect has not been set foot for tens of thousands of years. The world is extremely rich with spiritual energy. Naturally, it is an excellent place for spirit herbs to grow. Many precious spirit herbs are grown in large areas. The fragrance of the medicine is strong, and Yang Kai can find it without any special investigation, just fly down and collect them.

And the age of the spirit herbs is fully matured!

The herbs that Yang Kai collected are at least several thousand years old, and many of them are tens of thousands of years old. Each of the spirit herbs has strong medicinal properties and is definitely the best material for pill refining.

He was so happy!

Ye Hen probably didn’t expect that there would be so many precious herbs in his secret realm. If he had known it earlier, he would have come in with Yang Kai, he would never be so cheap.

These medicinal materials alone are enough to double the financial resources of the Thousand Leaves Sect.

Along the road, all the medicinal materials were put in Yang Kai’s bag.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in this secret realm. If all of them are explored, Yang Kai estimates that he will no longer need to worry about Pill Refining materials in the future.

In just two days, Yang Kai’s medicine garden in the Mysterious Small Boundary was fully transplanted with new herbs, and he had to re-gather some relatively inexpensive herbs and throw them into the space ring to preserve them.

The Thousand Leaves Sect has no way to enter, otherwise they would not be as weak as they are today with these herbs alone. Not to mention the top sects in the South Territory, at least there will be many emperor realm in the sect, and will not be bullied by a few second-rate forces.

The biggest shortcoming of the Thousand Leaves Sect now is that it does not have an emperor realm. This is also the biggest dilemma faced by most second-rate forces in the Star Boundary.

The Emperor Realm, after all, is not too many!

Another day later, a huge mountain valley suddenly appeared in front of Yang Kai. The scenery in the valley was beautiful and fragrant. Before it was close, Yang Kai smelled the aroma of many spirit medicine, and then compared this Mountain Valley with the shape of Emperor Heavenly Valley on the map, Yang Kai looked happy, knowing that he had found the place, and immediately accelerated.

After a short while, Yang Kai fell down and stood somewhere in the middle of the Emperor Heavenly Valley. After feeling for a while, his expression couldn’t help but become weird: “Lie to me? Is there any Emperor Intent here?”

The reason why he promised Ye Qinghan to come to Thousand Leaves Sect to repair the cross-boundary space law formation is because the Emperor Heavenly Valley is somewhat attractive to him.

He wanted to lay the foundation for his promotion to the emperor realm in the future.

After all, Ye Qinghan said, this Emperor Heavenly Valley is filled with Emperor Prestige and Emperor Intent, it is an excellent place to understand the Heavenly Law Martial Dao, and it is the most important place in the secret realm of Thousand Leaves Sect.

Yang Kai originally planned to stay here for a while to get a sense of it, but when he really got there, he realized that there was no Emperor Intent at all except for the strong smell of medicine!


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