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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2327 English [Readable]

The Emperor Heavenly Valley in front of him did not live up to its name and had no effect on Yang Kai.

Ye Qinghan didn’t deceive him. Yang Kai is confident about this. Since getting to know Ye Qinghan, she has been cautious and respectful towards him. How could she deceive him on such things.

The only explanation is that the Emperor Heavenly Valley indeed has Emperor Intent, but it disappeared without knowing the reason why.

Tens of thousands of years have passed, the sea has changed and everything can happen.

Yang Kai stood in the same place and was annoyed for a while, but when he remembered that he had collected so many spirit herbs and spirit medicine, it was not without gain. On the contrary, the gain was not small and he was no longer so entangled.

This valley is filled with wonderful fragrance, obviously there are also many spirit herbs and spirit medicine.

Now that he had arrived at this place, Yang Kai didn’t plan to let it go, so he immediately searched in the valley.

After a short while, Yang Kai gained a great deal.

When he collected a bright red fruit from a fruit tree that was half a human height, he was thinking of stuffing it to the Space Ring. Suddenly, it seemed that he had discovered something. His spiritual mind was released, and he started investigating the fruit.

After a while, he couldn’t help but get up.

He recognized this fruit as the Dao Source Grade high-grade Spirit Fruit Vermilion Bird, the main material for refining Vermilion Bird Pill. After taking it, it can help the martial artist to cleanse the meridians and make the cultivation level more pure.

It’s not just this, the key is that Yang Kai perceives the power of a clear Law from this Spirit Fruit Vermilion Bird.

Dao Source Grade Spirit Fruit, no matter how high it grade is, it is impossible to nurture the power of Law, which shocked him very much.

Perceiving carefully for a moment, Yang Kai found that the power of the Law conceived in the Spirit Fruit Vermillion Bird had already taken shape, and there was a faint feeling of Emperor Intent.

Yang Kai suddenly raised his brows, his eyes lit up, and he whispered: “Is it possible…”

He seemed to have thought of something. He quickly took out the spirit herb and spirit medicine he had collected from his space ring, and carefully investigated.

After a stick of incense time, Yang Kai showed a dazed expression, understanding what was going on.

This Emperor Heavenly Valley did exist a long time ago with a strong Emperor Intent, allowing the martial artist to comprehend and cultivate in it. Lay the foundation for promotion to the Emperor Realm.

However, these Emperor Intent have been completely absorbed by the spirit herbs and spirit medicine growing here in these tens of thousands of years, and now those Emperor Intent are all integrated with the Spirit herbs and Spirit medicine, and they are no longer separated from each other!

Almost all the spirit herbs and spirit medicine he collected in this valley were like the Vermillion Bird Fruit, containing the Emperor Intent!

On the contrary, some of the medicinal materials he collected before he came here did not have this characteristic. The two compartments were compared and it was clear at a glance.

After understanding this, Yang Kai couldn’t help but cheer up.

The Spirit herbs and spirit medicine that gave birth to Emperor Intent. Don’t say about seeing this thing, he have never even heard of it. If they were refined into a spirit pill, the Emperor Intent would definitely remain in that spirit pill, and then let the martial artist take it, it would definitely make the martial artist clearly understand the power of the Law.

This method is much more effective than perceiving the Emperor Intent in the Emperor Heavenly Valley, because the insight in the Emperor Heavenly Valley is only an external perception, and you can comprehend the Emperor Intent. But if it is from the inside of the body, every piece of blood and every inch of meridian participates in it. Obviously make the martial artist feel more clearly.

Only in such a special place as Emperor Heavenly Valley can these peculiar spirit herbs and spirit medicine be born.

Yang Kai can imagine that once the pill made from this kind of spirit herbs and spirit medicine flows into the Star Boundary, it will surely cause those martial artists in the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage to break their scalp. The medicinal effect and efficacy of the pill itself are already second to none, for those martial artists who have been stuck at the top of the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage and have been unable to be promoted. The Emperor Intent and the power of Law contained in it are the most important.

He was overjoyed in his heart, and secretly felt that the biggest harvest of his trip might be the herbs in the Emperor Heavenly Valley. He didn’t hesitate anymore and immediately launched thorough search.

He decided not to let go of any spirit herbs and spirit medicines. Anything that is mature must be collected.

The valley is not big, but no one has set foot in it for tens of thousands of years. Under the rich world’s spiritual energy, a lot of spirit herbs and spirit medicine has been nurtured. Yang Kai searched it inch by inch, and after a busy day, he searched the entire valley.

All the spirit herbs and spirit medicine was in his bag.

In order to distinguish those collected before, Yang Kai deliberately placed these spirit herbs and spirit medicine in different place, and prepared to wait for this event to end and refine them into pills as soon as possible.

The Emperor Intent is hidden in it, and the spirit herbs and spirit medicine has been collected. If it is not refined as soon as possible, Yang Kai is worried that the Emperor Intent will gradually dissipate.

Elder Sister Hua should be very interested in those spirit pills. If those spirit pills can help her, her promotion to the emperor realm will definitely speed up a lot.

One day later, Yang Kai stood in front of a cave with a solemn expression.

When searching for the spirit herbs and spirit medicine in the Emperor Heavenly Valley, he found this cave, but he didn’t have time to go in and explore it carefully. He waited until all the medicinal materials were collected before he had time to investigate.

This cave seems to have formed naturally, but Yang Kai keenly discovered that it had been artificially modified, but the people who modified it were very clever, and it was not easy for people to see it because of the age.

He don’t know if it was the disciples of the Thousand Leaves Sect who came here to practice tens of thousands of years ago to transform or something, anyway, Yang Kai felt a dangerous aura from this cave.

He instinctively felt that something extraordinary was hidden in this cave.

But along the way, he hadn’t even spotted a monster beast, so he wasn’t too worried. This secret realm is not very big. Since it was a disciple of the Thousand Leaves Sect who entered the cultivation site tens of thousands of years ago, there must be no fatal threat.

So he just hesitated for a while and walked into the cave.

The light in the cave is dim, and there were strange stones for inlaid lighting on both sides of the cave wall, but after so many years, those strange stones have lost their function, and the air is not turbid or even very dry.

Not long after Yang Kai left, suddenly his nose moved a few times, and he smelled a weird smell coming from the front. The smell was unpleasant, and even smelly, like a dead fish.

This made him frowned.

Logically speaking, this secret realm is so rich in spiritual energy, all living things are growing well, it is impossible to have such a smell.

Just when this thought came up, Yang Kai suddenly felt something wrong. At that moment, the scenery in front him changes, his steps were a little vain, and he couldn’t help staggering.

“Poisonous?” Yang Kai was shocked, and quickly urged Source Qi to protect himself, and at the same time quickly took out a fruit from the space ring, stuffed it into his mouth, and swallowed it wholeheartedly.

The fruit is an Emperor Grade, which is of great value, and it was also collected in this secret realm, but at this moment, Yang Kai didn’t care about it that much. This cave was very interesting to him and wanted to find out. So he take this spirit fruit first to resist the poison.

With the spirit fruit in the abdomen, coupled with the Source Qi, Yang Kai felt much better now and continued to move forward.

The more he go inward, the more obvious the smell becomes. Not only that, but the poison in the air seems to be more violent. Yang Kai feels that he shouldn’t be able to hold on for long. He doesn’t know what the poison is, even he was somewhat powerless to resist, it’s just pure poison gas. If he encounter the source of the poison, wouldn’t he be dead.

So he secretly decided to quit immediately if he didn’t find any more after waiting for a while.

But this thought came out, and he saw a ray of light coming from a short distance ahead, which made him look up and speed up his pace.

After a while, he suddenly came to a larger cave.

Inside this cave, a brilliant shining stone is inlaid on the top of the cave wall. Even after so many years, it still emits light and shines on everything in the cave.

Yang Kai’s eyes turned and he quickly froze in a certain place, involuntarily inhaling a cold breath.

He found that in a position over there, there was a thin corpse sitting on the spot. The corpse had obviously been dead for many years, and there was no vitality in the whole body. Even the flesh was exhausted and became a dead body. The skin is bony, the eye sockets are deeply concave, the hair is scattered and dull, like withered grass.

But the clothes he wears are a bit familiar.

Yang Kai looked at it for a while, and immediately remembered that Ye Hen’s dress seemed to be somewhat similar to him.

This made him raise his brows, and suddenly understood the identity of the dead man in front of him.

This guy is obviously the last Thousand Leaves Sect’s Sect master who entered the secret realm back then. It is him who brought countless cultivation techniques and secret techniques of the Thusand Leaves Sect into this place, causing the Thousand Leaves Sect inheritance to be broken. It must be him who artificially destroyed the platform base in the secret realm, making the entrance closed.

The decline of the Thousand Leaves Sect, this person is definitely the culprit!

Yang Kai didn’t know why he wanted to do this, but he is already dead, and it was meaningless to investigate these things now. What’s more, Yang Kai was not a member of the Thousand Leaves Sect, so he didn’t need to care about them.

He entered this secret realm this time only to repair the formation platform. It was only an accident that he could find the body of the Sect Master of Thousand Leaves Sect tens of thousands of years ago.

Thinking of this, Yang Kai clasped his fists and said: “I accidentally broke into the place where Senior was sitting, and interrupted you unintentionally. Please don’t blame me senior.”

He babbled utterly for a while before he stepped forward.

This Thousand Leaves Sect predecessor, didn’t know what he was doing before he died. Yang Kai found that there was a huge formation pattern under his body, which looked extremely mysterious, and beside his corpse, there were also a lot of minerals and other strange things. Mostly Item Refining materials.

The grades of these materials are extremely high, at least Dao Source Grade, and there is no lack of Emperor Grade existence.

If there is an Item Refining Expert here, he will definitely be ecstatic.

Yang Kai didn’t react too much, because no matter how valuable these materials were, they would be smelted and swallowed by the Embodiment when they arrived in his hands. There was only a difference between more and less.

He was not polite, walked forward, quickly collected the materials scattered on the ground, and threw it into the Mysterious Small Boundary, stuffing it into the Embodiment, and let it handle it on its own.

Next, Yang Kai’s gaze was attracted by the space ring on the corpse’s finger.

Before the other party died, he was definitely a powerful emperor realm, most likely at the 3rd-order Emperor Realm, and even the Sect Master of Thousand Leaves Sect, will there be nothing good in this space ring? If Yang Kai guessed right, the lost cultivation techniques and secret techniques of the Thousand Leaves Sect must also be in this space ring.


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