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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2328 English [Readable]

Yang Kai is still very interested in the many cultivation techniques and secret techniques of the Thousand Leaves Sect. After all, this involves the puppet technique, a field he has never touched.

And these cultivation technique and secret techniques were in front of him at this moment, and Yang Kai was naturally moved.

However, he secretly settled to pay attention, only to observe and comprehend for a while, then take it out and return it to Ye Hen, without the idea of ​​taking it for himself.

Thinking like this, Yang Kai held his breath, and reached out to grab the space ring on the corpse’s hand.

But at this moment, his heart suddenly jumped, and an extremely uneasy feeling permeated his body, causing him to sweat all over his body, instinctively retreat backwards, and pulled a distance between the corpse.

In the next instant, his eyes shrank suddenly, and he saw a scene that made him utterly speechless.

Seeing the formation under the corpse’s buttocks suddenly buzzed, bursting with dazzling light, it seemed to be activated for some unknown reason, and immediately after that, circles of runes appeared on the surface of the corpse, the line of Formation pattern outlines a mysterious formation, the surface of the corpse that is dry to the point of no water almost suddenly glowed with a metallic luster.

Boom… the formation turned around inexplicably, and a clacking sound as dense as fried beans came from the corpse, and a pair of eyes that had been tightly closed for years opened suddenly.

Those eyes showed a green color, like two groups of ghost fires constantly beating, which is daunting.

The powerful aura of the emperor realm suddenly diffused from the corpse, and impacted on Yang Kai like substance.

Yang Kai felt as if his chest was being held down by a large mountain.

He knew it was not good, and the dead body before him for so many years was very likely to give birth to his own spiritual wisdom and became a corpse-like existence.

Back then, he had encountered this type of monster on the Shadowed Star. At that time, the corpse clan appeared and brought trouble to the Shadowed Star. Countless martial artist were infected by the corpse poison and transformed into one of them. In the end, he turned the tide and strangled the disaster.

But at that time, the most powerful corpse clan was only a thousand-year-old corpse general, and the cultivation level was only the Origin Returning Stage, which was completely different from the corpse clan in front of him.

This one in front of him is a veritable corpse king of ten thousand years old!

Moreover, he was the ten thousand-year corpse king of the Emperor Realm, the Emperor Intent that enveloped him was definitely not a fake.

At this point, Yang Kai was wet with sweat. Knowing that the situation was not optimistic, he did not dare to hesitate anymore. The Space Law lingered around him, he wanted to escape from this cave.

In an instant, his figure blurred.

But before he could escape from this cave, the corpse king who had been sitting cross-legged on the ground opened his mouth and let out a sharp scream. Don’t know what peculiar power is hidden in the howling, rushing into the wild, turning into an invisible cage, and locking the world.

Yang Kai’s body stiffened, and his vague figure was revealed again!

His face changed drastically, knowing that his space divine ability was broken at will by the opponent, how could he dare to neglect? He can only rush out in a hurry.

And the corpse king’s ghost eyes exuded a cold radiance, staring at him firmly. When he opened his mouth, an emerald green breath burst out suddenly.

“Corpse Poison!” Yang Kai screamed in horror. He finally understood what the hell the smell he had just smelled when he entered the cave just now was.

The smell was obviously the corpse poison of the corpse king, it was just a trace of the poison that permeated his body, just a trace and it made him show signs of poisoning, dizzy, and suddenly spit out. If he accidentally inhale it, I’m afraid he will be killed immediately.

Frightened, Yang Kai didn’t even dare to breathe, urging the Source Qi with all his strength to form protection outside the body. Retreat like an arrow from the string.

He was fast, but the breath of the corpse poison was not slow at all, following him like a shadow, and in the blink of an eye, it caught up with him, slamming above the Source Qi body protection.

With a burst of noise, Yang Kai’s Source Qi protection on his body was like a snowflake under the scorching sun, and it was dissolved out of a big hole at once, with no resistance. The corpse poison gas entangled along the defense gap.

Is there such a powerful corrosive force? Yang Kai couldn’t believe his eyes.

At the critical moment, his eyes socket as about to crack, and reached forward with one hand, the Space Force was urged to the extreme, and he shout in a deep voice: “Exile!”

Under the law, a black hole-like existence suddenly appeared in front of him, and all the corpse poison gas that rushed was swallowed by the black hole. His figure kept shaking, and then he rushed out of the cave and returned to the valley.

Before he could take a breath, there was a roar like a beast from the cave, and the brutal and cruel aura belonging to the corpse king quickly approached, and the inside of the cave was also swayed, with gravel falling down.

“What kind of hatred or resentment!” Yang Kai looked bitter, knowing that he had kicked on the iron plate. If he had known this before, he would not go to the cave to take a peek, provoking this kind of monster.

There is no need to fight, Yang Kai also knows that he is definitely not an opponent. For the sake of this plan, he has to escape to the base platform of this secret realm as soon as possible, quickly repair it, and then get out to survive.

However, it takes time to repair. Even if he has a deep knowledge of Space Force, he still needs to smelt some materials to make up for the sword marks. This time is enough for the corpse king to kill him a hundred times.

This is a corpse king transformed from the dead body of a 3rd-order Emperor Realm powerhouse! Yang Kai didn’t know exactly how strong he was.


With a burst of sound, the figure of the corpse king rushed out of the cave, and the surface of the body was endlessly flowing, emitting a strange light. As soon as it appeared, he appeared in front of Yang Kai, a pair of fangs exuding a sharp light, a fist ruthlessly slammed at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai’s face was pale, and he felt the horrific killing power hidden in this simple punch. It was too late to hide. He could only sacrifice the Million Sword in a haste, and pour the Source Qi into it, screaming in his mouth: “Million Sword Move, One Man To Act As A Mountain!”

This technique is the most powerful defensive sword technique of the Million Sword. Yang Kai has used it several times and naturally knows how powerful it is.

The sword barrier swung open, and the afterimages turned into a solid layer of protection in front of Yang Kai. The countless sword Qi were like a fortress of golden liquid, blocking any violent storms that hit Yang Kai.


The corpse king’s fist smashed down, but the sword barrier that Yang Kai did his best to display was as fragile as a piece of paper. It was directly smashed to pieces by that fist. Unspeakable power came from the front, making Yang Kai feel as if a large mountain was crushing towards him. In front of this force, the level of the 2nd-order Dao Source Stage were as small as ant.

It’s a dead end! Yang Kai’s mind have this thought inexplicably.

No matter how powerful one’s physical body is, no matter how powerful one’s Source Qi is, if one really takes this punch, one will undoubtedly die.

This is an unreasonable intuition, but Yang Kai is convinced.

At the critical moment of life and death, Yang Kai forcibly used the Space Force, allowing himself to teleport a little bit backward, avoiding the power center of this punch.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to teleport away and avoid this punch completely. It’s just that under the suppression of the opponent’s Emperor Intent, he can’t do anything at all. It’s his limit to be able to do this right now.

There was an explosion sound, as if even the space had been shattered, Yang Kai heard two crisp sounds inside his body, two ribs broke suddenly, and the whole person flew out on his back like a rag sack, spitting out blood. The aura languished.

With a click, Yang Kai landed on the ground, but quickly got up, holding his chest with his hand, with difficult expression.

It was just a one-move confrontation, and he knew that the corpse king was unreasonable. If the opponent pursued the victory at this time, it would definitely make his situation worse.

But what made Yang Kai feel a little relieved was that after the corpse king punched him, he actually stood still and didn’t move anymore. The wildfire-like eyes kept beating, and the dull expression began to change, hideous and terrifying.

What’s going on?

Although Yang Kai was puzzled, this was what he hoped to see. He quickly took out the healing pill from the space ring, threw it into his mouth, and took this opportunity to adjust his aura.

He didn’t dare to move rashly, lest his actions would stimulate the corpse king and miss a good time to rest.

When adjusting his aura, he was always watching the movement of the corpse king.

He found that since the corpse king left the cave, the corpse poison in his body began to diffuse around. The vegetation in the valley that had survived for tens of thousands of years turned into a yellowish color when it came into contact with the corpse poison. It withered from time to time, showing the strong toxicity of the corpse poison.

However, Yang Kai also noticed a strange thing, that is, this ten thousand-year corpse king… does not seem to be sane.

This made him puzzled. The corpse clan that he encountered on the Shadowed Star that year have been able to think independently in a few thousand years, but why can’t the corpse kings of tens of thousands of years do so?

And… the formations on the surface of his body are also very interesting. The metallic luster on his dry body is even more weird, as if it were really made of metal, not flesh and blood.

Looking around, Yang Kai suddenly widened his eyes, and involuntarily a thought that made him horrified came out of his mind, and said, “Puppet?”

Although Yang Kai didn’t have much research on the way of puppet technique, he had heard of some of them after so many years of cultivation.

The ordinary puppets are naturally made of various treasures, refined with special techniques, the puppets of the Thousand Leaves Sect, and those puppets that Yang Kai encountered in the Passing of Time Temple are of this type.

But there is another kind of puppet, which is not refined with genius treasures, but is refined with the body of a martial artist.

A powerful martial artist’s body is the best material for refining puppets. The compact body structure, strong cultivation level and will before death, cannot be replaced by simple genius treasures.

There are some evil martial artist who are extremely keen to refine the corpses of the strong martial artist into puppets, driving these puppets to kill for them, and after being refined into puppets, these martial artist can retain a large part of their cultivation and divine ability. Exert its powerful combat power.


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