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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2329 English [Readable]

This kind of evil martial artist has a keen interest in digging the tomb of the strong, because every strong body can be a help in their hands. It is precisely because of this that such martial artist are hated no matter where they are, and the technique of refining corpse puppets is definitely a forbidden technique among the forbidden technique, and it is not allowed.

But even so, this kind of situation cannot be eliminated, no matter when and where, there are some people who are willing to risk the world storm and go against the road.

Yang Kai didn’t expect that in a sect like Thousand Leaves Sect, someone would be involved in the technique of refining corpse puppets.

The corpse king in front of him has no sense of mind. The key is the formations and patterns on the surface of his body, plus the body that is obviously mixed with metal. You can see that this person has been refined into a corpse puppet at a glance!

And it’s an Emperor Realm corpse puppet!

Who actually refines such a powerful martial artist into a corpse puppet with no spiritual wisdom? Yang Kai was shocked.

But soon he realized that it was wrong, because according to Ye Hen and Ye Qinghan, the Thousand Leaves Sect’s Sect Master of that generation entered this secret realm alone, and then the entrance to the secret realm was closed. In other words, In these tens of thousands of years, apart from that generation of Sect Master, there is no second person here.

Yang Kai also found no trace of the existence of the second person.

What’s more, the Thousand Leaves Sect’s Sect master of that generation was a powerhouse of the 3rd-order Emperor Realm, who has such a powerful ability to refine him into a corpse puppet?

Could it be… he made himself into a puppet?

With this thought, Yang Kai was shocked. If this is the case, it can only show that the Sect master of that Thousand Leaves sect generation has accomplishments in puppet technique that nobody can compete with, and has more perseverance and will beyond ordinary people.

After all, to refine oneself into a puppet, thinking about this, it feels oozing, in the whole process. How unbearable pain should he endure?

It’s just that he don’t know for what reason, that generation of Thousand Leaves Sect’s Sect Master seems to have failed, causing him to fall here, and his corpse has gradually become what it looks like now.

Although this was only Yang Kai’s conjecture, he felt that it was not far from the truth.

Just as his mind turned sharply, the corpse puppet, who had been struggling with a constantly changing expression, suddenly turned his head and looked in the direction of Yang Kai. The ghostly eyes burst into cold light.

Yang Kai heart know that it was not good, the other party seemed to get rid of some restraints, and was going to kill him.

Before he finished his thoughts, the corpse puppet had already swayed, appeared in front of him, and slammed the terrifying fist at Yang Kai again.

Yang Kai’s heart feel the danger, even though this corpse puppet lacks intelligence, and the way of fighting is extremely monotonous and unchanged. He would only hit people with his fists, but the pure strength alone is enough to match thousand skills, Yang Kai was already unable to resist.

That fist is fierce, and perfectly explains what is called the power of the Emperor Realm. The power vortex is almost visible to the naked eye, as if to break the sky and turn the world upside down.

Yang Kai scalp feeling numb for a while. He suddenly shout: “Dragon Transformation!”

In the next instant, a high-pitched dragon roar sounded. A golden dragon-shaped phantom appeared behind him. The golden dragon shook its head and waved its tail, and rushed into his body. There was a clicking sound, and Yang Kai’s two arms suddenly turned into dragon claws. It is covered with strong dragon scales. Not only that, but there was also a sudden burst of sound in his spine, and the pure dragon aura spread, and the spine was like a big dragon, about to rise up into the sky.

Yang Kai has used the secret technique of dragon transformation to the extreme!

He has refined dragon scales, dragon bone, dragon bead, the three major true dragon body artifact, supplemented by his own powerful and unmatched physical body, the power will rise straight up.

This is not over yet. At the same time as he performed the Dragon Transformation, Yang Kai also urged the Five Elements Indetructible Sword Qi out. In an instant, the colorful glow on the surface of the body bloomed, and the power of the Five Elements burst out, his hands staggered in front of him, posing a defense Posture.

He didn’t dare to attack at all. In front of the opponent’s powerful force, Yang Kai felt like a canoe swaying in a storm, violent wind and waves in the sea, and it could overwhelm him at any time.


The corpse puppet punch hit, and Yang Kai was like being struck by lightning, and his whole body was shocked. There was a crackling sound from his arm, and his two dragon-claw-like wrists were broken and distorted, and the impact on his body was even more powerful. Smashed him into the air, and the injury that had not recovered was even worse.

This is also the result of his full defense after urging the two great secret techniques of Dragon Transformation and Five Elements Indestructible Sword Qi.

If he was hit without protection, Yang Kai estimated that he would turn into dust all at once.

He thoroughly understood the power of the corpse puppet in front of him.

Flying in the air, Yang Kai endured the pain in his heart, gritted his teeth, and shouted, “Come out!”

When the words fell, the huge mountain-like figure fell from the sky, and it fell on the ground with a rumbling sound, and the ground shook for a while.


As soon as he appeared, he hadn’t figured out where exactly this place was, and what kind of danger Yang Kai had encountered, he became stiff. He could feel the violent aura emanating from the corpse puppet. The strong aura almost made him lost fighting spirit.

However, every time he appeared, it was when Yang Kai encountered a strong enemy, so he recovered in an instant, stretched out his hand into the void and grabbed Yang Kai, who had fallen out of the sky, in his palm.

“Cough cough…” Yang Kai knelt on the palm of the Embodiment, coughing up blood constantly, his face turned pale.

“Master!” Liu Yan also appeared along with the Embodiment. At first sight of Yang Kai’s miserable appearance, her beautiful face suddenly turned pale, and immediately came to Yang Kai’s side and raised him with concern.

“What a ghost thing is this!” The Embodiment widened his eyes, staring in horror at the source that was as small as an ant but did not dare to have the slightest underestimation, and his voice trembled slightly.

“Corpse puppet!” Yang Kai stood up and explained: “A corpse puppet of the 3rd-order Emperor Realm!”

“What?” Embodiment and Liu Yan both changed their expression simultaneously, and both divine soul showed violent fluctuations. After a long while, the Embodiment said bitterly: “How did you provoke this monster.”

“It’s a long story…” Yang Kai’s mouth twitched, and he shook his wrist. Accompanied by two crackles, the dislocated wrist was reconnected. Looking down, he saw that the flesh and blood on that wrist was falling apart. He can clearly see the white bones, and it can be seen how much damage the corpse puppet’s punch has caused him.

Fortunately, his Dragon Transformation Secret Technique and the Five Elements Indestructible Sword were added at the same time, and supplemented by his own strong physical fitness and strong recovery power of the golden blood, such injuries were not enough to affect him.

“Come here!” Embodiment suddenly shouted. When speaking, the corpse puppet had already jumped up from where it was, rushed to the Embodiment, and hit him with a punch.

Comparing the figure of the corpse puppet with the Embodiment, it was like a sky and an earth, just like a small grass in front of a big tree, it was insignificant.

But that punch made the Embodiment wait with great dignity, and did not dare to underestimate it.

When there was no room for it, he also slammed forward.

The huge fist and the small figure collided with each other, making a sky-shattering sound, and the strength after the power exploded, swept and released, and suddenly the wind burst into chaos.

The mountain-like body of the Embodiment flew out backwards, dancing in midair, looking extremely clumsy.

And after the corpse puppet ate the frontal blow of the Embodiment, it was obviously not safe. At a speed faster than the Embodiment, it slammed into the mountain wall behind, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

After a short while, there was a bang, and the mountain wall was smashed into a human-shaped pit. The corpse puppet was embedded in it. With the place where he was as the center, countless spider web-like cracks broke out around the mountain wall. The rubble fell down.

Yang Kai took a breath, couldn’t believe his eyes.

He couldn’t be more clearer how strong the power of the Embodiment was. The Embodiment was born from the integration of an entire Floating Continent. Although the Floating Continent is not too large, it has begun to possess the power of the world and has its own Source Qi.

In other words, every blow of the Embodiment has the power of one world.

With his current strength, even the Emperor Realm could easily be killed by a frontal hit, but the corpse puppet didn’t suffer much damage after taking a blow, it was just shot into the mountain wall.

How tough should this corpse puppet’s body be?

Not only that, but his attack actually sent the Embodiment flying out. Such power was enough to destroy the world.

“Liu Yan!” Yang Kai shouted.

Without his instructions, Liu Yan already knew what to do. She shook her body and turned into the form of a firebird. With her wings spread out, she threw herself in front of the corpse puppet. After a crisp cry came out, she opened her mouth and spit out a raging flame, and burned toward the corpse puppet.

The flames of Liu Yan are extremely complicated, with her own earth-centered fire, as well as the Clean Sky Thunder Flame, Earth Blue Ice Flame, Sun’s True Fire, and many other strange fires, as well as the Holy Spirit Vermilion Bird Phoenix black flame.

Her flames are extremely dangerous.

With a spout, the mountain wall was melted and turned into red magma, emitting steaming heat, and sliding down.

The power of the Embodiment punch could not do anything to corpse puppet, but the fire of Liu Yan seemed to cause a lot of injury to him. Soon after the raging flames, there were bursts of low roars, which seemed extremely painful.

Immediately afterwards, an angry howl came, and a green light emerged from the flames, pushing forward against the flames.

Yang Kai was shocked. He discovered that the corpse puppet actually opened its mouth to exhale the corpse poison gas, fighting against the flames of Liu Yan, not only that, but also have the momentum of overriding it.

For a moment, the green corpse poison and the fiery flames collided in the air, and they were in deadlocked.

But Yang Kai knew that this was just a temporary illusion, and once the corpse puppet got out of trouble, Liu Yan was definitely not an opponent. Although she has many adventures with him, after all, the strength lies here, even if the corpse puppet of the 3rd-order Emperor Realm have no spiritual energy, she can’t solve it.

Yang Kai secretly rejoiced that this corpse puppet has no spiritual wisdom, otherwise, with his cultivation level and the divine ability he mastered, even if the three masters and servants were on the same level, they would definitely be no match for the other party.


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