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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2330 English [Readable]

No! Yang Kai suddenly realized something, his expression changed slightly.

The real corpse puppet should have some divine ability and secret technique from his lifetime, but since the corpse puppet appeared in front of him, Yang Kai has not seen him use any powerful methods at all. All his attacks are straight forward, simply using his fists. Other than that, it will only spit out the corpse poison.

He doesn’t seem to have the powerful characteristics of a corpse puppet.

The corpse puppet in front of him… is flawed! Yang Kai suddenly became cheerful.

In other words, this corpse puppet is only a semi-finished product, a failed product, and has not been refined to the extreme. Thinking about it, even if a martial artist is strong, even if he is in the 3rd-order Emperor Realm, if he wants to refine himself into a puppet, the torture and pain he will have to endure during the period may be intolerable. A little bit of mistake in that situation will lead to a failure.

Yang Kai estimated that the Sect Master of the Thousand Leaves Sect of that generation should have failed to perfectly refine himself, so he eventually refined himself into a failed product.

Thinking of this, Yang Kai was feeling refreshed.

If it is a real corpse puppet of the 3rd-order Emperor Realm, he has no chance of winning, but if it is just a failed product, a defective product, there may be a chance of winning, he only needs to find the weakness of the corpse puppet to attack.

Thinking of this, Yang Kai hurriedly shouted: “You hold him in check and buy me some time.”

After speaking, Yang Kai immediately urged the Life’s Exterminator Demon Eye and looked at the corpse puppet carefully. A golden light bloomed in his left eye, as if he could penetrate the appearance of things, and look deep inside to understand the texture of the structure.

Although Liu Yan and Embodiment did not know what he was going to do, they also sensed some information from Yang Kai’s tone. At the moment, Liu Yan spared no effort to urge her special flame to burn towards the corpse puppet, and the corpse poison stagnated.

But the Embodiment that flew out turned around again, and now he didn’t dare to rush towards the corpse puppet again, but instead shook one hand downward. In an instant, the laws of the earth spread, and the soil under his feet seemed to become fluid, slowly flowing and spinning, and it was dragged up.

In the blink of an eye, a spear-like pillar was held in his hand. Although the earth pillar was purely composed of this earth, it was not inferior to the Dao Source Grade artifact because of the power of the law.

The Embodiment held the earth pillar and threw it forward.


The void was directly punched out of a vacuum zone visible to the naked eye, and hit the corpse puppet directly, accompanied by the dull metal clashing sound, sparks splashed on the corpse puppet.

But such a blow only caused a small pit in the body of the corpse puppet and failed to penetrate him completely.

“So hard?” The Embodiment was shocked.

He knew the power of his blow. This is definitely a move that can severely damage the Emperor Realm, but there is no merit in hitting the corpse puppet, which shows how hard the corpse puppet’s body is. The body of this corpse puppet is simply better than the Emperor Grade defense artifact.

If such a blow can’t hurt him, how can he be fought in this battle? Embodiment couldn’t help having a headache.

It seemed that the blow blasted out the corpse puppet’s anger. When the earth pillar hit him and fell apart, the corpse puppet roared and the corpse poison out of his mouth became more and more fierce. The original stalemate with Liu Yan was suddenly broken, visible to the naked eye. The green corpse poison suppressed the past in the direction where Liu Yan was at an extremely fast speed, and the flame that Liu Yan sprayed was unable to resist.

Seeing this situation, the expression of the Embodiment changed drastically. He gritted his teeth and stretched out his hand to shake the void, and the next moment. A huge battle axe suddenly appeared on the palm of the hand. On the battle axe, the rich and dark evil aura lingered, seemed to be able to evoke the evil and various negative emotions in the deepest part of the heart, making people shudder!

Demon Weapon Warhamer!

This is the Demon Weapon of the Ancient Great Demon. The Demon Qi was awe-inspiring, it had already given birth to its own spiritual wisdom before, and after being dragged into the Mysterious Small Boundary by Yang Kai, it was kept under the care of the Embodiment, and it was not known when the Embodiment actually refined it.

However, it seems that the refining has not been completed, because as soon as this Demon Weapon Warhammer appeared, the two eyes of the Embodiment trembled violently, and suddenly turned into a blood-red color, full of cruel and violent feelings. Obviously It was affected by the ancient demon qi.

The pitch black aura entangled the thick arms of the Embodiment like a living thing, and it continued to spread to other parts of his body, gradually blackening him.

With the warhammer in his hand, the Embodiment momentum suddenly expanded. At this moment, he seemed to be the ancient great demon, standing proudly, looking down on the world.

The spiritual energy of the whole secret realm buzzed and vibrated, and the laws were chaotic.

This incident left Yang Kai dumbfounded.

He had no idea when the Embodiment began to refine this warhammer. But looking at the appearance of the Embodiment, he also knew that he had to fight quickly, otherwise, once the demon qi completely blackened the Embodiment body, the Embodiment would become the puppet dominated by the warhammer.

As soon as his mind turned, he dared not be distracted anymore, and focused more on observing the weakness of the corpse puppet.

On the other side, the Embodiment had raised the warhammer high and aimed at the corpse puppet.

The corpse puppet seemed to have noticed something wrong, and was struggling and roaring on that mountain wall, trying to leave the place.

Before he could take any action, the Embodiment already swing down to him.

That warhammer, has no traces at all, but this warhammer is like crossing from ancient times, breaking time and space, causing the world to change color, and the world is chaotic.

The huge shadow of warhammer slashed straight on the corpse puppet.


The mountain wall was directly separated, and there appeared a huge crack, where the shadow of the warhammer passed, the violent power raged, as easy as crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, the ravines crisscrossed, and the space was chaotic.

Liu Yan had already escaped far away, but the chaotic and powerful vortex behind her still drags her, seeming to swallow her. In desperation, Liu Yan had to transform into a human form again, shaking her delicate body, and barely escaped.

After the blow, the towering cloud-like aura of the Embodiment suddenly wilted, standing still tottering, which shows that the consumption of this blow to him is unparalleled.

Not only that, the black Qi entwined around his arm spread to his body at an extremely fast speed.

“Underestimate!” The Embodiment did not expect that using this demon weapon warhammer would be so consuming. If he knew this, he would not use the Demon Weapon at this time.

Underestimating the price of using this Demon Warhammer, it is being taken advantage of by the ancient demon qi.

At the critical moment, Yang Kai flashed his body and came to the front of the Embodiment. With all his eyes facing each other, he knew what was in his mind without communicating.

In the next instant, Yang Kai’s spiritual mind surged, and he collected the Embodiment with the Demon Warhammer into the Mysterious Small Boundary and placed it next to the medicine garden.

At this moment, the Embodiment needs to use the gold and silver seal of the “cyan” tree to suppress the demon qi, there is no other way.

Liu Yan’s delicate body swayed and came to Yang Kai’s side, beautiful eyes staring into the distance, worryingly: “Master…”

Without the support of the Embodiment, she was simply unable to contain the powerful corpse puppet alone, and she was a little worried.

Yang Kai grinned and said, “Don’t worry, I have found his weakness.”

Hearing what he said, Liu Yan only relaxed slightly.

In that front, among the huge gully, the corpse puppet fell on his back. Even though the shocking blow took out the power of the Embodiment, but at such a high price, the corpse puppet would naturally not be in peace.

After he finally got up, Liu Yan suddenly found a huge scar on the corpse puppet’s body. The wound directly descended from the shoulder blade and spread to the thigh. There is no trace of fresh blood, but the white bones inside could be seen.

And at a certain location, there seemed to be an extremely dense array of patterns, shining brightly.

Liu Yan immediately understood that this was the center of all the formations in this corpse puppet. If it could be destroyed, then the corpse puppet would have no power to move. Previously, because the corpse puppet’s body was strong, it was impossible to see the situation in his body, but the blow of the Embodiment directly brought out this weakness.

It can be said that the blow of the Embodiment is the most important.

“You step back a little.” Yang Kai rushed towards the corpse puppet as he spoke.

Even though the corpse puppet seemed to have suffered a heavy injury, Yang Kai still did not dare to be careless. The corpse puppet was originally a lifeless puppet. No matter how serious the injury, it would not affect his combat effectiveness as long as the weakness was not destroyed.

If Yang Kai made a little mistake, it would be impossible to recover.

Halfway through, he moved his hand slightly, and a light blue bead the size of a pigeon egg appeared between his fingers. The bead looked inconspicuous, but there was a faint of thunder flickering on it.

Nirvana Thunder Bead!

One of the two Emperor Artifact that Yang Yan left behind.

Since he came to the Star Boundary, Yang Kai has not used the Nirvana Thunder Bead, one is because he did not dare to expose it at will, and the other is naturally because there is no strong enemy who make him feels the need to use this Emperor Artifact. [MSN: he actually use it on the Maplewood City tho.]

But the corpse puppet definitely has this qualification.

So he was going to directly use this trump card to destroy the corpse puppet.

On the way to the attack, Yang Kai waited solemnly, and the corpse puppet seemed to be stunned by the blow of the Embodiment, and could not get up for a long time. After he swayed and sat upright, Yang Kai had come to the right place, without any hesitation, urged its Source Qi to pour it into the Nirvana Thunder Bead.

The Nirvana Thunder Bead is different from other Emperor Artifact. It can be used when Yang Kai is still in the Origin Returning Stage, but the power of this Emperor Artifact is directly linked to the user’s cultivation level. The stronger the cultivation level, the more powerful it will be.

When he was still a Origin Returning Stage, Yang Kai trying his best is enough to destroy the Origin King Realm, and now he is the 2nd-order Dao Source Stage, and the power he can exert has long been different.

As soon as Source Qi was urged, Yang Kai face suddenly changed color.

He felt that the Nirvana Thunder Bead in his hand suddenly turned into a bottomless pit, and strong suction came from it, as if countless years of hunger had finally been moisturized, greedily swallowing Yang Kai’s Source Qi.

Yang Kai was taken aback, but he didn’t dare to stop, he could only grit his teeth to hold on.


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