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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2331 English [Readable]

The Source Qi on his body was fading quickly, and the speed was beyond Yang Kai’s imagination, just in the blink of an eye, Yang Kai felt that he was completely exhausted.

He knew it would happen! Yang Kai looked bitter.

Every time he used the Nirvana Thunder Bead, He was exhausted. This is the biggest reason why Yang Kai would not use it easily. Using the Nirvana Thunder Bead is a one-shot deal. If he don’t succeed, it becomes his last trump card.

Perhaps this situation will improve after his cultivation level becomes stronger and he can freely use the power of the Nirvana Thunder Bead.

But now he can’t.

After exhausting Yang Kai’s power, the thunder arc that bounced on the surface of the thunder bead became more agile, as if possessing its own spirituality, it was extremely mysterious. And within the seemingly weak thunder arc, there is a creepy power.

“Now it’s up to this whether you’re dead or not!” Yang Kai gritted his teeth and shout, as his Divine Sense surged, he sacrificed the Nirvana Thunder Bead.

Chi Chi Chi……

There was a soft sound, and a thin arc of thunder suddenly appeared, and it hit the corpse puppet during the bounce.


The huge sound is continuous, visible to the naked eye, the corpse puppet is twitched by electricity, the surface of the body is filled with thunder, and the electric light is flashing. In the blink of an eye, a huge thunder pool is formed in the place where he is, and countless electric arcs shuttled around him, Destroying his body.

An extremely unpleasant aura permeated out, making people sick to smell.

After a short while, the thunder light dissipated, and the corpse puppet fell on his back, and a burst of blue smoke filled the body.

Seeing this, Yang Kai breathed a long breath, his figure almost collapsed, and a soft body leaned over to support him, it was Liu Yan.

“I’m fine, it’s just too much consumption and I need to recover.” Yang Kai said before Liu Yan could speak, and then sat down tremblingly, and weakly.

If someone attacked him at this time, let alone the Dao Source Stage, he would be unable to fight back if it was a Origin Returning Stage.

“Then I will protect the Master!” Liu Yan said. The body suddenly stiffened.

“What’s the matter?” Yang Kai noticed the difference and asked quickly.

But before Liu Yan could answer, his eyes widened, his eyes filled with horror.

Because he saw the corpse puppet that had fallen on the ground. Suddenly stood up straight again, his mouth kept roaring, and the violent aura became more and more vigorous.

“Not dead yet?” Yang Kai’s expression changed drastically, and he couldn’t believe his eyes.

Nirvana Thunder Bead is definitely the strongest blow he can play, but it can’t even kill the corpse puppet in front of him. It can be seen how powerful it is.

Although Yang Kai has other trump cards, but now he is weak, how can he use it?

And looking around, the surface of the corpse puppet’s body was extremely tattered, and all the dry flesh and blood had been burnt, and the various formations imprinted in the body were dimmed by a large area, and the weakness that Yang Kai had found before was completely destroyed.

This should be the center of the formation in the corpse puppet. After being destroyed, the corpse puppet should no longer have the power to move, but why can he stand up again?

Between the panic. Yang Kai suddenly saw a strange place on the chest of the corpse puppet, his eyes trembled, and he smiled bitterly. Because there is actually a central formation that emits light!

It is this backup central formation that still exists, so the corpse puppet has not lost its combat ability.

“Master!” Liu Yan was also terrified. Faced with such a powerful enemy, without the help of Yang Kai and the Embodiment, her strength alone could not compete with it, but she soon calmed down, her face was firm, and said: “Master, you go first, I will delay him for a moment.”

She felt that she only had to give Yang Kai some time. Yang Kai should be able to repair the formation platform and leave this secret realm.

As she spoke, she stood in front of Yang Kai, with a pair of eyes that will keep Yang Kai safe even to death.

Yang Kai reached out and pulled her. Liu Yan turned her head and smiled sadly: “It’s not a waste of time for the slave to be treated sincerely by Master for so many years. You should take care of yourself in the future.”

“Don’t say something so sad.” Yang Kai’s nose was sour, but he still smiled and said, “Whoever lives and die is not necessarily decided yet.”

Liu Yan’s beautiful eyes lit up, and said, “Does Master still have a move?”

Yang Kai didn’t speak. Instead, he reached out and took out a spirit pill-like thing, stuffed it into Liu Yan’s hand, and said, “Use its power, if it doesn’t work, let’s hide together in the Mysterious Small Boundary to recharge our energy.”

“This is…” Liu Yan looked at the spirit pill in her hand, her beautiful eyes suddenly brightened, and whispered: “Emperor Absolute Pill?”

“Yes, this is the Emperor Absolute Pill that sealed the blow of the Passing of Time Great Emperor. Although I don’t know when it was refined by the Great Emperor, it should be quite powerful. You can try it.”

This Emperor Absolute Pill was originally bought by Yang Kai in the Land of Four Seasons with Extremely Wonderful Pill with others, which definitely sealed the full blow of the Passing of Time Great Emperor, but how powerful is this blow? Yang Kai is not clear.

Emperor Absolute Pill is different from Emperor Artifact like Nirvana Thunder Bead. It is a one-time use and its gone.

Yang Kai hasn’t been willing to use it until now, he is not afraid that it would not work in this kind of situation.

With the Emperor Absolute Pill in hand, Liu Yan’s mood suddenly calmed down, and she took a light breath, held the Emperor Absolute Pill in the palm of her hand, and poured strength into it.

Over there, the corpse puppet seemed a bit stiff after standing up again, and was inconvenient to move. It can be seen that the blow of the Nirvana Thunder Bead did not have no effect on him, the impact was not small.

As if he had noticed something, the corpse puppet roared and roared, and his figure was like an arrow from the string rushing toward Liu Yan. Before it was close, the strong smell of the corpse had permeated, and the cold murderous intent was enveloping Liu Yan.

Liu Yan’s delicate body trembled slightly, but still unmoved, the power in the body was continuously poured into the Emperor Absolute Pill.

The distance between the two quickly narrowed, and Yang Kai squeezed his sweat, holding the Mysterious Boundary Bead on the palm of his hand, ready to take refuge in it with Liu Yan.

Seeing the corpse puppet rise up and pounce towards Liu Yan, Liu Yan finally did something. She flicked the Emperor Absolute Pill in her hand, and the spirit pill immediately turned into a stream of light and greeted the corpse puppet.

The corpse puppet smashed out with a punch, and the power that was enough to break the void smashed that Emperor Absolute Pill.


Suddenly a magical power surged from the broken Emperor Absolute Pill, which turned into the power of Law, and instantly wrapped the corpse puppet. Under the influence of this force, the corpse puppet fell straight down from mid-air as if it had been hit by the restraining technique, and plunged into the ground.


The power of that magical law burst into the surroundings.

In the valley, all the vegetation that had died because of the corpse poison seemed to be supplemented with vitality at this moment, and all of them came back to life at once. In an instant, the valley was full of greenery.

Not only that, but this magical power is still spreading far away. Wherever it passes, all the trees are swaying, sending out a message of joy.

Yang Kai and Liu Yan were also enveloped by this power.

That kind of power merged into the body along the limbs, making the weak Yang Kai seem to be reinfused with vitality, suddenly becoming energetic, and even the injuries previously hit by the corpse puppet recovered in a very short time.

“This is…” Liu Yan’s beautiful eyes widened, and she let out a soft cry.

“The law of spring!” Yang Kai was equally shocked, his eyes bright, and he understood the origin of this law.

He didn’t dare to neglect, and quickly comprehend it with his heart.

This is the power of the law that the Passing of Time Great Emperor has comprehended, and it is extremely profound. Once the Emperor Absolute Pill comes out, it is equivalent to a blow by the Passing of Time Great Emperor himself. If he can use this insight, he will definitely gain something.

At this moment, Yang Kai didn’t even care about the end of the corpse puppet, and was completely immersed in the power of that wonderful law.

The law of spring unfolded, returning the valley to its verdant green light, but in a blink of an eye, a hot and unbearable aura covered it, as if people were suddenly entering the dormant sky, and the sound of cicadas faintly heard from the ears, under the scorching sun, the heat is unstoppable.

The Law of Summer!

Yang Kai realized that this was an opportunity not to be missed.

In the valley, the autumn breeze suddenly began to bleak, the maple leaves were full of red, the fallen leaves were on the ground, the melons were fragrant and the fruits were ripe, and the pleasant breath of harvest came to his face.

The Law of Autumn!

The cold wind whizzed in, and the surrounding area was suddenly bitterly cold, and as fas as he can see, it seemed to be snowy, covered in white color, and in the cold winter, the most cold-resistant beasts were all shrunk in the cave, not daring going out.

The law of winter!

The four season echoed and are closely connected to each other. Year after year, the cycle continues, forming a very special force that lingers in this valley, making people lose the concept of time, it was just for a moment, but it seemed as if countless time has passed……

Yang Kai was immersed in it, unable to extricate himself for a long time.

Under the influence of the power of these four seasons, he constantly witnessed the overlapping of spring, summer, autumn and winter, completely forgetting where he was and what he was doing, only knowing that if he missed this opportunity, it would definitely his lost.

Don’t know how long it has passed. With a crisp sound, Yang Kai’s body was shocked. The meridians and dantian in his body suddenly expanded a lot, and the gurgling Source Qi was like a rushing river, flowing quickly in the meridians.

An extremely strong momentum spread around him, centering on him!


He was promoted to the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage.

The movement of promotion made Yang Kai turn around. He suddenly saw the corpse puppet sitting cross-legged not far away, and everything he had experienced before suddenly came to mind.

His face changed drastically, and he stood up, staring at the motionless corpse warily.

“Master!” Seeing that he looked strange, Liu Yan called out quickly.

“How long has it been?” Yang Kai frowned and asked uncertainly.

“How long has it been for what?” Liu Yan looked blank.

“How long has it been since you used the Emperor Absolute Pill?”

Liu Yan said in a puzzled way: “Just now, after I used that Emperor Absolut Pill, Master suddenly sat down, and… suddenly broke through promotion.”

“Just now?” Yang Kai opened his mouth wide. He obviously felt that a long, long time had passed, but why did he hear Liu Yan’s meaning, it was only for a short while?

He was shocked, and immediately realized that he was affected by the power of the four seasons and had an illusion.


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