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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2333 English [Readable]

When Yang Kai heard it, he knew that this guy didn’t completely trust him, for fear he coveted the treasure in the space ring, he imposed a bloodline restriction on the space ring.

Of course, Ye Chong didn’t want to target him either. This restriction must have been imposed tens of thousands of years ago.

Although he understood, Yang Kai was still a little uncomfortable.

It is obvious that people ask him to help hand over things, but they act like he was a thief. Who will be comfortable?

But Yang Kai didn’t show it either. He just took the space ring and said, “Don’t worry, senior, I will definitely give it to Sect Master Ye.”

“Very good, very good!” Ye Chong let out a sigh of relief, as if letting go of a boulder in his heart, then continued: “Of course, I won’t let you help in vain.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai couldn’t help but shine, knowing that the other party was going to benefit himself, and he immediately looked forward to it.

Ye Chong didn’t immediately say what benefit he would give Yang Kai, he just stared thoughtfully at Liu Yan beside him, the green eyes twinkling its complicated light.

Even though Liu Yan was only the body of the Artifact Spirit, she couldn’t help feeling scared by the gaze, and she couldn’t help hiding behind Yang Kai. The opponent is a 3rd-order Emperor Realm powerhouse, even at the end of the crossbow, who knows what he can do?

For a long time, Ye Chong seemed to have made a decision. He opened his mouth and said: “You can enter the cave where i stayed before, you may find a chance.”

Yang Kai hurriedly said, “Senior, please make it clear.”

Ye Chong said, “The chance comes, you will know it, if not, it’s useless to ask!”

Yang Kai had a black line on his face. When the other party said this, he didn’t say it. Since he wanted to benefit himself, he didn’t show it openly. On the contrary, it seemed too petty.

But after all, the other party is an old man from tens of thousands of years ago. Yang Kai didn’t bother to be entangled with him, and was even less interested in thanking him. For Yang Kai, this trip was only to help Thousand Leaves Sect repair the Space Law Formation, and it was only accidental to be able to talk to Ye Chong.

Yang Kai didn’t intend to claim his spirit ring, of course…if it wasn’t for Ye Chong’s bloodline restriction on the spirit ring. He will investigate it first before returning it to Ye Hen.

He is also very interested in Puppet Technique.

But now that the bloodline restriction was imposed on it, Yang Kai naturally can’t look for any good things in the Sapce ring. If he really wants to do so. Maybe there will be some backlash. Ye Chong is a powerhouse in the 3rd-order Emperor Realm, who knows if there are any dangerous traps left on the bloodline restriction?

When Yang Kai secretly slandered him in his heart, Ye Chong suddenly asked, “How long has it passed now?”

Yang Kai frowned and said, “I don’t know the exact time, it’s probably tens of thousands of years.”

“Tens of thousands of years…” Ye Chong was dumbfounded. Immediately he smiled bitterly, “How is the situation of Thousand Leaves Sect now? How many experts is there on the Sect?”

Yang Kai said, “If the senior asked Expert of the Dao Source Stage, there are indeed many. As for the Emperor Realm, there is none.”

Ye Chong sighed and said, “It was this king fault!”

There is deep self-blame and remorse in his tone. If he hadn’t been stubborn, bringing all the culivation technique and secret techniques into the secret realm without regard to dissuasion, and would like to comprehend the refining of puppets by himself. The Thousand Leaves Sect will not become the way it is now.

In the end he failed.

He knew he was wrong at the moment of failure. He underestimated the authority of the Heavenly Law, thinking that he would definitely succeed. He anticipated the decline of the Thousand Leaves Sect, so he tried his best to leave a trace of the remnant soul on the corpse puppet. After tens of thousands of years, he waited until Yang Kai came.

See him like this. Yang Kai couldn’t say anything.

After Ye Chong sighed, suddenly his head drooped, drooping on his chest, and the green light in those two eyes gradually dimmed until it disappeared. Immediately, a ray of black aura flew from the top of the corpse puppet’s head, turning into nothingness.

Yang Kai knew that the Sect Master of Thousand Leaves Sect tens of thousands of years ago had completely fallen, and now there was not even a trace of remnant soul left.

After losing the last remnant soul, the body of the corpse puppet suddenly fell apart and turned into a pile of bones.

Yang Kai sighed.

Even the most powerful martial artist, when he died, Ye Chong used his body to prove the Heavenly Law, he didn’t want to have an immortal body. Unfortunately, even if he was talented, he still couldn’t beat the constraints of the world’s Law.

The 3rd-order Emperor Realm are like this. How hard is it to live forever? Don’t know if the top ten Great Emperor can do it.

This thought surged, and Yang Kai slowly shook his head again. The Ten Great Emperors certainly couldn’t achieve this level. If it weren’t for this, characters like the Heaven Devouring Great Emperor and Passing of Time Great Emperor would not have fallen.

He has a little hope, of course, the premise is to refine the Eternal Tree. It is said that after the Eternal Tree is refined, the immortal body can be achieved, and don’t know whether it is true or false.

After sighing for a while, Yang Kai mood was ups and downs, and then together with Liu Yan, he buried Ye Chong’s bones on the spot.

He didn’t bury it too carefully, because after the Space Law Formation here is repaired, Ye Hen will definitely come over. Just leave this to Ye Hen. It’s his ancestor anyway, so he should do his funeral himself.

After processing Ye Chong’s bones, Yang Kai took Liu Yan to the cave where he had encountered Ye Chong before.

Ye Chong said that there was a chance in the cave, but Yang Kai was suspicious, because when he entered the cave before, although he didn’t have time to investigate carefully, he didn’t find any special place.

Liu Yan was also puzzled, and followed Yang Kai and said, “Master, when Senior Ye said about chance, why did he stare at me?”

“You are beautiful.” Yang Kai answered casually.

“Nonsense!” Liu Yan glared at Yang Kai. Although she thought that the transformed figure was not ugly, how could Ye Chong stare at her because of this. He was the Sect Master of the top sect back then. What kind of woman has he never seen?

Yang Kai smiled and said, “He must have seen your body, so he took a look at it more, nothing strange.”

“I think it’s also for this reason.” Liu Yan nodded in agreement.

The two were talking, and after a while, they returned to the cave again, because Ye Chong said that because of an organic matter, Yang Kai was fully capable of divine sense when he came in this trip, and he was very careful while searching.

But he went all the way to the innermost, and found nothing suspicious.

“Isn’t it a lie?” Yang Kai was a little depressed, and Ye Chong was guarding against him like a thief, and it didn’t matter if he put blood restricion on the ring and not because of him, but it would be too much to lie about having opportunity in here.

He didn’t expect to seek any benefit from Ye Chong. Since the other party actively mentioned it as a lie, it was not a matter of morality.

Not believing in evil, Yang Kai searched the bottom layer several times. He even pierced his Divine Sense through the stone wall and explored the inside, but he still found nothing.

But Liu Yan stared at an oval stone suddenly.

“What’s wrong?” Yang Kai asked.

Liu Yan said: “Master, this stone does not seem to be an ordinary stone.”

Yang Kai raised his eyebrows when he heard the words, and immediately released his Divine Sense to sweep the stone. He had inspected the stone before, but he didn’t care much, because the stone didn’t even fluctuate with spiritual energy. Obviously not a genius treasure.

But when he was investigating now, Yang Kai found some unusual places.

This stone was able to swallow the Divine Sense he was releasing to investigate, and made him feel a little pain in the consciousness sea.

“Huh…” Yang Kai was surprised, “Is the opportunity in Ye Chong’s mouth, this stone?”

There is no other suspicious place in the entire cave. Only this oval stone is a bit weird. If it is really possible, it must be this thing.

What can this stone do? Is it the top item refining material? Yang Kai looked puzzled. He doesn’t need item refining materials. He already had several pieces of the Emperor Artifact in his hands, and he didn’t need to refine any more artifacts.

Liu Yan also looked blank. Reached out and touched the stone, wanting to see what’s weird about this thing.

“Don’t!” Yang Kai hurriedly stopped. Although he didn’t know what’s weird about this stone, it was obviously not good to rashly touch it before he found out its true colors. This is a strange stone that can even swallow his Divine Sense.

But he still shouted a little late.

Liu Yan had already touched the strange stone, and when she heard Yang Kai shout, she instinctively wanted to retract her hand. But at this moment, a strong suction suddenly came from the strange rock, that suction was so fierce. Liu Yan had no resistance to resist it, and she was sucked in with only a time to exclaim, and she disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Yang Kai’s complexion changed suddenly. Although Liu Yan can transform a human form and make her look like a living beauty, in the final analysis she still has no physical body, not a living thing, her body is just made of pure energy. It’s just that the energy is strong enough to be like a real person.

This strange stone didn’t know what the hell was it, it sucked Liu Yan in. How could this be okay?

Yang Kai didn’t hesitate, urging Source Qi and patted his palm on the strange rock.

There was a loud bang, and it was visible to the naked eye that a clear palm print was photographed by Yang Kai on the strange rock, but it was not broken, but after Yang Kai stopped, it slowly recovered.

Less than ten breaths before and after, the strange stone returned to its original state, and there was no trace of being attacked by Yang Kai.

“Sculpting memories and flowing gold?” Yang Kai’s expression changed slightly, but he soon realized that it was wrong.

Although Sculpting memories and flowing gold is the most advanced item refining material, any secret treasure can have the magical function of self-repair with a little bit of it. No matter how large the damage is, it can gradually repair itself, but the Sculpting memories and flowing gold he knows is definitely not like this.

He wanted to smash the strange stone to rescue Liu Yan, but he knew that it was useless with a single blow. The strange stone was not hard, but it was extremely tough, and could not be broken at all.

And after Liu Yan was sucked into this strange stone, Yang Kai felt that the inexplicable connection between him and Liu Yan had been broken for a long time.

Liu Yan is the body of the Artifact Spirit. When Yang Kai refined her main item refining furnace, there was always an invisible connection between the two. It hasn’t been broken for so many years, but now it’s gone.

Yang Kai looked pale, thinking that Liu Yan had fallen.

Because only this can explain why the connection between the two is broken.

Yang Kai’s heart was twisted instantly, and his heart was extremely heavy.


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