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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2334 English [Readable]

Liu Yan has been with him for many years, and they have been watching and helping each other over the years, and have helped Yang Kai a lot. If it falls like this because of the strange rock in front of him, Yang Kai can’t accept anything.

If this is the case, he will definitely dig out Ye Chong’s body, tun his bones to ashes and dissolve his hatred.

But after thinking about it carefully, He felt that it should be impossible. Ye Chong asked for help from him, and would never put a strange stone here to harm him.

It’s just… Why he kept staring at Liu Yan when saying he had a chance in this cave?

Yang Kai heart was chaotic, and at this moment, an aura that made him familiar with the strange stone suddenly appeared.

After sensing this aura, Yang Kai’s expression was lifted and he hurriedly shouted: “Liu Yan!”

That aura is definitely Liu Yan, but it is very weak, if he hadn’t been familiar with Liu Yan for years, Yang Kai would not have noticed it.

If there is aura remaining, it means that Liu Yan has not fallen yet, but has been sealed in the strange rock. Realizing this, Yang Kai didn’t dare to attack the strange stone rashly, for fear of hurting Liu Yan.

But Liu Yan never responded to his call. Not only that, in Yang Kai’s feelings, the aura that flowed out was extremely stable. Although the fluctuations were extremely weak, there was no sign of injury.

She just seemed to fall into deep sleep.

What is going on? Yang Kai couldn’t figure it out.

He cautiously released his Divine Sense to investigate again, but as before, as soon as the Divine Sense penetrated into this strange stone, it seemed to be bitten off by an invisible big mouth. Not only did his investigation fail, it also caused​​consciousness sea hurts slightly.

This strange stone, didn’t know what a ghost thing it was, but it was able to swallow divine sense, which shows that the quality is extremely extraordinary.

A faint red color that is almost invisible to the naked eye diffuses from the inside of the strange stone. Penetrate to the surface of the strange stone. When Yang Kai looked at it, his eyes lit up. He couldn’t be more familiar with the red aura. This was clearly the kind of extremely complex flame power that Liu Yan possessed, which was mixed with the power of various strange fires, but perfectly blended together, apart from Liu Yan, there is no second one in the world.

Could it be the power of Liu Yan attacking the seal inside?

Thinking of this, Yang Kai’s nervous heart couldn’t help but relax a lot, forcing himself to calm down, observe carefully, and wonder if there is any way he can help Liu Yan.

After the red color diffused out, the strange rock suddenly buzzed, and then it sent out extremely strong suction, frantically absorbing the surrounding world’s spiritual energy.

All of a sudden, the wind howl in the cave, the extremely rich spiritual energy in this secret realm poured into the strange stone, but disappeared like a stone sinking into the sea.

On the contrary, with the disappearance of the spiritual energy, the bright red color on the surface of the strange stone became more and more vigorous, and the aura of Liu Yan became more and more clear.

Spiritual Energy? Yang Kai mind moved, there was no hesitation, and he waved his hand. Tens of millions of source crystals were scattered all around the strange rock, and the number almost filled the cave. These source crystals are all of the middle-grade to high-grade. There are no low-grade source crystals at all, all are stripped from that source crystal vein.

Yang Kai punched out again, blasting these source crystals into powder, turning them into spiritual energy to be wrapped in the strange stone.

Visibly to the naked eye, the strange stone continuously absorbs the surrounding energy, as if it never ends.

At the same time that Liu Yan was in distress. Outside the Thousand Leaves Sect, the wind is rumbling, and the area is full of people.

Thousands of martial artist arrived in front of the Thousand Leaves Sect’s protection formation, rushing towards the Thousand Leaves Sect.

These thousand people belong to different forces, but they all seem to be headed by a blue-haired middle-aged man. The middle-aged man, didn’t know what profound art he had cultivated. He had long aqua-blue hair that was draped on his shoulders. He has a majestic figure, and his expression was not angry or pretentious.

He was sitting on a large unroofed sedan chair carried by sixteen people. The sedan chair was spacious and exuded not weak spiritual energy fluctuations. It was obviously a good artifact. At this moment, the man with aqua-blue hair was sitting, sipping tea in a leisurely manner, it seems like taking a leisure stroll here.

And beside him, many powerful people gathered.

Luo Jin, the City Lord of Sky Crane City, who Yang Kai had teach lesson so badly, was among them. It was just a short time, and didn’t know what spirit pill Luo Jin had taken, but his injuries were gone, and there was no sign of being injured by Yang Kai before. The traces are gone, the spirit is full, and the complexion is extremely rosy.

The two elders who had been responsible for protecting Qiu Yu, the young master of the Heavenly Illumination Palace before, were also standing by, bowing their heads, seeming to be extremely respectful to the man with aqua-blue hair.

There is also a man who is eye-catching. His cultivation level is no worse than anyone here. He has a sturdy back and a very rough and violent aura.

This man stood aside and glanced at the middle-aged man with aqua-blue hair from time to time. He sneered and seemed to look down upon the aqua-blue man’s manners.

All of them were the heads of the nearby sects, and their status and strength were similar. However, this middle-aged man with water blue hair made him stand out from the crowd, which naturally made others unhappy.

If this scene is seen by people who don’t know it, i’m afraid that all the martial artists of this place are looking at the middle-aged man with the water blue hair as the leader.

Thousands of martial artist, belonging to five or six sect forces, did not say a word after converging, as if silently waiting for something.

Luo Jin looked resentful, staring straight ahead, clenching his fists.

A few days ago, he held a concubine ceremony in the city lord’s mansion, but was destroyed halfway. Not only was the bride snatched away in full view, but he himself was severely injured. If it were not for luck, he would have died long ago.

Although it has only been a few days, this matter has already been spreading in the nearby area, and the martial artist of the whole Sky Crane City also know about it.

His prestige in Sky Crane City plummeted, and wherever he went, he felt that someone was pointing from behind. Not only that, there were even dissatisfied voices in the city, calling for him to step down.

How could Luo Jin tolerate this happening. He had managed Sky Crane City for so many years and he was about to turn over and sit on the same level with the surrounding sects. How could he be willing to fall short at the last moment?

And the culprit of all this is the kid named Yang Kai! As long as he can kill Yang Kai, Luo Jin believes he will be able to stabilize Sky Crane City again, and no one will dare to say anything to him at that time!

Hating Yang Kai, Luo Jin naturally has no affection for the Thousand leaves Sect who protects Yang Kai. If Ye Hen is acquainted in his heart, it is easy to say, if he dares not to know how to behave, he will let him know the consequences.


At this moment, a stream of light lased from the front, and the light fell, revealing the figures of many high-level members of the Thousand Leaves Sect. Ye Hen was at the top, and the Vice Sect Master and elders followed him.

Even though they had received the news in advance, Ye Hen and the others couldn’t help but change their expressions as soon as they saw so many powerful people gathered in front of their protection formation.

Gathering here, there are five or six surrounding forces. There are as many as 200 people in the Dao Source Stage alone, and there are more than a dozen in the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage. The rest are all the martial artist of the Origin King realm. Such a force , How can the current Thousand Leaves Sect resist?

Ye Hen settled his mind, holding his fists and said: “My friends come to the sect, and the sect is full of glory. I don’t know what is the reason coming here without notice?”

He also knows that the opponents who are not good will not come. I’m afraid that there is no way to be good. But the mountain protection formation is here, and he is not too afraid. If it is the general sect of the mountain protection formation, forget it, it’s absolutely impossible resist the attacks of so many powerful people.

However, the Thousand Leaves Sect’s mountain protection formation has been handed down for a long time, and the grade is extremely high. It is not comparable to those of the cat and dog-like sects. If the Thousand Leaves Sect is not strong enough now, the defense level of the mountain protection formation can be improved by several levels, even if a dozen emperor realm teamed up, it might not be broken.

Even so, now this mountain protection formation should be more than enough to resist these people in front of him. This is also the fundamental reason why the Thousand Leaves Sect has been able to stand tall despite its decline.

If you can’t break the mountain protection formation, no one dares to really tear the face with Thousand Leaves Sect.

As soon as Ye Hen’s voice fell, Luo Jin was the first to jump out and shouted: “The surname Ye, don’t try to understand and pretend to be confused, don’t you know the reason why I’m here? If you understand, hand over the kid Yang Kai, otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude.”

Ye Hen frowned when he heard the words, and said, “City Lord Luo, I don’t know what grievances you and Young Master yang have, what are you so angry for.”

Seeing him asked knowingly, Luo Jin almost burst into anger, and said with a cold face: “Ye Hen, are you burying Luo? Don’t you know what happened at my city lord mansion a few days ago? Or are you deliberately humiliating me!”

Ye Hen said indifferently: “I know a thing or two, but not detailed!”

Luo Jin said angrily: “That kid is making a big fuss in my city lord’s mansion, robbing the concubine room of this king, and killing the guests. How can I give up with him?”

Ye Hen said: “Why is it different from what Ye has heard? Ye heard that City Lord Luo bullied the weak, bullied men and women, imprisoned some of Young Master Yang friends, and forced Young Master Yang mother-in-law to marry you, Young Master Yang had no choice but to fight against City Lord Luo. Although he won at the last minute, he still go around you compassionately and let you live… Could it be you don’t know how to be grateful, City Lord Luo. How can you pay kindness with enmity after only a few days?”

Luo Jin’s face was blue and red, and he roared: “Nonsense!”

Ye Hen said coldly: “There were countless guests that day, and everyone was watching. Whether it was Ye’ nonsense or City Lord Luo ungratefulness, I believe everyone will understand.”

Luo Jin’s heart was tumbling with blood, and he almost blurted out. This was the biggest shame in his life. Now that Ye Hen mentioned it in public, he was naturally burning with anger. If it weren’t for the mountain protection formation in front of him, he would already have red eyes. Looking for Ye Hen desperately.

Ye Hen clasped his fists and looked around and said, “You friends should also know about that, so you might as well talk with City Lord Luo carefully, lest he misunderstand something and do something indignant.”

Those martial artist who came here heard that, none of them had the intention to open their mouths. They came here not to talk with Ye Hen, wo what even if Ye Hen said the truth? Yang Kai did kill people, it was the elites of their sect who was killed. Now that they knew that Yang Kai was in the Thousand Leaves Sect, how could they just sit back and watch.


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