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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2335 English [Readable]

Seeing no one around him responded, Ye Hen said lightly: “Luo Jin is acting shamelessly like this. Are you friends going to get along with this kind of people?”

In his anger, he didn’t even mean to be polite with Luo Jin, so he called his name.

Hearing that, the long bearded man snorted coldly, and said, “It’s all about the City Lord Luo, but I want to ask the kid named Yang, what is the hatred between the Vice Palace Lord of Celestial Pole Palace Ke Tian with him? He was killed by him in the City Lord’s Mansion!”

Listening to the tone of his speech, it was Ruan Hongbo, the Palace Lord of the Celestial Pole Palace.

Ruan Hongbo, like Ye Hen, is the 3rd-order Principel Source Stage. Now that his Vice Palace Lord was killed by Yang Kai, he naturally couldn’t give up, so even though he dislike Luo Jin, he still followed and come here, just to ask for justice.

Ruan Hongbo’s voice fell, someone immediately said: “Yes, the thief also killed my son Mu Zheng. Mu Guan, don’t share the same meaning with him!”

Ye Hen turned his head and looked around. The person who was watching the conversation at once was Mu Guan, the Lord of White Clouds Building.

Ye Hen also asked Ye Qinghan carefully about what happened at the City Lord’s Mansion that day. He knew that Mu Zheng was killed by Yang Kai. Yang Kai also used his flesh and blood to write a big word ‘death’ on the wall to deter the the guests.

But when it comes to this, Mu Zheng is looking for death on his own. He doesn’t have the ability but dare to act. Who can blame Yang Kai for killing him? But White Clouds Building obviously won’t let it go.

“That kid hurt my Asking heart Pavilion disciple, this pavilion master came here to ask him to give a reasonable explanation.” Asking Heart Pavilion’s pavilion master also stood up.

“The same is true of my Sword Soul Sect, Sect Master Ye, hand over the people, lest everyone looks bad.”

As the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage powerhouses stepped forward, the expressions of those high-level members of the Thousand Leaves Sect gradually changed, but Ye Hen’s expression was calm. Turning his head, he said to the man with aqua-blue hair sitting on the sedan chair: “Palace Lord Qiu also means that?”

He was not too afraid of everyone present. He was most afraid of the man with aqua-blue hair. This man was Qiu Ze, the Palace Lord of Heavenly Illumination Palace Master, and his strength had reached the peak of Dao Source Stage. It is rumored that he has been in retreat for more than ten years to understand the mystery of the Emperor Realm, in order to break through the shackles and promote to the Emperor Realm.

He haven’t heard any news about his going out for more than ten years, but he don’t expect this person to come to the gate of Thousand Leaves Sect today.

Ye Hen didn’t dare to take this person lightly, because he had a great chance to be promoted to the Emperor Realm. Once he was promoted to the Emperor Realm, no one would be his opponent in this area of ​​millions of miles.

Hearing this, Qiu Ze smiled slightly, and said, “The dog Qiu Yu is not good at learning. He suffered a lot from that kid named Yang. I came here to invite him to visit my Heavenly Illumination Palace for a few days. By the way, he can teach Qiu Yu how to cultivate, they are all young people. They should be able to find some common topics, and I ask Sect Master Ye not to refuse.”

He spoke nicely, but everyone knew it was just an excuse.

Qiu Yu was indeed seriously injured by Yang Kai at the City Lord’s Mansion that day. But if this is the case, how could Qiu Ze come forward in person? Heavenly Illumination Palace and Thousand Leaves Sect have a long history of grievances. One is the newly emerged sect, which is expected to dominate this area, and the other is a declining old power. If the former wants to establish its prestige, it is naturally better to start from the latter.

As long as the Thousand Leaves Sect can be eliminated, the prestige of heavenly Illumination Palace will be unmatched. At that time, Qiu Ze will be the overlord of this world.

“Hand over the kid!”

“Sect Master Ye, I have no grievances and no grudges against Thousand Leaves Sect. I don’t want to embarrass you, but the bastard surnamed Yang can’t be forgiven. Please Sect Master Ye not to shelter him!”

The heads of several major sects screamed. One after another tried to pressure the Thousand Leaves Sect.

Ye Hen’s brows were frowned, and the senior members of the Thousand Leaves Sect who came with him changed their expressions and felt uneasy.

Although there is a protection formation blocking here, these people should have nothing to do with them, but the disciples of the Thousand Leaves Sect always go out, and it is impossible to hide in the big formation for a lifetime. If you offend so many forces here, how will Thousand Leaves Sect settle down in the future?

At this point, the several high-level Thousand Leaves Sects all cast their eyes on Ye Hen.

They don’t know what the relationship between Yang Kai and Ye Hen is, why they hide in Thousand Leaves Sect after causing such a big disturbance, and cause trouble for the Sect. And why does Ye Hen still accept him knowing these things!

This is obviously not a wise move.

“Sect Master…” An old man in the 2nd-order Dao Source Stage called out softly. Although he didn’t say anything, the meaning was already obvious.

Yang Kai has nothing to do with Qianye Sect. You might as well just show your weakness here and hand over people in exchange for peace. It’s better than being blocked like this.

Ye Hen glanced at the old man and said lightly, “I have my own measures.”

Hearing this, the old man sighed heavily, and did not persuade him. He is a member of the elder generation of the Thousand Leaves Sect. Watching Ye Hen grow up, he also knows Ye Hen’s temper very well. He knows that he will not go crazy, so even though he is worried, he still chooses to believe that Ye Hen will not harm the sect.

“Sect Master!” Shi Cangying, the Vice Sect Master of the Thousand Leaves Sect, suddenly stepped forward and clasped his fists, and said in a deep voice, “Shi felt that what the friends said was reasonable, and that the young man named Yang had no respect and dignity. It’s too shameful, and even a person of high esteem like Ko Tian was killed by him. It is clearly a bloodthirsty and murderous person. No matter what the purpose of this person’s previous behavior, he must be uneasy and come to my Thousand Leaves Sect. Shi asked the Sect Master to hand over that kid to the friends, so as not to lose the tongue, saying that my Thousand Leaves Sect was working with him, and leave a bad reputation.”

Qiu Ze smiled, and said: “The Vice Sect Master is still clear, very good, very good!”

Shi Cangying smiled and said: “People are doing it, the sky is watching, Shi is just walking in the sky, Palace Lord Qiu praised.”

Ye Hen said coldly: “Brother Shi, Ye said before that Young Master yang is my Thousand Leaves Sect’s distinguished guest. No one should have this idea. If you still think of me as the Sect Master, don’t say this again.”

Shi Cangying’s face changed slightly, and said: “Sect Master, are you going to ignore the tens of thousands of years of your ancestor’s foundation?”

Ye Hen said, “It is precisely because of the ancestor’s foundation that Young Master Yang could not be hand over to anyone.”

Yang Kai went to repair the entrance to the secret realm. Apart from him, only Ye Qinghan knew about it. He didn’t mention it to anyone, so Shi Cangying didn’t know why Ye Hen wanted to protect Yang Kai.

Seeing that his expression was so determined, Shi Cangying also had a stance of turning his face against him whenever he dared to speak, because in his memory, Ye Hen was not such an aggressive existence, because Ye Hen was old and the cultivation level was stagnant, He have been very polite to him all these years. It is reasonable to say that he should carefully evaluate whatever he says. Even if he opposes it, he will not be so aggressive. Why is he so determined when the kid surnamed Yang is involved?

Shi Cangying instinctively felt that things were not simple, but he didn’t have time to think carefully, and his face sank, and said: “Sect Master, you are so stubborn, you have to put the sect in the deep water? Have you ever thought about thousands of the feeling and future of the sect? A wrong decision of yours can make the sect be over! Shi, as the Vice Sect Master of the Thousand Leaves Sect, has the responsibility and obligation to consider for the sect and his disciples.”

Ye Hen said coldly: “Are you thinking for yourself or for the sect?”

Without waiting for Shi Cangying to say anything, Ye Hen sternly shouted: “I have decided, step down!”

Shi Cangying was taken aback when he heard the words, and he shook his body subconsciously, as if only then remembered that the other party was the Sect Master of the Thousand Leaves Sect, and that he was just a Vice Sect Master.

Outside the mountain protection formation, a group of strong men stood on the sidelines and sneered in their hearts. It was rumored that the Thousand Leaves Sect was unstable and there was a gap between Ye Hen and Shi Cangying. Now it seems that this is really the case. As the pillars of the Thousand Leaves Sect, these two people were still fighting at this time, which shows how rotten inside the Thousand Leaves Sect is.

I’m afraid that such a sect will not hold on for long.

Thinking of this, everyone sneered in their hearts, as if they saw the destruction of the Thousand Leaves Sect.

Under everyone’s eyes, Shi Cangying was yelled at by Ye Hen. Naturally, he couldn’t hold his face anymore. He became annoyed and said, “Well, since the Sect Master doesn’t listen to dissuasion, and is self-conscious, regardless of the safety of the sect, then you will have to blame Shi for not seeing you as the Sect Master”

Ye Hen was slightly startled, and said coldly, “What do you want to do?”

Shi Cangying smiled and said: “The kid surnamed Yang provokes so many sects, but he wants to hide in the Thousand Leaves Sect to bring disaster to the sect. Shi considers it for the sect disciple, so naturally he wants to hand him over. Sect Master, rest assured, this matter has nothing to do with you. Even if someone accuses you in the future, Shi will bear it, and your reputation will not be damaged!

He was awe-inspiring, and even if his reputation was tainted, he would not hesitate to consider the posture of the sect, which immediately aroused the goodwill of many senior members of the Thousand Leaves Sect, and felt that Ye Hen was indeed a bit arbitrary.

Ye Hen seemed to think of something all of a sudden, and said in shock: “Do you dare to send someone to capture them?”

Only then did Ye Hen notice that the three confidant elders who had been following Shi Cangying had disappeared. Those three elders were all 2nd-order Dao Source Stage. With such strength, Yang Kai’s friends could not resist.

The few people that Yang Kai brought were all at the 1st-order Dao Source Stage. Although there were restrictions in the room they lived in, the elders knew the restrictions well, and breaking them was just a matter of effort.

Thinking of this, Ye Hen was shocked, wishing he could slap Shi Cangying to death.

His daughter asked Yang Kai to the Thousand Leaves Sect to repair the secret realm entrance, but his vice sect master had to do something against Yang Kai’s friends. If Yang Kai knew about this, how would he explain it?

He had planned it a long time ago. Even if he offended so many sects this time, as long as Yang Kai can repair the entrance and let the Thousand Leaves Sect’s cultivation technique and secret techniques return, it will be worthwhile.

It’s not a big deal for the Thousand Leaves Sect to close it gate for a few years, so that the experts in the sect can understand the cultivation technique and secret technique. As long as the more than 30 Dao Source Stage on the square can be mobilized, the Thousand Leaves Sect will no longer have to fear any sect. With the passage of time, are you afraid not being able to utilize that Heaven Grade puppets?


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