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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2336 English [Readable]

Once the Heaven Grade puppets can be driven, Thousand Leaves Sect will be among the first-class sects. What is there to fear about a small Heavenly Illumination Palace? By then, the sect in the radius of millions of miles will have to live and die by the word of Thousand Leaves Sect

But he never expected Shi Cangying to be so despicable and vicious. Taking advantage of his and Yang Kai’s absence, he sent his confidant to get people. Once those people were handed over, how could Yang Kai give up? Don’t even think about returning the lost cultivation techniques and secret techniques of the Thousand Leaves Sect. At that time, the Thousand Leaves Sect is really over.

Thinking of this, Ye Hen was anxious and angry, and shouted in a deep voice: “Shi Cangying, if you really think about the sect, you will quickly summon those people back.”

Shi Cangying snorted coldly: “It’s too late!”

When he heard that many powerful men had arrived outside the mountain gate, Shi Cangying had already guessed what they were doing on this trip, and secretly told the elders to lie in wait, waiting for his order, before seeing that Ye Hen was still reluctant to make friends, the orders were issued secretly, and it was obviously too late to say these at this moment.

“You…” Ye Hen rushed to his throat with a mouthful of blood, and almost spurted out of his anger, pointed at Shi Cangying, gritted his teeth and said: “You know what a terrible mistake you have committed! If those people lose even a hair, this Sect Master will make you answer for it!”

Shi Cangying’s face sank, and said: “Shi’s heart is on the Sect, the world can be learned, the sun and the moon can be seen, even if the ancestors of the past are standing here, they will feel that Shi is right!”

Seeing that he was still so unrepentant, Ye Hen finally spouted a mouthful of blood.

Shi Cangying looked at him coldly and said lightly: “Sect Master, you are old and you are not suitable to lead the Thousand Leaves Sect anymore. Your decadent and stubborn thoughts will stop Thousand Leaves Sect from moving forward.”

As soon as this statement came out, everyone’s complexion changed greatly, realizing that Shi Cangying was taking the opportunity to attack and usurped power, and the group of elders looked terrified. They don’t know what to do.

Du Xian shouted angrily: “Old Thief Shi, you dare to be so rebellious, today I will clean up the door on behalf of the master!”

He had been standing behind Ye Hen, seeing everything just now clearly. Although he didn’t know why Ye Hen valued Yang Kai so much, Ye Hen was his master after all, and the master vomited blood because of Shi Cangying. How can he remain indifferent?

When the voice fell, a cold light long sword suddenly appeared in his hand, and the sword swayed and pierced towards Shi Cangying.

Shi Cangying stood on the spot, showing disdain, reaching forward with his big hand, slapped fiercely, and said: “As a disciple of the sect, you dare to commit a crime and do something to this king. Ye Hen really taught a good disciple!”

As he spoke, the Source Qi in his big hand was ups and downs, colliding with the sword attack.

With a bang, the sword attack shattered, and the palm prints blasted on Du Xian, spitting blood out of his mouth, and flying out.

This incident occurred between the electric light and flint, although it was blocked by the mountain protection. But Qiu Ze and the others still saw it clearly, and they all smiled sarcastically. They joined forces today to attack the Thousand Leaves Sect. They thought it would be a tough battle, but didn’t expect, the haven’t act yet. The inside of the Thousand Leaves Sect was beginning to fall apart. The two Sect Master and Vice Sect Master quarreled endlessly, and the disciples under the sect had no respect and take the lead to attack, but was injured.

It seems. They probably don’t need to do anything to take the Thousand Leaves Sect, just stand here and watch the show.

Thinking of this, all of them showed their full expressions.

“Shi Sect master is loyal to the sect, Qiu admires!” Qiu Ze smiled at Shi Cangying, holding his fists in the air. His address to Shi Cangying had already been directly called the Sect Master, and he obviously felt that Ye Hen was already powerless to stand up.

Shi Cangying heard the words and replied with a clasped fist and said: “Palace Lord Qiu praised, Shi is only considering the sect. It is no better than some people who are blinded and willing to risk taking the storm. They will only cause trouble for the sect.”

Qiu Ze said: “I feel that Thousand Leaves Sect will have a bright future under the leadership of Sect Master Shi in the future.”

Shi Cangying smiled slightly, lowered his posture, and said, “Then please ask Palace Master Qiu to take care of him in the future.”

When he said this, he was obviously saying that he would move more with Thousand Leaves Palace in the future, and he meant that he wanted to look up to the Heavenly Illumination Palace only. Ye Hen heard this, another mouthful of blood was spit ot, and said angrily: “Shi Cangying, you will regret it. Your ancestor will lose his tens of thousands of years of inheritance. If you die in the future, what face will you have to meet your ancestors?”

Shi Cangying sneered, and said: “I don’t know who has no face to meet the ancestors. Shi acted with a clear conscience. Even if his soul returned to the underworld, the ancestors would not have any accusations!”

Ye Hen’s face was pale, his aura looked extremely sluggish, but he gritted his teeth without saying a word, just looked at Shi Cangying bitterly, as if he wanted to eat him.

Over there, Qiu Ze nodded with satisfaction, and said, “Sect Master Shi should hand over the people first. I have waited for a long time.”

“This is natural.” Shi Cangying smiled slightly and said: “Counting the time, it should be here soon.”

While speaking, he turned his head and looked in one direction, smiled and said, “Look, it really came.”

Hearing what he said, everyone raised their eyes and looked over there. Ye Hen was even more anxious, secretly urging the Source Qi, only to wait for Shi Cangying’s spirit to relax, and he would not let Yang Kai’s friends to be handed over.

But when he glanced over there, Ye Hen’s expression was stern, his brows frowned.

Shi Cangying also seemed to see something wrong, with a strange expression.

Over there, a flowing light flew slantingly toward this side. After a short while, the flowing light fell in front of everyone, revealing a figure. That person seemed to have the cultivation level of the 2nd-order Dao Source Stage, and he was about fifty years old, it is one of the confidant elders who have been following Shi Cangying, and is also the backbone of Thousand Leaves Sect’s new faction.

It’s just that at this moment, the elder was actually covered in blood. Not only that, but his aura was also extremely sluggish, and he was seriously injured.

Seeing this person, Ye Hen couldn’t help showing a puzzled expression. Shi Cangying’s expression changed drastically. He hurriedly stepped forward, held the person in his arms, and shouted in a low voice: “What’s the matter? Who hurt you? Aren’t you going over to get people. What about the others?”

The elder heard this and said in horror: “They have Expert among them, 3rd-order Dao Source Stage, I can’t do anything, the seventh elder and the ninth elder were detained…”

“What?” Shi Cangying was shocked, “has been detained?”

He couldn’t believe his ears, and looked at the injured elder with an expression of “Are you kidding me”.

He naturally understood what cultivation levels the few people brought by Yang Kai had. They were all at the 1st-order Dao Source Stage, and there was also a Origin King Realm. How could this level of cultivation be the opponent of his three confidant elders? But the current situation is that his three henchmen and two elders have been detained. One was seriously injured and fled back here.

Had it not been for the elder in front of him who had been loyal to him, Shi Cangying would almost think that the other party was lying and disturbing his mind.

“Who detained them?” Shi Cangying asked in surprise.

“A woman!”

“Woman?” Shi Cangying gave a stunned expression, as if thinking of something, gritted his teeth and said: “Are they pretending to be pig to eat the tiger?”

He probably felt that Chi Yue had hidden her true cultivation level, so his three confidants were incapable of doing anything.

Never thought that the elder shook his head and said: “No, I have never seen that woman. I don’t know when she came to the sect.”

“Haven’t seen her before?” Shi Cangying became even more dazed, and then angrily said: “Even if she is the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage, the three of you will not be defeated so miserably, right?”

He looked like he hated iron and steel, and he almost cursed the elder as incompetent waste.

The elder said desolately: “She definitely has the Dao Source Stage peak cultivation level, and she use Emperor Intent to attack us. If it weren’t for this, even if I didn’t fight, I would not be taken down by her.”

“Emperor Intent?” Shi Cangying was really shocked.

There is Emperor Intent in the attack, what does this show? This shows that people have realized a trace of the mystery of the Emperor Realm. In other words, as long as the woman is given enough time, she can be promoted to the Emperor Realm!

A powerful Emperor Realm, Thousand Leaves Sect can’t afford to provoke it.

Shi Cangying suddenly felt confused, and glanced at Ye Hen thoughtfully. He thought that the woman must have been arranged by Ye Hen to protect those people, but at a glance, he knew that he was wrong. Because Ye Hen also looked blank. Obviously he don’t know when there was a woman at the peak of Dao Source Stage present.

These powerful people came to the Thousand Leaves Sect, but the two Sect Master and Vice Sect Master didn’t know it. I’m afraid no one will believe it.

Shi Cangying couldn’t help breaking out in a cold sweat, feeling a little horrified.

Qiu Ze suddenly sneered and said: “Sect Master Shi, these people under your hand are not very reliable, and even a few thieves can’t be handled.”

Shi Cangying was upset at first, but now he listens to him teasing. Suddenly annoyed: “Palace Lord Qiu just looks at the matter of this sect, no need to say more.”

Qiu Ze snorted, slowly stood up from the sedan chair, and then walked towards the mountain protection formation step by step. He said: “Qiu was reluctant to intervene in the matter of your noble sect, but this matter is related to the surrounding major sects. As the overlord of this million miles, how can I just ignore it?”

When the words fell, an unimaginable aura suddenly blasted out of his body. In an instant, the surrounding space seemed to solidify, and the law of heaven and earth was even more turbulent.

All those who are wrapped in this power feel as if they are being held down by a mountain, breathing hard, and the power in their bodies is not working well.

Even the Thousand Leaves Sect’s mountain protection formation was impacted by this force, causing ripples visible to the naked eye.

At this moment, Qiu Ze seemed to have become the master of this world. The death of all people is only in his thoughts, and no one can resist.

“Emperor… Emperor… Realm!” Mu Guan of White Clouds Building shook his calf and almost knelt down. His eyes trembled violently, and he looked at Qiu Ze in disbelief.

The others also looked astonished and pale.

Especially Ruan Hongbo of the Celestial Pole Palace, his face turned pale. He hadn’t taken Qiu Ze seriously before. After all, everyone was in the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage. Although it is said that Qiu Ze had been in retreat for more than ten years to understand the mystery of the Emperor Realm, he did not see him succeed, as long as he did not succeed. Then everyone is on an equal footing.

He was very upset when he saw Qiu Ze looking aloof before. He felt that this guy took himself too seriously and that he hadn’t been promoted to the Emperor Realm. If he was promoted, how about it?

But now he knew why he didn’t even look at him. It turned out that Qiu Ze broke through the shackles long ago and was promoted to the Emperor Realm.


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