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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2337 English [Readable]

Thinking of this, Ruan Hongbo’s big beads of sweat rolled down his forehead, realizing that the days in the Celestial Pole Palace would not be easy in the future. Originally, the strength of Celestial Pole Palace and Heavenly Illumination Palace was in the middle, but now that there is an Emperor Realm, the Celestial Pole Palace can only show their heartfelt sincerity to survive.

Qiu Ze is a veritable overlord! No wonder he came here so rampantly, so proud of the spring breeze.

Inside the mountain protection formation, Ye Hen and others also had a desperate and pale expression. Originally, the inside of the sect was turbulent because of Shi Cangying’s dung stick, and it was divided into two levels. Now Qiu Ze has actually been promoted to the Emperor Realm, and standing outside the mountain protection formation, how can they live this day?

Shi Cangying also looked shocked, he didn’t dare to do anything presumptuous with Qiu Ze anymore, and said with trepidation: “It turns out that Palace Lord Qiu has been promoted to the Emperor Realm, Shi is here to congratulate Palace Master Qiu!”

Ruan Hongbo, Mu Zheng and others also said in unison: “Congratulations to Palace Lord Qiu for achieving the Emperor Realm!”

Qiu Ze laughed loudly, and the laughter was thunderous, making people cold.

In the cave, Yang Kai stared at the strange rock, not daring to miss the slightest change.

Since he broke the tens of millions of middle-grade and high-grade source crystals and turned them into a sea of ​​spiritual energy, a stronger swallowing force has spread from the stone, which continuously swallows spiritual energy, and as time goes by, The red light on the surface of the strange rock is getting more and more exuberant, and the aura of Liu Yan is getting clearer.

After a few days, Yang Kai gradually realized that this matter did not seem to be what he thought.

Liu Yan is not in danger. Although she was swallowed by the strange stone, Yang Kai could feel that Liu Yan was sleeping at the moment, extremely peaceful, and the aura she unconsciously released was even mixed with a hint of excitement and joy.

It seems that this encounter is not only not a bad thing for her, but an excellent thing.

Ye Chong’s words is not fake? There is really a chance here? It’s just that this opportunity is useful for Liu Yan only.

Remembering that Ye Chong had been staring at Liu Yan when he said about the opportunity at the time, Yang Kai felt that it was really possible.

It’s just that Yang Kai still doesn’t understand what this opportunity is. All he can do now is to guard Liu Yan and watch the changes.

After a day, the spiritual energy sea in the cave became extremely thin. Although the spiritual energy in this secret realm was also extremely rich, the strange stone did not seem to have reached the level of saturation.

Yang Kai once again threw out tens of millions of source crystals, doing the same thing, letting the strange stones swallow them.

At this moment, the whole strange stone was red, as if it had just been fished out of the hot magma, the cave was also extremely hot, and the surrounding cave walls were melted.

And the aura of Liu Yan became clearer and clearer, but what made Yang Kai shocked and delighted was that the aura of Liu Yan seemed to be much stronger than before, and it also had another flavor… Unidentified flavor.

Looking around, Yang Kai’s heart suddenly moved, and he whispered, “Is this an egg!”

He had been preconceived before, and didn’t care much, but now when he observes carefully, he finds that the oval-shaped strange stone is like an egg.

Thinking of this, Yang Kai remembered again that Xiaoxiao and his own Embodiment had broken out of the dark stone back then, which was the stone puppet’s special birth method. Could it be that Liu Yan will also break out of this strange rock?

This strange stone is different from the two strange stones he got back then, so this is not a product of the stone puppet clan. Yang Kai also didn’t know what the strange stone was, but after having this kind of conjecture, Yang Kai couldn’t help but look forward to it. .

If his guess is correct, Liu Yan will burst out of the shell at some point, but he don’t know what it will be.

This is really an opportunity for Liu Yan.

Time flickered, and another two days passed.

The speed at which the strange stone swallows the surrounding spiritual energy has obviously slowed down a lot, and it is getting slower and slower. Yang Kai knows that this strange stone should be saturated, and Liu Yan will be seen next, so he can’t move. Staring at the strange rock, his heart is up and down.

Half a day later, when Yang Kai was uneasy, a crisp sound suddenly came from the strange stone.

Yang Kai was surprised when he heard the sound, and quickly looked at the strange rock, and suddenly found a small crack in the middle of the strange stone.


When the cracks appeared, it seemed to have caused some chain reaction, a continuous sound continued to come, and cracks appeared one after another, covering the entire strange stone, as dense as a spider web.

Yang Kai’s expression stunned, and he paid more and more attention, ready to help Liu Yan.


After a sound, the entire strange stone suddenly split into pieces, turned into countless small fragments, and fell to the ground.

Yang Kai was shocked, thinking that something had happened to Liu Yan, but when he saw a bright red light appeared in the place where the strange stone was, his heart relaxed again.

The aura of Liu Yan was clearly spread in the light, indicating that nothing happened to Liu Yan yet.

The light was fierce, and the entire cave was red. Yang Kai squinted his eyes, but couldn’t see any clues. When he released his divine sense, it was also blurred. It seemed that the light inherited the characteristics of the strange stone devouring divine sense. Unable to detect clearly.

After a full stick of incense, the red light suddenly closed, and the cave returned to dimness.

Only then did Yang Kai see the sight in front of him clearly.

The next moment, his eyes suddenly rounded, his mouth opened wide, his face was shocked and stunned, as if he had seen a ghost in the day.

Because he saw that a little girl appeared at the original location of the strange stone!

The little girl looked like she was only seven or eight years old, lying on her side, her small body curled up there, her hands folded under her face, sleeping peacefully.

Yang Kai heard her breathing clearly.

Ift’s not just that, what made Yang Kai unbelievable was that he actually felt the aura of Liu Yan from this little girl.

Is this Liu Yan?

Yang Kai’s eyes almost burst out.

Since Liu Yan was able to transform shape, she has appeared in front of Yang Kai in the image of a gorgeous woman, dressed in revealing clothes, plump breasts and beautiful buttocks, and can make people attracted to it. But after this sudden change, she suddenly became such a small figure.

Yang Kai was simply unable to accept it.

However, it is unreasonable to say that she is not Liu Yan, because the little girl does have Liu Yan’s aura. Not only that, but the fiery red hair has been inherited perfectly, and the silky red hair is scattered on the body, and the little girl body is tightly covered.

Yang Kai only noticed that the little girl couldn’t get any threads down her body, but because of the cover of the red hair, he obviously didn’t notice it.

Just when Yang Kai was at a loss, the long eyelashes of the little girl in front of him flickered, and then slowly opened her eyes. She seemed to be at a loss at the situation right now, lifted her eyelids and looked at the man with stunned look in front of her, And then slowly sat up straight.

She sat up, her long hair spread out all of a sudden, revealing a white body, but she was obviously still confused and her face was dull.

Yang Kai quickly turned his head, rummaged in the ring, and directly took out a piece of clothing and threw it at her.

All of a sudden, the generous clothes covered her tightly.

“Master, what are you doing.” The little girl murmured a little dissatisfiedly, and stretched out her hand to pull the dress off her head.

However, as soon as the words were spoken, she herself was stunned, her beautiful eyes trembled violently, and then she placed her hands in front of her, staring blankly at…

A moment later, a terrible scream came from the cave.

After half an hour, Yang Kai and the little girl gradually recovered their emotions. They sat face to face, one with a weird expression and the other with tears, their mouths slumped into a line.

The little girl is indeed Liu Yan, but don’t know why, she has become this appearance.

At this moment, Liu Yan has put Yang Kai’s clothes on her body, but the clothes are too big and loose for her current body shape. With the extremely aggrieved expression, it is enough to melt anyone’s heart and make people unable to bear it. Hold her in the palm of the hand for some care.

Judging from her appearance, she still has some traces of Liu Yan. It is just a childhood version of Liu Yab. The small face has a face like carved jade, like a porcelain doll. Her skin is white and rosy, there is a little baby fat on her face, people can’t help but want to pinch it.

“Have you seen enough?” Liu Yan stared at Yang Kai with an unhappy expression.

Yang Kai shrugged and calmly said, “Do you know that you have no deterrent power at all?”

Liu Yan suddenly gritted the white teeth.

After changing into this appearance, even her voice was childish, clear and sweet, and no longer the charm of the past.

“It’s all right, all right.” Yang Kai said comfortingly, with a solemn expression: “I ask you, is there anything wrong with being like this?”

“That’s not true, it’s just that it makes me feel uncomfortable.” Liu Yan replied in a low voice.

“Can’t you turn into the original look again?” Yang Kai asked.

Liu Yan said: “Perhaps you haven’t noticed yet, I already…have my own body.”

“What?” Yang Kai was shocked when he heard the words, and quickly released his Divine Sense to investigate, but his Divine Sense fell on Liu Yan and was swallowed. There was no trace of the situation at all. It was the same before, so Yang Kai’s understanding of Liu Yan situation is still unchanged.

Now hearing her say this, Yang Kai remembered to take a closer look, but he couldn’t find out with his Divine Sense, he could only do it physically.

Thinking of this, Yang Kai immediately stretched out a hand and squeezed it towards Liu Yan’s little face.

After a brief contact, Yang Kai knew that Liu Yan was right.

She does have her own body, because the feeling from his fingers is not pure energy, but a real thing! Not only that, Liu Yan’s small face is no different from a real person when it is pinched. It is extremely flexible and has a wonderful touch. Yang Kai believes that few people in this world can compare with her.

Yang Kai couldn’t help squeezing for a while.

Liu Yan patted his hand disgustedly and said, “It’s so painful to pinch.” As she said, she rubbed her cheeks.

“Why?” Yang Kai frowned, Liu Yan is a spiritual form, just pure energy, it is not impossible to have her own physical body. As far as he knows, there is a kind of spirit pill called Fresh Body Pill. The martial artist who has lost the physical body can reshape the body, but refining the Fresh Body Pill requires a Fresh Body Fruit, this kind of spirit fruit is already considered extinct.


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