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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2338 English [Readable]

Liu Yan was swallowed by the strange stone, and after breaking out of the shell, she actually had her own physical body.

It’s incredible no matter how you think about it.

Doesn’t this mean that the strange stone has the effect like Fresh Body Fruit? How heaven-defying is this?

Liu Yan frowned slightly, and said softly: “In my situation, I seem to understand a little… I can’t tell why, I feel like this body is a puppet.”

“Puppet?” Yang Kai raised his brows.

Liu Yan nodded lightly: “Well, there are many formations and mysterious refining traces in my body, but these traces are all natural, and they are old. They should be refined by a powerful man many years ago.”

Yang Kai’s expression moved slightly, as if remembering something suddenly, and he whispered: “Spirit Grade puppet?”

He heard Hua Qingsi said before that the puppets of the Thousand Leaves Sect are divided into several grades. In addition to the Earth Grade and Heaven Earth puppet he has seen, there is also a higher-level Spirit Grade puppet, and it is rumored that the spirit-grade puppet has it own intelligence and can think independently, it can even gradually become stronger through cultivation. It’s just that even in the peak period of Thousand Leaves Sect, there are not many spirit-grade puppets, and with the decline of Thousand Leaves Sect, don’t know where thse spirit grade puppets has gone to.

Yang Kai didn’t believe it much before, but now the situation of Liu Yan can only be explained by a Spirit Grade puppet.

That strange stone is not something naturally generated at all, but something refined by the ancestors of Thousand Leaves Sect. It should be regarded as the prototype of a spirit-grade puppet. After the Divine Soul of Liu Yan become the master, it broke out of the shell and became like this, and the final form is completed.

In this way, the so-called Spirit Grade puppet does not seem to be born with intelligence, but can be formed by fusing the divine soul of the creature with the body of the puppet in a similar way.

Thinking of this, Yang Kai suddenly enlightened. He feel more and more that his guess is correct.

No wonder Ye Chong kept staring at Liu Yan when he said about the chance.

With his superb eyesight, it was natural to see at a glance that Liu Yan had no physical body, but was only a spiritual form, and there was a prototype of a spirit-grade puppet in the cave, which was undoubtedly the best choice for Liu Yan.

So to say. If he hadn’t seen Liu Yan at that time, maybe he wouldn’t mention this opportunity. It was precisely because he saw Liu Yan that he would give some pointers.

But he didn’t give too much guidance. It is estimated that he himself is a little reluctant. The strange stone is probably the prototype of the last spirit-level puppet in the world. Maybe no one can refine it in the future. Naturally, he wants to leave such a treasure for the future generations of Thousand Leaves Sect

This guy works a little fainthearted, so he’s messy. Yang Kai slandered secretly.

But soon. He put aside this idea, no matter what, Liu Yan now has her own body is true. Although this body looks a little weird, it is undoubtedly much better than her previous spiritual form body.

Having a body and not having a body are definitely two different things.

Liu Yan seemed to be gradually rejoicing, forgetting all the inconveniences this small body would bring to her future life, she put her hands in front of her and looked over and over again. There was a smile on her face.

“How is the integration of your divine soul with this body? Are there any signs of instability?” Yang Kai asked worriedly again.

After all, the body of this spirit-grade puppet was not innately possessed by Liu Yan, if the fusion of the divine soul and the body were not perfect. It is very likely to bring serious consequences. It’s like seizing a body. The reason why seizing a body is difficult and even has a low success rate is because of the degree of integration between the foreign soul and the seized body.

If a powerful divine soul wants to take over a martial artist body, it must find the flesh body that is most compatible with its divine soul. It may not be able to win the body successfully, a slight error will lead to a fall.

Hearing this, Liu Yan shook her head and said: “There is no problem, I feel… I feel like I was just being born, and this body is tailored for me.”

Just being born? Yang Kai watched her break out of the strange stone, which was tantamount to regaining a new life. But Liu Yan said that, but he was relieved a lot.

He was afraid that this body would not blend smoothly with Liu Yan Divine Soul, but now it seems that the powerful people of the Thousand Leaves Sect in the past must have considered these problems perfectly when refining the strange stone, and solved them through some special methods.

Otherwise, how can they completely refine a humanoid puppet, and then force the divine soul of the creature into it.

It is precisely because of the experience of breaking out of the shell that Liu Yan’s Divine Soul and the body can be perfectly integrated.

Yang Kai secretly admired it.

“Hehe, I have a childhood too.” Liu Yan smiled like a flower with a small face.

“Be careful not to grow up, you will be like this for the rest of your life.” Yang Kai poured cold water on her.

Liu Yan’s face suddenly turned dark, and after a while, she said freely and easily: “Then I will accept it too.”

One day’s test allowed Yang Kai to finally see the power of the spirit-grade puppet body. Today’s Liu Yan can increase her strength through cultivation, something that was impossible before.

The previous Liu Yan was only a spiritual form, which could only swallow the genius earth treasures with the fusion of fire attributes, and increase the strength. The Sun’s True Essence that Yang Kai obtained in his early years has been used by Liu Yan, and the internal energy consumption is almost half.

But now, Liu Yan can absorb the world’s spiritual energy and use it as her own.

Not only that, but Liu Yan now has the powerful cultivation level of the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage! This means that as long as he finds a suitable cultivation technique for her, she can cultivate and become stronger like ordinary people, and one day she can be promoted to the Emperor Realm!

She is now a completely independent individual. At the moment when she was swallowed by the strange rock, her previous connection with Yang Kai had broken.

Liu Yan is truly reborn!

Yang Kai was happy for her in his heart. He originally planned to wait for the strength to be strong in the future to find the Fresh Body Fruit, refine the Fresh Body Pill to shape Liu Yan’s body, but he did not expect happiness to come so quickly, and the spirit-grade puppet body was perfect, which solve this problem.

Yang Kai gave Liu Yan a space ring, in which he put many source crystals, various healing pills, cultivation pills, and a few artifact that he didn’t use but were of good grade, even the Nirvana Thunder Bead. This Emperor Artifact was given to her, because the Nirvana Thunder Bead does not need to be refined, it can be used only by pouring strength into it, which is perfect for Liu Yan.

This is the first time Liu Yan has her own space ring, and there are so many things that belong to her. She is so happy that she keep playing with her space ring and enjoy it.

A day later, the two returned to the base platform.

Yang Kai didn’t intend to continue exploring this secret realm. This trip has gained a lot of benefits, so he will accept it as soon as he sees it. There is no enmity between him and Thousand Leaves Sect. This secret realm is something of other people. If all of the good things are taken away, it is too unkind to do so.

Repairing this formation platform is not too difficult for Yang Kai. Only two hours before and after, the sword marks on the formation platform disappeared and the entire platform was completely renewed. Yang Kai took out a few source crystals and placed them in the groove of the platform. Immediately, the Source Qi was urged.

After the light flashed, there was no one on the platform.

Thousand Leaves Sect, in the unnamed mountain valley.

The previous fragrances of birds and flowers have all disappeared, and the place is in a mess, and traces of the battle can be seen everywhere. There are many corpses of martial artist lying in the valley, the ground is stained with blood, and the bloody aura is disgusting.

At the base of the formation, Ye Qinghan’s face was as pale as paper, her body was full of blood, and a bone-bearing wound spread from the shoulder blades to the entire arm, looking shocking.

By her side, Hua Qingsi, Chi Yue, Guizu, Ai ou, Gu Cangyun and others all have a look of exhaustion. Several people have more or less signs of injury. Among them, Hua Qingsi is the most serious. Her internal organs was injured, and there is no blood on her face.

At this moment, the Thousand Leaves Sect suffered the biggest crisis in history—the vice sect master Shi Cangying rebelled, and he joined forces with Qiu Ze, the palace lord of Heavenly Illumination Palace, to break through the Thousand Leaves Sect guarding formation and slaughter thousands of disciples.

Ye Hen led several elders to fight against the enemy, outnumbered, dead and wounded, and the sect disciples were able to escape. Those who could not escape were either killed or arrested. A good sect took only half a day. It has almost become a ghost in the world, and the entire Thousand Leaves Mountain, there are traces of battle everywhere, and countless bones are buried.

Even Hua Qingsi and others were involved. Although Hua Qingsi had touched the Emperor Intent, there was still a big gap with Qiu Ze. After a great battle, Hua Qingsi was lucky enough to get back a life in Ye Qinghan’s In response, she took Chi Yue and others into this unnamed valley.

Here, it has become the last fortress of the Thousand Leaves Sect.

Outside the valley, headed by Qiu Ze, the powerhouses of all major sects gathered together to stare into the valley.

“This is the forbidden area of ​​the your noble sect?” Qiu Ze stood outside the valley with his hands on his back, looked ahead coldly, and asked the side.

His face was not as rosy as before. Although he had an absolute advantage in the battle against Hua Qingsi, he never thought that a 3rd-order Dao Source Stage almost hurt him.

That woman is not an ordinary martial artist! It is very likely that she came from some top sect, otherwise she would not have such a powerful background.

If Qiu Ze is most worried about someone now, it is undoubtedly Hua Qingsi.

He was afraid to provoke someone who shouldn’t be provoke, but now the situation can only be wiped out. Otherwise, once the news spreads, let the sect behind the woman know it, Heavenly Illumination Palace would be powerless, so he leads people all the way to this place, but is blocked by many magical formations in the valley. After several attempts to attack , He was surprised to find that the formation in this valley was not something he could crack at all.

So he could only rush to the side to ask.

Shi Cangying heard the words, with a smirk on his face, and bowed and said, “Going back to Palace Lord Qiu, this place is indeed a forbidden place of the sect. Throughout the ages, no one but the Sect Master can set foot in it.”

“Neither can you?” Qiu Ze glanced at Shi Cangying lightly.

Shi Cangying replied: “I have never went in.”


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