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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2339 English [Readable]

“From now on, you can go in and out at will.” Qiu Ze said lightly.

Shi Cangying was overjoyed when he heard this, knowing that Qiu Ze really treated him as the Sect Master of Thousand Leaves Sect. Of course, this was on the premise that he bowed his head. If he dared to have any wrong intentions, Shi Cangying would definitely die miserably .

Qiu Ze’s promotion to the Emperor Realm is not good news for any sect, but for Shi Cangying, saving his life is the most important thing.

The powerhouses of several sects, including the Celestial Pole Palace, also stood behind Qiu Ze. Seeing him act arrogantly, there was a burst of envy, jealousy, and hatred in the heart.

These powerhouses are secretly resentful, how can it was not them who promoted to the Emperor Realm, but it is Qiu Ze this old fellow.

At this moment, an old man suddenly came in a hurry, clasped his fist behind Qiu Ze and said: “Palace Lord, Ye Hen is unwilling to reveal the way to enter the valley.”

Before Qiu Ze spoke, Ruan Hongbo of the Celestial Pole Palace had already scolded: “Ye Hen is too ignorant. Palace Lord Qiu did not want his life, but he was so stubborn.”

Mu Guan of White Clouds Building also said: “Yes. Ye Hen refuse a toast only to be forced a drink of forfeit. Palace Lord Qiu doesn’t need to be polite with him. Let’s make the shot together, I don’t believe the formation of this mountain valley can resist it.”

While talking, he put on a posture eager to try.

Qiu Ze said lightly: “Do you know that the Thousand Leaves Sect has been inherited for tens of thousands of years? It is some of the top sects in the South Territory. It is not necessarily that the Thousand Leaves Sect today is far away in terms of inheritance. The formation laid down by the mighty men tens of thousands of years ago, even this king is not sure to break it. How many of you want to do it?”

He sneered and look at them with mocking look. But Mu Guan and others did not dare to refute the slightest, they could only laugh constantly.

“How does Sect Master Shi think?” Qiu Ze turned to look at Shi Cangying and asked.

Shi Cangying pondered for a moment, and said in a deep voice: “Ye Hen is a hard bone. Shi has worked with him for so many years, and he knows his temper and character, not to mention torturing him. That is, even if we really killed him. He will never reveal the method of breaking the formation!”

“Oh? Sect Master Shi’s evaluation of Ye Hen is so high?” Qiu Ze looked at Shi Cangying somewhat unexpectedly.

Shi Cangying said sternly: “It’s just an old and stubborn fool. If it weren’t for this, my Thousand Leaves Sect would not have fallen…”

“Okay, I’m not interested in your Thousand Leaves Sect. You can just talk about how to break the formation.” Qiu Ze interrupted him impatiently.

Shi Cangying said: “Since Ye Hen has no way to start, you might as well try to find a breakthrough point from others…” At this point, he smiled slyly and said: “Ye Hen and his daughter have depended on each other for so many years. The feelings of each other is generally good.”

Hearing the words, Qiu Ze turned his head and glanced at him, with a deep light in his eyes.

Shi Cangying’s heart suddenly burst, thinking that he had said something wrong, and was staring at him in a cold sweat. When he was nervous, Qiu Ze smiled suddenly and said: “Sect Master Shi. Ye Qinghan seems to have been with you since childhood, don’t you have any compassion?”

Shi Cangying’s expression was solemn. Said: “The little girl doesn’t know how high the sky is, and she dares to stand in the way of Palace Lord Qiu’s unification of the great cause. Naturally, she should pay a price. It is precisely because Shi is her elder that he wants her to grow up earlier. This is also a true test for her mind.”

“So. Are you doing good for her?” Qiu Ze raised the corner of his mouth, smiling sarcastically.

Shi Cangying said solemnly: “Shi painstaking effort, I hope she can understand.”

Ruan Hongbo and the others were listening, all of them were in a cold sweat, and they frequently looked at Shi Cangying. It seems that they didn’t know Shi Cangying’s true face until this moment. At the same time, they felt sad that Ye Hen had raised such a monster by his side. However, after thinking about it, now he and others are enemies and not friends with Thousand Leaves Sect. They have no position or need to sympathize with him.

“Very well, this matter will be handled by you, I hope Sect Master Shi will not let me down!” Qiu Ze smiled lightly.

“Shi must do his best!” Shi Cangying clasped his fists and said in a deep voice. Immediately, he waved to the rear and shouted, “Bring people up!”

In the blink of an eye, Ye Hen and a few high-ranking sect elders who had been following him were taken out of the valley. As soon as the few people came here, they naturally spurned and insulted Shi Cangying, their eyes were red, wishing to kill Shi Cangying. But he didn’t change his face and heartbeat. As if he didn’t hear the same thing, he stood calmly and yelled from the valley: “Niece Ye, open your eyes and take a closer look at who these people are next to me. ”

His voice was loud and loud, spread all over the area, apparently reaching the depths of the valley.

Soon after the words fell, the scenery in the valley suddenly changed. In the blink of an eye, the illusion that had lasted for tens of thousands of years was lifted, and the real valley scenery appeared in everyone’s vision.

Looking up, the figures of Ye Qinghan, Chi Yue and others were clearly identifiable, only a few hundred meters away from Shi Cangying and others, and there was actually a formation platform beside them.

“Huh?” Qiu Ze narrowed his eyes and stared at the platform, the next moment he whispered: “Space Law Formation?”

With his eyesight, it is natural to see that the formation base platform is a space law formation, and it is ancient and desolate, and it has been here for a long time, but what he could not understand is that there is such a thing in this valley.

Where is this space law formation connected to?

Qiu Ze couldn’t help looking at Shi Cangying suspiciously.

Shi Cangying also looked blank. Although he had always known that this valley was the forbidden area of ​​the Thousand Leaves Sect, only the Sect Master could set foot in it, but he did not know what was in the forbidden area.

He had always thought that this forbidden land was the place where the sect masters of the Thousand Leaves Sect were buried, so they were not allowed to enter. But now, it seems that he was wrong.

This forbidden place seems to be connected to this other place.

Perceiving Qiu Ze’s gaze, Shi Cangying smirked and said: “It is the first time Shi saw this, and I don’t know what mystery is hidden in it.”

Qiu Ze snorted coldly, obviously extremely dissatisfied, but still indifferently said: “The space law formation should be damaged, otherwise these people have already fled here.”

Shi Cangying hurriedly said: “Palace Lord Qiu have bright eyes, and he thought of this level.”

When the two talked, Ye Qinghan had already seen Ye Hen, who was forced to kneel on the ground outside the valley. At this moment, Ye Hen was covered in blood, with a very weak aura, and it seemed that his cultivation level was sealed, and has no power to resist.

Ye Hen was already old, but now it is even worse to suffer from this torture, coughing up blood constantly, making people can’t bear to look straight.

“Father!” Ye Qinghan screamed, two lines of tears shed, and her heart was so painful that she could hardly breathe.

When Hua Qingsi and others saw this scene, they also looked ugly and felt compassionate.

After Ye Qinghan shouted, she looked at Shi Cangying angrily and said, “You let him go!”

Shi Cangying grinned, and said, “Niece, you are also a big girl. I won’t talk nonsense with you, it is not impossible for you to let me let your father go, but you should know what you have to do.”

At this point, his expression sank, and he shouted in a deep voice, “Close the Formation, and master uncle will let them live!”

Before Ye Qinghan spoke, Ye Hen shouted: “Qinghan, you can’t lift the formation…”

Shi Cangying’s face sank, he stretched out his hand and patted Ye Hen’s body, completely confined him, and even lost the ability to speak.

Seeing this, Ye Qinghan suddenly exclaimed: “Don’t hurt my father… master uncle, you are also a member of the Thousand Leaves Sect, and you are also the Vice Sect Master of the Thousand Leaves Sect. Why do you do such a thing? You, let him go, I beg you to let him go!”

She pleaded heartbreakingly, the scene was extremely miserable.

Shi Cangying was unmoved, he just shook his head regretfully, and said, “Master Uncle also wants to save your father’s life, but Master Uncle is also helpless now, I hope you can be considerate!”

While talking, he wandered behind an elder in the 2nd-order Dao Source Stage, put one hand on the elder’s head, and looked at Ye Qinghan in the distance, saying, “Nephew, you can see clearly. Before opening that formation, Master Uncle will kill one person every ten breaths…!”

When the words fell, his palm urge Source Qi, the Thousand Leaves Sect elder who was bound in place did not say a word, his entire head burst open, and his body fell stiffly to the ground.

He suddenly killed people, not only made Ye Qinghan pale and desperate, but even Ruan Hongbo and others were startled and secretly surprised. After all, the person he killed was the elder of the Thousand Leaves Sect. He had known him for countless years and had been working with him, but now he did not change his face. It can be seen that Shi Cangying was cruel and vicious.

Only Qiu Ze smiled with satisfaction.

“Master Uncle doesn’t have much time, so you think carefully.” After Shi Cangying killed one person, he came to behind another elder, and put his hand on that elder’s head as well, and then he said nothing, looking quietly at Ye Qinghan.

Ye Qinghan bit her red lips tightly, her lips were bitten, and red blood was flowing out. She stared at Ye Hen, and saw Ye Hen constantly shaking his head at her, knowing that her father did not agree to unlock the formation.

Ye Qinghan was tormented, although she knew that unlocking the formation would definitely not end well, and it would not improve her father’s current situation, but she felt guilty when she thought of the elder who was killed just now.

She always felt that the elder died because of her and was killed by herself.

The elder also saw her from childhood and loved her very well. When she was young, she often played with her, and taught her to cultivate when she was young, but now she died in front of her.

She could only watch and couldn’t help.

Seeing time slowly passing by, Shi Cangying was about to kill again, and Ye Qinghan suddenly became blank, not knowing what to do.

But at this moment, Shi Cangying suddenly smiled slyly, removed his hand from the head of the second elder, and placed it on the head of the person next to the elder.

Ye Qinghan suddenly paled, her delicate body trembling violently.


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