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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2340 English [Readable]

Shi Cangying’s big bloody hand was placed on Du Xian’s head at this moment.

Ye Qinghan and Du Xian were childhood sweethearts, growing up together, cultivating together, and have a strong relationship. They have already regarded each other as the other half of their lives. It’s just that the road has not been completed, and the time to get married is not yet reached.

The two also secretly agreed that when both of them were promoted to the emperor realm, Du Xian would ask for blessing of marriage with Ye Hen.

They believed that Ye Hen would definitely not disagree by then.

What Ye Qinghan didn’t expect was that she hadn’t waited until this day, but her lover would be killed in front of her own eyes.

“No, Master Uncle, no!” Ye Qinghan softened and knelt directly on the ground, begging bitterly.

Shi Cangying’s face was cold and resolute, unmoved, and said lightly: “You can lift this formation and you can say anything.”

Ye Qinghan suddenly became uncontrollable. Unraveling the formation is equivalent to exposing the greatest secret of the Thousand Leaves Sect to the enemy, allowing the enemy to explore in and out, but if it is not unraveled, with Shi Cangying’s brutal means just now, Du Xian is about to die.

She didn’t know how to choose.

“Ye’er, ignore him, this old dog is already crazy.” Du Xian suddenly shouted, “Even if you unlock the formation, they won’t let us go. Senior Brother, will go ahead. You must be well. The next life will not let you down!”

When the words fell, his Source Qi surged violently, instantly reaching a level beyond his control.

“Humph!” Shi Cangying snorted coldly, stretched out his hand and patted Du Xian’s shoulder heavily, and the violent Source Qi instantly went silent and returned to calm.

Du Xian was dumbfounded, and now he couldn’t even blew himself up in this situation, completely becoming a fish on the chopping board.

Ye Qinghan was also taken aback over there. She naturally knew what Du Xian wanted to do just now, but when Shi Cangying confined Du Xian’s cultivation level, she felt a little grateful for Shi Cangying, a traitor. If he hadn’t taken the action in time, Du Xian would surely explode under her own eyes, Ye Qinghan definitely couldn’t bear such a result.

This incident completely defeated Ye Qinghan’s psychological defense. Although knowing that unlocking the formation may not end well, she still has a trace of extravagance in her heart, and she looked at Shi Cangying with tears: “Uncle Master, it is okay for me to unlock the formation, but… you let them go. They are not members of my Thousand Leaves Sect, and this matter has nothing to do with them!” [MSN: What a stupid girl, talking nonsense with traitor. LOL]

What she said was naturally Chi Yue and others.

Hearing what she said, Ye Hen slowly closed his eyes. Knowing that this time it is really powerless, Ye Qinghan might still have a chance to stay there forever, but if the formation is unlocked, the end will definitely be miserable.

It’s just that now he can’t move, he can’t even speak, and he can’t stop her.

Du Xian was also desperately shaking his head at Ye Qinghan, but unfortunately there was no effect at all.

Shi Cangying said coldly: “Master Uncle cannot be the master in this matter.”

Only after his words fell, Qiu Ze said generously and honestly: “Okay. I will agree to your request. You can lift this formation obediently.”

“It’s better to believe in ghost than you!” Hua Qingsi murmured softly. How could she not know that Qiu Ze was just talking about it casually, he didn’t even plan to let them go.

In the valley, Ye Qinghan wiped her tears and looked at Chi Yue and the others: “It is my Thousand Leaves Sect that is injuring you. When I open the formation, you will rush out as soon as possible. I will try to help you delay it for a while.”

Hua Qingsi Dai frowned, and replied, “Miss Ye, also go with us.”

She also knew that Ye Qinghan was forced to be helpless now. The lives of her father and lover were all pinched in the hands of others. Naturally, she couldn’t just watch, so Hua Qingsi didn’t mean to blame Ye Qinghan.

It’s just… Qiu Ze is still here. She was totally unsure of being able to take Chi Yue and the others to escape from here. If she were the only one, there might be a 70% to 80% hope that she could not beat Qiu Ze, but there were still some opportunities to escape.

But Chi Yue and others are only the 1st-order Dao Source Stage, and Chai Hu has only the 3rd-order Origin King Realm. It is undoubtedly a foolish dream to escape in front of so many experts.

Hua Qingsi secretly decided to keep Chi Yue and the others safe anyway, and wait for Yang Kai to come out.

Facing Hua Qingsi’s invitation, Ye Qinghan just smiled bitterly and shook her head slowly.

Hua Qingsi knew that she was determined, so she could only sigh and stop persuading her.

“Don’t do it yet?” Shi Cangying urged impatiently, the big hand placed on top of Du Xian’s head was fluctuating, as if he would kill Du Xian at any time.

Ye Qinghan’s body trembled and she didn’t dare to delay anymore, flew with her hands and quickly pinch the seal arts.

Along with the seal arts flying out, the various Trap Formation in this valley were lifted one after another, layer by layer.

Qiu Ze released his Divine Sense and paid close attention. After realizing that the formation in the valley had been solved, he couldn’t help but smile, and said: “Niece Ye understand the situation, and is much smarter than your father.”

After Ye Qinghan unlocked the formation, she felt weak, as if she was completely collapsed. She just yelled softly, “Go!”

When her voice fell, Hua Qingsi and the others met, and they immediately wanted to flee here.

But before they could do anything, the formation platform was buzzing for a while, and a clearly identifiable Space Force fluctuated suddenly, and then, the formation platform exudes a dazzling light.

“What?” Shi Cangying, who had already rushed towards Ye Qinghan and others, suddenly stopped in place, staring at the formation platform in a daze. It seemed that he didn’t expect the platform to operate at this moment, and it looks like someone use it.

Qiu Ze also shone in his eyes, staring at that side unmovingly.

When he saw the formation platform before, he thought it had been damaged. If it weren’t for this, why didn’t Ye Qinghan and others escape, instead they were trapped in the valley. But what he saw right now was not what he thought.

Someone came from the other places. Doesn’t this mean that the platform is good? Who are the people and where are the platforms connected?

Unlike Shi Cangying, Qiu Ze and the others, when he saw the light, Ye Hen, who had been looking gray all the time, had his eyes widened and his body trembled uncontrollably.

Entrance to the Secret Realm…repaired!

The entrance to the secret realm that had been closed for tens of thousands of years was restored at this moment.

The sect masters of the Thousand Leaves Sect in the past have taken it as their responsibility to repair the entrance to the secret realm. They have exhausted their efforts and energy, but no one succeeded, but he personally witnessed this moment when the entrance of the secret realm was restored.

For a moment, Ye Hen couldn’t help but feel regretless even if he died, and couldn’t help but giggle.

As long as the entrance of the secret realm is repaired, the inheritance of the Thousand Leaves Sect will not be cut off, and there will be a chance to regain the Sect former glory.

But when he thought of his own body and the current situation of Thousadn Leaves Sect, Ye Hen’s heart suddenly sank to the bottom.

He naturally knows who repaired the secret realm entrance. After all, only Yang Kai has entered it during this period of time. Who else can it be besides him? He feels that while his daughter’s vision is correct, he is also secretly annoyed that Heaven will not give Thousand Leaves sect not much time.

If there are a few extra days, Ye Hen is fully certain that he can obtain the lost cultviation techniques and secret techniques in the secret realm, so that he can drive the Earth Grade puppets on the main peak square.

With the help of those Earth Grade puppets, Thousand Leaves Sect will not be reduced to the current situation, and even if it is not the opponent of Qiu Ze and others, he can fight until both side lose.

In fact, the entrance was repaired at this time.

This time not only the Thousand Leaves Sect is also finished, but the inheritance of these tens of thousands of years will also be finished, and it will all fall into the hands of others.

He felt that there was only one Yang Kai, and he couldn’t stop Qiu Ze who is the Emperor Realm.

Just as he was thinking about it, two figures gradually appeared on the base platform. One of them was Yang Kai, and the other was a little girl who looked only seven or eight years old. This little girl was very red. Her long hair is almost draped around her ankles, it is as smooth as a waterfall, and it is eye-catching. Not only that, she also wears an adult’s clothes, which is loose. The clothes look like Yang Kai’s belongings, but the decoration is not damaged. Her beauty, on the contrary, adds a touch of cuteness, which makes people reluctant to look away at a glance, especially the little pink face, which makes people have the urge to pinch.

When the two appeared, they obviously hadn’t figured out the situation in front of them. It wasn’t until the feeling faint bloody aura that Yang Kai’s expression sank and his Divine Sense swept out.

In an instant, his face was ugly.

He saw Chi Yue and others wounded, hiding on the base platform, seeing Ye Hen, Du Xian being imprisoned in place, with a languid aura, seeing Shi Cangying’s expression twinkling, hesitating, and seeing Luo Jin glaring at him with hatred and resentment in his eyes.

He also felt the aura of an Emperor Realm powerhouse!

“Young Master Yang!” As soon as Hua Qingsi saw Yang Kai appear, she knew that the savior was coming, couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief, and said with a wry smile: “If you show up later, we will be over.”

“Young Master Yang, I’m sorry…” Ye Qinghan looked at Yang Kai with a nervous expression, “It is my Thousand leaves Sect that has troubled you.”

After a pause, she said anxiously: “You take them and run quickly.”

Although she had seen Yang Kai make a move and knew that Yang Kai’s strength was good, there was an Emperor Realm powerhouse here, and she did not think that Yang Kai’s strength could match against the Emperor Realm.

Hearing her words, Yang Kai’s gaze was withdrawn from Qiu Ze, the corner of his mouth raised, and he said, “This situation is a bit complicated.”

Although he still didn’t quite understand how all this was formed before him, it was already clear who was the enemy and who was the friend.

“Did that guy hurt you?” When Yang Kai asked this, he glanced at Qiu Ze.

Hua Qingsi is already at the peak of Dao Source Stage, and there is no one else who can hurt her except Qiu Ze.

“Yes!” Hua Qingsi nodded lightly, “He seems to be the palace lord of High Illumination Palace. He has just been promoted to the Emperor Realm, and his cultivation is not stable, otherwise you won’t see Elder Sister Hua again.”

“Very well, anyone who dares to hurt my friends is dead.” Yang Kai sneered.

As soon as he said this, a group of people all looked at him like looking at idiot.


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