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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2341 English [Readable]

A Dao Source Stage is so arrogant, saying in front of the Emperor Realm that he is dead, is this a madness?

Shi Cangying, Ye Hen and others all had weird expressions.

Only Hua Qingsi knows that Yang Kai is not joking. Although Yang Kai is not in the Emperor Realm, he definitely has the strength to fight the Emperor Realm. Not to mention that the Embodiment is enough for Qiu Ze to have a headache. If he and Yang Kai make another shot together, they may be equal to Qiu Ze.

So after Yang Kai appeared, Hua Qingsi settled down. Although Yang Kai’s cultivation level is a little lower than her, Hua Qingsi is definitely not his opponent!

She has never seen a man who shines like Yang Kai.

‘That’s not right…’ Hua Qingsi suddenly discovered that Yang Kai’s cultivation did not seem to be a small level lower than her, but was on the same level as her.

‘When was he promoted to the 3rd-order Principle Soure Stage?’ Hua Qingsi looked astonished. It seemed that it hadn’t been long since he was promoted to the 2nd-order Principlse Source Stage last time. He made a breakthrough in such a short period of time. How could this guy cultivate as simple as eating and drinking?

Although her heart was shocked, it was more joyful.

The increased strength of Yang Kai means that it is more beneficial to the situation in front of her.

“Haha…” Qiu Ze suddenly chuckled. Although Yang Kai’s words were not loud, he heard clearly, with a playful smile on his face, and looked at Yang Kai: “The kid is a little bit ignorant. Want to take my life?”

Luo Jin gritted his teeth and shouted, “Palace Master Qiu, this guy is the one who injured us!”

“He is Yang Kai?” Qiu Ze’s expression sank. Even Mu Zheng from the White Clouds Building and Ruan Hongbo from the Celestial Pole Palace looked at Yang Kai angrily. Mu Guan from the White Clouds Building and Ke Tian from the Celestial Pole Palace were all killed by Yang Kai. After being killed, these two people will come to the Thousand Leaves Sect to seek troubles, and they are both looking for Yang Kai. At this moment, seeing the enemy, they’re naturally furious.

“Yes. It’s him!” Luo Jin replied bitterly.

The experience of that day in the City Lord’s Mansion was a shame for Luo Jin in his lifetime, and he would never forget it in his life. Although Yang Kai go around him at the last juncture and did not kill him, the hatred in his throat, if it is not paid he will not be able to be happy.

He dreamed of killing Yang Kai.

After learning about Yang Kai’s identity, the powerhouses of the major sects all showed their killing intent, looking at Yang Kai as if looking at a dead person, but Qiu Ze did not move, and they did not dare to act arbitrarily.

“You really are Yang Kai?” Qiu Ze seemed to want to confirm, standing still and shouting at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai made a disdainful expression and sneered: “Which green onion do you count as, what make you think you deserve to ask this young master name!”

His expression was extremely frantic, as if he didn’t put Qiu Ze in his eyes. Qiu Ze had a plain expression. He didn’t get angry because of it, and he nodded gently and said, “Very well, I heard that you have refined Extremely Wonderful Pill in the Land of Four Seasons?”

Yang Kai raised his brows, and said thoughtfully: “So you are a drunkard who doesn’t get enough drink. To bad that it is already gone.”

Qiu Ze said: “It’s okay. I didn’t expect to get Extremely Wonderful Pill from you, but I heard that you have taken one. After you have been captured and boiled, there should be a hint of the medicinal effect of the Extremely Wonderful Pill.”

This statement came out. Even though Ruan Hongbo and others, who were on the same line as Qiu Ze, had a big change in their expressions, simultaneously looked at him, seemingly unable to believe that he should say such a thing.

They boiled the person who took the Extremely Wonderful Pill and got a trace of the effect of the Extremely Wonderful Pill. They really hadn’t thought about this. It’s also fortunate that Qiu Ze can come up with such an idea, but think carefully. It is somewhat reasonable.

The Extremely Wonderful Pill has a powerful effect. After taking it, most of the medicinal effects will be immersed in the flesh and meridians, and will be slowly refined by the martial artist over time, so the sooner you take the Extremely Wonderful Pill, the better.

The girl from the Eight Square Sect had only taken the Extremely Wonderful Pill at the 1st-order Dao Source Stage. Although she was forced to eat it by Luo Yuan, if she is able to perfectly exert the effect of the Extremely Wonderful Pill. As long as her aptitude is not too bad, and cultivate harder in the future, her hope of promotion to the Emperor Realm is definitely greater than that of others.

Qiu Ze was already in the Emperor Realm, and obviously he didn’t need Extremely Wonderful Pill. He probably did it for Qiu Yu.

But when they remembered that in order to get the effects of the Extremely Wonderful Pill, You had to drink a pot of human broth… Ruan Hongbo and the others turned pale, their stomachs were constantly rolling, and there was a faint sympathy for Qiu Yu in their heart, and they don’t know how would Qiu Yu react when he learned the truth?

“Want to cook this young master?” Yang Kai laughed dumbly, and sneered at him: “You also don’t know the height of the sky.”

“The kid is crazy enough.” Qiu Ze’s eyes flashed coldly, and he snorted coldly: “But if there is no corresponding strength to match it, this kind of crazy talk is just naive and ridiculous.”

While speaking, he suddenly stretched out a hand and patted Yang Kai suddenly.

The sky was suddenly surging, and a huge hand composed of energy appeared, covering a large area.

Qiu Ze obviously didn’t care about the life and death of others, or even the survival of Yang Kai. For him, it didn’t matter whether Yang Kai was dead or alive. He only needed to bring him back for cooking.

The move appeared, and it was dim all at once.

Ye Hen, Du Xian and the others were about to split their eye sockets, shaking and uneasy, but they could only watch and could not help.

The fiery red light suddenly burst out, and the hot aura instantly permeated, and a delicate and small figure soared into the sky, and straightly greeted the energetic palm attack.

The two collided in the blink of an eye, and Liu Yan screamed, and the whole person was hit, but under the impact, the powerful palm attack also instantly disappeared, and the dark sky suddenly became clear.


A sound of breaking through the air came out at the same time, and the figure flickered. Before others could see what was going on, the figure had returned to the base platform.

Taking the advantage when Liu Yan was blocking the attack, Yang Kai flashed to the side of Ye Hen and Du Xian and brought them back.

He was proficient in Space Force. Being caught off guard, By the time Qiu Ze reacted, it was too late to stop him. Looking at it, all the hostage captives were rescued by Yang Kai.

Qiu Ze’s face suddenly became gloomy, frowning at Yang Kai and the little girl who was shot on the ground by him.

It’s nothing more than Yang Kai. Although the cultivation to 3rd-order Dao Source Stage is really fast, he hasn’t taken it to his eyes. It’s the little girl who wears indecently that actually took his blow, which made him a little bit unable to believe his eyes.

He hadn’t been able to feel Liu Yan’s cultivation level before, but at that moment, he clearly realized that Liu Yan had the power of the peak of Dao Source Stage.

Not only Qiu Ze couldn’t believe it, but everyone present was dumbfounded.

They didn’t expect that it was not Yang Kai who faced Qiu Ze’s move, but a seven or eight year old girl. Can this little girl survive one blow from the Emperor Realm? Didn’t they see her being slapped into the ground by Qiu Ze, and a small human-shaped pit appeared on the ground?

At this moment, they assume that she was completely shattered.

In an instant, everyone cast contemptuous glances at Yang Kai. Even if an enemy like Ruan Hongbo disdain Yang Kai’s actions, he felt that this guy really had a human face and beastly heart, and let such a little girl take the initiative to die.

“It hurts to death!” The crisp childish voice mixed with monstrous anger came from the human-shaped pothole. The next moment, a small head popped out, Liu Yan’s face was angry, her small face was blue, from the pothole, she jumped out and patted the dirt on her body.

“Not dead?” Luo Jin was dumbfounded. He didn’t expect that this small existence was hit by Qiu Ze frontally and didn’t even die.

Not only was she not dead, she seemed to have no scars at all.

What kind of monster is this?

Ye Qinghan, Hua Qingsi and the others were also dumbfounded, staring at Liu Yan in a daze.

Suddenly, Hua Qingsi’s expression moved, and she hesitantly asked: “Sister Liu Yan?”

Just now when Liu Yan started her hands, Hua Qingsi noticed her aura. The two of them and Zhang Ruoxi had been cultivating in the Mysterious Small Boundary. They were naturally very familiar with each other, and looking at it now, the look and appearance of this little girl was clearly similar to that of Liu Yan. 70% to 80% similar, but a lot younger.

Before that, she hadn’t paid much attention to this little girl. After all, she didn’t have suc time with this life and death situation, but now that she realized that this little thing might be Liu Yan, Hua Qingsi could no longer suppress the shock in her heart.

It’s just this…how could it be possible.

Liu Yan turned around, showed a sweet smile to Hua Qingsi, and said crisply: “Elder Sister Hua!”

It’s really Liy Yan! Definitely Liu Yan!

Hua Qingsi’s beautiful eyes widened in an instant, and she said, “You…how did you become like this?”

Liu Yan said timidly: “The master said he likes little girls the most, the younger she is, the more he likes it, so I…”

“En?” Hua Qingsi’s beautiful eyes glared at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai went down with cold sweat like a waterfall, and wiped it with his hand, “Don’t listen to her nonsense, this is simply nonsense.”

At this time, even Chi Yue and Ye Qinghan cast gazes at Yang Kai.




The three women said one after the other, and Yang Kai’s face turned blue.

Hua Qingsi snorted coldly: “You will follow me in the future, never be alone with him, Elder Sister Hua will protect you.”

“Thank you Elder Sister Hua!” Liu Yan showed a pure smile.

“Are you okay, was there any injury just now?” Although Hua Qingsi felt that Liu Yan was fine, Hua Qingsi couldn’t help but ask. She had fought Qiu Ze and knew that this guy was so powerful that she was not an opponent. After Liu Yan suffered one move, it is naturally worrying.

“I’m fine.” Liu Yan smiled slightly, but there was no such smile on her eyes, just biting cold, and she gave Qiu Ze a cold look while speaking.

When he met her eyes, Qiu Ze suddenly felt a sudden burst in his heart. A feeling of uneasiness lingered in his heart suddenly. He made a decisive step forward and shouted in a deep voice: “Everyone meets again. Although the scene is touching, it ends here. Well, I don’t want to kill, I only send you ten words…”

At this point, his voice was cold, killing intent surging like a tide, and his voice was like a new wind blowing in the underworld, making people shudder.

“Those who follow me prosper, those who oppose me die!”


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