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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2343 English [Readable]

“Dare to kill in front of this king, boy, you are presumptuous!” Qiu Ze was furious, gritted his teeth and roared, his expression turned into anger.

On the premise that he personally suppressed Yang Kai, he also killed a Luo Jin. If this matter were to go out, everyone would treat him as a paper tiger. This was his first battle after he was promoted to the emperor realm. He had come to stand up, but he didn’t expect it to be counterproductive.

When Yang Kai killed Luo Jin, he was hitting him in the face. How could such humiliation be tolerated by Qiu Ze?

When the words fell, Qiu Ze’s wrist flicked, and a blood-red spear appeared in his hand. The spear was full of strong energy fluctuations. It was heavy with restriction. At first glance, it was a Dao Source Grade high-rank artifact. Connected and sacrificed in blood by him.

Qiu Ze was promoted to the Emperor Realm, and he did not have Emperor Artifact in his hands, but if he was given some time and allowed him to have enough time to cultivate the spear, he might be able to promote the spear to the Emperor Artifact.

It’s a pity that he doesn’t have this skill yet.

To deal with a Dao Source Stage, he was forced to use the artifact. Although it was a little unglamorous, Qiu Ze couldn’t care about so much now.

With the spear in his hand, Qiu Ze’s aura rose another point. The blood-red spear was closely connected with his own aura, and the two seemed to be completely integrated, and they were in harmony. Qiu Ze screamed and took the initiative, trying to take Yang Kai’s life with a single blow.

Chi Chi…

Countless blood-red spear lights burst out, bombarding Yang Kai like a locust crossing the border. The entire sky suddenly became red as blood, and the brutal murderous intent and violent power spread, making everyone a little surprised.

Yang Kai’s Million Sword waited for the opportunity to move, the sword intent was ups and downs, the sword light suddenly appeared, and he shout in deep voice: “Million Sword Move, One Man To Act As A Mountain!”

He was now standing between Chi Yue and others and Qiu Ze. Therefore, there is no way to avoid Qiu Ze’s attack. If he avoids, Chi Yue and others will definitely be enveloped by the spear light.

Qiu Ze’s attack was not only suspected of a sneak attack, but also cleverly used Yang Kai’s concern for Chi Yue and others, which was despicable.

If it’s a general 3rd-order Dao Source Stage, there is no way to resist it. Under this move, he will definitely be bombarded to pieces.

However, Yang Kai held the Emperor Artifact, and the defensive skills displayed by it had greatly dispelled Qiu Ze’s power.

Boom boom boom…

The spear light and sword light collided in mid-air, the energy tide surged uneasy, the void vibrated, and the world shattered.

Qiu Ze’s expression changed abruptly, and he withdrew a step back, shaking the spear, turning a hidden moon blade that came with the sword light into dust.

On the opposite side, Yang Kai didn’t move at all. But with a few quiet crackling noise, blood was splattered all over his body, and he seemed to suffer a little from this confrontation.

Qiu Ze was an emperor realm, and Yang Kai was able to fight against him. It was a manifestation of his strength. It would be terrifying if he was really unscathed.

“The kid dares to move secretly against this king, despicable!” Qiu Ze was shocked, but his face was calm. The shot was too hurried just now, and he didn’t see the true face of Moon Blade. He only know that the blow is very secretive.

Yang Kai curled his lips and said, “Doesn’t the old thing embarrassed saying this?”

Qiu Ze naturally knew what he meant, but he had no intention of arguing with him. With a spear in hand, another sudden move, Attacked straight towards Yang Kai’s door.

Yang Kai was furious. This old man was sure he couldn’t avoid arbitrarily, so he had to be ruthless, and he had to force him to fight him. Ff there were no Chi Yue and others behind him. Yang Kai wouldn’t be so passive, but he couldn’t ignore the safety of Chi Yue and others at all.

Not only did Yang Kai know this situation, but also saw the others clearly. Ruan Hongbo and others all had expressions of scorn, and secretly felt that Qiu Ze did not have the demeanor of a powerful emperor realm, and was simply a rascal.

But now everyone is tied to a rope, even if they look hard in their hearts, they dare not say anything.

“Old dog, do you have to be so shameless!” Yang Kai shouted angrily, urged the Source Qi into the Million Sword and greeted him with a sword.

As the sword edge passed, all the spear lights were broken open, and they fell apart in an instant.

Qiu Ze’s complexion really changed a lot this time. The opponent’s 3rd-order Dao Source Stage could be equal to himself. If he didn’t have the scruples of his companions behind him, wouldn’t he not be an opponent at all?

After breaking Qiu Ze’s attack, Yang Kai didn’t pause at all, and a dozen moon blades whizzed away while his fingers flicked.

Qiu Ze’s eyes shrank, and this time he finally felt it clearly. The power of Space Force was hidden in the pitch-black energy attack, which made him unable to react to the sudden changes. Unable to grasp the attack trajectory of these moon blades.

“Space Law?” Qiu Ze exclaimed, his body shook, and the Emperor Intent burst into the air, forming an Emperor Domain covering a ten-meter range around him.

The Emperor Domain suddenly appeared, he finally distinguished the Moon Blade’s attack direction, and the spear continuously stirred, breaking open the Moon Blade.

In an instant, Qiu Ze was drenched in cold sweat and his expression was horrified.

When Yang Kai showed extraordinary combat power, he did not panic too much. Even when he was equal to his combat power, he just felt that Yang Kai was a man of work, but when he realized that Yang Kai was proficient in the Space Law, he was feeling completely bad.

How strange is the Space Law? For ordinary people, don’t even talk about getting started, they can’t even comprehend it. This has nothing to do with the strength of cultivation level. There are also many Emperor Realm experts in the Star Boundary, but how many people really understand the Space Law?

But the young man in front of him was able to use the Space Law against the enemy and eject the Space Blade at will. What does this show? It shows that his attainments in Space Force have reached the pinnacle. Such a person has a bright future, and in time, he will become a great force.

After he finishes his cultivation, isn’t he dead?

At this point, how could Qiu Ze care about his face? In his mind, only the words “Cut the Weeds and remove the Roots” kept flashing, and he opened his mouth and shouted: “What are you doing in a daze? Still not doing it?”

Under his shout, all the people suddenly reacted. They came here to trouble the Thousand Leaves Sect, not to watch the show. Moreover, they killed so many disciples of the Thousand Leaves Sect before. If they don’t take advantage of this time to kill them all. When the Thousand Leaves Sect have the chance to take a breathing, it might have a resurgence.

“Palace Master Qiu, I’ll help you!” With a loud shout, a figure rushed out.

To everyone’s surprise, the first person to respond to Qiu Ze’s call was not Ruan Hongbo or Mu Zheng, but Shi Cangying of the Thousand Leaves Sect.

He looked like he had a bitter and deep hatred with the THousand Leaves Sect, and he seemed to want to kill Yang Kai and others now. As he spoke, the artifact had already been sacrificed, and the Source Qi surged, blasting towards Yang Kai.

Shi Cangying moved, how could Mu Zheng, Ruan Hongbo and others stand aside indifferently? After hesitating for a while, they gritted their teeth and took action. In an instant, a dozen or so artifact and secret arts belonging to the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage shrouded Yang Kai, and blasted towards him.

Although Yang Kai was good enough, his strength soared after his promotion. He was able to fight Qiu Ze without losing the wind, but so many people came in all of a sudden. Naturally, he was besieged in the middle, unable to advance or retreat. The danger was all around, just three short breaths of effort, the whole body was bloodied and distressed.

But after Yang Kai was trapped by the crowd, the other martial artist of Heavenly Illumination Palace, White Clouds Building and Celestial Pole Palace martial artist bypassed this battlefield one after another and rushed towards Chi Yue and others.

When Hua Qingsi saw it, her face was cold, and she said solemnly, “Miss Ye, take them back into the secret realm.”

Ye Qinghan said, “What about you.”

Hua Qingsi glanced at Liu Yan, who was still sitting cross-legged on the ground, and said: “I have to stay here.”

Se didn’t know what Liu Yan was trying to do. Since sitting down, she hasn’t moved anymore, and Hua Qingsi naturally can’t ignore her.

What Hua Qingsi didn’t expect was that in the face of her persuasion, Ye Qinghan said: “This is the life and death of my Thousand Leaves Sect. How can we escape?”

Ye Hen also nodded and said, “Yes, as an outsider, Young Master Yang can help my Thousand Leaves Sect. Ye is the Sect Master of the Thousand Leaves Sect. How can he retreat here? It’s five steps of blood splashing, and the old man will never leave!”

When his words fell, the others nodded one after another, as if they were setting aside their life and death.

“You are really…” Hua Qingsi stomped her feet anxiously, but when she saw the determined expression on Ye Hen and the others, she knew that it was useless to persuade them, so she could only turn her head and look at Chi Yue and others.

Chi Yue pursed her mouth and said: “One more person, one more strength, this elder sister should not persuade us, we finally reunited with Yang Boy, if we parted again, I’m afraid we won’t see each other again.”

“Haa!” Hua Qingsi sighed, knowing that it is useless to say anything, so she could only say: “Then be careful!”

When they spoke, the place where they were was surrounded by countless martial artist, the inner and outer layers, but they didn’t know what these martial artist were afraid of, and did not attack them immediately, but watched vigilantly.

At this moment, Yang Kai suddenly let out a loud roar. It seemed that Yang Kai was really angry. Then, a dazzling light flashed from there, swallowing the place where Yang Kai was.

More than twenty 3rd-order Dao Source Stage outside the border plus an emperor realm joined forces to attack, how can Yang Kai resist?

At the crisis, he could only teleport out, and suddenly appeared in front of Hua Qingsi and others.

He appeared without warning, but the martial artist of the major sects gathered here were startled, and they backed away. Yang Kai was able to fight Qiu Ze, and killing Luo Jin was still fresh in their heart. How could they not be afraid?

In an instant, a large area was vacated at the base platform where everyone was.

“The rumors are true. It is indeed a good thing to be proficient in Space Force.” Qiu Ze’s tone of envy and jealousy came from the outside. Then, the crowd voluntarily separated, headed by Qiu Ze, a dozen 3rd-order Dao Source Stage walks. Then, stood still ten feet away in front of Yang Kai and others.

Yang Kai curled his lips, his expression sullen.

Even though so many strong players join forces, it is impossible for these people to kill him. Moreover, he has now retreated to the base platform. It can be said that he can advance or retreat. There is no fear at all. The big deal is to directly activate the Space Law Formation. Bring Chi Yue and others back to the secret realm.

What’s more, his trump cards have not been used yet.

Before, it was only because of throwing a rat trap, but now he have no worries.


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