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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2344 English [Readable]

“Boy, you are proficient in the Space Force, this king is really not sure to keep you around.” Qiu Ze looked at Yang Kai with a gloomy expression. He had noticed that Yang Kai’s strength was not inferior to him at all. It can even be said to be slightly better than him. Coupled with the opponent’s proficiency in space force, Qiu Ze is not sure he could hold him in place.

In other words, Yang Kai can leave at any time if he wants to leave. Even if he refuses to accept it, Qiu Ze can only stare.

But in fact, Yang Kai did not leave, because he still has many friends here and it is impossible to escape alone, so Qiu Ze didn’t panic, just smiled and said, “If you go, this king will not stop you, but these people…huh…”

He didn’t say much, but the threat in his mouth was obvious.

“Old dog Qiu Ze, you are really shameless.” Ye Hen roared.

Qiu Ze remained indifferent, but just looked at Yang Kai and said, “Boy, you think carefully about whether you escaped by yourself, or stay and share the joys and sorrows with these people.”

Even though he asked, he was really afraid that Yang Kai would run away alone regardless of the life and death of these people. If that were the case, then he would have to live in fear in the future. Yang Kai is just as powerful as him if not better at the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage, once he was promoted to the Emperor Realm, how could Heavenly Illumination Palace resist?

Such enemies, you will either not provoke them, or cut the roots directly, otherwise you will have endless troubles.

Qiu Ze is betting that Yang Kai will not ignore these people, and he is very sure that Yang Kai will not run away alone, as long as he does not run away, everything is easy to say. There are so many powerful people under him, is he afraid of not being able to kill Yang Kai? Even if he pays some price today, Yang Kai must be killed here.

Ruan Hongbo and others obviously thought of going together with Qiu Ze, so although all of them looked ugly, they didn’t shrink back, looking at Yang Kai with killing intent.

Yang Kai stood on the base platform. He looked around for a while, as if he wanted to remember all the people who were embarrassing him here, but all the martial artists expression who were swept by his gaze changed drastically, and they turned aside their gazes and were extremely frightened.

“Very good. This is what you forced me, I hope you don’t regret it!” Yang Kai grinned, and suddenly a bracelet-like artifact appeared in his hand, and there was a strong energy fluctuation on the bracelet. This is not all, the key is that a trace of clear Emperor Charm and Emperor Intent pervades the moment the bracelet appears.

“Emperor Artifact!” Qiu Ze narrowed his eyes, showing a hot light.

The others also had expressions of disbelief, and their eyes widened.

The Million Sword in Yang Kai’s hand are definitely Emperor Artifact, and they have already experienced this deeply. It was shocking enough that a Dao Source Stage martial artist could own one Emperor Artifact, but he had another one.

What is the origin of this kid? How come there are so many Emperor Artifacts on hand?

While Qiu Ze was terrified in his heart, his eyes were red, thinking that he had finally been promoted to the emperor state but there was no Emperor Artifact to use. Yang Kai unexpectedly took out two Emperor Artifacts as a Dao Source Stage. How could this not make him envy Yang Kai?

At this moment, Qiu Ze didn’t bother to think about what big power was behind Yang Kai. He just wanted to quickly destroy Yang Kai. Snatch these two Emperor Artifacts, with his current cultivation level. If there are these two Emperor Artifact, the strength will definitely skyrocket.

“Do it!” Qiu Ze shouted angrily, and rushed towards Yang Kai first.

When the others saw it, they didn’t dare to hesitate anymore, and followed them.

The complexions of Ye Hen and the others changed drastically, and all of them looked ashamed. They felt that this time it was really a disaster, even Hua Qingsi had a serious face. However, Yang Kai didn’t let them retreat into the secret realm. Hua Qingsi knew that Yang Kai must have his own plan, so a pair of beautiful eyes looked at him, wanting to see what Yang Kai trump cars was, to withstand the attacks of so many powerful people.

She saw Yang Kai stretched out his hand to pat the bracelet, and then, a large group of black things suddenly flew out of the bracelet, and the buzzing sound continued, as if an invisible gap opened in the bracelet, countless black foreign things was released, in the blink of an eye, the base platform was enveloped in black, and it was airtight.

“Insects?” Hua Qingsi screamed, finally seeing what these black things were.

There were countless black insects about the size of a grain, and they gathered into a cloud of worms, turning them into protection to surround them. Hua Qingsi felt a little uncomfortable aura from these insects.

This aura is very similar to that of the ancient great demon that she encountered outside Maplewood City that day.

This discovery made Hua Qingsi startled. How could she not know that this insects is strange? No matter what they are, it is definitely not easy to be able to possess the aura of the ancient demon qi.

The cloud of insects suddenly appeared, buzzing, and form a wall around the base platform, Qiu Ze and others all made moves. Attacks of various secret techniques and artifacts bombarded the cloud of insects, causing countless black insects to be dizzy and fall on the ground.

Qiu Ze’s dignified expression suddenly unfolded. He was still guarding against Yang Kai for fear that he would use any unbelievable methods, but seeing these weird insects are so vulnerable, his heart suddenly relieved. He felt that Yang Kai was out of move.

Qiu Ze was overjoyed, and when he was about to use extreme tricks to break the protection of the insect cloud, he instinctively felt something was wrong.

He quickly looked down at the insects on the ground, and saw that all the black insects that were swept down on the ground were unscathed, but they only flicked their wings slightly and became alive. Not only that, but it seems that because they were attacked. The black insects all exuded a violent aura, and rushed towards the nearby martial artists.

What the hell is this? Qiu Ze’s heart suddenly burst. Before he could understand, a pitch-black insect had pounced on him. Then, Qiu Ze suddenly felt a pain in his Consciousness Sea, as if he had been stabbed by something. After this, he was shocked to find that his consciousness sea was missing a corner.

Can this black insect devour the Divine Sense? Qiu Ze’s souls were flying, all of a sudden letting a cold sweat.

He could see clearly that the insect had clearly pounced on his arm, with several layers of clothing behind it. Even if it was bitten, it could only bite on the arm. But why didn’t the arm hurt, but the divine sense was missing a corner?

At this moment when he hesitated, the Consciousness Sea felt a little pain again, and his divine sense was once again lost.

These black insects are weird!

Qiu Ze didn’t dare to neglect, and if this continue, wouldn’t his divine sense be swallowed by this black insect? At that time, he would definitely die, he was shocked, and shocked the Source Qi, and the Emperor Domain blasted away and directly shook the insect out.

What made him couldn’t believe it was that even in this way, the black insect did not die, instead rushed towards him with perseverance, but was blocked by the emperor domain and could not get close to him.


A scream cut through the sky, followed by countless screams one after another, the screams were extremely stern, as if they were suffering the most cruel torture in the world.

Qiu Ze turned his head and looked around, as if someone poured cold water on his heart, it suddenly became cold.

He saw the martial artist of several big sects in Heavenly Illumination Palace, and they were all surrounded by these black insects at this moment. Those martial artist of the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage and 2nd-order Dao Source Stagee is a little bit better. Although distressed, There was no danger in losing their life, but the martial artist of 1st-order Dao Source Stage and Origin King Realm were miserable, and the black insects rushed towards them. They couldn’t avoid them at all. Many people were covered by black insects, and no one could be seen again.

In the blink of an eye, these martial artist who were enveloped by the black insects were silent, and when the black insects dissipated, they all lay motionless on the ground.

Their bodies were not damaged at all, but their frightened eyes showed that they had encountered extremely terrifying things before they died.

How could Qiu Ze not know that these martial artist were devoured by these black insects and died? He himself had encountered such an attack. If he hadn’t been strong enough, he would definitely be lying on the ground now.

Martial artists fell, struggling and wriggling, but no one escaped the doom of death.

In just five breaths of effort, more than half of the martial artist of several major sects died!

This is simply a massacre, an unilateral massacre that exterminates humanity.

Not to mention that Ruan Hongbo and the others got cold all over, even the initiator Yang Kai, showed a look of horror after seeing this scene.

Since he completely subdued the Soul Devouring Insect, this was the first time he had used it against the enemy. Although he knew that the Soul Devouring Insect could play a significant role, he had never expected that the Soul Devouring Insect would be so powerful after reaching a certain level.

The situation in front of him caused him to stay in place stupidly all of a sudden, and there was still a steady stream of Soul Devouring Insect flying out of the slave insect bracelet.

After the last Soul Devouring Insect flew away from the slave insect bracelet, the number of Soul Devouring Insects in this valley was more than a million, and a cloud of insects clouds was dark, gathering around the martial artist who were still alive and tortured alive, waiting for an opportunity to take a bite.

No matter what kind of protective artifacts these martial artist sacrificed, they couldn’t stop the devouring of the Soul Devouring Insect, and even the Source Qi in the Martial Artist’s body, they can now be regarded as delicious food, and those who come will not be refused.

More and more martial artists fell to the ground.

Those martial artist at the 1st-order Dao Source Stage and Origin King Realm have long been dead and clean. Under the siege of the Soul Devouring Insect Cloud, these weaker martial artist have no power to fight back.

Gradually, those martial artists in the 2nd-order Dao Source Stage couldn’t hold on anymore, and their body strength and spirituality were swallowed by the Soul Devouring Insect bit by bit. Although the flesh was not damaged at all, they still could not escape the fate of death.

However, they tried their best to kill even one Soul Devouring Insect. The vitality of the evolved Soul Devouring Insect seemed to be extremely tenacious. Even if they were stunned by those martial artist occasionally, they would soon wake up and rejoin the battle.

Ye Hen and the others were dumbfounded.

Hua Qingsi and others were also dumbfounded.

Standing on the platform of the formation one by one, looking at this cruel human slaughter, the mood is extremely complicated. These people were still braveand full of vitality before, but didn’t expect them to become a cold corpse in an instant.


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