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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2345 English [Readable]

Since Yang Kai sacrificed the Slave Insect Bracelet and released the Soul Devouring Insect, within 30 breaths of effort, as many as 70% of the martial artist who came to provoke troubles have died. There are even several 3rd-order Dao Source Stage martial artists who could not escape this disaster.

The powerful combat power of the Soul Devouring Insect was something Yang hadn’t expected at the beginning. It is conceivable that with a little more time, even an emperor realm like Qiu Ze will be killed by the Soul Devouring Insects.

Ruan Hongbo and the others were already shocked. They followed Qiu Ze this time. They wanted to avenge the dead Ke Tian and others, but not only they couldn’t fulfill the revenge. Instead, they suffered heavy losses.

This has hurt the foundation of the Celestial Pole Palace, and the people he brought are all elites of the Celestial Pole Palace.

The same goes for other sects, and each family has suffered huge losses.

By this time, he had already regretted coming to the Thousand Leaves Sect. How could this happen if he didn’t come to the Thousand Leaves Sect? He could put his arms around his two beautiful female disciples, singing to the wine.

Seeing that the familiar or unfamiliar martial artist fell dead by his side, but Qiu Ze was unable to turn the tide, Ruan Hongbo could no longer hold on to it. Now if this situation remains, there is only a dead end. He tried his best to mobilize the Source Qi and shake away the Soul Devouring Insect gathered around him, and roared, “Go!”

When the voice fell, he had already rushed out of the valley first.

How could other people dare to neglect, one after another they used their own skills to fly out.

“Want to leave now? It’s too late, leave it all to me!” A crisp voice suddenly sounded. At the base platform, Liu Yan, who had been keeping her beautiful eyes tightly closed, suddenly opened her eyes, the pair of crystals clear as gem eyes are full of murderous intentention.

Since the beginning of the battle, Liu Yan had been sitting here cross-legged and motionless, no one knew what she was doing, even Yang Kai didn’t know, seeing her suddenly moving. Naturally, he looked at her curiously.

He saw Liu Yan’s two small hands suddenly pinch the magic arts, and she shouted in a crisp and delicate voice: “Azure Dragon!”

After the seal was formed, she blasted directly to a nearby mountain peak, which was extremely strange in shape, and looked like a true dragon crawling there.

And as the seal came in, the mountain suddenly hummed. Immediately after that, a powerful aura suddenly diffused from the inside of the mountain. At the same time, the mountain that had been silent for tens of thousands of years seemed to be given life, the grass and trees on the mountain shook, and the gravel cracked.

At the head of the dragon on the Dragon Mountain Peak, two huge eyes suddenly opened, revealing the supreme dragon prestige.


The mountain rises to the sky all of a sudden, along with the gravel falling continuously. A gleaming blue light, a huge one hundred feet long behemoth suddenly lay above the sky. This huge creature shook its head and waved its tail, and its aura was magnificent, making everyone stay in place.

Under the dragon prestige pressure, everyone felt insignificant, feeling that they were like an insignificant ant in front of this azure dragon.

“True dragon?” Hua Qingsi’s beautiful eyes tightened, staring at the scene in disbelief. She couldn’t believe that such a True Dragon was hidden under a mountain of the Thousand Leaves Sect.

But she soon discovered that something was wrong. This true dragon didn’t have the slightest breath of life. Although the rich dragon prestige is extremely vivid, it was definitely not a living thing.

“Heaven Grade Puppet!” Ye Hen went silly, his eyes widened, staring blankly at the azure dragon lying in the sky, with tears. He opened his hand and shook it towards the void, as if he wanted to hold the aure dragon in his hand. He choked and said, “This is a puppet of heaven grade!”

“Father, you mean… this is my Thousand Leaves Sect’s Heaven Grade Puppet?” Ye Qinghan instantly understood what Ye Hen said, and her heart was shocked.

Many cultivation techniques and secret techniques of the Thousand Leaves Sect have been lost for tens of thousands of years. The way of puppet technique plummeted, not to mention the Heaven Grade puppets, even the Earth Grade puppets on the square, no one in the Thousand Leaves Sect can drive them.

As for the Heaven Grade Puppet, even Ye Qinghan didn’t know where it was hidden. Ye Hen had never mentioned this to her.

It turns out that the Heaven Grade Puppet has always been under her nose!

Ye Qinghan raised her eyes and looked at the strangely-shaped peaks of different sizes from far to near…

It turns out that these peaks are all hidden places for the Heaven Grade Puppets. Tens of thousands of years of wind and sun, tens of thousands of years of dust covered, they are all hidden under the peaks, quietly sleeping.

Today, after tens of thousands of years, the Heaven Grade puppet is finally awakened, flying into the sky, showing its magnificent posture.

This is an incredible thing. Moreover, it was not the Thousand Leaves Sect who awakened the Heaven Grade Puppet, but a seven or eight-year-old girl who they had never seen before.

Ye Hen looked at the Azure Dragon, and then at Liu Yan, his old eyes were full of fiery colors. He didn’t know why this little girl could drive the Heaven Grade Puppet, but he knew that the other party was with Yang Kai.

In other words, Yang Kai should have found the lost cultivation techniques and secret techniques of Thousand Leaves Sect!

The Thousand Leaves Sect is really saved!

Yang Kai raised his brows, and just after a little thought, he vaguely understood why Liu Yan could drive the Heaven Grade Puppet. This probably has something to do with her being the body of Spirit Grade Puppet, perhaps there is a magical way to drive the puppet in her body.

No wonder she let him delay time for a while, saying that he could leave the rest for her to handle. It turned out to be like this.

Even the Heaven Grade Puppet can be driven by Liu Yan, and it is indeed enough to sweep this place. Although this Heaven Grade puppet has been sleeping for countless years, Yang Kai can still feel that it absolutely has the strength of the emperor state, and it is not an ordinary emperor state!

The tyrannical aura emanating from the Azure Dragon Heaven Grade Puppet was not inferior to the corpse puppets in the Thousand Leaves Sect’s secret realm.

In the Thousand Leaves Sect, those disciples who had hidden or were injured suddenly shouted and called out, falling down layer by layer, spreading across the fields, even though no one told them, they could still perceive that this was a Heaven Grade Puppet of the sect!

The disciple is proud of the sect, and the sect is proud of the disciple! The Heaven Grade puppet reappeared after tens of thousands of years. This is a sign of the great prosperity of the Thousand Leaves Sect. Every disciple of the Thousand Leaves Sect is emotionally excited, and it is difficult to hold on to it.

On the other side, Shi Cangying, who was fleeing from danger, was dumbfounded, and a burst of regret surged in his heart, and he almost spit out a mouthful of blood.

He is the leader of the Thousand Leaves Sect new faction. He has always felt that the sect should not stick to the rules and the puppet way left by the ancestors. He wlways felt they should learn other cultivation techniques and secret techniques to enhance the strength of the Thousand Leaves Sect.

Therefore, the relationship between him and Ye Hen has never been very harmonious. This time Qiu Ze brought people to the Thousand Leaves Sect to attack, and he showed the cultivation level of the Emperor Realm. Shi Cangying immediately rebelled. Not only did he make a sneak attack and injured Ye Hen, he also open up the mountain protection formation, otherwise the Thousand Leaves Sect would not suffer such heavy casualties.

The Thousand Leaves Sect’s mountain protection formation is not so easy to break.

Shi Cangying originally thought that after today’s matter was over, he could become the Sect Master of the Thousand Leaves Sect, be in charge of the sect, and implement his own ideas. What disappointed him was that only Yang Kai alone could made them all powerless.

But now, even things like Heaven Grade Puppet are reappearing.

Shi Cangying’s regretful intestines are all blue. If he knew that the heaven grade puppet would still be awakened, why would he need such a sinister calculation? Isn’t it good to be the vice sect master obediently? Maybe he can get a heaven grade puppet to play with, and then Qiu Ze will also act according to his face.

But there is no such thing as regret medicine in this world.

A scene that made Shi Cangying even more desperate appeared.

After awakening the Azure Dragon Heaven Grade Puppet, Liu Yan still had a seal on her hands and patted another mountain range.

The mountain range also looked like a monster beast, and it was like a bird monster beast, but no one knew exactly what it looked like.

“Vermilion Bird!”

The mountain roar, accompanied by the crisp chirping sound of the bird, the red-hot Heaven Grade Puppet Vermilion Bird rose into the sky, and the gravel covered with vegetation for tens of thousands of years fell down, and the graceful and powerful posture was unobstructed.

“White Tiger!” Liu Yan printed the seal again.

The sound of the tiger’s roaring broke out, and the third mountain crumbled, and a huge snow-white tiger jumped out from it, and the fangs shone cold light, which made people shudder.

“Black Tortoise!”

The fourth mountain shattered, and the huge Black Tortoise heaven Puppet slowly crawled out from there. On the strong and spacious back shell, even a city could be lifted up.

Ye Hen’s whole body was swaying, a pair of excited eyes stared out, staring at the scene in disbelief.

He didn’t expect to see the Heaven Grade puppet appearing in his lifetime. Not only that, but four of the Heaven Grade Puppet were awakened all at once, and the blood was constantly rolling in his heart. Ye Hen only felt that even if he died at this moment, there is no regret.

“Dare to hit me, I will tell you to die without a burial place!” Liu Yan stared at Qiu Ze bitterly, her small face was full of murderous intention, apparently resenting the fact that Qiu Ze shot her into the ground just now.

Her voice fell, and she slapped her hands fiercely in the middle, and a thought that could hardly be perceived suddenly came out.

The next moment, the four Heaven Grade puppets suddenly acted, each occupying a corner, blocking the world.

“Four Way Killing Formation!” Liu Yan yelled.

The invisible connection connects the four heaven grade puppets, and fierce power gushes out of the heaven grade puppet body, pouring into the blocked world, forming a killing force that seems to be able to destroy the world.

Qiu Ze was the first to bear the brunt. He sensed the violent killing intent, and his whole person was like falling into an ice cellar, shaking and restless.

In the face of this complex force, he felt that the emperor realm he had just promoted to was as vulnerable as paper.

Chi Chi…

The invisible power was like a sharp blade, cutting Qiu Ze’s body. In the blink of an eye, he was covered with fresh blood and his bones appeared, screaming endlessly, and the scene was extremely miserable.

He begged for mercy loudly, but Liu Yan remained unmoved at all, urging the seal more fiercely, and the Heaven Grade Puppets became fiercer.

After only ten breaths of effort, Qiu Ze’s whole body was gone, and only a white skeleton remained on the spot, which collapsed suddenly.

Before Qiu Ze died, the martial artist of several major sects had already been smashed by the killing force of the Four Way Killing Formation.

The Four Way Killing Formation seems to be a strong Killing Formation. The killing formation based on the four Heaven Grade Puppets, even Qiu Ze couldn’t resist. How can others stop it?

Ruan Hongbo and others exploded into blood mist together, with no bones left.


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