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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2346 English [Readable]

The smell of blood soared into the sky, and the sealed space between the heaven and the earth became almost a hell on earth.

Shi Cangying, didn’t know what trick he use. He didn’t die immediately. HIs blood essence was burning frantically and he was hanging on life, but the breath of death was approaching. He could only cry and begged: “Sect Master, I as Wrong, Sect Master let me live, so i can repent!”

At this time, he finally understood that he was on the wrong side. If he had known that the heaven grade puppet left by his ancestors was so powerful, how could he have any ambitions He would be more active than Ye Hen, to study the secret technique of how to drive the heaven grade puppet.

But what is the use of thinking about it now? These four heaven grade puppets were born, and they didn’t do much. They just formed a killing formation and wiped out the entire invading army. How can he live alone?

He can only beg Ye Hen, hope that Ye Hen thinks of the friendship that they has been working together over the years, and go around him without killing him.

Liu Yan turned her head and looked at Ye Hen, asking for his opinion.

Ye Hen’s face was calm, and he said lightly: “The moment you attacked me and opened the sect mountain protection formation, you are no longer a member of the Thousand Leaves Sect.”

Shi Cangying was shocked and yelled: “Sect Master, Shi has been loyal to the sect over the years. There is no credit and without hard work. Sect Master is forgiving.” [MSN: Haha, idiot. “LOYAL”, Pft!]

Ye Hen shook his head slowly, and said to Liu Yan: “Girl do it, I don’t want to hear him again.”

If Shi Cangying had not dealt with him before, and only conflicted with each other’s ideas, Ye Hen would not kill him. After all, Shi Cangying was thinking about the future of the sect, even if he was a little selfish. It’s Human nature, Ye Hen once also doubted whether he had always insisted on the road of puppet technique.

But he shouldn’t have taken the initiative to open the mountain protection formation and let the sect disciples be slaughtered.

If Shi Cangying were to be spared today, how would the thousands of disciples who had died look at him?

So Shi Cangying must die!

Liu Yan heard this. Nodding lightly, the Divine Sense was just moved a little, and the Four Way Killing Formation and the supreme killing power rushed towards Shi Cangying.

Visible to the naked eye, Shi Cangying’s entire body suddenly inflated like a balloon that was blown up, and then burst into a cloud of blood. No bones was left.

So far, none of the martial artist who invaded the Thousand Leaves Sect were left, all of them died in this valley.

Liu Yan’s hands printed the seal arts, and the four Heaven Grade puppets slowly converged, crawling on the spot again, motionless.

The smell of blood was very strong, and the valley was silent, Ye Hen turned his head and looked around. Although he was relieved, he still looked sad.

Thousand Leaves Sect’s loss this time was not small. If Yang Kai hadn’t delayed for a while at the last juncture, even the foundation would be destroyed. The only thing that made Ye Hen feel grateful was that Yang Kai had returned safely from the secret realm and brought back the secret technique that could drive the Heaven Grade Puppet.

“Father…” Ye Qinghan yelled softly, helping her elderly father. Seeing his old age, his eyes were red.

Ye Hen waved his hand. Just sternly charged Yang Kai with a clasped fist and said: “Young Master Yang, Ye Hen and Thousand Leaves Sect won’t forget this kindness…”

Yang Kai smiled slightly and said, “You don’t have to be polite, Sect Master Ye, and I didn’t have much strength to defeat a powerful enemy in one fell swoop, it’s all thanks to the Heaven Grade Puppet of your noble sect.”

As he spoke, he glanced at the four heaven grade puppets. He wondered if it would be nice to bring these four Heaven Grade puppets with him. He has seen the power of these four giand Heaven Grade Puppets. Although killing Qiu Ze and the others is a bit overkill, Yang Kai is sure that just now, In that battle. The Four Giant Heaven Grade Puppets didn’t even use one percent of their power.

If all the power of this puppet is developed, he don’t know what it is capable of.

After a pause, he spoke again: “After the battle, Sect Master Ye must have a lot of things to deal with. I won’t bother you. After Sect Master Ye finishes handling the affairs of the sect, let’s talk about it in detail.”

Ye Hen naturally knew what he meant, and knew that this is not a good time to speak, and immediately nodded: “Okay, okay, Qinghan, take Young Master Yang and his friends to rest, I will deal with the sect affairs a little bit before going to visit.”

Ye Qinghan led Yang Kai and others back into the main hall of the main peak, and then turned and left.

There are many things to be dealt with in the Thousand Leaves sect now, not only the sect’s great formation needs to be repaired, but there are also many disciples who are injured and need to be taken care of. Naturally, Ye Qinghan cannot stay here.

After she left, Chi Yue and the others suddenly turned their eyes to Yang Kai, all inquiring.

What happened today was too sudden, and there are many things they didn’t understand.

Yang Kai said, “Go to my room and talk.”

After a while, everyone came to Yang Kai’s room, and Yang Kai smiled slightly and introduced Hua Qingsi to everyone.

Although he had previously ordered Hua Qingsi to protect Chi Yue and the others, Hua Qingsi never showed up in front of them. It was not until Shi Cangying sent someone to capture them that Hua Qingsi suddenly attacked and injured the opponent.

But she didn’t introduce herself, just told Chi Yue and others that she was Yang Kai’s friend.

After listening to Yang Kai’s explanation, it became clear that Hua Qingsi’s actions were secretly ordered by Yang Kai.

“Then…who is this little sister?” Chi Yue looked at Liu Yan blankly. She always felt that Liu Yan was a little weird. This kind of weirdness didn’t mean dangerous, but she felt that Liu Yan’s aura was very strange. Out of the ordinary.

What’s more, a girl who seems to be seven or eight years old has the powerful strength of the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage, which is unbelievable.

Compared with Liu Yan, Chi Yue and others felt that they were simply weak.

Yang Kai didn’t know how to explain the relationship between him and Liu Yan, but Liu Yan stood up directly, bowed, and said, “Liu Yan is the master’s slave and maid, I have seen all the seniors!”

“Master? Slave?” Chi Yue’s beautiful eyes looked at Yang Kai weirdly, and coldly snorted: “I can’t see it, you still have this hobby.”

Ai Ou also looked at Yang Kai sarcastically, and said, “Does Xueyue and the others know you do this kind of things?”

These two, one is the mother-in-law and the other is the father-in-law. Although they are not a blood family, they are Yang Kai’s elders. They will think about things from the perspective of Shan Qing Luo and Xueyue, lest Yang Kai come to this Star Boundary, suddenly there is a change of thoughts, forget the partner in the home Star Field, so the tone is stern, with the meaning of beating.

Yang Kai wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, and said, “Liu Yan, the connection between our hearts and minds has been broken. From now on, you will be free and you don’t need to call me like that.”

Liu Yan’s little nose wrinkled and said, “Master doesn’t want me anymore?”

Yang Kai said, “Of course not that. I mean that since you are free, you can do whatever you want in the future. It would be nice if you are willing to stay with me. But if you want to act alone, you can also do it, It’s up to you.”

After Liu Yan had the puppet body, the connection between Yang Kai and her was severed. Therefore, Liu Yan is indeed a free body now. She has a mind and a physical body. It can be said that she is now a living person. But the body structure is different from ordinary people.

Hearing this, Liu Yan thought about it seriously, suddenly smiled, and said: “If this is the case, then I choose to follow the master all the time. Please don’t drive me away.”

Hua Qingsi glared and hummed: “He dare!”

“When am I going to drive her away?” Yang Kai looked like he was wronged, thought about it, and quickly changed the subject: “By the way, Liu Yan, the heaven grade puppets…”

It seems that she have known what kind of ghost idea Yang Kai is playing. Before he could finish speaking, Liu Yan said with a serious face: “The price to utilize the Heaven Grade puppet consumes too much. This is not a cost to me, but the heaven grade puppet action itself. Just now, at least one million source crystals were consumed according to my estimation.”

“Source Crystal? Millions?” Yang Kai was dumbfounded.

Liu Yan nodded and said: “Yes, there are a lot of source crystals stored in the Heaven Grade puppets, so I can drive them to move, and it must be a high-grade source crystal.”

Yang Kai took a deep breath.

The previous four-giant heaven grade puppets did not take more than 30 breaths of effort action, and they just formed a four-way killing formation. Even so, it consumed millions of high-grade source crystals. Which is a 100 million low-rank source crystal, what concept is this?

“The heaven grade puppet is powerful, but it also need enough capital to use it.” Liu Yan added.

“According to that, aren’t those heaven grade puppets displayed in the Thousand Leaves Sect cannot move anymore?” Yang Kai estimated that Thousand Leaves Sect must not have enough source crystals to make the heaven grade puppet act again, so even if he returned the cultivation technique and secret techniques. They also couldn’t increase the strength of the Thousand Leaves Sect.

“Not really!” Liu Yan shook her head and explained: “There are two energy sources for these heaven Grade Puppets of the Thousand Leaves Sect, one is the source crystal stored in the body, and the other is the earth veins of the Thousand Leaves Sect.”

Yang Kai’s expression moved, and said, “You mean the earth veins in that secret realm?”

Liu Yan said: “That’s right. You just repaired the secret realm formation before, and the entrance was not completely opened, so I can’t use the power of the earth vein. But if it is completely opened, the heaven grade puppet can use the power of the earth vein to act. At that time, the number of source crystals consumed will be greatly reduced, and the Thousand Leaves Sect should be able to afford it.” After a pause, she continued: “But if the master wants to get a puppet or two to play with. You can only consume the source crystals to drive them into action.”

“Understood.” Yang Kai nodded lightly.

If he took away the heaven grade puppet, he would definitely not be able to use the power of the earth veins, but… he had earth vein beads in his hand, right below the medicine garden, and he also had a lot of source crystals.

Therefore, even if he knew that the consumption was huge, Yang Kai still wanted to get one or two Heaven Grade Puppets with him. It was definitely a good thing to have things that could display the strength of the Emperor Realm.

After half an hour, everyone left Yang Kai’s room and went back to the room to meditate and cultivate.

In today’s battle, Chi Yue and the others were aware of their lack of cultivation level.

In the Star Field of their hometown, each of them is the overlord of one party, and the cultivation star where the stomping is located must be shaken, but in this star boundary, they are just inconspicuous little people.

They are eager to improve their strength.


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