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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2348 English [Readable]

After sending Ye Hen away, Yang Kai greeted Chi Yue and the others, and then entered a state of closed retreat.

The cultivation level of Chi Yue and the others is still too low. If they want to cultivate, a spirit pill is indispensable. Yang Kai closed the door and wanted to refine some spirit pill for them. During this period of time, he also obtained a lot of spirit herbs and spirit medicine, enough to refine the spirit pills for Chi Yue and others to cultivate to the emperor state, especially the Source Congealing Pill, which is especially important for Chi Yue and others now.

In the room, it was quiet and silent, except for the whirring of the fire from time to time, Yang Kai was immersed in Pill Refining.

His level of Pill Refining has always been at the same level as his own cultivation level, so since his cultivation till now, he rarely needs to buy a pill or something. The pill he needs can be refined by himself and is self-sufficient.

This time, he was promoted to the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage in the Thousand Leaves Sect’s secret realm, and his strength had improved a lot, making Yang Kai feel that he was more and more comfortable in Pill Refining.

A furnace of Source COngealing Pill, he can often refined seven or eight pill, with good luck, he can achieve a perfect number of nine!

You should know that even if the Emperor Grade alchemist personally refined the Source Congealing Pill, there could only have at most nine pill formations in one furnace, which is the highest number, and it is also the maximum number of the pill formation per furnace.

Not only that, the quality of the Source Congealing Pill he refined was also very good, and the Source Congealing Pill that produced the pill mark accounted for almost one-tenth of the total.

This is the case for Source Congealing Pill, and the same is true for other spirit pills.

After a month of retreat, Yang Kai still needs to pay attention to the control of the fire, the depiction of the spirit formation and the timing of the medicine when he is refining alchemy, but as time goes by, his refining of Dao Source Grade spirit pills is like eating and drinking water. Generally simple, completely subconscious actions, there is no need to think too much, have spare time for Pill Refining. He even has time to cultivate.

A furnace of spirit pills was released, and Yang Kai’s Pill Refining level was also linearly improved. At the same time, his newly promoted 3rd-order Dao Source Stage cultivation level slowly stabilized, no longer as vain as before.

After the second month passed, he had used all the Dao Source Grade spirit herbs and spirit medicine from his body. All refined into Spirit Pill.

By the third month, he had already begun to use Emperor Grade medicinal materials for Pill Refining.

After experimenting with more than ten furnaces of medicinal materials, he finally refined a furnace of Emperor Grade low-grade spirit pills. The advent of this emperor-grade low-grade spirit pills represented that Yang Kai’s alchemy level had truly entered the level of an Emperor Grade alchemist!

It’s just that at the level of the Emperor Grade alchemist, he is not very proficient, and he needs a lot of spirit herbs to practice his hands.

But even so, an Emperor Grade alchemist is extremely noble and rare in the entire Star Boundary. As long as Yang Kai reveals this news, I’m afraid that no sect does not want to rush to him.

Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t reveal the secret of being an emperor-grade alchemist. He learned the Pill Refining technique to aid his own cultivation from beginning to the end. He never thought about how far he would go on the Pill Refining road. It can only be said that he can grow to this level by chance.

If he is really drawn over by the big sects, then he won’t have time to cultivate in the future. He must deal with medicinal materials all day long, and then refine the spirit pills for those big sects.

Looking back now, the Pill Way Heavenly Voice triggered on the Hengluo Chamber of Commerce’s Moon Water Star, the main star of the Hengluo Chamber of Commerce, was the fundamental reason why he could become an emperor grade alchemist. If it hadn’t been for that time, he would never have grown to this level.

That is the Pill Way Heavenly Voice, he was taught by Heavenly Law as his teacher, many of the ultimate mysteries of Pill Way that was born from the beginning of heaven and earth. His current Receiving Pill Technique, the Nine Heavens Mysterious Pill Secret Art, was just because of that opportunity.

After being promoted to an Emperor Grade alchemist, Yang Kai began to use a batch of special spirit herbs to refine spirit pills.

This batch of special spirit herbs was the batch he had obtained from the Emperor Heavenly Valley in the Thousand Leaves Sect secret realm before. There are a lot of spirit herbs, because they live in the Emperor Heavenly Valley all the year round, each of them has absorbed the Emperor Intent from the Emperor Heavenly Valley.

The spirit pill made from this batch of spirit herbs and spirit fruit will definitely inherit that Emperor Intent perfectly.

In other words, if you take these spirit pills. You can thoroughly understand the mystery of the Emperor Intent from the inside out, and the mystery of the Emperor Charm. It can help the martial artist of the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage to understand the realm of the Emperor Realm. The effect of the spirit pill itself is second to none.

Whether it is himself or Hua Qingsi, they are both in the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage, and are extremely eager for this special spirit pill.

Yang spent half a month time, refining all of this batch of spirit herbs and spirit fruit into spirit pills, and divided them into several parts, taking one of them by himself, and leaving the other parts to Hua Qingsi and others.

It was the first time for Yang Kai to enter closed retreat for nearly four months, and he had been refining spirit pills. He used to cultivate in retreats, and even if occasionally doing Pill Refining, it would not last so long.

After leaving the secluded retreat, Divine Sense was swept out, and Yang Kai found that Hua Qingsi and others had disappeared, and did not know where they had gone.

It was the rich spiritual energy that filled the space between heaven and earth, which made him look refreshed.

Compared with four months ago, the intensity of the spiritual energy in the Thousand Leaves Sect has undoubtedly risen by several levels. Although it can’t compare with his Mysterious Small Boundary, and can’t compare with the spiritual energy in that Secret Realm, it is indeed improved a lot.

Yang Kai guessed that this was because the secret realm entrance was completely opened.

Ye Qinghan told him before that the secret realm was the source of the spiritual energy of the Thousand Leaves Sect. The entrance to the secret realm was closed, which led to the lack of spiritual energy of the Thousand Leaves Sect and the disciples’ cultivation speed was not satisfactory. Now that Yang Kai repaired the cross-boundary space law formation, Ye Hen naturally opened the entrance immediately, allowing the spiritual energy in the secret realm to circulate inside the sect.

This is just a few months of change. If Thousand Leaves Sect is given a period of time, maybe the spiritual energy will be stronger, and many disciples will be more effective in cultivating.

The Thousand Leaves Sect’s background is indeed good. If it weren’t for tens of thousands of years of silence, it would definitely be comparable to the Azure Sun Temple and other major sects.

At this moment, a stream of light suddenly entered Yang Kai’s eyes and flew from far to near.

The flowing light was so fast that Yang Kai had just discovered it, and it had already appeared before his eyes.

When the flowing light flashed, revealing the figure hidden in the light, Yang Kai couldn’t help but stared at the front in amazement.

The flowing light was a snow-white tiger. The tiger was tall and mighty, and its ferocious aura was exposed, making Yang Kai a little frightened. He rushed to the front. The white tiger roared softly, and a fishy wind rushed towards his face..

“Heaven Grade Puppet?” Yang Kai raised his brows.

If he had never seen the Heaven Grade Puppet of the Thousand Leaves Sect, Yang Kai would definitely think that this is the 13th-order Monster Beast, but at this moment he knew that the White Tiger was not a living creature at all, but a Heaven Grade Puppet.

Liu Yan’s little head poked out from the White Tiger spacious back, her eyes widened and surprised: “Master, have you left the secluded retreat?”

Yang Kai glanced at her, and said sternly: “Why did you ride a white tiger?”

Liu Yan pursed her lips: “Xiao Bai (Little White) is mine. I am free to ride it anywhere.”

“Yours?” Yang Kai’s eyes widened, but he soon realized what Liu Yan means, and he immediately said with a smile: “Nice job!”

He was thinking about how to talk to Ye Hen before, to grab one or two Heaven Grade Puppets from the Thousand Leaves Sect, but didn’t expect Ye Hen to do this. He hadn’t spoken yet, he had already sent it to Liu Yan.

If it’s for Liu Yan, isn’t it mean it’s his too?

But this name… how come it is Xiaobai again?

Yang Kai suddenly remembered Mo Xiaoqi, this little girl had a bunch of pet beasts, called little white, little black, little red, little blue, and little yellow… she didn’t name those pet beasts seriously too. He don’t know what the feelings of those pet beasts are.

Are all girls like this?

Liu Yan jumped down from the white tiger’s back and landed lightly. Seeing Yang Kai staring at her pet beast with bright eyes, she immediately poured a pot of cold water over: “This is the White tiger, not the other one.”

“Huh?” Yang Kai heard this, and said in disappointment: “Why not that White Tiger.”

Although he don’t know the grade of the white tiger he saw last time, Yang Kai estimated that it was definitely the top grade puppet. Although the one in front of him was similar in shape, it was definitely not as good as that one.

Liu Yan said: “The Four Heaven Grade Puppets are the protector Heaven Grade Puppet of the Thousand Leaves Sect. Those thing cannot be taken away.”

Yang Kai said: “Then how powerful can this Xiaobai be?”

“If you use it to the limit, 1st-order Emperor Realm.” Liu Yan replied without thinking.

The corner of Yang Kai’s mouth twitched, and he said, “Isn’t there anything more powerful?”

Liu Yan thought for a while, and said: “Yes.” After a pause, she said it as a matter of cource: “But none of them looks good as this one. I don’t like other long strange things.”

“What good is there looking good!” Yang Kai was almost furious, “Strength is king!”

Liu Yan’s face sank, and she hummed: “If I have a pockmarked face and I disgusted you every day i’m in front of you, what’s your mood?”

Yang Kai stayed for a while, thinking for a long time, he was speechless. He suddenly felt… Liu Yan made sense.

“Forget it, the 1st-order Emperor Realm is still the 1st-order Emperor Realm after all, it is better than nothing.” Yang Kai sighed, feeling that this great opportunity was in front of him, but missed because of Liu Yan.

It is obviously unrealistic to find Ye Hen for another one now, and Yang Kai can’t hold back this face.

Ye Hen is already very generous to be able to send Liu Yan one puppet. [MSN: To be fair, i still don’t think it’s enough for what you have done for their Sect.]

Liu Yan said: “Don’t underestimate it, Xiaobai can run fast, maybe it will save your life sometime!”

Yang Kai chuckled, “I want to know why Ye Hen gave this to you.”

“Because I explained to him the way to utilize Heaven Grade Puppet.” Liu Yan smiled slightly. Her puppet body was born with technique to utilize the Puppets of Thousand Leaves Sect. In this regard, she has enough capital for teaching Ye Hen, enough to let Ye Hen explore for many years.

Ye Hen was grateful and naturally gave her one.

“What about the others?”

“Come back soon, they have been helping Thousand Leaves Sect to rebuild the sect.”

While speaking, Yang Kai had already seen Chi Yue and others flying towards this side.

After a short while, everyone fell down. After seeing Yang Kai, they were naturally overjoyed and came up to ask him about his retreat.

Yang Kai answered one by one, he found that Chai Hu’s cultivation level had also been fully restored, and he had risen from the Origin King Realm to the Dao Source Stage. It seemed that the poison in his body had been completely eliminated.


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