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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2350 English [Readable]

Ye Hen had already reached the point when the oil was exhausted and the lamp had dried up. The last battle made his physical condition worse, so this is not a fake. If he can break through the shackles before dying and be promoted to the emperor realm, then his long term worry will naturally be gone, his lifespan will also increase at that time, but if he can’t be promoted, then he can only return to the dust.

He really hate his situation now!

But he can’t blame others for this matter, he can only feel that he have a bad luck, if he had met Yang Kai a few years earlier, maybe he would be an emperor realm now.

Yang Kai flipped his palm, took out a jade box, slowly pushed it in front of Ye Hen, and said: “This spirit pill should be of some help to Sect Master Ye.”

“This is…” Ye Hen looked at Yang Kai suspiciously. He didn’t know why he suddenly took out a spirit pill for him, but he obviously also knew that Yang Kai was an alchemist, so he didn’t dare to neglect it, and took it quickly and open the jade box.

In the jade box, a Dragon Eye-sized spirit pill with an inexplicable halo was imprinted in the eyes, and the scent of the pill was lingering on the tip of his nose. Ye Hen smelled the pill and looked startled, feeling inexplicably that he seemed to be a lot younger.

He lost his voice: “Young Master Yang, what kind of spirit pill is this?”

Although he had never seen this kind of spirit pill, only the fragrance made him feel that way, which showed that this spirit pill was definitely not bad. Moreover, Yang Kai can refine even the heaven-defying things like Extremely Wonderful Pill, how could it be so bad.

“I wonder if Sect Master Ye has heard of Passing of Time Pill!” Yang Kai asked unhurriedly.

“Passing of Time Pill?” Ye Hen raised his brows, and immediately shook his body, exclaiming: “Is this Passing of Time Pill?”

Judging from his reaction, he clearly knew Passing of Time Pill.

In the star boundary, there are many treasures that prolong life and longevity, but they are all extinct things in the legend, not to mention that Ye Hen is only the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage. Even those emperor realm can’t get it.

Ye Hen knows that his deadline is approaching, and he has tried to find these spirit pill for longevity, but there is no clue for this kind of thing. Even if there is a clue, it is not for him. Ye Hen has already had a lot of research. But the emperor realm went to fight for it.

Therefore, Ye Hen also accepted his fate. During this period of time, he had been retreating to comprehend the lost and recovered cultivation techniques and secret techniques. He was expecting to break through the shackles and be promoted to the emperor realm before the end of his life. Even if he was not promoted, he had to leave his own insight for Ye Qinghan and let her avoid some detours.

But at this moment, there was a Passing of Time Pill in front of him.

He had learned in detail what spirit pill in the star boundary that could prolong life and naturally knew the effect of Passing of Time Pill.

Strictly speaking, Passing of Time Pill does not have the effect of prolonging life, because it cannot increase a person’s life span. Its effect is mainly to regress the physical state of the person taking it for decades.

In other words, after taking this Dao Source Stage, Ye Hen’s physical condition will regress to decades ago, which can be regarded as a kind of longevity in disguise. Of course, this retrogression also has great limitations, and it is impossible to eliminate the injuries suffered by the person taking it. If even the injury could be regressed decades ago and then eliminated, the effect of the Passing of Time Pill will be too great.

And Yang Kai took out this Passing of Time. At least, it has 50 years worth of effectiveness!

Ye Hen couldn’t believe that he would encounter such a good thing. He was complaining about fate not treating him well. He had an ambition but did not have enough time to display it. Yang Kai gave him Passing of Time Pill, and for a while, he can’t help but get excited.

He didn’t doubt Yang Kai, because he knew that Yang Kai had been to the Land of Four Seasons. He have been to the Passing of Time Temple, and the main material of Passing of Time Pill, the Passing of Time Fruit, comes from the Passing of Time Temple.

Yang Kai obviously got the Passing of Time Fruit, so he could refine this spirit pill.

Although the effect of this Passing of Time Pill was only a few decades, for Ye Hen right now. This medicinal pill is the best spirit pill in the world, and he is willing to buy it even if he is asked to give all his wealth.

Yang Kai gave it to him directly. Isn’t this like giving charcoal in the snowy weather?

With this Passing of Time Temple, what else does he need to worry about? It only takes a few years of retreat, and then hits the Emperor Realm, and he is 90% sure that he can hit the success, and the bright future is slowly unfolding in front of him like a picture scroll. He seems to have seen himself leading the Thousand Leaves Sect to restore its former glory.

After a long period of excitement, Ye Hen slowly calmed down. After he got up, he rushed to Yang Kai: “Ye Hen has received great favor from Young Master Yang many times and has no retribution. I swear here that Ye Hen and Thousand Leaves Sect will be Young Master Yang best friend, and never refuse anything you ask for in the future. If he violates this oath, Ye Hen and the descendants of the Ye family will be surrounded by [Heart Demon] and burned to death.”

Ye Hen said this vow very quickly, and it was categorical, without any hesitation, Yang Kai had already finished his vow before Yang Kai could react.

In the next moment, there seemed to be an invisible force pouring into Ye Hen’s body, branding marks in his Consciousness Sea.

Yang Kai was dumbfounded, and smiled bitterly: “Sect Master Ye, it doesn’t have to be that way.”

He clearly knows what Ye Hen’s oath is about. It’s a heart demon oath. Ye Hen swears an oath with his own moral foundation, and he will never regret it in the future. Once something is violated, he will really be haunted with [Heart Demon] and burned to death.

Moreover, his heart demon oath is not related to him alone, but also includes Ye Qinghan and future Ye family descendants.

The reason why Yang Kai took out the Passing of Time Temple and gave it to Ye Hen was mainly because Chi Yue and others were here. Although the Heaven Grade Puppets of the Thousand Leaves Sect could be driven now, the biggest shortcoming of the Thousand Leaves Sect was still the lack of Emperor Realm, which will be looked down on by people.

From the perspective of Chi Yue and others, Yang Kai also hoped that Ye Hen could be promoted to the emperor realm and protect them. Therefore, Yang Kai made the Passing of Time that he had obtained a few days ago and made up his mind to give it to Ye Hen.

How could he know that Ye Hen will do this in return?

Ye Hen slowly shook his head and said: “Young Master Yang has the kindness of rebuilding my Ye Family and Thousand Leaves Sect. What’s the matter with Ye’s vows? Young Master Yang can rest assured that Chi Yue and others will be taken good care of and never make them missing even one hair.”

“Then I thank Sect Master Ye first.” With Ye Hen’s heart demon oath, Yang Kai also completely let go of his heart worry, knowing that unless Thousand Leaves Sect is destroyed, Chi Yue and others will definitely not be in any danger.

With the current background of Thousand Leaves Sect, unless the top sects make a move personally, no one can destroy it.

“By the way, Sect Master Ye, I want to inquire about something with you.” Yang Kai turned around and said.

Ye Hen said, “Young Master Yang has any instructions, just say it.”

“I don’t know how much Sect Master Ye know about a sect called Underworld Sect?”

Three days later, Yang Kai set off from the Thousand Leaves Sect. Ye Hen went back to secluded retreat immediately after getting the Passing of Time Temple. It is estimated that he could not wait to refine the medicinal effects, and then continue to comprehend those secret techniques and so on.

Ye Qinghan, Chi Yue and others sent Yang Kai thousands of miles away.

Chi Yue and the others were naturally reluctant to give up to Yang Kai. After all, they finally reunited in the star boundary. Yang Kai was leaving now, but everyone knew that Yang Kai was afflicted with Xiaoxiao, so they didn’t stop him, just told him to be careful in everything.

Yang Kai naturally keep it in mind.

Above a wilderness, Yang Kai paused, glanced at the people, and said: “Everyone, go back, I will come to see you again someday.”

Guizu smiled and said: “Sect Master, you must be good, we are all waiting for you to create another sect in this Star Boundary, and then we will come to help you.”

Yang Kai nodded and said, “There will always be such a day.”

After that, he turned his head to look at Chai Hu, with a complex expression: “Senior Chai Hu, are you going to do it or me?”

This question was strange, but everyone didn’t show any expressions of astonishment. They all seemed to know what he meant. Chai Hu sighed slightly and said, “I’ll do it, Sect Master Yang have a good journey.”

“Farewell everyone, we will see each other again in the future.” Yang Kai clasped his fists, then sacrificed his Ship, and drove away.

At this moment, behind a small mound next to it, a flowing light suddenly shot out. A delicate body was wrapped in the flowing light, and it was a woman. As soon as this person sprang out, she waved a long sword stabbed directly at Yang Kai, yelling in her mouth: “I kill you!”

Yang Kai glanced at her faintly, sighed slightly in his heart, and didn’t mean to do anything to her.

This ambush here, want to attack and kill him by surprise, it is Luo Bing!

Only a few months away, Luo Bing has long lost the beauty and innocence of the past. Now she has a tired face, her beautiful eyes are dim, her aura is unstable, and the clothes on her body are no longer glamorous. Instead, she has a gray face. It can be seen in the past few months. Her life is not very good.

She is Luo Jin’s daughter. Luo Jin did many bad things when he was in charge of the Sky Crane City. Now that Luo Jin dies, those who have been oppressed in the Sky Crane City naturally have revenge and complain.

When Luo Jin died, they naturally looked for Luo Bing.

Fortunately, Luo Bing was pretty good, and some of the guards of the City Lord’s Mansion were also loyal to her, covering her escape from Sky Crane City, but in this period of time she has been in hiding. Thinking that she had always been the little princess of Sky Crane City, she was used to being pampered, and her life suddenly went from heaven to hell, which made her feel at a loss.

Don’t know where she got the news, she knew that her father had died in Yang Kai’s hands, and she was lying in ambush here just to kill Yang Kai and avenge Luo Jin.

But her cultivation was only at the 1st-order Origin King Realm. Yang Kai and the group of people were all in the Dao Source Stage. Everyone felt her aura as soon as they came here. The reason why no one do anything was because everyone knew her identity.

The sword light was bright, but Luo Bing’s sword did not carry the slightest murderous intent. Her beautiful eyes were also gloomy, and she obviously knew that it was unrealistic to kill Yang Kai with her own strength.

She was lying in ambush here, probably just begging for death, hoping that Yang Kai could kill her directly in anger.

But what she didn’t expect was that Yang Kai just glanced at her and ignored her.


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