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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2351 English [Readable]

The icy long sword shattered the sky and moved forward, just like Luo Bing’s cold and determined heart.

This sword is destined to pierce the air, because Luo Bing and Yang Kai’s strength gap is too big, she is still halfway, Yang Kai has already disappeared from the ship.

But this sword did not pierce the air.

A burly figure suddenly appeared in front of Luo Bing, looking at her with compassion and complexity.

Luo Bing couldn’t stop, and accompanied by a squeak, the long sword directly pierced the chest of the burly body, the sword plunged three inches, and blood splashed.

Luo Bing stayed still on the spot for a moment, the whole person was stunned, staring at the stalwart figure in a daze, and lost her voice: “Big Brother Chai!”

This person suddenly stood in front of her and let the long sword pierce his chest, turned out to be Chai Hu.

With the cultivation level of Chai Hu’s 1st-order Dao Source Stage, it is absolutely easy to avoid this sword. Even if he don’t want to avoid it, he only need to run the Source Qi to easily block it, but he did not do this, and let Luo Bing sword pierce him.

The begging for death Luo Bing finally panicked. She came here to ambush and attack. She didn’t plan to go back alive. She couldn’t kill Yang Kai, she would die in Yang Kai’s hands, and went to the Underworld to reunite with her father.

She came here with the determination to die, but she hurt Chai Hu.

Chai Hu’s chest was quickly wetted with red blood, Luo Bing’s pupils suddenly enlarged. The red seemed to obscure all the light in front of her eyes, and her entire world was filled with this terrifying blood.

The huge mental shock made Luo Bing soft and almost fell to the ground.

Chai Hu stretched out his hand to support her, not only supported her, but also directly took her by the arms, and then slowly dragged her towards him.

Luo Bing was powerless to resist. It didn’t matter if she was dragged over by Chai Hu, but the sharp sword in her hand was still stuck in Chai Hu’s chest. With his move, the sharp sword was immediately inserted deeper.

Chi Chi Chi Chi…

The sound of metal rubbing against flesh and blood was so harsh, the long sword passed through in the blink of an eye, and Luo Bing’s pretty face turned white in an instant, and she panicked and said, “Big Brother Chai, what are you doing. Stop it!” ”

But no matter how she shouted, Chai Hu was unmoved.

Chi Yue and the others also changed their expressions greatly. They never expected that Chai Hu would do such a thing. When they reacted, Chai Hu had already dragged Luo Bing to his chest and whispered in her ears: “Young Master Yang killed your father, I will pay it back for him, you don’t have to kill him.”

“Stop it, stop it. I won’t take revenge, I won’t ask him for revenge, let go, Big Brother Chai!” Luo Bing burst into tears and felt the warmth in her chest. How could she not know that was Chai Hu blood? She was at a loss for what to do, and her heart was full of self-blame, feeling that Chai Hu would never have acted like this if she hadn’t come here to make a fuss.

She has not known Chai Hu for a long time. And it’s not familiar, but it’s the most difficult for her. At the most dangerous time, it was Chai Hu who came to save her. Even if Chai Hu saved her with his own selfishness, but Luo Bing could not forget the sudden appearance of the stalwart figure.

The girl’s feelings were suddenly touched at that moment, and a figure was burnt on the softest part of her heart.

Wandering these months. Let her miss the feeling of safety even more. The light feelings are like old wine, constantly fermenting in her heart, and the figure buried in her heart is becoming clearer and more lingering.

But seeing it again at this moment. Her long sword was inserted into the other party’s chest, almost killing him. More than dozens of years of pampering and carefree, could it be the price for this heart-wrenching situation?

If this is the case, she would rather have spent more than ten years clearing her clothes and eating, and want him to be safe.

“Get away!” Chi Yue waved out in a furious rage, and directly lifted Luo Bing out and fell heavily on the ground.

Guizu and others also hurried forward to investigate Chai Hu’s injuries.

After Luo Bing landed, she didn’t care about her situation at all. Instead, she ran towards Chai Hu, her pretty face that was already crying, was full of self-blame and regret.

After a while, Guizu breathed out gently and said: “Fortunately, it didn’t hurt the heart, it’s not too serious.”

While talking, he stretched out his hand to take out a pill and stuffed it into Chai Hu’s mouth. The Source Qi was urged, and the long sword flew out, and then the force was poured into his body to help him resolve the effects of the medicine.

“I’ll take him back to heal his injuries first.” Guizu said, already holding Chai Hu and galloping towards the Thousand Leaves Sect.

Before leaving, Chai Hu coughed lightly: “Don’t make it difficult for her, she also has her own difficulties.”

Chi Yue sighed, “What is this?”

Today’s trouble is inexplicable, but Chi Yue also faintly sees that something is wrong. Her fourth brother and the little princess of the Sky Crane City seem to have some situations.

After a short while, everyone else went away clean, only Chi Yue stood there with frowning eyebrows.

On the other hand, Luo Bing was half kneeling on the ground, looking at the direction Chai Hu was leaving, crying bitterly, and murmured: “I won’t take revenge, Big Brother Chai, don’t die!”

She kept repeating this sentence, tears falling down like broken pearls, but she forgot that Chai Hu was far away and couldn’t hear it.

Seeing her like this, Chi Yue couldn’t help feeling a trace of compassion, and said solemnly: “He won’t die, your sword did not hurt him badly.”

Hearing the words, Luo Bing suddenly raised her head to look towards Chi Yue, crying in relief: “Thank you, thank you!” As she said, she folded her hands together, closed her beautiful eyes facing the sky, and let the tears slip off her cheeks.

“Haa, take care of yourself.” Chi Yue finished speaking, her figure shook, and followed everyone away.

Luo Bing was left alone to pray sincerely, and the poignant meaning overflowed the wilderness.

A month later, Yang Kai came to a city called Marsh City.

This city is probably located on the border of the South Territory, not far from the East Territory.

The reason why he came here was because he was going to Underworld Sect to find Yin Lesheng for some informations about Xiao Xiao. According to his guess, after Xiaoxiao came out of the starlight tunnel, it was very likely that he would fall with Yin Lesheng.

As for how to inquire at that time, Yang Kai can only react accordingly. He can’t directly find Yin Lesheng. After all, there is still enmity between the two, and the other party also knows that he carries the Star Source.

Underworld Sect is in the East Territory and has a lot of power. It is definitely a sect that can rival the Azure Sun Temple.

Ye Hen told him this information, and Ye Hen also told him that in the entire Star Boundary, the South Territory has the fewest training materials, and the world’s spiritual energy is relatively thin, so the overall level of the martial artist is relatively low.

But in the other three big domains, the overall level of the martial artist is much higher than that of the South Territory. In the East Territory, there are definitely no fewer than ten powerful sects such as Underworld Sect, while the South Territory has only four, which shows the gap.

The East Territory also has an overlord-level sect. The Serene Soul Palace created by the Serene Soul Great Emperor of the top ten Great Emperor staying in the East Territory.

There are even more rumors that the famous Spirit Beast Island and Dragon Island are on the East Territory Sea, but no one can confirm whether it is true. After all, these two divine islands are too ethereal for ordinary martial artist.

It seems to be influenced by the Serene Soul Great Emperor. Many sects and martial artists in the East Territory have practiced some evil techniques. For example, Underworld Sect is one of them, so the cultivation atmosphere of the entire East Territory is completely different from that of the South Territory

If you are walking in the East Territory, you must be careful at all times. Maybe you will meet someone who does evil and kills you.

In this month, Yang Kai has passed through many cities and used the space law formation in those cities. Otherwise, he would definitely not be able to reach Marsh City on the South Territory border in a month.

Flying alone, with Yang Kai’s current speed and cultivation level, he would not be able to come here even after decades of flying. The vastness of the star boundary was beyond his imagination.

After arriving in Marsh City, Yang Kai did not rush into the East Territory, but first found an inn and stayed there.

Because this is the junction of the East Territory and South Territory, not only can you see the martial artist of the South Territory in the Marsh City, you can also see a lot of the martial artist from the East Territory. He stayed here to find out the general situation of the East Territory, especially the situation of Underworld Sect, so he can avoid getting into the eyes of the big people in East Territory.

On the streets of Marsh City, among the martial artist walking along the stream, many of them exude auras that are unkind, evil and violent, and even their looks are fierce, and terrifying. At first glance, they are from a certain sects of East Territory.

Moreover, the security in Marsh City is extremely chaotic. Although there is also a city lord’s mansion, and there are more powerful people in town, Yang Kai has seen several fights and even killed a few people less than a day after he arrived here.

This thing is absolutely unimaginable in Mapplewood City. Not to mention Maplewood City, even some other cities in the South Territory will not have such an event.

When the fights took place, Yang Kai obviously felt that there were a lot of strong men hiding in the surroundings, but there was no one to dissuade them. Until the fight was over, those hidden strong men suddenly appeared and arrested all the fighters. Stripped off the space ring of the dead martial artist, and left the corpse on the street.

These powerhouses are obviously people from the City Lord’s Mansion. Judging from their style, it seems that they are eager for the martial artist to fight in the city, so that they have an excuse to take people, and then make some extra money for themselves.

Yang Kai didn’t intend to cause trouble. He wanted to find a teahouse or restaurant to stay for a few days, because in these places, dragons and snakes were mixed and could eavesdrop on some information he wanted.

After inquiring about it, Yang Kai walked towards the largest Tea House in the Marsh City.

After a short while, Yang Kai came to the front of the tea house. Looking around, the tea house was built in a magnificent manner. It was five stories high. In this chaotic and golden place, there can be such a tea house. It can be seen that the background of the owner of this teahouse is not small, and it is very likely to be related to the city lord mansion.

Yang Kai stepped in, and immediately a little shopkeeper greeted him enthusiastically.


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