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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2354 English [Readable]

“The young man is so cruel and rude, I don’t know where my Treasure Assembly Pavilion offended you!” The Treasurer of the Treasure Assembly Pavilion had dark eyes, and he was afraid of Yang Kai’s cruelty, gritted his teeth and shout.

As soon as this young man came up, he killed four of his Treasure Assembly Pavilion’s Dao Source Stage, and abolished the bald man’s cultivation level. He made a decisive and cruel move. Today’s things could not be good anyway. However, even though Yang Kai is strong, he is not very afraid. The so-called strong dragon does not suppress the local snake. On the one-third acre of Marsh City, anyone will give him a little face in the Treasure Assembly Pavilion.

“You didn’t offend me, but you offended my junior sister.” Yang Kai looked at the Treasurer coldly, the corner of his mouth raised, and he continued: “Don’t say you don’t know the matter, hand over things, otherwise you will end up like him!” As Yang Kai spoke, he pointed his finger at the bald man.

The face of the Treasurer changed. He originally wanted to deal with Yang Kai for a while, so as to delay the arrival of the reinforcements. As long as the reinforcements came, Yang Kai could pay back what he did in Treasurer Assembly Pavilion, but he didn’t expect Yang Kai didn’t give him this opportunity at all, and listened to what he meant and didn’t give himself time to breathe.

“You know what my Treasure Assembly Building is, and who is behind me, so you dare to yell like this?” The Treasurer has lived for so many years, and he has the cultivation level of peak Dao Source Stage. Naturally, it is impossible to be intimidated by Yang Kai in a few words.

“It looks like you have made a choice. In that case, don’t blame this young master for being cruel!” Yang Kai snorted. The other party’s intentions were so obvious. How can’t he see it, but he was fearless in his heart. Too lazy to talk nonsense with him, at this point, Yang Kai shook his body and directly came to the old man, under the mobilization of the Space Law. Within a radius of more than ten meters, the space is condensed in an instant.

The Treasurer spirit was broken, and his forehead was covered with cold sweat. With his strength and eyesight, he did not see how Yang Kai pounced in front of him. He realized in his heart that this was really kicking on the iron plate, and then felt the surrounding space condensed. With a look of shock, he urged Source Qi to retreat and shouted: “Treasure Assembly Pavilion is an industry under the name of the City Lord, you dare to be presumptuous here, don’t expect to leave Marsh City alive!”

At this time, he didn’t have the idleness and delusion, and he reported his backer directly, hoping that Yang Kai would be intimidated. After all, the City Lord was the most powerful in Marsh City, and he was the only Emperor Realm powerhouse.

To his surprise, Yang Kai was unmoved by this, and the old man could see the slightest mood swing in his eyes. It’s as if it had been expected.

This kid is crazy! The old man was terrified, knowing that his backer is the City Lord, and he dared to act like this. Doesn’t it mean that he is not afraid of the City Lord at all? It is ridiculous, he also count on the City Lord name to overpower him, but he don’t expect the result is counterproductive.

Surrounded by space constraints, the old man is unable to move freely. He only feels that the meridians all over his body are blocked. Spouting a mouthful of blood and offering a pair of golden swords, cutting it towards Yang Kai.

The level of the golden swords was not low, exuding the energy fluctuations of the Dao Source Grade high-grade artifacts, and also did not know what magical power it possessed, and when he sacrificed it, it cut the solidified space into a crack.

The pressure on the old man was relieved, and the Source Qi in the meridians finally circulated smoothly.

But he didn’t have the time to act yet. A faint golden light came out in front of his eyes.

He subconsciously raised his head and looked at Yang Kai, only to see a golden light in Yang Kai’s left eye, and the pupil of that left eye has also become a majestic benevolence, a breathtaking force is fluctuating, facing him. The old man’s eyes panicked for no reason and restless.

The next moment, a lotus flower bud that was waiting to be put, suddenly shot out from the golden eye, and it was gone.

The old man stood there abruptly, the whole person was as if being struck by lightning, and there was nothing else in his field of vision, as if only the lotus bud was left between the heavens and the earth. Under his watch, the white lotus bud quickly blooming.

And as the lotus bloomed, his Divine Sense power quickly disappeared, and a pain like a thousand ants swallowing his mind appeared.

‘Not good, this is Divine Soul Secret Technique!’ The old man suddenly woke up, but he was completely powerless to resolve it. The young man’s divine power seemed to be a lot higher than his own. This inexplicable lotus secret technique swallowed his divine soul power in a very short time. He collapsed and looked terrified.

A violent pain came, and the old man was stimulated by the pain and woke up abruptly. He fixed his eyes and saw that his arm had been cut off directly, and blood spattered from the wound and fell to the ground.

The young man’s expression was cold, and he put out a palm lightly and printed it on his chest.

Recalling the scene of the bald man that he had observed in secret before, and combined with what Yang Kai said before, how could he not know what Yang Kai’s move meant?

He really wants to abolish his cultivation level!

The old man trembled like sifting chaff, and shouted with all his strength: “No, if you have something to say, the old man can promise you any request.”


Yang Kai’s palm was still pressed down, the old man’s chest seemed to be sunken by an inch, blood was sprayed, and he flew back to the counter in embarrassment, and landed heavily. Under his palm, the old man was just like the bald man and the meridians are broken, and the cultivation level is lost.

“You don’t know how to cherish it when I was talking to you, and now you don’t have to say anything.” Yang Kai didn’t even glance at the old man, just reached out and grabbed the space ring on the broken arm and threw it to Liu Xian, and said: “See if your things are inside.”

Liu Xianyun took it subconsciously, but obviously she hadn’t recovered yet. She looked at Yang Kai with a blank and shocked expression. She couldn’t understand how Yang Kai was so powerful after only a few years of absence.

Those four 1st-order Dao Source Stage were killed by him instantly, but the bald man and the treasurer were not ordinary Dao Source Stage, but these two were still as ridiculous as children in front of Yang Kai. They didn’t have the power to fight back at all, and the cultivation level was abolished after one encounter.

Recalling that the two were forced to join the Blue Feather Sect and survived only under the wings of Bian Yuqing, Liu Xianyun couldn’t believe that they were the same person.

“Senior Brother… have you been promoted to the emperor realm?” Liu Xianyun asked stupidly.

“It’s still early.” Yang Kai smiled faintly.

Liu Xianyun was even more shocked. He was so cruel without being promoted to the emperor realm. What if Yang Kai was really promoted to the emperor realm?

She is also an overlord in the Great Desolate Star Field, and even a genius who never come out in a thousand years, but now compared with Yang Kai, she finds that her cultivation aptitude is so bad.

“Is it there?” Yang Kai asked again.

Liu Xianyun started to investigate in a hurry. After a while, she took out a jade box from the space ring and smiled: “It’s still there.”

This jade box is the box she used to contain the spirit medicine. On top of the jade box, there is a restriction she placed under her hands. This restriction has not been lifted. It seems that the Treasurer in the Treasure Assembly Pavilion has not had time to lift it after getting the jade box.

“Take the space ring as well, it should be considered as the compensation by the Treasurer.” Yang Kai smiled slightly and said sarcastically: “The Treasurer is not a stingy person.”

Hearing this, the Treasurer, who was slumped by the counter, almost rushed to stand up without slowing back.

There are a lot of good things in his space ring. Some genius treasures purchased by Treasure Assembly Pavilion, some treasures to be sold, and some inconvenient things to be displayed on the surface are all in his space ring. It is not an exaggeration to say that his space ring value is priceless.

Now that Yang Kai is about to grab his space ring with a word, the treasure feels that his heart is dripping blood, but now the situation bad, even if he wants to resist, he doesn’t have that strength.

“This… is it okay?” Liu Xianyun had never done anything like this before, and was a little unacceptable for a while, only feeling that her morality and bottom line had been challenged.

“There is nothing wrong with it.” Yang Kai snorted coldly, “I don’t know how much of the stuff in it was robbed by force. If they are allowed to rob others, can’t they be robbed?”

“Then… okay.” Liu Xianyun happily closed the space ring, and the psychological pressure was gone.

Think about it, if it wasn’t for meeting Yang Kai by chance this time, she would have been robbed. It’s fine if she was the only one. But, the group of people in the Treasrure Assembly Pavilion have been bullying the weak in the Marsh City all the year round, and they must have done bad things. There is really no need to have any pressure to rob such a person.

“Boy, you have courage, but you are destined to not live through tomorrow. The City Lord will not let you go.” The Treasurer is now a waste, so there is nothing to be afraid of at all. Looking at Yang Kai with a bitter expression on his face, he spit out a mouthful of blood as he spoke, and said with a grinning smile: “The old man will eat your meat in one bite.”

Hearing this, Liu Xianyun’s face changed drastically, and she trembled: “Senior Brother, let’s go quickly, or it’s too late, the city lord of Marsh City is an Emperor Realm, you can’t provoke him.”

Yang Kai glanced at the old man contemptuously, and said, “That Pang Guang won’t come to provoke me. If he dares to come, this young master won’t mind giving him a ride!”

The old man suddenly stayed still stupidly.

Pang Guang is the city lord of Marsh City and the only emperor realm. He originally thought that Yang Kai would definitely be afraid of Pang Guang, but listening to the tone of his words, he didn’t put the city lord in his eyes at all.

What is the origin of this kid? How dare he speak so big.

In the dark, the old man felt that no one would be able to avenge him. In other words, he was humiliated in vain and his cultivation was abolished.

In a mood of anger, the old man spit out blood again, and his aura became more and more wilting.

“Let’s go.” Yang Kai turned around, smiled at Liu Xianyun, and walked out first. After opening the door, he found that both sides of the street, and even on the opposite roof, were full of martial artists, all facing the Treasure Assembly Pavilion.


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