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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2355 English [Readable]

When Yang Kai and Liu Xianyun broke into the Treasure Assembly Pavilion, many people saw them. These martial artist had nothing to do, so naturally they wanted to watch the excitement. Then the door of the Treasure Assembly Pavilion was closed by the bald man, which made people who watched the excitement didn’t know whatt was going on inside.

Although unable to see anything, the violent energy fluctuations and movements that came out of it were not fake.

In this short period of time, thousands of martial artist have been watching the excitement.

At this moment, Yang Kai opened the door and walked out, all of a sudden being caught by thousands of pairs of eyes.

Everyone couldn’t believe their eyes. They all felt that Yang Kai was a little ignorant of the heights of the sky and dared to provoke the Treasure Assembly Pavilion in Marsh City. Isn’t this what it means to die? Not to mention that the backer of the Treasure Assembly Pavilion is the City Lord. It is said that the strength of those martial artist in the Treasure Assembly Pavilion itself is extremely good. The Treasurer of the Treasure Assembly Pavilion has the cultivation of the peak of Dao Source Stage. If it is not older, the meridians and physical body are aging, absolutely have the qualification to impact the Emperor Realm stage.

And Yang Kai was young, even if he had some strength, he would never be too strong.

They thought that Yang Kai was destined to suffer a big loss this time.

But the facts surprised everyone.

Yang Kai walked out of the Treasure Pavilion. Not only was he unharmed, his clothes were not wrinkled, but inside the Treasure Pavilion, there were a few corpses lying all over the floor, with blood all over the floor. The bald man and the Treasure was pale, and the aura was sluggish. At first glance, the cultivation level was clearly abolished.

A sound of inhaling cold air sounded, and many martial artist looked at Yang Kai’s eyes and finally changed color, realizing that this young man was probably not something to provoke, and most likely was also an emperor realm.

After all, how long has he been in? After dozens of breaths of effort, relying on one’s own strength to toss the Treasure Pavilion into this situation, if it is not the emperor realm, how can such a thing happen?

When Yang Kai walked out. The martial artist who gathered nearer involuntarily backed away, eyes full of fear.

Yang Kai swept the surroundings coldly, snorted coldly, and ignored these people, but took Liu Xianyun into the teahouse opposite of the road, and continued to the tea table on the third floor. Ask someone to change a pot of spirit tea up.

He made a noise in the Treasure Assembly Pavilion, wounded and killed the people in the Treasure Assembly Pavilion. Instead of leaving and fleeing, he went into the teahouse opposite of the road to drink tea. This scene made those who watch the lively things look at it, and it was incredible.

All of them secretly admired Yang Kai’s boldness, thinking whether if he was strong and not afraid of Pang Guang, or he had a strong background, so he could intimidate Pang Guang.

But they are not close to Yang Kai. Naturally, they didn’t bother to take care of this, but the Treasure Pavilion with the store opened wide, made these martial artist very interested.

The martial artist living in the Marsh City are basically people who regard human life as weed. They will not care about who is wrong with this matter. It is just the magical medicine displayed in the treasure building now. No one is guarding the precious treasures or anything. It is a good opportunity to make a move.

Although Treasure Pavilion is an industry under Pang Guang’s name, people die for money and birds die for food. At this time, there are always so many people who feel itchy to start.

After a moment of silence, a figure suddenly rushed out of the crowd, rushed directly into the Treasure Pavilion, and then swept the spirit medicine placed on the medicine cabinet into his own space ring.

When the others saw it, they were unable to hold themselves. They followed suit. For a time, there were many martial artist rushing into the Treasure Pavilion to take advantage of the opportunity to rob valuables inside. After a while, the whole Treasure Assembl Pavilion was wiped clean. All the things with a little value disappeared. When the things were gone, those martial artist quickly disappeared.

Above the teahouse, Yang Kai saw this scene in his eyes, his expression indifferent, but he knew a little bit about the style of these martial artist in Marsh City.

“Senior Brother…” Liu Xianyun was like sitting on pins and needles, uncomfortable, and said timidly, “Let’s go.”

It’s not that she doesn’t have confidence in Yang Kai’s strength, it’s just that she has caused such a big mess after all, and the cause of the matter is still her, she doesn’t want to provoke a stronger enemy for Yang Kai.

“No.” Yang Kai smiled slightly, poured her a cup of spirit tea, and said: “It’s such a mess here, why did you get here?”

He was still very curious about what happened to Liu Xianyun in the past few years. After they escaped from Blue Feather Sect together, he divided half of his belongings to Liu Xianyun, and the two of them ran away separately, and then Yang Kai went to the Maplewood City, He have been working hard until now, but he didn’t expect to meet her when passing by the Marsh City this time.

“I’ve been here for several years.” Liu Xianyun smiled bitterly, and simply recounted what had happened in the past few years.

In fact, there is nothing to say.

Since parting with Yang Kai, she has strayed in the South Territory like a headless fly. It was not until she arrived at Marsh City that she settled down, because although Marsh City was chaotic, there were plenty of places for her to cultivate nearby.

She can find some resources for cultivation in those places. After a few years, although her life has been difficult, she can be promoted to the 1st-order Dao Source Stage.

A few days ago, she accidentally obtained a spirit medicine in a nearby place called Solitary Void Mountain Range. She wanted to bring it back to sell for some source crystals, and then buy some Source Congealing Pill. She thought that since the backer of the Treasure Assembly Pavilion was the City Lord, it should be good, but didn’t expect when they saw the spirit medicine, they only offered her a price of 10,000 source crystal.

Although Liu Xianyun didn’t know what the spirit medicine was and what its effect, but she instinctively felt that the spirit medicine was definitely more than that, why would she sell it with that price? Under some theory, the other party directly attacked her, and Yang Kai also knew what happened later.

“Senior Brother, i will give you this Spirit Medicine, I don’t know what it is.” Liu Xianyun said, handing the jade box to Yang Kai.

“Let me see.” Yang Kai reached out to take it, lifted the restriction on the jade box, and opened a gap in the jade box.

In an instant, a delicate fragrance escaped from the jade box, and the scent entered his nose. Yang Kai couldn’t help but feel refreshed, and his whole Consciousness Sea was clear.

With a touch of the the scent, Yang Kai hurriedly closed the jade box with an unbelievable expression on his face.

Mild Soul Lotus?

Although he only opened a gap in the jade box, his Divine Sense clearly saw the elixir in it. That thing was exactly the same as his own Mild Soul Lotus, except that there was no colorful color, but a pure white color. The aura that diffused out was also somewhat similar to that of Mild Soul Lotus, as if it were a ten times smaller Mild Soul Lotus.

No, no! This is not Mild Soul Lotus. It is rumored that the Mild Sould Lotus is a world treasure, just like the Eternal Tree, there is only one in the world, and there is no second.

“Soul Performance Repair Heavenly Lotus?” Yang Kai suddenly remembered the information recorded in the jade slip left by Gongsunmu, the third disciple of Wonderful Pill Great Emperor, and immediately recognized what this spirit medicine was.

This is obviously the legendary Soul Performance Repair Heavenly Lotus!

Although Soul Performance Repair Heavenly Lotus is not as precious and unique as Mild Soul Lotus, it is also a legendary thing. Like the Fresh Body Fruit, it is an extinct treasure.

Using Soul Performance Repair Heavenly Lotus as the main material, although the refined Soul Performance Repair Heavenly Pill does not have the effect of reviving the dead, it can repair the broken meridians and dantians of the martial artist. It is definitely a thing of good fortune.

Just like the big bald man and the treasure of the Treasure Assembly Pavilion, although Yang Kai had abolished their cultivation level, if they can take one Soul Performance Repair Heavenly Pill, it would take less than three months, and the damaged meridians and dantian would be intact as before.

But this thing only exists in the legend, no one has ever seen it.

The people in the Treasure Assembly Pavilion wanted to use 10,000 low-grade source crystals to buy this Soul Performance Repair Heavenly Lotus, he didn’t know what they were thinking about! With a mere 10,000 low-grade source crystals, sniffing the aura of Soul Performance Repair Heavenly Lotus is not enough.

The people in the Treasure Assembly Pavilion may not recognize the Soul Performance Repair Heavenly Lotus, but they definitely know that this thing is of great value. If they really bid its price, they may not be able to buy it, so they will buy it with force.

The effect of Soul Performance Repair Heavenly Pill can not only repair meridians and dantian, it also has other miraculous effects.

In a word, the value of Soul Performance Repair Heavenly Pill is incalculable.

Yang Kai didn’t expect Liu Xianyun to have such a chance to get this kind of treasure.

“Junior sister, do you remember where you got this spirit medicine from?” Yang Kai asked in a deep voice.

“The depths of Solitary Void Mountain Range…” Liu Xianyun recalled that place and there was still a trace of fear, “I was chased by a monster beast, and I fled in panic, otherwise I would not go there. I heard the deepest part of Solitary Void Mountain Range is not a place that even the Emperor Realm can return safely. My ability to return alive this time is all luck.”

“If you are asked to go again, will you find the right way?”

“Go again?” Liu Xianyun’s pretty face turned pale, and asked in confusion, “What else to go there for?”

It was definitely luck for her to return safely last time. If she went in again, Liu Xianyun would definitely not be able to come out alive, so she didn’t know why Yang Kai want to take the risk.

“Because…” Yang Kai was about to explain, but before he could finish speaking, he suddenly frowned and looked downstairs.

As he take a look, in front of the gate of the Treasure Assembly Pavilion, a middle-aged man wearing a luxurious robe stood there with a gloomy expression. This middle-aged man was extraordinary, and he was a powerful emperor realm. He seemed to be aware when Yang Kai’s gaze was reached, he also looked up instantly, his gaze as sharp as a falcon.

“It’s Pang Guang!” Liu Xianyun also saw the middle-aged man, and suddenly screamed, feeling very anxious.

After spending several years in Marsh City, she naturally knew what Pang Guang looked like. Seeing him come here in person at this moment, she immediately knew that the trouble was serious.

She didn’t know why Yang Kai stayed confidently, but an emperor realm was obviously not so easy to provoke.

Over there, Pang Guang suddenly moved and disappeared in place.

When he reappeared, he had already arrived on the third floor of the tea house, standing in front of Yang Kai and Liu Xianyun.

Liu Xianyun screamed in fright, her face turned pale for a moment.


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