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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2356 English [Readable]

“It was you two who caused the incident in Treasure Assembly Pavilion just now?” Pang Guang went straight to the subject as soon as he came up, and asked Yang Kai and Liu Xianyun coldly, apparently not knowing how the troublemaker looked.

Liu Xianyun’s pretty face turned pale, and she dared not answer.

She only had the cultivation level of the 1st-order Dao Source Stage, and it hadn’t been long for her to be promoted. She didn’t stabilize her realm yet. Facing an emperor realm was naturally stressful.

Yang Kai was calm, unmoved, just glanced at Pang Guang lightly.

Comparing with Qiu Ze, Pang Guang’s aura is undoubtedly stronger and richer. He is obviously stronger than Qiu Ze, but this kind of strength is also extremely limited. With Yang Kai’s current strength and methods, there is no need to fear him.

Neither of them answered, and Pang Guang suddenly said angrily: “This king question, you dare not answer?”

The emperor prestige burst into the air, flooding the entire teahouse, and the martial artist who were still drinking tea in the teahouse changed their faces and their expressions were difficult. The strong murderous intent penetrated into the flesh and bones, making them cold and scolding Yang Kai who didn’t know that the sky was high and the earth was thick, and he was so presumptuous in front of the City Lord, and it hurt them too.

Yang Kai waved his hand gently, as if a sharp sword drew across the hazy sky, and the power of the emperor prestige that enveloped him and Liu Xianyun instantly disappeared, and there was a feeling of clearing the clouds and seeing a sunny day.

Pang Guang was taken aback, and then he re-examined Yang Kai.

He clearly sensed that Yang Kai only had the cultivation level of 3rd-order Dao Source Stage, but that wave of his hand could disperse his Emperor Prestige, what is going on? Although it was just an action, Pang Guang no longer dared to underestimate Yang Kai, realizing that the other party had made a fuss in the Treasure Assembly Pavilion and dared to sit here, probably because of some support.

Is this guy from a top sect? If not, how can there be such a background?

It has been heard that the elite disciples of the top sects have the strength to fight higher realm. If this young man really comes from some big sect, then things today are really difficult to handle.

Suddenly, Pang Guang suddenly felt some troubles and losses. As the city lord of one party, the property under his name was turned upside down, and the strong men died. If he don’t ask the other party to give a satisfactory explanation, then where to put his face?

But if the other party is not from small background, he might provoke him. Pang Guang is the Emperor Realm of the Marsh City, but in the eyes of those top sects, he is really nothing. People can send an elder to destroy him. Dozens and hundreds of times.

Just when his mind turned sharply, thinking about how to solve today’s matter, not only not offending people but also allowing himself to save his face, he suddenly realized that there was a difference around him.

He was shocked, turned his head and looked around, only to see a half-old old man who did not know when he appear beside him, the old man with gray hair, wearing a gray linen cloth, looked unremarkable.

When did this old thing come?

Pang Guang was astonished in his heart. Just now, he was only thinking about Yang Kai’s affairs, but he didn’t notice when the old man walked over. Moreover, the face of this old man looked very strange. He had obviously never seen this person.

The old man suddenly appeared, and Yang Kai was also startled.

Pang Guang was distracted just now, and didn’t pay much attention to the appearance of the old man, but Yang Kai could see clearly.

Before this half-old man appeared, there was no sign, it seemed that it was just a blink of an eye, and he appeared.

Yang Kai heart condensed, and quietly released his Divine Sense to investigate the old man’s cultivation level, but what made him horrified was that his own Divine Sense penetrated into the old man like a stone sinking into the sea, and disappeared.

This person…was actually even more powerful than Pang Guang’s emperor realm, at least the 2nd-order Emperor Realm, and most likely the 3rd-order Emperor Realm.

There is such a strong person in Marsh City? His heart was shaken and he glanced at Pang Guang calmly on the surface. If the two of them were on the same road, things would be troublesome this time. He thought that there was only one Pang Guang in Marsh City, so he was not afraid at all, but now that a more powerful old guy has appeared, Yang Kai is already considering how to get out safely.

However, at first glance, Yang Kai felt quite relieved, because Pang Guang was also suspicious at the moment, obviously he did not know this half old man.

As the city lord of one party, he didn’t even know that under his jurisdiction, Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger exist. It could be said that Pang Guang fail as a City Lord.

At the moment, the half-old man’s eyes were burning and he seemed to have discovered something extremely interesting. He smiled at Yang Kai slightly and said, “Old man Yao Changjun is the owner of this restaurant, how do i call the little brother?”

He had a kind look on his face, like an approachable senior, but Yang Kai instinctively felt a hint of danger.

Before Yang Kai had time to speak, Pang Guang suddenly snorted and said, “The city lord has something to discuss with this young man. If you don’t have anything to do, please leave first.”

He looked arrogant and didn’t seem to take Yao Changjun in his eyes.

With a word, Yang Kai’s expression immediately became weird.

But soon, it became clear to him. Pang Guang didn’t know the depth of Yao Changjun, otherwise he would definitely not dare to speak like that. In addition, he wanted to intimidate Yang Kai but failed to succeed. After Yao Changjun appeared, he didn’t even look at him. He was probably a little embarrassed and angry.

Yang Kai didn’t put him in his eyes. The owner of a teahouse in a small area, under his jurisdiction, would dare not put him in his eyes?

As the City Lord, how can Pang Guang bear it?

“Let the old man retreat?” Yao Changjun smiled, looking at Pang Guang with interest, and said: “Are you sure?”

Only then did Pang Guang realize that something was wrong, and he quickly released his Divine Sense to investigate Yao Changjun’s cultivation level, but it was too late. His Divine Sense had not touched Yao Changjun. The latter had already patted Pang Guang lightly with a cold voice: “A mere 1st-order Emperor Realm dare to be presumptuous in front of the old man, go away!”

In the palm of the hand, the Source Qi is turbulent, like a vortex of stars, containing huge power.

With a palm out, the world shakes.

Pang Guang’s expression changed drastically. He didn’t even know that he was blinded and provoke someone who shouldn’t be offended. In shock, he hurried back and said, “Senior, forgive me!”

But no matter how he dodged and defend himself, that palm was still firmly printed on his chest. With a boom, Pang Guang flew out like a rag sack, crashing dozens of buildings along the road. Falling to the ground in embarrassment, spitting out fresh blood.

On the third floor of the Tea House, the noisy martial artist were deadly quiet.

All the martial artist who saw this scene almost burst their eyes.

The city lord of Marsh City, Pang Guang, the 1st-order Emperor Realm, was shot and flew out by the palm of an old man!

And this half old man is actually the owner of the Teahouse!

If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, they wouldn’t dare to believe it anyway.

It turns out that in this Marsh City, the real powerhouse is not the city lord who is visible, but the landlord who hides in the teahouse!

If he can shoot Pang Guang with one palm, how high should the cultivation level of this teahouse owner be? Is it the 2nd-order Emperor Realm or 3rd-order Emperor Realm?

Everyone was shocked. Some of them thought that they were still going crazy in this Tea House restaurant before, deliberately making things difficult for those guys. In a moment, the whole person felt bad, and a chilly coldness hit the soles of the feet from the head. They are like in an ice cellar.

Only then did they know that the Tea House is definitely not a place where they can be wild and presumptuous. If they really want to take their lives with this host’s cultivation level, Pang Guang would not dare to say anything. The reason why people ignore them is obviously because he didn’t bother to act.

‘I will definitely not make trouble here in the future!’ Every martial artist secretly swears in their heart.

“Now we can talk about it.” After Yao Changjun patted Pang Guang, he smiled slightly and sat opposite Yang Kai, with a breezy expression on his face, as if the matter just now was trivial.

Liu Xianyun was dumbfounded, there was no blood on her face, and her teeth trembled fiercely. She thought she was just offending Pang Guang, but she didn’t expect stronger man to appear now.

“What does Senior want me to talk about?” Yang Kai frowned and asked in a deep voice. Judging from the scene where Yao Changjun took action just now, this guy is obviously not as gentle on the surface, but a moody old man.

How can Yang Kai dare to treat such a person lightly?

While talking, Yang Kai took the jade box in his arms without a trace.

But his actions obviously couldn’t be conceal from Yao Changjun. The owner of the Teahouse just stretched out his hand, and the box in Yang Kai’s hand flew into his hand.

Yang Kai’s face suddenly sank, knowing that Yao Changjun should have noticed the aura of the Soul Performance Repair Heavenly Lotus, that’s why he suddenly appeared. This kind of treasure is of great use to any martial artist.

Otherwise, he won’t directly grab his own things like this.

If he knew this, he wouldn’t open the restriction of the jade box here. But who would have thought that there was an old monster hidden in this teahouse? Yang Kai sighed for a while, only secretly looking forward to Yao Changjun not knowing the mystery of the Soul Performance Repair Heavenly Lotus.

“Talk about this.” Yao Changjun chuckled, while talking, he gently opened a gap in the jade box, and the look became extremely solemn in a moment, like seeing a box of treasure that are extremely important to him.

A faint scent came out of the jade box, Yao Changjun’s eyes bloomed with shocking brilliance, and he said with joy: “Sure enough, this is the thing! The old man has been waiting here for two hundred years, and finally there is no wasted effort, hahahaha.”

Yang Kai’s face stretched instantly.

Listening to what Yao Changjun said, how could he not know that the other party know what the Soul Performance Repair Heavenly Lotus is, and the old guy was hiding his name here. He opened a teahouse for this treasure, and he waited for 200 years!

“Boy, tell the old man, where did you get this thing?” After confirming that the jade box contained Soul Performance Repair Heavenly Lotus, Yao Changjun suddenly became anxious, and he no longer meant to be gentle, but instead the tone was gloomy, which meant that he would make Yang Kai pay if he did not answer truthfully.


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