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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2357 English [Readable]

“Senior, I got this accidentally, and it has nothing to do with my senior brother.” Liu Xianyun interrupted suddenly.

Her intention was obvious, she didn’t want to get Yang Kai involved because of her own business.

“Did you get it?” Hearing this, Yao Changjun ignored Yang Kai, and instead looked at Liu Xianyun with scorching eyes.

Liu Xianyun was a little apprehensive by his intimidating gaze, and nodded nervously, “Yes.”

“Which position?” Yao Changjun asked anxiously.

Liu Xianyun was taken aback, looking at Yang Kai with a puzzled expression. Because Yang Kai asked this just now, but she was interrupted by Pang Guang before she could answer. Now Yao Changjun asked again, could it be said that there are other treasures where this thing appeared? Otherwise, why do they all ask this question?

Although she was suspicious, she didn’t dare to neglect, and quickly said, “It’s in a place deep in Solitary Void Mountain Range.”

“Sure enough, it is Solitary Void Mountain Range!” Yao Changjun gritted his teeth and shout, as if he had expected it, his face changed for a while, and he shouted in a deep voice: “If you go there again, can you find that place?”

Liu Xianyun said, “I don’t remember the way.”

“Trash!” Hearing this, Yao Changjun became angry, and the surging Emperor Prestige suppressed Liu Xianyun. The latter’s face turned red, and a mouthful of blood came out under the shock of her mind.

At this moment, Yang Kai suddenly shot.

This old monster Yao Changjun is definitely not good-natured, and this person is so moody, it seems that he is also a cruel-hearted old man, relying on his high level of cultivation and does not put the lives of others in his eyes. It doesn’t matter if he finds Liu Xianyun to find out the source of Soul Performance Repair Heavenly Lotus. The problem is, he would probably kill people after using them.

Yang Kai estimated that he would do this out of all likelihood.

So at the moment when he was furious, Yang Kai knew that the opportunity had come.

The Space Law suddenly went up and down, and the surrounding space instantly solidified, and Yang Kai snapped his fingers. Several huge moon blades attacked Yao Changjun.

Yao Changjun was originally furious, how could he have thought that Yang Kai dared to take the initiative to attack him, when he appeared, it would be good enough for a 3rd-order Dao Source Stage kid to keep calm in front of him, let alone dare to shoot against him?

So this moment, he was completely caught off guard.

The pitch-black Moon Blade quickly hit Yao Changjun’s vision, and it was a posture to cut him into several pieces.

Yao Changjun didn’t change his face. Sneered: “The kid is looking for death!”

When the words fell, he reached out and grabbed the moonblade.

He grabbed the invincible Moon Blade, then squeezed it fiercely, and it broke into pieces directly, and even Yang Kai’s Space Law was completely smoothed under the force of extremely strong emperor prestige.

“Space Force?” Yao Changjun showed an unexpected look and looked at Yang Kai suspiciously: “The kid is a bit interesting, who is Li Wuyi to you?”

“It’s your uncle!” When Yang Kai shouted angrily, Life’s Exterminator Demon Eye had opened, amidst the golden light. The Life Lotus Secret Technique was performed leisurely, and the power of the divine soul poured out and burst into Yao Changjun’s mind.

Yao Changjun never thought that Yang Kai would dare to use Divine Soul Secret Technique to deal with him. After all, their cultivation level gap are too large. Under normal circumstances, it is impossible for the weaker party to use Divine Soul Secret Technique to attack the strong one. It is easy to be backlashed and ruined.

But Yang Kai did just that.

What makes Yao Changjun’s heart palpitating even more disturbing is that. This is his biggest weakness now.

Yang Kai seemed to have known this a long time ago, so he was not afraid of it. Directly used an extremely powerful Secret Technique of Divine Soul.

Yao Changjun was hit in an instant, the defense of the consciousness sea was torn, and severe pain came from his head, he covered his head with his hands and screamed, his body strength was actually out of control, and he went wild.

“Let’s go!” Yang Kai said while shouting in deep voice. He had already probing his hand and grabbed the jade box in Yao Changjun’s hand, and directly captured the stolen Soul Performance Repair Heavenly Lotus, and then, without any delay, grabbed Liu Xianyun who was stunned. Space Force lingers around his side, teleporting away.


Just as the two left, the Tea House collapsed.

The Source Qi from Yao Changjun’s rampage turned into a dragon and tiger, and he unconsciously bombarded everything around him. The martial artisst in the teahouse were killed and injured in an instant, and countless shops on the street collapsed.

A dozen or so streets away, Pang Guang, who got up in an embarrassed manner, looked at this side with a pale face, and lost his voice: “3rd-order Emperor Realm!”

He hadn’t ascertained Yao Changjun’s specific cultivation level before, but now, under the riot of his Source Qi, his cultivation level can be seen clearly.

The owner of this Tea House is actually a powerhouse at the 3rd-order Emperor Realm! Pang Guang suddenly became uneasy.

He was the City Lord of Marsh City, and he didn’t even know that such a top powerhouse was hidden in the city he was in charge of, which made him feel terrified, and he secretly thanked himself that he hadn’t provoke him before.

What made Pang Guang even more unbelievable was who in the end could hurt Yao Changjun? Listening to his roar at the moment and his current state, it is clear that the injury is serious. Could it be that young man? This is impossible. The young man only has the 3rd-order Emperor Realm, even if Yao Changjun stands in place and lets him fight, he cannot be injured.

Could it be that Yao Changjun is not the only one in Marsh City with 3rd-order Emperor Realm? Thinking of this, Pang Guang’s face suddenly turned pale, and the whole person became suspicious.

“Boy, do you dare to attack the old man, you are dead, the old man will never let you go!” A roar came from the ruins of the teahouse, Yao Changjun thought of killing all over his body, and finally calmed the pain in his mind. After Yang Kai fled in the direction, he directly chased after him, his figure as fast as lightning.

He was a magnificent 3rd-order Emperor Realm, but was attacked and injured by Yang Kai. Where should he put his face if rumors about it spread? He secretly vowed that he must catch Yang Kai and make him taste the torture in the world to relieve his hatred.

In the blink of an eye, Yao Changjun disappeared.

Standing in place, Pang Guang groaned for a while with a sullen expression, but he also flew away from the city.

He looked like he was going to chase Yao Changjun and Yang Kai, and didn’t know what he was thinking.

Outside the city, Yang Kai continued to use Space Force. For more than ten miles, Liu Xianyun was held in his arms. Until now, she hadn’t returned to her senses, and the whole person was confused.

Yang Kai actually injured that Yao Changjun, and looking at the situation, it seemed that he was injured with the power of divine sense. How is this possible? Everything she saw today completely subverted her view, making her wonder if she was dreaming.

“Where is Solitary Void Mountain Range?” Yang Kai asked hurriedly, feeling the murderous intent behind him approaching.

Although he is proficient in the Space Force, if he flees with Liu Xianyun, every teleportation will take a lot of effort. Sooner or later, Yao Changjun will catch up with this situation. With Yao Changjun’s powerful strength, he is unable to resist.

Now he can only go to Solitary Void Mountain Range first, hoping to get rid of Yao Changjun with the help of the terrain there. He just heard Liu Xianyun say that the depths of Solitary Void Mountain Range are extremely dangerous, and even the Emperor Realm may not be able to survive.

“Over there!” Liu Xianyun subconsciously pointed in a direction when she heard the words. She had also been in Marsh City for a few years at any rate, and she knew the surrounding environment well.

Yang Kai immediately changed direction and drove towards the Solitary Void Mountain Range.

“Senior Brother…” Although Liu Xianyun was held in Yang Kai’s arms, she still felt cold all over, because the clear murderous intent behind her was getting closer and closer, she felt it clearly, “You run by yourself, this time I am the one who caused you trouble.”

“I hurt him once, do you think he will let me go?” Yang Kai replied lightly, “Since you call me senior brother, I can’t ignore you, rest assured, running away is my strength.”

Seeing his persistence, Liu Xianyun could only pursed her red lips, and her heart was touched. Speaking of it, she was able to get acquainted with Yang Kai at first, and they didn’t know each other. Later, the time spent in the Blue Feather Sect was not long, but after escaping from the Blue Feather Sect, Yang Kai was able to divide the things in his space ring. Give half of it to her, and seeing Yang Kai this time will help her everywhere, making her feel warm in this strange Star Boundary.

Even in the Great Desolate Star Field, no one treated her so well. After living here for so many years, it was the first time she met someone who could take care of her in this way. With their body close to each other, Liu Xianyun gradually felt that the infiltrating murderous intent was no longer so cold, but as time passed, it gave her body a hint of heat.

Panicked in her heart, she quickly shifted her attention, and asked casually: “Senior Brother, Yao Changjun is really the 3rd-order Emperor Realm?”


“Then how could you hurt him?” Liu Xianyun looked puzzled. According to reason, the difference in cultivation level is so great, no matter what method Yang Kai uses, it is impossible to hurt Yao Changjun, but in fact Yang Kai did. When his attack arrived, Yao Changjun’s painful roar was clearly not a fake.

“Because there is a crack in his Consciousness Sea!” Yang Kai said, “He has definitely suffered extremely severe trauma, otherwise, with my current cultivation level, if I rashly attack him with the Divine Soul Secret Technique, I will encounter backlash, and become stupid.”

“How did you know?” Liu Xianyun suddenly surprised at Yang Kai. After all, this was too incredible. Yang Kai and Yao Changjun didn’t know each other before. How did he know Yao Changjun’s secret? There are cracks in the Consciousness Sea. This is definitely Yao Changjun’s biggest secret, otherwise he would not hide himself in this Marsh City. He is hiding here, obviously because he is afraid that his enemies will come.

Yang Kai smiled slightly and said, “He cares so much about the Soul Performance Repair Heavenly Lotus, naturally because he wants to repair his Consciousness Sea.”

Liu Xianyun suddenly said, “That spirit medicine was originally called Soul Performance Repair Heavenly Lotus? Senior Brother mean, this spirit medicine has the effect of repairing the consciousness sea?”

“The simple Soul Performance Repair Heavenly Lotus naturally has no such effect.” Yang Kai pondered for a moment and explained to her: “If you get this plant for Pill Refining, it can be refined into Soul Performance Repair Heavenly Pill. Repairing broken meridians and dantians, has a great effect on those martial artist who have been seriously injured. However, Soul Performance Repair Heavenly Lotus has another name called Mending Heavenly Lotus. When it appears, it has always been a double plant with a stalk, one white, one black, if you can get all of them, you can refine it to Mending Heavenly Pill, which is a higher level of existence than the Soul Performance Repair Heavenly Pill. It can not only repair the broken meridians and dantians of the martial artist, but also repair Divine Soul and expand the Consciousness Sea, and under the intersection of Yin-Yang, it can also make people feel the Law.”


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