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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2358 English [Readable]

“Mending Heavenly Lotus!” Liu Xianyun suddenly said, “No wonder you all asked me where I got the thing. It turned out to be looking for another patch of Mending Heavenly Lotus. In that case, Yao Changjun also has a deep understanding about the Mending Heavenly Lotus.”

“He can distinguish this thing directly through aura. Obviously, he has done some research.” Yang Kai raised his eyebrows, and then said: “And listening to what he said just now, this Solitary Void Mountain Range seems to have produce Mending Heavenly Lotus before, that’s why he waited here for two hundred years.”

“But senior brother…when I got it, there was only one plant.” Liu Xianyun looked puzzled. Although she had obtained the white patch of Mending Heavenly Lotus by accident, after obtaining it, she had searched the area carefully and found no other valuable spirit medicine. If it is said that the Mending Heavenly Lotus is really black and white, she had no reason to miss it.

“It may have been taken away by someone else first, or you may have been negligent. Don’t care about this. It is serious to find a way to get rid of the old monster first.” After Yang Kai finished speaking, he stopped speaking, but carefully inspected the surrounding terrain.

Solitary Void Mountain Range is a very fierce place near Marsh City, and it is also a place of experience that many martial artist like. Because of the special environment of this place, many valuable monster beast and spirit herbs have been bred, and the martial artist living in the Marsh City often come here with friends to find training materials.

Liu Xianyun has been here many times, and she knows the terrain nearby.

Under her guidance, the two rushed into the Solitary Void Mountain Range in less than an hour.

As soon as they stepped into this place, Yang Kai felt some frightening aura lingering around, as if there was something in the depths of this Solitary Void Mountain Range that could threaten his existence. According to Liu Xianyun, she has always experienced the periphery of the Solitary Void Mountain Range, and never dared to go deep inside, because the deeper she goes, the more dangerous it becomes. There was once an emperor realm expert who was bold enough to enter the Solitary Void Mountain Range, but never came out again.

If it wasn’t for being chased by a monster beast, Liu Xianyun would not run deep, and it would be luck to return safely in the end.

But accordingly, the deeper you go. The benefit that the martial artist can get is the greater, and the high benefit often allows some martial artist to take risks.

There are countless martial artist missing and falling in Solitary Void Mountain Range every year.

However, there is no absolute saying about everything. Some good things often appeared around the Solitary Void Mountain Range. Once a martial artist found an emperor grade spiritual herbs within a thousand miles of Solitary Void Mountain Range periphery, it was taken away.

Yang Kai was puzzled: “Since there are so many martial artist in the periphery, how can there be good things left?”

Liu Xianyun said: “I don’t know too well. Anyway, every time I come here, I feel different. It seems that the landscape here have changed a lot every once in a while. What I saw before. It often disappears, replaced by other scenes.”

“Is there such a thing?” Yang Kai was surprised.

As soon as he finished asking this, Yang Kai’s complexion changed, and he couldn’t help but urging his Source Qi, and he teleported again and again, and suddenly escaped hundreds of miles, finally opening the distance from Yao Changjun.

The owner of the Tea House is worthy of being a powerhouse at the 3rd-order Emperor Realm, even though his divine sense has suffered heavy losses. The remaining strength is definitely not something Yang Kai can contend, he is proficient in Space Force. But with Liu Xianyun with him, he could not escape completely from the other party.

Teleportation consumes a lot of Yang Kai’s energy. The world’s Law in the star boundary is very strong. He has to spend a lot of Source Qi and divine soul power to do it every time he teleports, and he has to protect Liu Xianyun during the teleportation process. With Space Law being suppressed, it is naturally extremely difficult.

But last time in the Thousand Leaves Sect, he refined a lot of spirit pill, which happened to come in handy at this time. So there is no need to worry about exhaustion in a short time, but this is definitely not the way to go in the long run.

There are dangers everywhere in Solitary Void Mountain Range, not only are there various ferocious monster beast, but there are also many natural formation restrictions. At the same time, maintaining the Life’s Exterminator Demon Eye can also avoid these dangers in advance.

On the contrary, Yao Changjun, who was chasing from behind, seemed to fall into some restriction traps or be besieged by monster beast because he didn’t dare to use his divine sense. However, with his powerful strength, even if he was attacked by monster beast or fall into restriction formation, it only takes a very short time to get out of the trap.

Yao Changjun’s understanding of the Solitary Void Mountain Range is much deeper than Yang Kai. He has been here for two hundred years, and naturally he did not wait dryly. He would often go in and out of Solitary Void Mountain Range, hoping to find the Mending Heavenly Lotus.

He thought that with his own powerful strength, Yang Kai was destined to be unable to escape for long, but after chasing for a while, he realized that he was wrong.

The distance between him and Yang Kai could not be shortened, and every time he used the secret technique to close the distance, Yang Kai could always get rid of him smoothly, which made him angry but helpless.

It is really difficult to catch a martial artist who has cultivated Space Force. Yao Changjun has fought against this type of martial artist, and naturally understands this. Moreover, judging from the methods used by Yang Kai to use the space secret technique, this kid’s attainments in space force turned out to be extremely high. Even if he was not better than the person he knew, it was definitely not something his age and cultivation level could understand.

Where is this kid from? Yao Changjun couldn’t figure it out, could it really be the disciple taught by Li Wuyi? In this entire star boundary, Li Wuyi has the deepest understanding on Space Force.

After a chase that lasted for five days, Yao Changjun was still unable to capture Yang Kai smoothly, which made him wonder if he was going to miss this opportunity!

If it weren’t for the divine soul to be injured, and the strength of the body could not be at its peak, even if it was the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage who is profecient in Space Force, it would never be able to keep jumping around like this!

He could completely control the world where Yang Kai was located, and suppress it with his super cultivation level, so that he would not even have the opportunity to use Space Force.

Unfortunately there is no such thing now…

Just when Yao Changjun’s face was blue and he secretly swore to catch Yang Kai, he suddenly moved and his expression was overjoyed.

Because he found that Yang Kai suddenly stopped moving, and he didn’t know if he was in danger or fell into the restriction formation, but no matter what the reason, it is good news for Yao Changjun.

He tried his best to urge his flying artifact, and quickly moved closer to Yang Kai.

“Senior Brother, what’s the matter?” Thousands of miles away, Liu Xianyun looked at Yang Kai with a puzzled expression.

Just now, Yang Kai suddenly stopped, his expression changing.

“I’m so stupid!” Yang Kai gritted his teeth and cursed with an annoyed look on his face.

“What’s the matter?” Liu Xianyun didn’t know why he said that to himself.

“Wait for me for a while, I’ll come as soon as I go!” Yang Kai put Liu Xianyun down while he was talking, and his Divine Sense swept around, found a suitable location and hurriedly rushed over there.

After a while, Yang Kai drew himself into the Mysterious Small Boundary.

Yao Changjun has been able to chase after him so persistently. In fact, Yang Kai was very surprised, because this man’s divine soul has suffered heavy injuries, and it is impossible to lock his escape direction and location with his divine sense. In fact, since the five days of fleeing, Yang Kai also didn’t notice Yao Changjun’s divine sense.

But he can still pinpoint where he is, even chasing after him.

He use the space divine ablity. With Yao Changjun’s current state, Yang Kai has full confidence to get rid of him.

How can he do this? The only explanation is that he or Liu Xianyun was marked or planted with his secret technique. Only through this secret technique or mark can Yao Changjun locate his position.

Thinking of this, Yang Kai knew that he had been too negligent in the past five days. If he had spotted it earlier, he might have been dumped out of sight by now.

In the Mysterious Small Boundary, Yang Kai’s senses were infinitely magnified.

He refined the Mysterious Boundary Bead, which make him the ruler of this world, with a move of his mind, the power of the whole world is mobilized. Even if the laws of the Mysterious Small Boundary are not perfect, it is easy to investigate any abnormalities.

Yang Kai mobilized the power of the world in the Mysterious Small Boundary and searched his body inch by inch.

He secretly prayed that things shouldn’t be too complicated, that the secret technique or mark should best be placed on him. If it was placed on Liu Xianyun, he would have to bring Liu Xianyun to the Mysterious Small Boundary for inspection.

After five breaths, Yang Kai’s eyes lit up, and he reached out from his space ring and took out the jade box containing the Mending Heavenly Lotus, and then threw it to Liu Yan and hurriedly said: “This jade box has strong aura’s mark, erase it.”

Liu Yan took it, and before she had time to say anything to Yang Kai, Yang Kai had disappeared in a flash.

In the depths of Solitary Void Mountain Range, Liu Xianyun stood alone, looking at the unfamiliar environment around her, panicking.

Yang Kai just flashed behind a small mound next to her. She didn’t know what he was doing, and suddenly disappeared, without leaving even the slightest aura.

This made her a little bit troubled. Even though she knew that Yang Kai was not the kind of person who ignored the life and death of his companion, she still couldn’t avoid her random thoughts. She felt that she dragged down Yang Kai, so he left her here.

“No, no.” Liu Xianyun shook her head constantly. If Yang Kai was really such a person, he would not take her out with him when she was in the Blue Feather Sect. He even shared the belongings in the space ring with her, in the Teahouse restaurant a few days ago, he wouldn’t risk offending a 3rd-order Emperor Realm powerhouse for her.

‘Senior Brother must have something important!’ Liu Xianyun comforted herself in her heart.

As soon as this thought was finished, Yang Kai’s aura suddenly appeared strangely, and immediately afterwards, he rushed out from behind the small mound.

“Senior Brother…” Liu Xianyun’s heart was relieved, and her whole body relaxed.

Yang Kai rushed in front of her, without saying a word, once again stretched out his hand to embrace her, the Space Force surged, and they disappeared.

After a while, the two had arrived thousands of miles away. It was only then that Yang Kai suddenly sacrificed his own wooden ship, pulled Liu Xianyun and stood on it, and said anxiously, “Take your clothes off.”

“Huh?” Liu Xianyun blushed after hearing this.


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