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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2359 English [Readable]

In this wilderness, Yang Kai suddenly asked her to take off her clothes, and in a tone that could not be refuted, Liu Xianyun was naturally angry and ashamed.

Yang Kai said, “The jade box was marked by Yao Changjun, so he can lock our position. I don’t know if there is any on your clothes, but we must always take precautions. Change your clothes.”

Listening to his explanation, Liu Xianyun knew what Yang Kai meant, and realized that she had misunderstood Yang Kai’s intentions, and her expression was embarrassed for a while.

She wasn’t a twitchy little girl, she immediately undressed when she knew the whole story.

Not long after, she changed another set of clothes and burned her original set clean.

Three thousand miles away, Yao Changjun’s figure suddenly stopped, and his face was extremely pale, because just now he suddenly noticed that the tracking mark he planted had disappeared.

At that time, after he took the jade box from Yang Kai, he directly made a mark. This was not because he could tell what would happen, but just to be careful. After waiting in Marsh City for two hundred years, he finally saw the Mending Heavenly Lotus, how can he not be cautious?

Facts proved that his caution allowed him to chase after Yang Kai for five days.

But just now, the mark suddenly disappeared.

Yao Changjun know that Yang Kai must have discovered the mark he planted and erased it! But what makes it impossible to figure out is how can a 3rd-order Dao Source Stage like Yang Kai erase his mark?

This difference in strength is not fake.

In a moment, Yao Changjun was anxious and angry. Raising the sky and roaring: “Boy. Even if you dig three feet, this king will catch you back!”

Although there is no mark to show him the direction, Yao Changjun is still unwilling to let it go. Mending Heavenly Lotus is not something that can be seen casually. This time he can see it entirely by chance. If he missed it this time, he may not be able to see it again in the future.

He secretly swears. In any case, he must find Yang Kai, smash his body into thousands of pieces, and retake the Mending Heavenly Lotus.

In the depths of Solitary Void Mountain Range, Yang Kai looked ugly.

Although he completely got rid of Yao Changjun, Yang Kai found that his situation hadn’t improved, because this horrible place made him lost.

After asking Liu Xianyun, she also said that she didn’t know how to get out from here. She had only come in once in such a deep place. It was all luck to be able to go out alive last time.

The surrounding environment seemed to be carved out of a same mold. Yang Kai walked around here for a long time without knowing if he was walking in circles or not. Even his divine sense could not extend too far. There seemed to be a kind of magical power here, supressing his Divine Sense.

At a certain moment. Yang Kai suddenly stopped. His face looked around dignifiedly.

“Senior Brother, what’s wrong?” Liu Xianyun asked nervously.

“Do you feel that this land is moving?” Yang Kai asked.

Liu Xianyun suddenly broke out in a cold sweat. Although Yang Kai’s tone was flat, the meaning of the words made her a little creepy.

“Perhaps it is an illusion…” Yang Kai muttered to himself.

Liu Xianyun swallowed her saliva and said softly, “Senior Brother, Solitary Void Mountain Range has always had a saying…”

“What do you mean?”

“Some people say Solitary Void Mountain Range… is alive.” Liu Xianyun paled.

“Alive?” Yang Kai raised his brows.

“En.” Liu Xianyun nodded and said, “The landscape of the Solitary Void Mountain Range are changing all the time, so there has been no map information in this place. Sometimes the landscape of a certain place change very quickly. Sometimes it changes again. It’s slow and undetectable, but most people think that Solitary Void Mountain Range is alive.”

Yang Kai frowned, thought for a while, and suddenly his eyes lit up, saying: “This statement may not be correct, but it definitely has some basis.”

“What do you mean?” Liu Xianyun looked at Yang Kai puzzled.

Yang Kai said, “Junior Sister, you have been active outside the Solitary Void Mountain Range, do you often find good things?”

“Yes.” Liu Xianyun replied, “not only me, but many people in Marsh City are like this.”

Yang Kai nodded and said: “Since there are many people who are active in the periphery all year round, it is reasonable to say that the periphery should be left without grass. Even if there are any good things, they have been taken away long ago, but you can often find some good things……”

“This is also something i’ve always feel strange about.” Liu Xianyun nodded. She never understood why. She had been to Solitary Void Mountain Range many times. Except for the occasional few bad luck, where she didn’t find anything. At that time, she can always find something useful for her own cultivation on the periphery.

But this is obviously unreasonable.

“Senior Brother, what do you mean…”

Yang Kai said: “Solitary Void Mountain Range is moving. Every once in a while, the deep earth will flow to the periphery, and the spirit herbs and medicines in the deep will naturally appear in the periphery, so there will always be good things in the periphery.”

“How did you know?” Liu Xianyun was astonished. She had lived near Solitary Void Mountain Range for several years, and she didn’t even thought of this. Yang Kai had only been here for a few days, and he thought of this level.

Yang Kai smiled slightly and said, “Just a guess, I don’t know if it’s correct.”

But this conjecture is most likely true, because it perfectly explains why good things often appear outside of the Solitary Void Mountain Range. This piece of land is alive, squirming and rolling at a speed that ordinary people can’t detect. When the originally deep land flows to the periphery, it naturally brings good things out.

But the martial artist in Solitary Void Mountain Range had never felt it, and could not perceive the changes in Solitary Void Mountain Range at all.


At this moment, the sound of flapping wings suddenly came out. Then, countless birds in the dense forest rose into the air, seeming to have been frightened. Not only that, but the beasts on the ground also began to rush in a hurry. They scurry around like headless flies.

In less than three breaths of effort, the entire Solitary Void Mountain Range suddenly boiled.

“What’s the matter?” Liu Xianyun asked in surprise with her pretty face complexion changed.

Yang Kai also looked inexplicable, but the next moment, his face suddenly changed, because he saw the birds flying high in the sky, they were frozen in the air, no matter how they flapped their wings, they couldn’t move forward.

It’s as if there is an invisible force holding them back.

Among those flying birds, there is no lack of the existence of 11th-order Monster Beast, and Yang Kai even saw a 12-th order Monster Beast comparable to Emperor Realm.

Just as Yang Kai was suspicious, the ground under his feet suddenly flowed, making Yang Kai foothold unstable and almost fell to the ground. At the same time, a strong suction came from a deeper position in Solitary Void Mountain Range, pulling in Yang Kai’s body, wanting to drag him over there.

Yang Kai’s expression changed drastically, he couldn’t help but directly urge Source Qi to wrap Liu Xianyun, and he wanted to use his space force to escape from here.

But under the ups and downs of space force, he was still in place.

After feeling carefully, Yang Kai lost his voice: “The law is broken!”

The law of this piece of heaven and earth has actually become shattered under this change, and he has no way to use the Space Law to leave here. In just such a short time, the earth flowing under his feet became faster, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a little dizzy, and Liu Xianyun was even more unbearable. She couldn’t stand on her feet and could only hold Yang Kai’s waist.

The suction power coming from the depths is even more terrifying. With Yang Kai’s cultivation level, he is a bit unable to contend. No matter how he urges his power to stabilize his figure, all the birds and monster beasts have been dragged by the suction at this moment and disappeared. After disappearing from Yang Kai’s field of vision, many lower-strength birds and monster beasts burst into a cloud of blood.

For a time, the roar of monster beasts and birds continued to sing, and Solitary Void Mountain Range became very lively.

Somewhere three thousand miles away, Yao Changjun also looked shocked, desperately urging his Emperor Yuan to get rid of the shackles of this world, but even with his cultivation level, he couldn’t do it. He could only barely stand still.

“Solitary Void Great Vortex!” Yao Changjun’s expression was gloomy and almost dripping out water, the emperor’s heart stubborn as a rock shivered slightly, panicking.

Unlike Yang Kai who has just arrived here and Liu Xianyun who has lived here for not long, Yao Changjun’s research on Solitary Void Mountain Range is extremely thorough. He knows that this ghost place is not dangerous at ordinary times, but at a certain moment, Heavenly Law can erupt, not even the Emperor Realm could resist it.

This time is when the Solitary Void Great Vortex appeared!

The Solitary Void Great Vortex is definitely a natural disaster that destroys and reshape the Solitary Void Mountain Range.

Yang Kai had guessed right before. Solitary Void Mountain Range was indeed constantly changing and moving, and the terrain was constantly shifting, so the martial artist on the periphery could always find some good things.

But this kind of creeping movement is actually very slow, and it will not bring too much danger to the martial artist who come here to experience it, and because the martial artist are all in the Solitary Void Mountain Range, they are generally not aware of this kind of creeping movement. At that time, the terrain change has been completed.

However, when the speed of this creeping movement reaches a limit, the entire Solitary Void Mountain Range will spin like a crazy spin top, and in this rotation, Solitary Void Mountain Range will be reshaped.

This is the Solitary Void Great Vortex!

No one knows why Solitary Void Great Vortex is like this. The world is so beautiful, Yao Changjun has been in and out of Solitary Void Mountain Range many times, and he can’t study anything. It’s just that the cycle of the Solitary Void Great Vortex appearance is extremely long. It usually only occurs once in hundreds of thousands of years. According to Yao Changjun’s knowledge, the last Solitary Void Great Vortex appeared 600 years ago. Countless martial artist who entered the Solitary Void Mountain Range was swallowed by the great vortex, this time obviously will be no exception.

Moreover, he was also caught in it.

Yao Changjun hated Yang Kai in his heart, and felt that if it hadn’t been for this kid to get in the way, he wouldn’t have to venture into this place and encounter this kind of natural disaster that he is powerless to resist.

If he was still on the periphery of Solitary Void Mountain Range, he would definitely be able to escape with his powerful cultivation level, but in order to chase Yang Kai, he had gone deep inside! When the Great Vortex appeared, the closer you are to the deepest part, the more terrifying the suction power, and the harder it was to resist. At this moment, he was only two thousand miles away from the center of Solitary Void Mountain Range. This distance, he was unable to resist.


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