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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2361 English [Readable]

Just when Yang Kai was at a loss, there was a sudden noise not far away, and then a figure rose into the sky and landed not far near him.

Seeing this person, Yang Kai’s expression changed drastically, and he quickly led Liu Xianyun back, pulling away from him.

This person is actually Yao Changjun!

When he was swallowed by the vortex earlier, Yang Kai didn’t find Yao Changjun, and he didn’t know if he was swallowed in first or the next step. Anyway, looking at his appearance, he must have not escaped the catastrophe just now, and he also fell here.

Moreover, Yao Changjun’s condition at the moment looked extremely miserable, with his clothes broken, his gray hair messy, and his body was bloody, his aura was a bit unstable, obviously because he had received a strong backlash against the swallowing force before.

Yang Kai gave up resistance because he was reminded by Liu Xianyun. Even if it didn’t look good at the moment, it was undoubtedly better than Yao Changjun.

This guy is not dead! Yang Kai also admired his powerful cultivation level, he deserves to be a 3rd-order Emperor Realm, even if the divine soul has suffered heavy injuries, it is not that simple to die.

“It’s you wicked animal!” Yao Changjun soon found Yang Kai’s figure, his face was cold and murderous.

If it weren’t for Yang Kai, how could he risk chasing into solitary void mountain range? If it weren’t for chasing into solitary void mountain range, how could he encounter the solitary void great vortex? Now that the trouble has come, Yang Kai is the capital of all the culprits. At the moment when the enemies meet, he is naturally extremely furious.

Just as he was so angry that he was about to move towards Yang Kai, there was another soft noise not far away, and another figure rushed out from under the mud.

Both Yang Kai and Yao Changjun were shocked by this change, and they focused their attention on the past, but after seeing the appearance of that person, the two quickly became relieved.

Because the third person who appeared here was Pang Guang, the city lord of marsh city!

Yao Changjun knew what Pang Guang was behind him, but he wanted to find Yang Kai, so he didn’t pay much attention to Pang Guang. The solitary void mountain range catastrophe, Pang Guang naturally did not have the power to resist, and was drawn into this place.

But what surprised him a little was that Pang Guang’s condition was much better than that of him, and he was only slightly distressed. There was no injury at all, and he was full of aura.

“Are you all okay?” When Pang Guang came out, he was surprised to see Yang Kai and Yao Changjun confronting each other.

Yao Changjun suddenly snorted: “What do you want the old man to do?”

Seeing Pang Guang’s appearance, he knew that the other party knew how to evade that swallowing power. That’s why he was intact. On the contrary, he had been incognito in marsh city for two hundred years, and he was so humiliated, and for a while, he couldn’t hold his face.

He have suffered a big loss from Yao Changjun once before. How can Pang Guang dare to be presumptuous in front of him, he smiled, and said: “The senior are naturally fine. Pang just asks casually.”

Yang Kai grinned and said: “City Lord Pang is not kind. He knows how to avoid danger, but he doesn’t tell Senior Yao. He clearly wants Senior Yao to die early. Senior Yao, if I were you, I just can’t bear it, I have to beat him to get out my bad breath.”

Pang Guang’s face sank, and he looked at Yao Changjun carefully, and saw that his expression was indifferent and his anger was overwhelming. Suddenly he shouted: “You don’t have a bad word, you killed my subordinates and snatched my belongings. I haven’t settled with you! Senior Yao is a generation of hidden masters who are insightful. His eyes is bright, how can i provoke discord with you!”

While talking, he turned his head to look at Yao Changjun, clasped his fist and said, “Senior, although I have an grudge with this kid, but they are all trivial things. This place takes you as the most important thing. If you want to kill him. The junior will just watch the excitement, never Intervene.”

Yao Changjun glanced at him faintly, and slowly said: “You have been hanging behind the old man, are you going to see the excitement?”

A layer of cold sweat suddenly appeared on Pang Guang’s forehead, and the corners of his mouth twitched: “Senior has misunderstood. Pang has only one thing to do when he enters soiltary void mountain range. He has no intention of following Senior.”

Yao Changjun snorted coldly, noncommittal, with an air of arrogance. Although he was injured when he was swallowed by the vortex before, whether it was Pang Guang or Yang Kai, he did not put them in the eyes. He was injured by Yang Kai in the teahouse. It’s just because of being caught off guard.

However, in his current state, it would be better not to fall out with Pang Guang. He is not in peak state after all. Pang Guang is also an emperor realm. If he really wants to fight, even if he can kill Pang Guang. He has to pay a certain price.

“Senior, is this place the legendary solitary void secret realm?” Pang Guang felt a little dazed when he saw that he didn’t say a word, and he quickly changed the subject and asked.

“solitary void secret realm?” Yang Kai couldn’t help raising his brow when he heard this.

Now he wants to figure out what this ghost place is, no better than Pang Guang and Yao Changjun. He is a newcomer. The two obviously know some information, so he can’t help but put his ears up and listened with interest.

“Since you know, why come to ask the old man?” Yao Changjun snorted, obviously not waiting to see him.

Pang Guang whispered: “I didn’t expect that the Secret Realm of solitary void secret realm really exists. Pang has been the city lord for hundreds of years, and he has finally gained insight today.”

“Where is the solitary void secret realm exit, how do i get out?” Yang Kai asked quickly.

Pang Guang’s face was stern, and he shouted: “The kid asks so much what you are doing, just wait here and die.”

Yang Kai’s face turned black and said: “City Lord Pang, no matter what kind of grievances everyone had before, they are now regarded as grasshoppers on a rope. What information is there to share? It’s not the hatred of killing your parents and wife, why be so stingy. ”

Pang Guang sneered and said: “The ways are different and don’t conspire. I have nothing to say with you. Let’s talk about if you can survive under Senior Yao.”

Yang Kai offended Yao Changjun. Pang Guang had already regarded Yang Kai as a dead person in his heart. How could he talk with him casually. After saying that, he looked at Yao Changjun with a smile: “Senior, this solitary void secret realm only exists in the legen, it is easy to get in but difficult to get out. I don’t know what senior can do?”

He changed his face almost faster than flipping a book.

Yang Kai laughed and said, “So you don’t know how to get out.”

Pang Guang hummed: “What’s so funny about this, be careful to laugh off your teeth…”

While talking, Pang Guang suddenly frowned, sniffed the air gently, and said suspiciously: “What is this smell?”

In the air, a strange fragrance suddenly floated, which shocked people’s scent.

Yang Kai and Yao Changjun obviously smelled it too. The scent made the two feel very familiar. After looking at each other, they remembered something in unison, and at the same time they lost their voice: “Mending Heavenly Lotus!”

When the words fell, the two rushed towards the source of the fragrance.

Pang Guang was stunned for a while, but his expression changed after hearing the words mending heavenly lotus, and he rushed over.

Although Pang Guang and Yao Changjun are both powerful in the emperor realm, Yang Kai possesses the space divine ability. The speed of the explosion is naturally not comparable to the two of them. It is just a teleport, and Yang Kai has come to the source of the fragrance.

This is a huge pile of mud, this pile of mud is obviously transmitted from the side of solitary void mountain range, the soil is clear.

Yang Kai directly stretched his hand into the mud pile, grabbed something, felt the size of the thing and the energy fluctuations it radiated, and threw it into the space ring with joy in his heart.

“The kid is looking for death!” Yao Changjun was furious, and with a palm out, he slapped Yang Kai.

Fortunately, he didn’t dare to do his best for fear of hurting the spirit medicine, but this palm was still not something Yang Kai could contend.

Yang Kai snorted, forcibly urged the momentum, teleported again, and moved away from the spot.


The mud pile was photographed directly into powder, leaving a huge pit in place, and the entire newly formed island swayed a few times, and it was likely to collapse immediately.

Yao Changjun stood in place with a pale face, and looked in one direction coldly.

Pang Guang also paused, with an incredible look on his face. Yang Kai was able to avoid Yao Changjun’s blow. This scene completely surpassed his knowledge, even he himself might not be able to avoid the blow.

“What senior is doing with such anger, it is really frightening.” Yang Kai said as he shook the dirt on his hand, the spirit medicine he had grasped on the palm of his hand immediately revealed its true color.

This spirit medicine is amazingly mending heavenly lotus. It looks exactly the same size and shape as the one Liu Xianyun got before, except that the one is as white as snow and does not stain the slightest dust, but this one is pitch black like ink, and is extremely weird.

Mending Heavenly Lotus has always had two stalks. Liu Xianyun got one of them by chance, but she didn’t know why she couldn’t find the second one.

Now that the solitary void great vortex appeared, a large amount of spirit medicine and soil were swallowed and transported to this island, and the second mending heavenly lotus also appeared.

Looking at the patch of heavenly lotus in Yang Kai’s hand, Yao Changjun’s breathing was suddenly short.

He spent 200 years of time in marsh city, for what? Isn’t it just for this mending heavenly lotus? As long as he can get the mending heavenly lotus and let people refine it into mending heavenly pill, then his injuries will be healed, and then he will be able to regain peak combat power and find enemies to avenge.

But… after waiting for two hundred years, even though mending heavenly lotus appeared, the good things were destroyed by Yang Kai one after another.

The previous one was snatched by Yang Kai inadvertently, but the one in front of him was still like this.

Yao Changjun’s lungs exploded. Since he was promoted to the Emperor Realm, it seems that he have never suffered such a big loss, and it is a loss that has been suffered by a kid in the Dao Source Stage.

Looking at the mending heavenly lotus in Yang Kai’s hand, seeing him slowly squeezing it into the space ring, Yao Changjun resisted the idea of ​​taking a shot now, and said in a deep voice: “Boy, give the mending heavenly lotus to the old man, everything is forgotten. The old man can also take you out of here.”

Hearing this, Pang Guang’s eyes lighted up, and he quickly said, “Senior Yao will take me with him then.”

Yao Changjun was not angry, and glared at him and shouted: “If you dare to say anything, the old man will kill you now!”

Pang Guang was startled, and he dared not say anything.


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