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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2362 English [Readable]

“Take me out first, everything is easy to say.” Yang Kai looked at Yao Changjun with a smile, “Or, you can tell me the way to go out.”

“Boy, you dare to bargain with the old man!” Yao Changjun looked angry.

Yang Kai said, “I’m just afraid that senior will lie to me!”

“How can the old man do such a shameless thing!” Yao Changjun snorted coldly.

Yang Kai shook his head and said, “That’s not good. If senior don’t know the way out, isn’t it a fool if I hand in the spirit medicine for nothing!”

Pang Guang immediately shouted angrily: “Little animal, Senior Yao wants you to hand over the spirit medicine to save you face, you dare not cooperate, you are looking for death.”

Yang Kai and Yao Changjun turned their heads together and hummed, “Mind your own business!”

Pang Guang’s face was hot, and the flattery slapped the horse’s leg with an embarrassing expression.

Yang Kai stared at Yao Changjun for a while, then sneered: “It looks like the senior is a liar, he can’t even protect himself. He actually said he wanted to take me out, ridiculous, ridiculous!”

When he saw Yao Changjun’s expression at the moment, he knew that he didn’t know how to get out of this ghost place.

If Yao Changjun really had a way to leave, it wouldn’t be impossible to exchange the mending heavenly lotus. The key is that this old guy can’t get out by himself, so how can he take him with him.

After being broken by Yang Kai, Yao Changjun didn’t feel annoyed at all, but said indifferently: “With the old man’s cultivation level, how can a secret realm trap me? The old man always finds a way out.”

“Then wait until you find a way out!”

“You hand things in, or don’t hand them in!” Yao Changjun had obviously lost his patience, and when he asked this, his old face was almost dripping with gloom.

“What do you think?” Yang Kai looked perplexed.

“Very good!” Yao Changjun took a deep breath, his murderous intentions moved.

However, he did not act at Yang Kai for the first time, but suddenly turned his gaze to Pang Guang.

Pang Guang was watching a good show and suddenly noticed Yao Changjun’s cold eyes. He couldn’t help but tremble all over, and said, “Senior…”

“Get out!” Yao Changjun shouted, “Otherwise the old man will kill you!”

The sounds converged into waves, rushing towards Pang Guang like a spear. Pang Guang was shocked all over and fell back several steps. His face turned pale.

“Senior, Pang can help you and help you catch this kid!” Pang Guang quickly expressed his heartfelt feelings, and suddenly falling into this solitary void secret realm. He really couldn’t find any sense of security with his 1st-order Emperor Realm. He just want to hold on to Yao Changjun’s thigh, but he don’t expect the other party to not give him face and opportunity, and tell him to get out.

Yao Changjun snorted coldly: “The old man wants you to help. If you don’t leave… you will never leave!”

Pang Guang was shocked, gritted his teeth and looked at Yang Kai. Looking at Yao Changjun again, he stomped his feet, straightened up, and galloped toward the depths of the sea.

Although he didn’t know why Yao Changjun was rushing to drive him away, he knew that the other party was really impatient, and if he was still entangled, it would definitely cause his death.

With his cultivation level against Yao Changjun, there is no chance of winning at all.

He can only run away.

Although the sea does not seem to be peaceful. On the contrary, there are many dangers, and he doesn’t even know which way to escape. But better than staying here and waiting for death, right?

After only ten breaths of effort, Pang Guang disappeared.

“In such a rush to drive Pang Guang away, are you afraid that he will see that your divine soul has been hurt?” Yang Kai asked Yao Changjun with a smile and a faint question.

Yao Changjun’s face changed drastically, and a gleam of dangerous light flashed in his squinted eyes: “The attack you did on the old man before was really not luck!”

Yang Kai laughed: “The effect of mending heavenly lotus is nothing more than repairing the broken meridian dantian and consciousness sea. Seniors seem to be full of energy. The emperor yuan is abundant, obviously it is not the meridian and dantian that has a problem. So eager to find the mending heavenly lotus, it is obvious that he needs to repair the consciousness sea.”

“Are you so proficient in the pill way?” Yao Changjun was a little surprised. With such a clue, he could calculate that his divine soul had been injured. The kid in front of him is obviously not simple.

“I’m not talented, just an Emperor Grade Alchemist!” Yang Kai smiled slightly.

Yao Changjun’s face changed slightly, but he quickly snorted, “Do you think the old man looks like someone with IQ problems?”

He obviously thought Yang Kai was talking nonsense.

Yang Kai is not very old, and being able to have the cultivation level of 3rd-order Dao Source Stage is enough to shock people. If he is still an Emperor Grade alchemist, Yao Changjun is the first to not believe it.

Yang Kai may be an alchemist, otherwise he would not be proficient in pill way, but he is definitely not an emperor grade alchemist.

He felt that when Yang Kai said this, he wanted to let him live. After all, even if he could obtain the mending heavenly lotus, he would still need an alchemist to refine a pill, and an emperor grade alchemist was the best choice.

This kid is full of bad water! Yao Changjun was very vigilant.

Yang Kai was stunned, then smiled bitterly and shook his head: “Senior, your divine soul was wounded, and there was indeed some problem with your IQ. This is a disease. If you are sick, get medical treatment.”

He sincerely told him that the other party did not want to believe it, which made him a little bit ridiculous.

“Even if you have a lotus tongue today, you have to hand over the mending heavenly lotus!” Yao Changjun snorted coldly.

Yang Kai looked cold and said, “I said, first tell me how to get out from here. If you can’t even do this, don’t count on things. I will feed them to the dog and I won’t give you.”

“The kid is looking for death, the old man’s patience is limited.” Yao Changjun was immediately annoyed when he heard that he compared him with a dog.

Yang Kai slowly said: “I am not afraid of your 3rd-order Emperor Realm. Don’t force me. If you force me, you have nothing to eat!”

Yao Changjun was startled, and a sense of absurdity surged deep in his heart. A 3rd-order Dao Source Stage who dared to talk in front of him was an extremely incredible thing in itself, and now, this kid is still so bold. Said as if he had the strength to fight him, but the other side’s expression was extremely sincere, not half-hearted.

What’s going on, this kid won’t really be able to fight himself, right? What does he rely on, the space divine ability? If so, he can only run away, not fear at all.

Yao Changjun had mixed thoughts in his heart, and couldn’t think of a reason, but he was a little angry and said: “Since you are so ignorant, then the old man will do it for you!”

A little bit below his feet, the whole person approached Yang Kai like a ghost, made a seal with one hand, and pointed out where Yang Kai was.

In one finger, there is a sense of magnificence of the boundless world, giving a kind of depressive spirit of the mighty power of the world.

After all, Yao Changjun is a powerful person in the 3rd-order Emperor Realm. Although his divine soul has been injured, the foundation of his majestic martial arts is still very solid. Although this finger is simple, it is also extremely cruel, and contains the other party’s perception of the Heavenly Law Martial Dao.

Before the meaning is reached, there will be an aura to break through. The law of heaven and earth lingers on this finger. It seems that between this world, Yao Changjun is the ruler.

Seeing that he really did something to him, Yang Kai’s expression changed, and he couldn’t care about anything else. The Source Qi suddenly moved, and directly squeezed the unconscious Liu Xianyun into the Mysterious Small Boundary, and at the same time displayed the Dragon Transformation and the Five Elements Indestructible Sword secret techniques, under the surging space force, they must escape from the place.

chi chi chi……

With a soft sound, when Yang Kai reappeared, he was already somewhere tens of meters away, but a transparent blood hole appeared at the shoulder blade, and golden blood poured out from the hole, pain came in an instant.

“Huh?” Yao Changjun’s expression was startled, showing a surprised expression.

He was surprised not only that Yang Kai was able to avoid the vital position of his own blow, but also astonished where Liu Xianyun had gone.

He had been paying attention to Yang Kai’s movements, and he didn’t care much about the comatose woman he was holding, but he didn’t even notice how the woman disappeared.

This is really weird. Although his divine soul was wounded and he didn’t dare to easily use his Divine Sense, his eyesight was still so bad that he could not see it after she disappeared.

“Old dog, do you really want to do it with this young master?” Yang Kai was violent, half of his body was quickly wetted with blood, but the blow did not make him fearful, but seemed to arouse his ferocity and make his whole aura became as cruel as a trapped beast.

Yao Changjun felt a sudden burst in his heart for no reason, and there was a faint feeling that he would be forced to do something bad again. This feeling was inexplicable, but it made him raise all his hair.

But he didn’t turn his head back when he opened the bow. He had already wounded Yang Kai, and now it was useless to say anything. If he stopped suddenly, wouldn’t he admit that he was afraid of him?

“The kid is good, he can avoid the old man’s blow, he is also a dragon and phoenix! God has the virtue of living well, and the old man has the heart to cherish talents, so I will give you one more chance to hand over the mending heavenly lotus obediently, and you will not die! ”

“Fuck Off!”

“Good, good!” Yao Changjun was furious, “Since you are so stubborn, the old man will teach you how to be a man!”

The posture of his hand changed, and Emperor Yuan surging, restrained Yang Kai’s actions, while the power of the wind surged in his palm, slapped Yang Kai fiercely.

He didn’t keep his hand in this blow, and obviously planned to kill Yang Kai.


There was a burst of noise, and no matter how Yang Kai resisted, he was slapped into the air by the palm of his hand. The bones all over his body were broken, his face was pale, and a mouthful of blood spurted out from his mouth.

“Hahaha, the kid speaks a lot, but he only has this ability. It really disappoints the old man!” Seeing him so miserable, Yao Changjun felt confident that he had probably been worrying about it just now. This kid is just a 3rd-order Dao Source Stage. That’s it, even if he has a trump cards and a trick, he can’t be his opponent, and he doesn’t know what he was hesitating just now for. If he shot early, he would have been killed.

What a shame! He was disturbed by a few words by a little boy. As expected, the divine soul was severely injured and left sequelae, Yao Changjun thought to himself.

Fortunately, the opponent is only in the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage, if the strength is comparable to him, then he really has no good fruit to eat.


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