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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2363 English [Readable]

On the island, Yao Changjun’s figure moved, and disappeared in the same place in an instant. When he reappeared, he had already arrived in front of Yang Kai who flew out, like a tarsal maggot.

He snorted, and casually grabbed Yang Kai with one hand, “If you cooperate earlier, the old man may not kill you!”

The implication was that it was too late for Yang Kai to beg for mercy.

He was attacked by Yang Kai once, and he had long been resentful, and he regarded it as a great shame, how could he let it go easily?

“Too much deception is destined to have no good end, this is what you forced me!” Yang Kai gritted his teeth and shouted. Facing Yao Changjun, he did not evade, but his hands formed a weird seal.

With the seal arts, the feeling that made Yao Changjun’s heart frightened suddenly appeared again. His face suddenly changed in shock, and he did not dare to hesitate. His hand movements suddenly accelerated, and he grabbed Yang Kai’s shoulder blades.

At this moment, Yang Kai’s expression suddenly calmed down, his eyes were cold, and he said one word: “Cangxuan seal, unlock!”

“Cangxuan Seal? What the hell?” Yao Changjun looked blank, and couldn’t understand what Yang Kai was talking about, but the next moment, his face changed drastically, his whole person was as if being struck by lightning, and his eyes were round. As if seeing a ghost in the daytime, with a strange cry, he quickly retreated.


There was an explosion, and an unspeakable aura suddenly exploded from Yang Kai’s dantian. The aura was filled with a very dark and evil feeling, as if the most brutal and vicious negatives emotion in the world were gathered together, even someone as strong as Yao Changjun was lost, trembling all over.

The pitch-black aura permeated like substance, and immediately wrapped Yang Kai around. The aura continued to flow through Yang Kai as if it had its own life, and a mysterious and profound lines is converging on his skin.

The aura of Yang Kai’s whole person is rising steadily.

The world trembles, the world collapses, the universe is upside down. The mighty power that seemed to destroy the sky and the earth sputtered into the void, rushing to the four poles.

In a short period of time, Yang Kai had disappeared and looked around. There was only a dark figure left in the same place. The dark seemed to be able to swallow everything, and even the light could not penetrate it even the slightest. The only pair of red eyes that was full of bloodthirst could be seen.

“Demon, Demon Qi!” Yao Changjun’s teeth trembled in the upper and lower rows. He almost bit his tongue and looked at this scene inconceivably. With his experience, he can see at a glance that the Demon QI lingering beside Yang Kai is not ordinary Demon Qi, but the purest ancient demon Qi!

“How is it possible?” Yao Changjun couldn’t believe his eyes. During this lifetime, he actually saw the ancient demon Qi, and it still appeared on a martial artist in the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage.

The ancient demon qi has the characteristics of corrosion and assimilation, just like his 3rd-order emperor realm, if it is wrapped in the ancient demon qi. He will definitely lose his mind in the shortest time and become a demon.

How can Yang Kai keep himself sober? Store such a terrifying demon qi in his body?

Reminiscing about the words Yang Kai said before, Yao Changjun suddenly awakened, didn’t know what method this kid use to seal the demon qi in his body, and he could unlock the seal when he needed to confront the enemy.

But in this way, it will be even more difficult to seal the demon qi again. Isn’t he afraid that he will be swallowed up by the demon qi and become a demon? No wonder this kid repeatedly told him not to force him before, because it turns out that he really has the strength to fight him, despite some suspicions of opportunism. But there is also the capital to talk such big talk.

Yao Changjun was annoyed to death in his heart. If he had known this before, he would not persecute too much, and now the boy in front of him is surrounded by demon qi. The surging demon qi, the terrifying coercion, make Yao Changjun has no idea of ​​fighting.

After carefully examining Yang Kai’s eyes, he found that although they were red and bloodthirsty, they still seemed to be struggling with a trace of reason. Yao Changjun hurriedly said: “Wait, little brother, I have something to say!”

Hearing this, Yang Kai glanced at him lightly, and said lightly: “Whatever you say, I will treat you as farting!”

Yao Changjun is angry!

If Yang Kai dared to talk to him like this before, he would definitely slap him, but now Yang Kai has the capital to say this.

There was a bitterness deep in his heart, and his face changed endlessly when he realized the source of his anxiety before.

“The power seems to be stronger…” Yang Kai clenched his fists and felt his current state slightly, not happy or worried, because this time he unlocked the gold and silver seal of the cyan tree and released the ancient great demon’s demon qi in his body. After that, he felt that his strength was much stronger than last time.

This is not because of the increase in his strength, but because the demon qi fits better with his body.

The last time he was only the 1st-order Dao Source Stage, he fought a battle with the three 1st-order Emperor Realm after being demonized, and escaped safely. This time the demonization was even worse than last time.

This made Yang Kai faintly worried, because the greater the increase in his demonized strength, the more difficult it would be to seal it later. Once he could not completely sealed it, then he would really become a demon, lose his mind, and be overwhelmed.

Yao Changjun didn’t know that Yang Kai was worried about this. He said that he was stronger. He thought this kid was showing off. He immediately said angrily: “Boy, it’s better to solve the enemy without killing. You and I are in trouble now, why fight and kill? Isn’t it better to find a way out together? What’s more, although your current state is strong, you may not be able to kill the old man. The old man is not muddled.”

Yang Kai looked at him coldly, and hummed: “If it is the real 3rd-order emperor realm, this young master can’t kill it, but you, a divine soul who has been wounded and disabled, dare to chirp in front of me?”

“Disabled… Disabled?” Yao Changjun’s eyes were protruding, and he became extremely angry. No one had ever dared to talk to him like this.

Yang Kai said, “This young master don’t have much time for you, I will kill you within three moves!”

“Rampant! I’ll see how you can kill me with three moves!” Yao Changjun trembled, feeling that he was really underestimated, and a wave of arrogance surged in his heart, secretly he must show this kid a good look, let him know how the old dog also has a few teeth.

Just after turning this thought, Yang Kai’s expression on the other side suddenly condensed, and he muttered word by word: “Black pupil purgatory, darkness unbounded!”

When the words fell, the whole world suddenly became extremely dark, and there was no light anymore. No matter how Yao Changjun used his eyesight, he couldn’t see the slightest, as if he was suddenly blind. Not only was his eyes blind, but also his 3rd-order emperor realm keen perception of the environment is also suppressed to the limit at this moment.

It is impossible for oneself to be blind for no reason, and it is also impossible for the heaven and the earth to turn black without warning. The only explanation is that Yang Kai has used some heaven-defying skill.

Reminiscent of the weird dark light in Yang Kai’s right eye before, Yao Changjun exclaimed, “Pupil technique!”

As soon as the words were spoken, he was in a cold sweat, because he found that his voice was not transmitted at all. The world he was in seemed to be deprived of all feelings, unable to speak, unable to see, and let people fall into the abyss of purgatory, endless fear and panic.

There seemed to be something above his head. Yao Changjun looked up in shock. After seeing the thing, his whole body suddenly stiffened.

In the black and boundless sky, a huge eye lay above the void, without emotion, staring at him coldly.

That eye, like the eye of the sky, and the pupil, like the pupil of the earth, under that huge eye, Yao Changjun suddenly felt a humble sense of insignificance, and for a moment he became discouraged and felt that the countless years of hard work were completely meaningless. In the end, it is nothing but a pile of bones.

With this thought, Yao Changjun’s whole body was slumped, and an unspeakable lifelessness haunted him.

At this moment, a flowing light suddenly lased from the giant pupil, and the shape of the flowing light was a long sword.

Emperor Artifact, Soul Slasher!

After being refined by Yang Kai, the Soul Slasher can be driven at will. Although Yang Kai’s normal cultivation level cannot display the full power of the Soul Slasher, at this moment, Yang Kai’s cultivation level is not inferior to the 3rd-order Emperor Realm in the demonized state. The soul slasher blow was terrifying.

What’s more, in order to kill Yao Changjun in a short period of time, Yang Kai also used the secret technique of Heavens Breaker Strike.

The Heavens Breaker Strike is the Divine Soul Secret Technique, which he learned from Tian Yan in the world of the Divine Movement Mirror. When there is nothing wrong, he can use the Divine Soul nourishment to refine the Soul Slasher Blade. The blow can exert a strong explosive power.

However, it is only limited to the first blow.

Even if Yao Changjun is intact, he may not be able to take the secret technique head on. What’s more, his divine soul was originally injured?

This sword smashed into Yao Changjun’s consciousness sea fiercely, tearing a huge hole in his consciousness sea with a force of destruction as easy as crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood.

Yao Changjun’s Consciousness Sea was not lightly wounded. At this moment, it was hit by Yang Kai with a single blow, which made it even worse. The Consciousness Sea of the 3rd-order Emperor Realm had a vague sign of collapse.

After the severe pain came, Yao Changjun recovered from the despair. He cried out with piercing pain. A five-colored spear suddenly appeared on the palm of his hand. The spear shone with light, emitting the energy fluctuations of Emperor Artifact. THe power is terrifying.

It is not surprising that Yao Changjun, the 3rd-order Emperor Realm has an Emperor Artifact, if not, it would be strange.

When he cried out, he madly poured the Emperor Yuan into the five-color spear, the spear buzzed, and suddenly it trembled slightly in his hand and disappeared.

The next moment, the giant pupil that lay between the sky and the earth was pierced by a spear, and the darkness that blocked the sky and the earth was suddenly shattered.

Under Yao Changjun’s trapped beast attack, he burst out with extremely terrifying power, breaking open the dark and unbounded secret technique. This secret technique is unique to the ancient great demon clan. It was not cultivated by Yang Kai, but only used when he is in demonized state.

The sky was ripped apart by the five-colored spear, and it didn’t restore for a long time.

“You dare to hurt me, the old man wants you to die!” Yao Changjun yelled, but the Consciousness Sea was about to collapse, and his whole body was trembling, his face twitching, and his whole body was extremely unstable.


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