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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2364 English [Readable]

In Yang Kai’s right eye, fresh blood is flowing, everything he saw turned into golden light, this was the trauma caused by his pupil technique being broken.

He just wiped it casually and snorted coldly, “Send you on the road!”

Between the opening and closing of both hands, a huge and unmatched moon blade took shape leisurely, and blasted towards Yao Changjun under a slight shock. The moon blade was like a death god’s sickle, and the place it passed was withered.

The frantic Yao Changjun instinctively sensed that the dangerous aura was approaching. He endured the pain in his heart. With a move in his hand, the five-colored spear reappeared on the palm of his hand. He took a step forward, picking one and sending one, five-colored mysterious light. Instantly shot out.

Boom boom boom…

Mysterious light and Moonblade smashed together, and the violent energy impact made the world and the earth change color. The newly formed island a few miles radius suddenly shattered and quickly disintegrated.

The Moon Blade disappeared. Behind the five-color black light, Yao Changjun took advantage of the situation with a crazy expression on his face, and his face was full of unforgettable hatred and the enlightenment that came to life.

Yang Kai raised his brows and shouted angrily: “It’s better to die obediently and not be stubborn!”

He didn’t expect Yao Changjun to be so tenacious even when the Consciousness Sea collapsed. It seems that he still underestimated the ability of the 3rd-order Emperor Realm. If Yao Changjun is really intact, even if he unlocks the demon qi seal, he is really not an opponent.

Sure enough, none of the strong people who have cultivated to this level are simple.

“Come!” Yang Kai stretched out his hand to grab it in the void, and a pitch-black warhammer suddenly appeared on the palm of his hand.

Demon Weapon warhammer!

This demon weamon was originally the weapon of the ancient great demon, and it has been sealed under the 18 Spirit Eyes outside Maplewood City, filled with extremely terrifying demon qi. After being collected by Yang Kai, he threw it into the Mysterious Small Boundary and gave it to the Embodiment for refining. Yang Kai did not dare to covet it at all, lest its demon qi would trigger the seal in his body.

But at this moment, it is a perfect time to use it.

With this warhammer. Yang Kai felt a strange feeling all over.

This demon warhammer seemed to come alive. After he held it in his hand, it clearly conveyed the fluctuations of excitement and joy, and formed a perfect resonance with the demon qi in his body, allowing Yang Kai to be able to use it like his own limbs without refining it.

With the warhammer in his hand, Yang Kai seemed to see the scene where the ancient great demon was alone, fighting against the ancient mighty power by himself. In that scene, flesh and blood flew across the world, the world collapsed, and one after another superb ancient powers died under this warhammer, and their bodies disappeared. The ancient great demon stood above the sky and stood with murderous aura. Looking at the world, he was the only one standing!

Yang Kai’s mood, which had been agitated by the influence of the demon qi, became quiet inexplicably. Suddenly a state of disdain emerged.

Yao Changjun, who rushed forward fiercely, was as ridiculous as an ant.

He stared at the opponent contemptuously, slowly raising the warhammer in his hand, and an inexplicable law of heaven and earth leaped.

Yao Changjun’s expression changed suddenly, and his face was bloodless.

He didn’t know exactly what happened to Yang Kai, only saw that he suddenly took out an artifact that looked like a warhammer, and then the whole person’s demeanor and temperament changed.

In the dark. He seemed to see an unattainable mountain lying in front of him. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t see the scenery behind this mountain.

He suddenly panicked.

With the intention to retreat, but the arrow is already on the string, the whole body has already rioted. If he is to retreat at this time, there is no need for Yang Kai to make a move. His Dao heart will instantly collapse.

A faint murderous intent haunted him, and as he approached, the murderous intent became more and more intense and clearer, almost turning into substance. Cutting his skin.

Will die! Will definitely die!

Yao Changjun had this thought inexplicably popped out of his mind, and his mind was in a state of confusion. The ​​Consciousness Sea, which was on the verge of collapse, could no longer be maintained, and suddenly dispersed.

“Ah!” Yao Changjun yelled frantically, “Even if i die, the old man will take you with me.”

When the words fell, he poured his power into the five-color spear, wrapped in the five-color light, and his momentum was like a rainbow. Without the hesitation before, he was determined.

This blow unexpectedly exploded his peak strength, and Yao Changjun’s originally flustered and muddy eyes burst with dazzling light at this moment.

Yang Kai was expressionless and slashed with his warhammer.

The crazy murderous intent condensed to the warhammer and swept towards Yao Changjun.

There was a loud noise, and a cloud of dark light burst out above the nameless sea, and it seemed to swallow the world.

At the same time, another group of five-color rays of light bloomed at the same time, fighting against the dark light.

Two different colors of light confronted and collided, and the sea was surging for a while, and the collapsed island was suddenly shaken to dust, and disappeared without a trace. The water columns nearby was also impacted by the huge aftermath and collapsed.

Within a radius of tens of thousands of miles, the tsunami surges, and countless fish monster beast living on the sea turned into white light and disappeared.

And at the center of the energy collision, a pit with a depth of several hundred feet appeared on the sea surface, and the seawater in that pit seemed to have evaporated in an instant.

The stalemate didn’t take ten breaths of time, and the dark light suddenly burst, swallowing the colorful glow.

“Why, this old man is not convinced!”

A roar resounded across the sky, and the dust settled immediately.

The pitch black and the five-color light that filled the sky and the earth disappeared, and the huge pits on the sea were gradually refilled by the rushing seawater. The water was pouring down. Only the residual energy fluctuations between the sky and the earth showed that the place just experience a shocking battle.

Yao Changjun was nowhere to be seen, and Yang Kai was also nowhere to be seen, except for a bead the size of a dragon eye, slowly sinking into the depths of the sea.

In the Mysterious Small Boundary, Yang Kai rushed to the vicinity of the medicine garden for the first time. His whole body was pitch black as ink, and his whole body was almost changed by the indescribable Demon Marks.

Liu Yan came at the same time, and after taking a look at Yang Kai’s situation, she immediately fleeed in fright.

She is not afraid to stay here, but she can’t stay here.

Although Yang Kai could barely preserve a trace of his spiritual wisdom, who knows how long this spiritual wisdom will last? She staying here will only cause trouble to Yang Kai.

Next to the medicine garden, Yang Kai sat cross-legged, and while his mind moved slightly, he began to peel off the power of the gold and silver seal on the cangshu tree.

The last time he was demonized, he sealed the demon qi with the power of the Cangshu’s seal. It has been more than two years since the last time he was demonized. According to reason, Cangshu’s sealing power is impossible to grow so fast.

But there are countless heavy earth under the medicine garden, and there are five earth vein beads, growing here for one year, which is equivalent to growing outside for a hundred years.

In other words, Cangshu now has two hundred years of sealing power, which should be enough to seal the Demon Qi.

Under Yang Kai’s mobilization, the gold and silver forces were slowly stripped from the changshu tree, and then flowed to Yang Kai, immersed in the dantian, and sealed the suppression of the violent demon qi.

After all, he had an experience, so this time Yang Kai was very familiar with it.

As time passed, more and more demon qi was sealed, and Yang Kai slowly got rid of the influence of being demonized, and gradually recovered his mind.

Three days later, as the last trace of sealing force was drawn into the body, the demon qi was finally sealed.

Yang Kai took a long breath.

He was really afraid of something wrong with this stage of the seal. The power gained from unlocking the seal this time was undoubtedly much stronger than the previous one. Fortunately, Cangshu’s sealing power has also become stronger, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous.

After solving the hidden danger of demon qi, Yang Kai began to check his injuries.

In a battle with Yao Changjun, it seemed that he had the absolute initiative, and even solved him with a few moves after being demonized, but Yao Changjun’s dying counter attack still caused him a lot of harm.

The opponent is a 3rd-order Emperor Realm, if the Consciousness Sea is not broken, how can he be killed so easily?

He didn’t know how many bones had been broken, and the fresh blood on his body had dried up at this moment, as if he had been covered in a blood coat. What made Yang Kai most sad was that his meridians were somewhat damaged.

Fortunately, there is an Eternal Tree in the medicinal garden. In terms of healing power, even the double-stemmed double lotus is not as effective as the Eternal Tree. What’s more, his own recovery ability is extremely strong, and he doesn’t need to use other drugs.

Half a day later, Yang Kai was alive and well again, shaken off the blood coat on his body, and changed his clothes again.

Thinking back to the battle with Yao Changjun, Yang Kai couldn’t help but feel a little anxious.

This time, Yao Changjun can be killed with the help of the demon qi, but next time? If the seal were to be unlocked next time, it would not be possible to seal it with the power of a two-hundred-year seal strength.

It may take three hundred years, four hundred years, or even more.

In other words, Cangshu had to grow in the medicine garden for three or four years before it had enough seal power for Yang Kai to release the seal.

After such a long time, God knows if he will encounter a powerful enemy.

It would be great if we could have Supreme Divine Water! Supreme Divine Water is a world treasure, which can quickly ripen various spiritual things without any sequelae. A drop of Supreme Divine Water can definitely give the Changshu the sealing power of hundreds of thousands of years.

It is a pity that Supreme Divine Water is too precious, and Yang Kai has only seen it once. It was in the Passing of Time Temple, and was finally obtained by Murong Xiaoxiao.

That is the legacy of the Passing of Time Great Emperor, and he don’t know if there is another Supreme Divine Water in Star Boundary.

Yang Kai secretly made up his mind that in the next three or four years, he would definitely not be able to unlock the seal of the demon qi, unless he found Supreme Divine Water to ripen the tree in advance.

Thinking of this, his thoughts became clear, and the whole person was refreshed.

He transplanted the two Mending Heavenly Lotus he had obtained one after another into the medicine garden, and then he clapped his hands and stood up.

Although the white mending heavenly lotus has been picked by Liu Xianyun for a long time, it has been well preserved, so the efficacy of the medicine has not passed, and the foundation has not been damaged. It is planted in the medicinal garden, and it is covered with vitality of the Eternal Tree, it will definitely come alive again.

The double lotus is of great value, and Yang Kai doesn’t need it now, so naturally he doesn’t bother to refine the Mending Heavenly Pill.


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