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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2365 English [Readable]

After dealing with this, Yang Kai let go of his Divine Sense, and the next moment, he appeared in front of Embodiment, Liu Yan and others while shaking his figure.

“Master, are you alright?” Liu Yan asked with joy when she saw Yang Kai appear.

A few days ago, when she noticed that Yang Kai entered the Mysterious Small Boundary, she went to investigate Yang Kai’s situation, but she didn’t expect to see Yang Kai being surrounded by demon qi, so she had been worried for the past few days.

Even the Embodiment and Hua Qingsi were worried.

At this moment, seeing Yang Kai so lively, everyone knows that he has solved the problem of the demon qi.

“Well, it’s alright!” Yang Kai grinned.

Hua Qingsi said sternly: “Are you sure there are no sequelae? Don’t be careless.”

“Don’t worry, Elder Sister Hua.” As Yang Kai spoke, he suddenly reached out and took out something from his space ring, and handed it to Hua Qingsi, “This is for you.”

Hua Qingsi took it suspiciously, then her pretty face changed color, and she lost her voice: “Emperor Artifact?”

What Yang Kai gave her was the five-color spear Yao Changjun had used before. After the desperate battle, before entering the Mysterious Small Boundary, Yang Kai snatched the space ring between the Emperor Artifact and Yao Changjun.

Liu Yan already has the Nirvana Thunder Bead, and Hua Qingsi has always been loyal to Yang Kai. This five-color spear can naturally be given to her to use.

“Even though the power of Emperor Artifact is great, the most important thing is the foundation of the martial artist. Elder Sister Hua, don’t let go of everything else.” Yang Kai said lightly.

Hua Qingsi was playing with the five-color spear, with an expression of love, nodded and sighed: “I know, do you still need to teach me?”

Yang Kai smiled. Touched his nose.

Yang Kai hadn’t had time to check Yao Changjun’s space ring. At this moment, he took it out and found that there were a lot of good things in the space ring.

There are hundreds of millions of source crystals alone, and most of them are top-grade source crystals. Yao Changjun, as the 3rd-order Emperor Realm, could have so much wealth is withing Yang Kai’s expectations.

His cultivation level is there anyway, how could he be poor?

In addition to the source crystal. There are also a large number of spirit pills and herbs, and there are many artifacts, but none of them are Emperor Artifact.

After checking for a while, Yang Kai suddenly remembered something, and said in amazement, “Where is Liu Xianyun?”

Before Liu Xianyun was in a coma, Yang Kai accidentally injured her when he was fighting with Yao Changjun, so he threw her into the Mysterious Small Boundary. At this moment, she was nowhere to be seen.

Liu Yan said: “I placed her in the attic. She is already sober. But she seems very confused about her situation.”

“You didn’t explain anything to her?”

“No.” Liu Yan shook her head, let alone explain, she never even met Liu Xianyun.

“I’ll take a look.” Yang Kai had disappeared in place as he spoke.

In the attic, Liu Xianyun had a solemn expression, and her beautiful eyes were full of dazed expressions.

When she woke up earlier, she found herself in this attic and didn’t know where it was. She searched around and found that there was no danger nearby. There was no sign of anyone, but the world’s spiritual energy here was a bit outrageous.

Liu Xianyun has not seen a place where the concentration of spiritual energy can be compared to this place. Such a rich spiritual energy is definitely a holy place for cultivation. She doesn’t even need to run the cultivation technique, and the spiritual energy around the world will continue to flow to her.

If she can cultivate here for a long time. It will not take long before she can break through her own shackles and advance to the 2nd-order Dao Source Stage.

But she wanted to figure out where she was, so she didn’t even bother to cultivate, and what made her most disturbed. Yang Kai was nowhere to be seen. After searching for a few days, she even wondered if she had been abandoned.

At this moment, she was staying sadly in the attic, thinking about where she should go in the future, suddenly a figure flashed in front of her, and Yang Kai appeared so strangely.

“Senior Brother…” When Liu Xianyun saw Yang Kai, she seemed to have found the backbone, and rushed towards him, the anxious expression on her face relaxed a lot.

Yang Kai smiled slightly and said, “Something happened and it was delayed for a few days.”

“Senior Brother is fine.” Liu Xianyun looked at Yang Kai up and down for a while, and found that he was full of energy. Then she relaxed and asked: “Senior Brother, do you know where this is? Weren’t we caught by the huge whirlpool before?”

Her memory still stayed in the change of solitary void mountain range, recalling the power of the unmatched whirlpool, her pretty face couldn’t help turning pale.

“We were really swallowed by it, and then we fell above the sea.”

“Sea?” Liu Xianyun was even more at a loss. She has also explored the surrounding situation in the past few days. She has not found any sea at all. On the contrary, the environment here is extremely pleasant, and there are many buildings. Obviously there were many people that has lived here before.

If she can live with her Senior Brother here, it would be a good place.

Yang Kai scratched his head, and didn’t know how to explain the situation to Liu Xianyun. He could only say, “I will take you to see it.”

While speaking, Yang Kai move his mind, and brought Liu Xianyun out of the Mysterious Small Boundary.

As soon as the two of them showed up, they felt a stench from all around them. Then, a strange sound came from all directions, and there was even the sound of heart beating.

When Yang Kai swept away his Divine Sense, he knew his current situation.

In order to seal the demon qi in the mysterious small boundary, he ignored the direction of the mysterious boundary bead and allowed it to fall into the depths of the sea. It was just that these few days passed and he didn’t know how, he actually came to the belly of a big fish.

It seemed that this big fish swallowed the Mysterious Boundary Bead, and then took them to swim all the way, not knowing where it went.

After knowing this, Yang Kai mobilized his power, and the golden blood thread shot out. After a flurry of dancing, he opened a hole directly on the back of the big fish and leaped upward with Liu Xianyun.

Although this big fish is of good size, it is not a powerful monster beast. After being tossed by Yang Kai, it is naturally unable to bear the pain, constantly rolling in the sea, blood permeating. Judging from the way it looks, it probably won’t survive.

In the next moment, Yang Kai and Liu Xianyun rushed out of the sea. Yang Kai immediately sacrificed the wooden ship and pulled Liu Xianyun.

A faint fishy wind rushed from the sea, and the surrounding scenery was blue. Countless water columns all around, and swallowing power is coming from everywhere, looking extremely dangerous.

Liu Xianyun was dumbfounded.

She hadn’t figured out where the place was before, but now she suddenly came to a piece of sea again, which really made her a little at a loss.

“After we were swallowed by the whirlpool, we came here.” Yang Kai lifted his eyes and scanned the surroundings, and found no trace of land, which make him a little disappointed.

“Where is this?” Liu Xianyun asked in surprise.

“Listening to what Yao Changjun and Pang Guang said. This place seems to be the solitary void secret realm!” Yang Kai frowned.

“solitary void secret realm?” Liu Xianyun looked blank, as if she had never heard of it. She had only been in marsh city for a few years, and she didn’t know much about the secrets of this place, so she had never heard of the solitary void secret realm.

“Yao Changjun and Pang Guang are here too?” Liu Xianyun was taken aback again, and then she realized it was authentic.

“Don’t worry, they are no longer here, don’t know where they went.” Yang Kai said casually, and did not tell Liu Xianyun that Yao Changjun was dead. After all, this was too bizarre. But Pang Guang did leave.

“Then what shall we do now?”

“Since it comes to this, let it be.” Yang Kai sighed, and said: “Let’s find out if someone else is living here, check the information here, and then find the way out.”

“Well, it’s good for senior brother to call the shots.” Liu Xianyun had no idea at all, so he could only pin her hopes on Yang Kai.

Right now, Yang Kai made the ship fly in a certain direction.

Above this sea. There is no end in sight, and Yang Kai can’t distinguish the north, south, east and west. He can only look for one direction and keep flying, hoping to make some discoveries.

But the ubiquitous whirlpool on the sea caused him a great disturbance.

Those whirlpool, and are filled with extremely strong strangling and devouring power. If they really fall into it, the Dao Source stage may not be able to escape safely.

In order to get rid of the swallowing power of these whirlpool, Yang Kai consumed a huge amount of power.

After a full three days, the two still did not find anything, as if the sea had no end at all, as calm as Yang Kai was also a little uneasy. If they could not find a place to stay, would they have to fly forever?

If he does this, he will die sooner or later. Although he has a the Mysterious Small Boundary that can help him avoid danger and recuperate, if he cannot find a way out, he will definitely be trapped here for a lifetime.

“Junior Sister, you can control the direction, and I will recover for a while.” Yang Kai greeted Liu Xianyun and handed over the control of the ship to her.

“Okay.” Liu Xianyun had long wanted to solve Yang Kai’s worries, and listening to him at this moment was naturally her duty.

“Be careful of those whirlpool. If you encounter something too big, you should take detour instead of rushing. That thing is very dangerous.” Yang Kai exclaimed, then sat down cross-legged, and threw a few recovery spirit pills in his mouth, silently running his cultivation technique on the side.

The world’s spiritual energy in this solitary void secret realm is very rich. Although it was not as good as his mysterious small boundary, it was not worse than the general sect’s holy land for cultivation.

Yang Kai thought that if he supplemented the spirit pill, he would soon recover.

But as time passed, he felt that something was not quite right.

The spiritual energy absorbed into the body from this world seems to be mixed with another inexplicable thing. This thing enters the body like a sharp needle, constantly stimulating the meridians and flesh and blood, which makes it painful and unbearable.

The more he cultivate, the more this thing he will absorb.

Half an hour later, Yang Kai sprayed out a mouthful of blood, his expression extremely ugly.

“Senior Brother, what’s the matter?” Liu Xianyun’s expression changed drastically. Yang Kai was clearly restoring his Source Qi. Why did he suddenly spit out blood, as if he had suffered a serious injury? There are no enemies around here either.

“The world’s spiritual energy here is weird and can’t be absorbed. The more it is absorbs, the easier it is for trouble!” Yang Kai gritted his teeth and stretched out his hand to wipe the corner of his mouth.


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