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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2366 English [Readable]

“How could this be?” Liu Xianyun asked in surprise.

“I don’t know!” Yang Kai was also confused, shook his head and said: “Something is wrong with this secret realm!”

He has cultivated so far, and has never encountered a world’s spiritual energy that cannot be absorbed. The world’s spiritual energy in the Secret Realm is mixed with inexplicable things. The more he absorbs, the greater the damage to the foundation of the martial artist. The meridians will be broken and the cultivation level will be lost.

Fortunately, Yang Kai stopped cultivating after half an hour.

“What should we do?” Liu Xianyun panicked completely. If the spiritual energy here cannot be absorb, then she and Yang Kai will be exhausted sooner or later, let alone find a way out, it is very likely that they will not be able to leave this sea. In the end, they will only die.

This situation is like a table of delicacies from mountains and seas placed in front of a hungry person. Although it looks beautiful, it is highly poisonous. If you eat it, you will be poisoned, and if you don’t eat it, you will starve to death…

“It’s okay, I have a way.” Yang Kai didn’t panic, took out the Mysterious Boundary Bead and handed it to Liu Xianyun’s hand, saying: “You take this thing, I will go in to recover.”

As he spoke, he had already penetrated into the Mysterious Small Boundary.

Before Liu Xianyun had time to say anything, Yang Kai disappeared. She stared blankly at the Mysterious Boundary Bead on her hand. When she remembered the attic where she lived before and the peaceful and pleasant world, Liu Xianyun vaguely realized something, can’t help but change the pretty face, shocked.

After a while, she hurriedly put away the Mysterious Boundary Bead and hid them carefully. Only then did she concentrate on controlling the ship, avoiding the water column, and moving forward.

An hour later, Yang Kai reappeared, not weaker than just now, his face was ruddy at this moment, and he had obviously recovered.

Liu Xianyun didn’t say much. She just nodded lightly at him and returned the Mysterious Boundary Bead to him.

She was able to cultivate to the level of the 3rd-order Origin King Realm in the Great Desolate Star Field, and achieved the prestige of one party’s overlord. She was obviously also a smart person. She naturally knew what to ask and what not to ask.

Yang Kai was able to hand over the Mysterious Boundary Bead to her for safekeeping. There is no doubt that he trusts her very much. As for the mystery of this Mysterious Boundary Bead, she knows it well.

Days pass by.

Every two or three days, Yang Kai would enter the Mysterious Small Boundary to recover once, and then control the ship after he recovered.

During this period, Liu Xianyun had also had a lack of energy and had entered the Mysterious Small Boundary twice, but she was also clever. She had never asked anything when she came in and out.

One month passed in the blink of an eye. But Yang Kai and Liu Xianyun had been above the sea, and there was no trace of land. The sea seems to be truly endless, without end.

No matter how determined Yang Kai was, he couldn’t help being a little impatient at this moment.

On this day, when Yang Kai returned from the Mysterious Small Boundary, Liu Xianyun’s surprise voice came over: “Senior Brother, we seem to have discovered something.”

“What is it?” Yang Kai asked hurriedly when he heard this.

Liu Xianyun pointed to the front and said: “Look. The density of the water column absorption has decreased a lot, and the more it goes forward, the less it gets.”

Yang Kai took a look. It was indeed as she said that the amount of water column that had flooded the ocean surface had become much less. This discovery made Yang Kai’s eyes bright.

Although there is no trace of the land yet, at least some changes have finally appeared in the surrounding scenery.

Yang Kai was still wondering if he had lost his way, or if he kept going around in a certain place, now it seems. He didn’t get lost or go in circles, but the sea was really big.

This discovery made Yang Kai and Liu Xianyun both bright, and they spared no effort to urge the wooden ship forward.

With the passage of time, the surrounding water column also absorb less and less water. Eventually disappeared completely, which made Yang Kai firm that his flight direction should be right. If he continues to move forward, there may be some unexpected gains.

Three days later, Yang Kai, who was on the wooden ship, suddenly changed his expression. He moved his eyes to look in a certain direction. The next moment, he beamed with joy and patted Liu Xianyun on the shoulder and said, “Junior Sister, there is a ship!”

Liu Xianyun was closing her eyes to calm her mind. She didn’t dare to meditate and cultivate at will in this ghost place, so she woke up when Yang Kai said that, stood up and looked in the direction Yang Kai was pointing, and she saw it. There is a small black spot at a very far distance.

And that little black spot is a big ship.

Liu Xianyun couldn’t help getting excited, turned her head and looked at Yang Kai, and found that he was also overjoyed.

It has been more than a month since the two of them came to this ghost place, and they have been wandering in the sea. At this moment, they finally saw a ship. The joy can hardly be described in words.

If there is a boat, it means someone is there, and they can ask someone about the place and where to go.

Yang Kai quickly accelerated the speed of the wooden ship and greeted the big ship straight.

As the distance narrowed, the appearance of the big ship gradually became clear.

This is a huge building ship, and it is also a high-grade artifact. This shocked Yang Kai, because refining such an artifact building ship would definitely consume a lot of energy and financial resources. He don’t know how the martial artist who lives in this ghost place does it.

When the wooden ship flew in, the person in charge of the guard on the ship had obviously also noticed it. Before Yang Kai approached, there were more than a dozen people on the deck. These dozen people stood scattered and looked at their direction. Coming over, it seemed that they were extremely curious about Yang Kai’s arrival, and kept pointing and talking about it.

Not long after, Yang Kai had arrived not far in front of the ship. Looking around, he saw that a dozen people, regardless of men and women, were all alive and vigorous, staring at him with some caution.

What surprised Yang Kai even more was that most of these dozen people were Dao Source Stage’s martial artist!

In this horrible place, how do they maintain their cultivation? After all, the world’s spiritual energy in this place can’t be absorbed. If you live here for a long time, your cultivation will definitely regress.

Although each of the dozen or so people seemed to be a little lacking in qi, it was obviously because of their failure to cultivate well, but they did indeed maintain their cultivation level.

Among the dozen or so people, the leader is a woman. This woman has a fiery figure, and is very foward-looking, but maybe it is because of the long time staying here, so the skin is slightly dark, but this does not hinder her beauty, on the contrary it added a sense of wildness.

She stood there like a vigorous cheetah, her eyes sharp.

Yang Kai did not embark on the ship rashly, but rushed to the bottom with a clasped fist and said: “My friends, I don’t know where you are going, can you take us on the trip?”

A dozen people were indifferent, only the leading woman raised her head slightly and said calmly: “Where are you from?”

Yang Kai point his finger in a direction and said, “Come over there, our ship was destroyed, and only the two of us escaped.”

Of course this is nonsense, it’s a new encounter, and Yang Kai didn’t want to reveal his details.

“Destroyed?” The woman’s face changed slightly, but she didn’t ask too much, she just sighed slightly. It seems that death is a common occurrence above the ocean. She nodded and said: “You two can be in trouble. Not dying is luck, I can let you on board, but you understand the rules?”

Rules… Yang Kai suddenly came here for more than a month. This is the first batch of people he met. How could he know the rules?

When he was about to ask for advice, the woman frowned and said, “One person for five thousand source crystal, two people are ten thousand.”

“Yes, yes!” Yang Kai nodded quickly, thinking that this rule was originally to buy the place on the ship.

This rule is acceptable, but to Yang Kai’s surprise, the price of this place ticket is a bit too cheap, it’s only 5000 Source Crystal for one person.

While speaking, he stretched out his hand to wipe the space ring, and then he wanted to get the source crystal out.

Seeing him move, the woman couldn’t help frowning and said, “You don’t really want to give me the source crystal here, right?”

Yang Kai looked at her in amazement and said, “What’s wrong?”

When the woman heard the words, her expression immediately became weird, and she stared at Yang Kai constantly. Not only her, but the other martial artist standing on the deck also looked with playful exxpression.

what’s this situation? Yang Kai frowned slightly, wondering in his heart, is it wrong to say that he wants to give her the source crystal here? What flaws can this reveal?

Just when Yang Kai was suspicious, the woman took out a restriction token, stretched out her hand and shook it forward, and the restriction light barrier covering the ship on the building immediately split a hole, she said lightly: “Come in.”

“Thank you!” Yang Kai suppressed the doubts in his heart, and the wooden ship rushed in.

Stepping on the deck, Yang Kai and Liu Xianyun both breathed out involuntarily, this feeling of being down to earth is simply wonderful.

“Follow me.” The woman waved her hand and led the way.

Yang Kai and Liu Xianyun looked at each other and hurriedly followed.

The martial artist on the deck also separated voluntarily, allowing the two to pass through.

After a short walk, the woman suddenly asked, “How long have you been in the Solitary Void Sea?”

It turned out that this place is called Solitary Void Sea, Yang Kai silently remembered that, as for the other party’s question, he didn’t even think about it, and replied: “It’s from yesterday. Fortunately I met you, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous. Thank you for taking us together on the ship.”

He has a stable aura now, and obviously didn’t consume much Source Qi. It is the best explanation to use this reason.

“Really?” The corners of the woman’s lips rose slightly, revealing an intriguing smile.

Yang Kai frowned, wondering if this woman had noticed something? It’s just that he didn’t show any sloppyness, and looked at Liu Xianyun, both of them were a little unclear.

While talking, the woman brought Yang Kai to the front of a room, opened the room and walked in.

Yang Kai looked around and found that although the area is not large, the environment is not bad. It is a quiet place. Moreover, this side room seems to have been blessed by some formation, and he doesn’t know its magical use.

“Shall we live here in the future?” Yang Kai asked.

The woman glanced at him and said lightly: “You think too much.”

Yang Kai’s face turned dark, and he felt that this woman was really strange, why did she bring him here without letting him live here?


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