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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2368 English [Readable]

After Yang Kai sat in the room for a while, there was a knock on the door.

Liu Xianyun glanced at him, and only then opened the door after receiving his signal.

The scarred man previously seen on the deck appeared outside the door with a smile on his face, and nodded and bowed to Liu Xianyun: “Hello, two guests, i take the liberty to visit, did i disturb the two?”

Liu Xianyun said, “What’s the matter?”

The scarred man chuckled and said, “The big sister ordered to come and see if the two guests have any needs. If there is any need, please speak up, and we will do our best to satisfy it.”

Liu Xianyun looked blank, wondering why this guy was so diligent. The so-called nonchalant courtesy, made her a little wary. After all, she and Yang Kai had just arrived, and they didn’t even know the specific situation here. Naturally, she had to be more careful.

The scarred man said again: “This is some food prepared by the brothers for the two. There is nothing to entertain on the ship. Please don’t dislike it.”

Only then did Liu Xianyun notice that he was holding a tray with two stacks of side dishes and a hip flask on the plate. The side dishes looked strange and smelled tangy.

Is it poisoned? Liu Xianyun’s expression suddenly became weird and she was determined to refuse, but he took the initiative to send it over. It seemed a bit bad to shut the door out. In desperation, she could only look back at Yang Kai and ask for his opinion.

“Come in and talk.” Yang Kai looked completely indifferent.

Hearing this, the scarred man suddenly showed joy and said, “Sorry for the disturbance.”

Liu Xianyun then let go and let the scarred man walk into the room. The latter put the tray on the table and looked at Yang Kai eagerly, the flattering smile on his face never disappeared.

Yang Kai smiled and said, “Is this food charged or free?”

The scarred man smiled, scratched his head and said: “This is a little bit of thought for the two of the brothers. Naturally, there is no charge, but…hehe…friend understand.”

Liu Xianyun snorted softly, with an unhappy face, thinking that all the guys on the ship love money. These two unfamiliar dishes, and a pot of old wine that looked very poor, were too much to be charged.

She didn’t bother to take a look at it if it was outside.

Yang Kai thoughtfully said, “It’s hard to get the source crystal here?”

The scarred man suddenly looked bitter and said, “If my friend has lived here for a long time, he will know that source crystal is the most precious thing here.”

If not, how could he come to Yang Kai to get Source Crystal with such a cheeky methods?

“Can’t you get the source crystal here?” Liu Xianyunhu asked.

The scarred man said: “I can’t get it. The solitary void secret realm is full of chemical power. Once the source crystal is exposed to the chemical power, it will be neutralized by the chemical power and then dissipated. In the Secret Realm, there is no source crystal mine. It is precisely for this reason that the world’s spiritual energy here are so rich.”

Liu Xianyun had seen the scene where the source crystal quickly disappeared before. Hearing what the scarred man said, she naturally understood a lot. The hatred to the martial artist on the ship in her heart has also subsided, and she understand why they all behave so fascinated.

The scarred man sighed: “The source crystals in solitary void secret realm were brought in by martial artist from outside. Don’t even try to find any one in this secret realm.”

Yang Kai nodded, this was the same as he had guessed. When he saw the source crystal disappear before, Yang Kai had a vague guess. Now that the Scarred Man explained this way, he suddenly understood that his guess was correct.

In this ghost place, source crystals is really precious.

“What are you called?” Yang Kai asked.

The scarred man quickly said: “Jiao Yi, the big sister calls me Lao Jiao, the two of you can call me whatever you like!”

“Brother Jiao sit, I have something to ask you.” Yang Kai gestured, and at the same time took out a bag of source crystals from the space ring, put it on the table, and pushed it in front of him.

Jiao Yi’s eyes lit up suddenly, as if the hungry ghost saw the food, he dragged the bag in front of him, opened it, and was almost blinded by the light of the source crystal. He kept taking it in the space ring, and said: “My friend, please ask, Lao Jiao can even tell you what color the underwear is!”

“Bah…” Liu Xianyun snorted, her face flushed.

Yang Kai smiled slightly, and said: “It’s true that I and my junior sister have just come to this place. We don’t know anything about this place, so…”

Jiao Yi said: “We’ve known this for a long time. Who in the solitary void secret boundary would dare to take out the source crystal? Just form seeing the friend’s actions, we know that you are not familiar with the rules here.”

What he was referring to was naturally when Yang Kai wanted to trade with Ling Yinqin on the deck.

Yang Kai also understood that he must have been exposed, so there was no need to hide it. Anyway, the other party wanted the source crystal, so it was better to use the source crystal to open the way to inquire about some information.

Jiao Yi sighed: “As long as you live here for a year or a half, you will know the preciousness of the source crystal. Let me advise you, no matter how many source crystals you have, you must save some use, otherwise there will be a day when you used it all up. I think that I also had millions of source crystals on me in the past, and I am considered a rich man, but now, haaa…”

With a distressed look, he seemed to regret that he was spending it without saving some for later.

“How long has Brother Jiao been here?”

These words seemed to ask about Jiao Yi’s sadness. He picked up the poor old wine, poured himself a glass, and drank it. Then he wiped his mouth and said: “I haven’t counted it carefully, but I think it shoule be about 60 or 70 years?”

“Sixty or seventy years!” Liu Xianyun’s pretty face instantly changed color.

Jiao Yi glanced at her, and said: “What is so shocking about this? Someone has been trapped here for hundreds of thousands of years.”

“There is no way out here?” Liu Xianyun asked.

Jiao Yi frowned and said: “This is not clear, maybe there is, maybe not, Lao Jiao strength is low, but even if there is a way out, it is not so easy to get out, otherwise, the old monsters in Open Sky City would have already left. How can they stay here and suffer?”

Yang Kai said, “Brother Jiao also came in from solitary void mountain range?”

“Solitary void mountain range?” Jiao Yi was at a loss when he heard the words. After thinking for a while, he suddenly realized: “Oh, you mean the solitary void mountain range at the junction of the South Territory and East Territory. I’m from the junction of the West Territory and North Territory.”

“There are many places leading to this place?”

“Well, it seems to be the case, because the people living on Open Sky Island are from the four major regions, and there are dozens of people on this ship alone from it.”

“Why so many?” Liu Xianyun asked in surprise.

Jiao Yi spread his hands and said helplessly: “I don’t know either.”

Yang Kai thoughtfully said: “The entrance to this solitary void secret realm is either mobile or there are many places. Brother Jiao, what’s the situation of Open Sky Island you mentioned before?”

Jiao Yi said, “Open Sky Island is Open Sky Island. All the martial artist in the solitary void secret realm live on Open Sky Island. The power on the island is intertwined and complicated. If you go to Open Sky Island in the future, I advise you to look for a strong force to join in, otherwise it will be difficult to survive here, especially for newcomers. Many people target the newcomers. Do you know why?”

“Source Crystal?” Liu Xianyun said solemnly.

Jiao Yi nodded and said: “Yes, when newcomers come here, they will have source crystals on their bodies more or less. People die for money and birds die for food. This is the eternal truth.”

Yang Kai asked, “Is there a strong emperor realm on the island?”

“Yes, there are more than one.” Jiao Yi replied, “There are about three or five people. The most powerful is the island master of open sky city, with 3rd-order Emperor Realm cultivation level, I heard that he has been here for thousands of years.”

“3rd-order Emperor Realm is trapped here?” Liu Xianyun’s pretty face turned white, and she felt more hopeless to leave.

Jiao Yi smiled and said, “What’s so strange about this. If you can’t find a way out, you can’t leave naturally, but the island master has been trapped for so many years. I heard that the level of cultivation has dropped drastically. I don’t know if it’s true or false.” He sighed and continued: “But if I have to say whether it’s true or not, as long as you live here for a long time, which cultivation level will not decline? I used to be 2nd-order Dao Source Stage, after so many years, it has fallen to 1st-order realm.”

Yang Kai frowned and said, “You don’t have a source crystal, how can you cultivate here?”

Jiao Yi said: “With the help of the Clean Spirit Formation, the grade of the Clean Spirit Formation in this room is not high, so the training effect is not ideal. The higher the level of the Clean Spirit Formation, the better. When you reach island, I suggest you rent a high end cave mansion for high grade Clean Spirit Formation to slow down your cultivation decline to the greatest extent possible. Of course, in addition to the Clean Spirit Formation, you can also take the spirit pill, but the spirit pill is expensive and there are not many alchemist on the island, most of them have taken refuge under the island master, and the price of a spirit pill is more than ten times more expensive than the outside.”

“Then how do you live?” Liu Xianyun couldn’t help but feel a little sympathetic to Jiao Yi. In this solitary void secret realm, the environment is so bad, it is really not easy to live in here.

Jiao Yi smiled bitterly: “Go out to hunt sea beasts and look for some other materials. The inner core of sea beasts can usually be sold at a good price, and this time we came out to find something called Dark Green Feather Coral.”

“What’s the use?” Liu Xianyun asked.

Jiao Yi said: “This thing is the main material for refining the Clean Spirit Formation. If you want to live on Open Sky Island, the Clean Spirit Formation is essential, so Dark Green Feather Coral has a great market price.” Speaking of which, Jiao Yi expression changed, and he said: “You two are interested in joining the group? If you are interested, I will talk to the big sister. She will probably not refuse. As for the division, just like us, we will give as many as your effort and share.”

Both Yang Kai and Liu Xianyun are newcomers, and their strength is still at their peak, especially Yang Kai, a 3rd-order Principel Source Stage, if they can pull him into the group, this trip will definitely be able to return with a full load.


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