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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2370 English [Readable]

There are only a few emperor realm in the entire (open sky) Tongtian Island, and Ling Yinqin never thought that a person she met casually on the road would have the potential to break through the emperor realm.

Once this Yang Kai breaks through to the emperor realm, he will definitely be able to occupy a place on the Tongtian Island, and even protect their boat people in turn, but… only those who live in this secret realm for a long time will know that this is simply the tomb of the martial artist. The martial artist who lives here is blessed by God if his cultivation does not regress with the passage of time. Even if he is lucky enough to realize the opportunity for a breakthrough, there are few successful ones.

Ling Yinqin had seen too many people, failed to break through in this ghost place, and lost all his cultivation and became a useless person.

So after being shocked, Ling Yinqin’s gaze looking at Yang Kai suddenly became sympathetic. She could see that Yang Kai’s age was not too old. The cultivation of 3rd-order Dao Source stage is enough to show that his aptitude is good. It should be a young hero from the sect outside. The rising star, given time, may be able to get the glimpse of the mystery of the emperor realm.

But here…the possibility of failure is very high.

Yang Kai looked anxious, and he didn’t know why Ling Yinqin looked at him with a sympathetic look. Seeing her delay in answering, he asked again: “Sister Ling, is there some good ideas?”

“Are you really going to break through?” Ling Yinqin couldn’t bear it, and suggested: “If you are not too sure, I suggest you cut your own cultivation base, and never break through in the solitary void secret realm!”

Yang Kai was blank and asked subconsciously: “Why?”

Jiao Yi said, “Brother Yang, the solitary void secret realm is not a suitable place to break through. You also know that the world is full of those chemical power. Those who dare to break through here have failed. The big sister is thinking about you.”

Yang Kai was really shocked. He had thought before that this place was not a good place for breakthrough. But he didn’t expect it to be so serious. Right now Zhang Ruoxi’s cultivation is floating and cannot be suppressed at all. If, as Ling Yinqin said, self-slashing cultivation base, then Zhang Ruoxi would never expect to be promoted to Dao Source stage for the rest of her life, and could only stay at the level of Origin King Realm.

Because this is the path of self-defeating martial dao, there is no spirit pill that can be use to cute it.

The other crew members also looked at Yang Kai with sympathy. It seems that he has suffered great misfortune. They didn’t care so much about him breaking the door of Ling Yinqin’s room. It’s cruel to care about these trivial things with a person whose martial arts road is about to end.

Yang Kai only hesitated for a while, his expression resolute, and said, “Sister Ling, please give me some advice.”

Seeing his persistence, Ling Yinqin knew that it was useless to dissuade him, so she could only say, “I have a set of advanced clean spirit formations here, which may be able to help you.”

There are a total of four levels of clear spirit formations, low level, Intermediate, advanced, and top.

When chatting with Jiao Yi these days, Yang Kai learned that the clean spirit formation in these rooms on the ship are all low-level, because the higher the grade, the more expensive the clean spirit formation is. The price of the higher grade is almost ten times more expensive. Ling Yinqin and a group of people who is struggling at the lowest level in the solitary void secret realm, has no financial resources to ask people to arrange a more powerful Clean Spirit Formation.

Yang Kai didn’t expect that she actually had a high-level Clean Spirit Formation.

The more advanced the clean spirit formation. The role and effect on the martial artist will naturally be better. This clean spirit formation is like a net, while filtering out the world’s spiritual energy. It also hinders the inflow of the world’s spirit energy, so no matter how rich the spiritual energy in this world is, wherever a clean spirit formation is arranged, the spiritual energy is relatively thin. The higher the level of the Clean Spirit Formation, the smaller the hindrance of the inflow of world’s spiritual energy, and the stronger the spiritual energy. The better the martial artist can practice in it.

Yang Kai was overjoyed and hurriedly said, “Thank you Sister Ling.”

Hearing that Ling Yinqin actually wanted to take out the high-level Clean Spirit Formation in her hand, the crew’s faces couldn’t help changing their colors, and Jiao Yi even whispered: “Big Sister, that Clean Spirit Formation…”

Ling Yinqin interrupted him. Take out a set of formation from the space ring and give it to Yang Kai, saying: “If things are impossible, don’t force it.”

She stuffed another jade slip to Yang Kai, and said, “This is the method to use the formation. It’s very simple. You’ll know if you take a closer look.”

“Understood.” Yang Kai nodded sternly. Although he didn’t know the origins of this high-level Clean Spirit Formation, he knew that this thing was extremely valuable to Ling Yinqin after seeing the faces of the crew members. Otherwise, It may not be used normally.

But as far as Yang Kai knows, Ling Yinqin’s room is also a low-level clean spirit formation.

He didn’t know the story in this set of advanced clean spirit formation, but secretly decided to wait for the matter here to be dealt with, and he must give Ling Yinqin some compensation.

“I have to trouble Sister Ling again, what islands are there nearby?” Yang Kai asked.

Ling Yinqin raised her head and said to a martial artist with a beard: “Bring the chart.”

The warrior immediately took out a piece of animal skin paper from the space ring and spread it out in front of Ling Yinqin with a crash. Yang Kai also leaned over to look at it, but he didn’t quite understand it.

Ling Yinqin swept her gaze on the chart for a while, stretched out one of the positions, and said in a deep voice, “There is an island in the southeast, five hundred miles away.”

Yang Kai clasped his fists and said, “Thank you!”

When the words fell, he already shook his body and disappeared.

Everyone was shocked, even Ling Yinqin change countenance, and no one understood how Yang Kai left.

Although she knew that Yang Kai has the 3rd-order Dao Source stage cultivation level, she did not expect his strength to be so powerful. Only with the superb vanishing method just now, Ling Yinqin could not spy on Yang Kai’s trace. If such a person wants to kill her, she can’t guard against it.

For a while, Ling Yinqin secretly rejoiced that she didn’t let the crew to provoke Yang Kai, otherwise, the ship’s people would not know how they died.

“Senior Brother… is he going to break through the emperor realm?” Suddenly someone murmured.

Ling Yinqin looked up and saw Liu Xianyun standing in place with a worried expression.

She rushed out of the room following Yang Kai, and she heard the conversation clearly, so she couldn’t help being a little shocked. Ling Yinqin doesn’t know much about Yang Kai, but Liu Xianyun has been with Yang Kai these days to meditate and practice, and she hasn’t noticed that he has any signs of breaking through. Why is he about to break through the emperor realm suddenly?

But after the shock, there was a lot of worry, because Ling Yinqin understood very well that it would not be a good thing to break through inside the solitary void secrrt realm.

“Sister Ling, my senior brother…” Liu Xianyun looked at Ling Yinqin.

The latter sighed and said truthfully: “The hope is small, and it is basically impossible to succeed.”

Liu Xianyun’s face turned pale, almost a little unsteady. How did Yang Kai whose talent is so shocking about to turn to dust in this ghost place? And the root of all this is her. If it weren’t for the chance encounter in marsh city, Yang Kai would not stand up for her, let alone lead out old monsters like Yao Changjun, and would not be chased by him to escape to the solitary void mountain range and be swallowed into the secret realm.

Liu Xianyun kept thinking about it, feeling that she was too sorry for Yang Kai, and felt that if he really failed to break through, become a useless person or fall away, it is all her responsibility.

“Big sister, that set of Clean Sporit Formation is what Big Brother Zhou left you back then, why are you…” Jiao Yi looked at Ling Yinqin sadly.

Ling Yinqin said: “He is in a hurry, so what’s the problem with lending it.”

Jiao Yi said: “But in case he damages it…”

“If you want to break through, I will also lend it to you.”

A group of crew members knew that Ling Yinqin was not telling lies. Her personality was like this. She was cold outside and hot inside. Yang Kai was just a rider on a downwind boat and had nothing to do with her, but she still lent the precious clean spirit formation to him.

But the preciousness of that set of clean spirit formation is not its value, but the meaning in Ling Yinqin’s heart. So even if everyone knew that Ling Yinqin had a high-level clean spirit formation, they never asked her to use it for everyone. Everyone just lived in a low-level clean spirit formation, slowly practicing, and slowing down the speed of cultivation level decline.

“Let’s pass on the order, wait here for a few days, you guys should disperse to.” Ling Yinqin waved her hand and issued an order to leave.

A dozen crew members, keep looking at each other, but they didn’t dare to say more and left one after another.

“Senior Brother Jiao, who is the Big Brother Zhou you just mentioned?” Liu Xianyun followed Jiao Yi towards the side room and asked.

Jiao Yi said: “It is the big sister’s partner. Back then, the big sister and Zhou were brought here together and took us to work hard together. Later, when he went out to sea, Zhou was killed by a sea beast to protect everyone. Before he died, The only thing he left is the Clean Spirit Formation, which he bought by selling his own artifact. If it weren’t for selling the artifact, Brother Zhou would not die.”

Speaking of the past, Jiao Yi’s emotions were slightly agitated, with his fists clenched, he had obviously received a lot of attention from the big brother Zhou, and he had already recognized him as a relative.

“Big Brother Zhou was really good to Sister Ling.” Liu Xianyun slightly lost her mind. For the sake of his partner, he would rather sell his artifact and buy a high grade clean spirit formation. This may seem silly, but who can criticize it?

“Now you should know that the Clean Spirit Formation is precious to the big sister, right?” Jiao Yi gritted his teeth, “If your senior brother damages the Clean Spirit Formation, I will be the first to beat him up!”

Although Jiao Yi and Yang Kai and Liu Xianyun had a very happy conversation these days, and even obtained a lot of source crystals from Yang Kai, he still stood firmly on Ling Yinqin’s line of high-level clean spirit formations.

After saying it cruelly, Jiao Yi said a little annoyed: “I’m sorry, Old Jiao is a little bit grumpy, I shouldn’t tell you this, but your senior brother, i don’t know if he can come back safely.”

“It’s okay, I understand Senior Brother Jiao’s mood.” Liu Xianyun waved her hand. She couldn’t help but feel a little illusion. If Yang Kai left something for her, no matter whether it was valuable or not, she would definitely treasure it as a treasure.


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