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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2371 English [Readable]

When Yang Kai flew to the small island, his mind was immersed in the jade slip Ling Yinqin handed him, investigating the method of arranging the Clean Spirit Formation.

Although he has not touched the way of formation very much, the jade slip is extremely detailed and easy to understand, not to mention that if there is a formation flag, it should not be difficult to arrange it.

In just five hundred miles, Yang Kai arrived in less than a dozen breaths. This was because he deliberately slowed down a bit in order to study the jade slip. Otherwise, if he uses the full power of the space divine ability he has mastered, he can arrive a lot faster.

Looking around, there is indeed a veritable island in front of him, but it is about a hundred meters in radius and there is no grass growing. It looks like a reef is formed. The sky is clear and cloudless, and the sea is also peaceful.

Yang Kai hurriedly fell down, and began to deploy according to the records in the jade slip.

After almost a cup of tea time, he finally arranged it properly, and a faint light suddenly enveloped the entire island, purifying the power of the world, but the aura also weakened several levels.

It seems that the high-level clean spirit formation can’t let all the world’s spiritual energy flow in. Based on this calculation, even the top-level clean spirit formation may not be much better.

Time is running out, he just checked the formation for a while, and after confirming that it was all right, he waved his hand and released Zhang Ruoxi from the mysterious small boundary.

“Sir, I’m causing you trouble again.” Zhang Ruoxi’s expression was difficult, and her body was like boiling water, and he said to Yang Kai with a guilty expression as soon as she appeared.

She obviously also knew what situation Yang Kai was in now.

Yang Kai waved his hand and said: “Don’t think too much, calm down. Breakthrough is important. I will protect you by the side and get rid of all distracting thoughts!”

Zhang Ruoxi lightly nodded, closed her beautiful eyes, pinched mysterious seal with her hand, and comprehend it silently.

In a short while, the aura floating in her body became more and more fierce, and the movement of the Saint Yuan in her body became more and more fierce.

The world’s spiritual energy around. Just like being given life, they poured into her body one after another.

However, because of the obstacles of the Clean Spirit Formation, the world’s spiritual energy is obviously not enough to meet her needs for promotion and breakthrough, and Zhang Ruoxi is in a dilemma for a while.

Seeing this, Yang Kai didn’t hesitate to take out a large number of source crystals from the space ring. With a shock of power, those source crystals were shaken into powder and the small island is filled with rich spiritual energy.

With the help of these source crystals, Zhang Ruoxi’s difficult expression finally eased a lot.

Yang Kai continuously took out the source crystal and shattered it. In a short while, the world’s spiritual energy on this island turned into a dense mist, and the entire island was hazy. Even if Yang Kai was ten feet away from Zhang Ruoxi, he couldn’t see her figure clearly.

Thinking that it should be enough, Yang Kai stopped.

And Zhang Ruoxi seems like a different person since the bloodline power in her body awakened. Her good aptitude is indescribable, every time she cultivates, it is like swallowing the world’s spiritual energy, it is for this reason that her cultivation level can be improved so quickly.

The Zhang family patriarch Zhang Gaoxuan back then got the Dao Source Fruit in the five-color pagoda, but was seriously injured by others. Before he died, he asked Yang Kai to visit Zhang family’s house at the price of Dao Source Fruit and asked Yang Kai to leave some Dao Source Pill for Zhang Family.

Yang Kai went, but at that time Zhang Ruoxi had only the cultivation level of Saint King Stage. It has only been a few years, and she has reached the level of breaking through the the Dao Source Stage.

That Dao Source Pill was prepared for Zhang Ruoxi. Yang Kai still keeps it, but it doesn’t look like she need it. In the past few years, the originally little girl has grown into a fine young woman.

For a while, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a little bit emotional.

The whirring sounds continued, Zhang Ruoxi’s whole body seemed to have become a bottomless pit, constantly devouring the spiritual energy on the island. After a short time, the rich spiritual energy was thinned again.

Yang Kai had to take out more source crystals and shake them apart.

After doing this three times, Yang Kai estimated that he had consumed at least tens of millions of source crystals, and Zhang Ruoxi suddenly snorted, and then, an indescribable rhyme rippled.

Breakthrough! Seeing this, Yang Kai no longer dared to stay where he was, and suddenly rushed out of the island, from a moderate distance, paying close attention to Zhang Ruoxi’s movements. This position actually guaranteed that he would not interfere with Zhang Ruoxi’s promotion, and that she could be rescued in time if she had any accident.

Judging from the current stage, Zhang Ruoxi’s breakthrough is very smooth, because she is assisted by countless source crystals, but Yang Kai knows that the real difficulty has not yet come!

For Zhang Ruoxi, the most difficult hurdle is the baptism of the world’s energy! The world’s spiritual energy here is full of infinite chemical power. If she absorbs it into the body, he doesn’t know what will happen.

But if she don’t absorb it into the body, she can’t get promoted. This is a dilemma.


There was a buzzing sound in the sky. The cloudless sky suddenly changed, and the entire sky was pitch black. Above the small island, a huge cloud of black as ink suddenly formed, slowly spinning, and converging into a whirlpool. In the black ink cloud, the thunder roared, showing the power of heavenly law.

Yang Kai became nervous involuntarily and looked up at that scene.

At the same time, five hundred miles away, on the deck of the ship building, a group of martial artist stood here and pointed in the direction where the island is located. Before they thought, the phenomenon of heaven and earth was obviously caused by Yang Kai, but others did not know it.

In Ling Yinqin’s room, she leaned against the window and looked far away, with a strange look flashing in her eyes, and said to herself: “It has led to a vision of heaven and earth?”

Bringing out the vision of heaven and earth means that you will be baptized with the world’s energy next, and there is really a glimmer of hope for success in a breakthrough.

Ling Yinqin suddenly felt that she seemed to underestimate Yang Kai. She had previously said that the probability of Yang Kai’s breakthrough was very low, but now it seems that she is still a little wrong.

But what makes Ling Yinqin confused is that the power of this world vision is a bit wrong, because it obviously feels a bit smaller. Although Ling Yinqin has never seen the scene of a martial artist breaking through the emperor realm, it should obviously not be only at such degree.

In the other room, Liu Xianyun was also looking at the window, with a worried and nervous expression on her face, but she did not dare to go and watch, so she could only put her hands together and knelt on the ground, praying to God for blessing.

At the same time, thousands of miles away, above the sea, there is also a ship sailing slowly. Although it is thousands of miles away, this vision of heaven and earth still makes the people on board discover something.

After a while, the ship building suddenly reversed its direction and sailed towards the direction of the island, obviously coming to investigate it.

Over the island, the dark clouds were thick as mountains, and thunder continued to roared.

Suddenly, a power of heaven and earth came from the airstrike and blasted straight towards the island, looking at the trajectory, it seemed to fall into Zhang Ruoxi’s head.

Yang Kai’s face changed its color slightly, but he resisted his impulse and did not help.


There was a loud noise, and the huge power of heaven and earth blasted directly into the island. The Clean Spirit Formation that Yang Kai arranged on the island suddenly collapsed, and the formation flags hidden around were all damaged. The light that enveloped the island disappeared at the same time.

This high-level clean spirit formation was destroyed!

Before the power of that day fell on Zhang Ruoxi’s head, her body was shaken, and a huge phantom suddenly appeared behind her.

Yang Kai’s eyes widened, and he stared there.

This was not the first time he saw this phantom. In the Land of Four Seasons, it also appeared when Zhang Ruoxi was promoted to the Great Realm. It’s just that Yang Kai never knew what the phantom was. He only guessed it has something to do with Zhang Ruoxi’s bloodline power.

Looking at it now, the phantom is more solid than last time, and what makes Yang Kai feel strange is that he can’t see it a bit, only knowing that the phantom is a huge image of a woman, as high as twenty or thirty feet. Even bigger than after a small transformation, with a giant sword in both hands, the whole person headed to the sky and feet to the ground, giving people a strong visual impact.

Although huge, this woman is definitely not ugly, just like a stunning beauty has been magnified countless times, no matter what part of her body is extremely perfect and flawless.

She was like Zhang Ruoxi’s patron saint, suddenly appeared behind Zhang Ruoxi, brave and heroic, as if even with thousands of troops, they could be blocked by her.

That power of heaven and earth smashed down and fell into her body, like a stone sinking into the sea, without any ripples at all.

The next moment, the phantom raised her head, stared at the sky, opened the mouth, and took a light breath.

The power gathered in the sky was directly sucked into her mouth. In just three breaths, the dark sky became clear again, and the sea also suddenly recovered the previous calm.

Even though he had seen it once, Yang Kai was still shocked again and again, unable to speak for a long time.

The martial artist breaks through the great realm, and the baptism of heaven and earth power is common sense. Everyone can’t avoid it. If you can sustain it, you can spy on the mystery of the next realm.

Yang Kai has been doing it for so many years.

But compared with Zhang Ruoxi’s promotion, Yang Kai felt that his breakthrough was simply weak, not at the same level.

Just as he was thinking about it, the huge phantom had suddenly flashed into Zhang Ruoxi’s body. The next moment, the aura of the Dao Source Stage diffused out of Zhang Ruoxi’s body, her bones creaked, and the power in her body was fierce.

Yang Kai was secretly anxious, and didn’t know if the phantom swallowed the power of heaven and earth in one gulp will have any problem. After all, the spiritual energy of this world is full of chemical power. While the phantom swallows the power of heaven and earth, it will definitely take that chemical power together.

He paid close attention to Zhang Ruoxi’s reaction, and secretly decided to bring her into the Mysterious Small Boundary if there was something wrong.

But when he looked at it, Zhang Ruoxi didn’t have any uncomfortable expressions. Instead, she had a cheerful expression, as if she was happy for her breakthrough. She still sat there, pinching magic arts in her hands, which made Yang Kai confused.


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