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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2372 English [Readable]

Five hundred miles away, Ling Yinqin sighed secretly, “Is it really a failure?”

The majestic vision of heaven and earth disappeared suddenly, obviously a sign of failure in the breakthrough, and she don’t know whether Yang Kai is alive or dead now. She secretly felt sorry for Yang Kai. Although she was not acquainted with Yang Kai, she saw the end of a martial artist’s road, which made her feel a little sad.

In the room, Liu Xianyun, who had originally knelt on the ground and prayed piously, also slumped to the ground, her pretty face pale and bloodless.

After a long while, she gritted her teeth and stood up from where she was, and hurriedly rushed out.

Regardless of whether Yang Kai is alive or dead, she will look for it, she will see the people if he is alive, and see the corpse if he is dead. She felt that if it were not because of her, Yang Kai would not have encountered this kind of bad luck. With his aptitude, he would surely be able to take pride in the Star Boundary in the future and achieve the prestige of one party overlord.

Liu Xianyun rushed to the deck, and suddenly saw a huge ship approaching in front of her. This ship was bigger and magnificent than those of Ling Yinqin and others. She don’t know when it approached. When Liu Xianyun discovered it, the two ships were already very close.

She looked up and saw that the deck of the ship on the opposite floor was full of martial artist. Under the leadership of a man in a purple robe, he rushed down and stared at her with unkind intentions.

Ling Yinqin and others didn’t realize it until this time, and they ran out of the cabin one after another. After seeing the sail signs on the ship on the opposite floor, all their faces sank.

Liu Xianyun remembered Yang Kai’s life and death in her heart, and she didn’t care about it at all. She wanted to fly out as soon as possible, but the purple-robed man on the opposite ship complexion sank. He waved his hand and his body remained motionless, but a palm print has been swept over.

On the island, Yang Kai waited until Zhang Ruoxi opened her eyes before he slowly flew over and fell in front of Zhang Ruoxi, and hurriedly asked, “Are there any discomforts?”

“Discomfort?” Zhang Ruoxi looked blank and shook her head and said: “No!” She looked happy again, and said softly, “Sir, I have broken through the Dao Source Stage.”

A few years ago, she had never thought that one day she would be able to break through to the level of Dao Source Stage and stand at such a high altitude. After all, in the Zhang Family back then, the most powerful talent was nothing but the 3rd-order Origin King Realm. The lonely family has never produce Dao Source Stage for many years, but since Yang Kai took her away from the Zhang family, her cultivation level has risen steadily, growing rapidly at an extremely incredible speed, in just a few years. She achieved a feat that the ancestors of the Zhang family had never been able to achieve.

Such a cultivation level can already stand firm in the original Maplewood City.

Zhang Ruoxi was extremely grateful to Yang Kai.

She knew that if Yang Kai had not provided her with such a good and stable cultivation environment, she would never have done such a thing. She also knew that if Yang Kai had not discovered her talent for cultivation, she would never even be able to spy the mystery of the Dao Source Stage.

But now, she is only seventeen years old, and she is already a powerful Dao Source Stage. She has a lot of years and will have a lot of good times in the future. She even has the opportunity to get a glimpse at the mystery of the Emperor Realm or the Great Emperor.

Zhang Ruoxi’s heart was throbbing.

“Give me your hand!” Yang Kai came to her. Although he didn’t notice anything unusual about Zhang Ruoxi, he was still a little worried and prepared to investigate carefully.

Zhang Ruoxi blushed, and stretched out a soft and smooth hand.

Yang Kai reached out, urged a trace of Source Qi to pour into her body, and examined it carefully.

After a while, Yang Kai’s body shook, looking at Zhang Ruoxi in surprise, and whispered, “How is this possible?”

“What’s wrong, sir, is there something wrong with Ruoxi?” Zhang Ruoxi was shocked when she saw his face, and suddenly became anxious.

“No, no!” Yang Kai shook his head quickly, for fear of frightening her, but his brows wrinkled more and more, his face was full of surprises, as if he had seen something extremely incomprehensible.

Zhang Ruoxi didn’t move, she could only feel Yang Kai’s Source Qi running all over her body. Although Yang Kai did not go to some hidden parts, the feeling still made Zhang Ruoxi blush, and soon she lowered her head to her chest.

But she also knew that Yang Kai was looking at her body and didn’t have any bad thoughts.

After a short while, Yang Kai withdrew his finger and looked at Zhang Ruoxi with a strange expression.

“Sir…what’s wrong with me?” Zhang Ruoxi asked lowly.

“You’re fine.” Yang Kai replied, “It’s unbelievable to be this good.”

Yang Kai originally thought that Zhang Ruoxi would definitely be affected by the power of this world when she broke through the Dao Source Stage in this ghost place. He was already ready to take this girl to the Mysterious Small Boundary for healing, but after checking it out, Yang Kai discovered there is no trace of chemical power in her body.

The infinite transforming power in this world seemed to completely evaporate after entering her body.

That’s all, although it’s unbelievable, it doesn’t make Yang Kai so gaffe.

The most important thing is that Yang Kai discovered that the power in Zhang Ruoxi’s body was actually the rich Source Qi, not the saint yuan!

After the martial artist is promoted to the Dao Source Stage, his power will begin to gradually transform from the previous Saint Yuan to Source Qi. At first, it took nearly a year for Yang Kai to complete the transformation. This was done on the premise of taking a lot of Source Congealing Pill.

For example, Chi Yue, Guizu, Gu Cangyun and others, although they are all cultivated to the 1st-order Dao Source Stage, the power in their bodies has not yet been transformed, and this is also true of Liu Xianyun.

The transformation of the Source Qi is an extremely long process. Any martial artist who has just broken through the Dao Source Stage will take at least three to five years to complete this transformation. This is still a good martial artist, with a slightly poorer aptitude, it might take eight years, and ten years is also possible.

Only when all the power in the body is transformed into Source Qi, the foundation of the Dao Source Stage will be completely stabilized, and there is hope to break through the 2nd-order Dao Source Stage.

Yang Kai watched Zhang Ruoxi’s breakthrough on this small island with his own eyes, but it was only a while, and Zhang Ruoxi had actually completed what ordinary people needed several years to complete.

There is no trace of a half-divided Saint Yuan in her body. What fills her delicate body is pure and vigorous Source Qi. In other words, Zhang Ruoxi has already completed the complete transformation of Source Qi at the moment of promotion and breakthrough.

Yang Kai couldn’t figure out how this strange thing could happen.

Fortunately, the weird thing about Zhang Ruoxi is more than this one. After thinking about it, Yang Kai can only give credit to the power of her bloodline. After all, the power of Zhang Ruoxi’s bloodline is really extraordinary, and it seems to hide a great secret. [MSN: hehe, you must be dying to know what it is, right?]

However, Yang Kai did not dare to take it lightly, and asked Zhang Ruoxi to continue to check her body carefully on this small island. After confirming that there were no hidden dangers, she was taken back to the Mysterious Small Boundary and ordered Liuyan and Hua Qingsi to give her some explanation of the mystery of Dao Source Stage and assist her in her future cultivation.

The island is still the same island, but the high-level clean spirit formation arranged on this island is damaged.

After Yang Kai collected that set of formation flags, his expression was bitter.

He didn’t know how to explain to Ling Yinqin after he returned. This set of high-level clean spirit formations seemed to be an extremely valuable thing to her, being broken in his hands, he didn’t know if Ling Yinqin would get angry.

Yang Kai checked the formation and found that it was badly damaged and his face became more and more bitter.

With a sigh, he put these things away before turning back to the original path.

After a while, he showed a different color, staring at the two ships anchored on the sea, his brows condensed slightly.

Of the two boats, one of them was naturally Ling Yinqin’s, and he hadn’t seen the other bigger one. It was obvious that it came here when he brought Zhang Ruoxi to the small island to breakthrough promotion.

Above the vast ocean, the chances of two boats wanting to meet are extremely low. This big boat can come here, maybe because Zhang Ruoxi’s promotion brought them here.

Because looking at the direction that the bow of the big ship is aimed at, it is the location of the small island that he came from.

The big ship is more than two or three times larger than the building ship of Ling Yinqin and others. Putting the two ships together, it looks like a grandfather and a grandson.

Before Yang Kai approached, he heard a loud noise coming from there, which made his expression sink, and while his figure was shaking, he fell directly onto the deck.

Looking up, He saw Ling Yinqin and more than a dozen crew members, under her leadership, standing confronting another group of people on the deck. Ling Yinqin and others looked angry, but the other party looked calm and indifferent. Ling Yinqin and others are not put in his eyes.

Liu Xianyun was guarded by those crew members. Yang Kai saw that Liu Xianyun’s pretty face had an imprint of a slap. It was flushed with red. It seemed that someone had beaten her so hard, and the blood on her mouth hadn’t dried yet.

Yang Kai’s face suddenly became gloomy.

He didn’t know what happened on the ship, or where the other group of people came from, but Liu Xianyun was obviously beaten by these newcomers.

His sudden appearance obviously alarmed the two groups of people who were facing each other.

Liu Xianyun was the first to turn her head and look at him. After seeing Yang Kai, she suddenly forgot her own situation and shouted, “Senior Brother…”

She kept scanning Yang Kai with her beautiful eyes, fearing to find something that worries her. After she was sure that Yang Kai was safe and without missing arms or legs, she exhaled heavily.

“Are you okay?” Ling Yinqin also looked surprised.

Just now Yang Kai must have triggered the vision of heaven and earth. She could see clearly even if it was five hundred miles away, but the vision suddenly disappeared after only five breaths, which showed that Yang Kai’s breakthrough failed.

How could it be possible that a 3rd-order Dao Source Stage failed to break through the emperor realm and not be backlashed? Once it is backlashed by the might of heaven and earth, if you are lucky, your cultivation will be useless, and you will be killed if you have bad luck.

But Yang Kai really came back intact.

Ling Yinqin examined Yang Kai several times before confirming that what she saw was true. Suddenly, her face changed slightly, as if thinking of something.


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