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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2373 English [Readable]

This young man named Yang Kai should have slashed his cultivation base at a critical moment, otherwise it is absolutely impossible to be safe.

Self-cutting cultivation is tantamount to ruining the road of martial arts. Thinking of this, Ling Yinqin couldn’t help but sighed a little, and looking at his face, it seemed that he had suffered a serious injury, otherwise it would not be so ugly.

This person is also really unlucky enough. It hasn’t been many days since he came to the solitary void secret realm, and he has encountered this kind of disaster. If it is the outside world, he may not encounter this kind of thing when promoting to the Emperor Realm.

“Senior Brother Yang, the breakthrough…failed?” Jiao Yi asked straightforwardly, opening his mouth wide.

He didn’t think too much, just seeing that Yang Kai returned so quickly, and there was no trace of improvement in his cultivation base, so he asked.

But as soon as the words were spoken, Ling Yinqin kicked him quietly, Jiao Yi immediately knew that he had said something wrong, and quickly shut up.

If there are no others here, he would ask, and it would be understandable to care about Yang Kai, but there are others here, and he will undoubtedly let others know that Yang Kai is in a very bad state now.

“Well, it failed!” Yang Kai replied calmly, not showing the slightest annoyance.

“Breakthrough?” Hearing this, the purple-robed man on the other side raised his brows, as if he was aware of something, and looked at Yang Kai and asked: “So, what happened to your breakthrough and promotion?”

“Who are you?” Yang Kai glanced at him lightly.

Ling Yinqin hurriedly said: “He is the vice pavilion master of Mysterious Cloud Pavilion, Yang Leshui. Mysterious Cloud Pavilion has a lot of influence on Tongtian Island. The pavilion master has the cultivation base of the emperor realm. You don’t need to talk. Just let me deal with it.”

Listening to her tone. It seems that Mysterious Cloud pavilion is very daunting.

Yang Kai had talked a lot with Jiao Yi before, knowing that there are many forces on Tongtian Island, because if you want to survive in this ghost place, the martial artist must stay together. This has been the truth for a long time. Naturally, various forces, large and small, were born, and Ling Yinqin and others were actually one of them, but they were not well-known.

As for the entire Tongtian Island, there are as many as three or five emperor realm. The forces controlled by these emperor realm are the most powerful, and no one dares to provoke them at will. Mysterious Cloud Pavilion is one of them.

Yang Kai also didn’t expect that above the vast sea, he would still be able to encounter the ship of Mysterious Cloud Pavilion.

Ling Yinqin transmitted the sound to him, undoubtedly because she was afraid that Yang Kai would offend him when he first arrived.

At the same time, a man next to Yang Leshui suddenly whispered something to Yang Leshui.

Yang Leshui’s eyes suddenly brightened, looking at Yang Kai’s expression with deep meaning, and smiled and said: “Boy, you are newcomer here like that woman? Why have i never see you before?”

Ling Yinqin’s heart sank upon hearing the words. The dozen or so crew members of his own ship are all fixed. The guy around Yang Leshui obviously recognized them, so when he saw Yang Kai and Liu Xianyun two strange faces, he realized that these two people should be newcomers.

The new martial artist usually has more or less source crystals. This is nothing more than two fat sheep to the martial artist in the solitary void secret realm. Even people like Jiao Yi have thought about it, let alone the people of Mysterious Cloud Pavilion?

Ling Yinqin said in a deep voice, “Brother Yang, these two are my crew members, they are not newcomers. Brother Yang sees it wrong, right?”

Yang Leshui’s face sank. He hummed: “Lowly maid, brother Yang is also something you can call me?”

Although his cultivation base is only 3rd-order Dao Source Stage. It is almost the same as Ling Yinqin, but he is the vice pavilion master of mysterious cloud pavilion. Behind him is a powerful emperor realm, and his status is not comparable to that of a wild fox like Ling Yinqin. When Ling Yinqin calls him ‘brother yang’, Yang Leshui suddenly feel annoyed.

Ling Yinqin’s face was ugly, but the situation was the other party is stronger, and she had to bow her head and said: “Vice Pavilion Master Yang, this mistress have made a mistake, please don’t blame me.”

She has lived in the solitary void secret realm for decades, knowing who can’t be provoke, so even if she is angry in her heart, she can only swallow her voice so much, just for a moment of peace.

Jiao Yi and a group of crew members secretly clenched their fists and gritted their teeth.

“Huh!” Yang Leshui glanced at Ling Yinqin obliquely, and said, “This is the only time, If you commit another crime next time, I will never go around you.”

“Thank you Vice Pavilion Master Yang.” Ling Yinqin gritted her teeth.

“As for these two people…” Yang Leshui pointed his hand at Liu Xianyun and Yang Kai, and said with a smile: “Is it a newcomer, do you think this king can’t see it clearly? People who live in this ghost place all year round, More or less there will be some sea air on your body, but they don’t have it. Obviously, it hasn’t been long since entering here. Ling Yinqin, you are so brave, how dare you lie to this king!”

Ling Yinqin’s pretty face changed slightly, knowing that she couldn’t deny it, she glanced worriedly at Yang Kai and Liu Xianyun, thinking about how to get the two people out of trouble, but she also knew that there was little hope, and she was filled with guilt for a while.

She thought that Yang Kai and Liu Xianyun would be stared at by Yang Le Shui at this moment, they would definitely look flustered, honest and frightened, but when she looked around, the two of them got together and looked indifferent, and they were talking in a low voice, Yang Kai seemed to be asking Liu Xianyun who had hit her face until leaving a mark, but Liu Xianyun kept shaking her head without saying anything, making Yang Kai helpless.

“Hand over this two people, and divide half of your gains from this trip. This king can make an exception and go around you once!” Yang Leshui pointed his hand at Yang Kai and Liu Xianyun, arrogantly saying.

“Half of the harvest?” Jiao Yi has a hot temper. He exploded when he heard the words. He jumped and said: “Why don’t you just grab it?”

Yang Leshui’s face sank, and he glanced at Jiao Yi and snorted: “Ling Yinqin, this is the person you taught? What are the consequences of offending this king?”

Ling Yinqin glared at Jiao Yi immediately, and shouted, “Don’t make trouble.”

The big sister said this, Jiao Yi didn’t dare to say anything even if he wasn’t convinced, but the expression was ugly to the extreme, the suppressed anger almost ignited him, and everyone else was almost like this.

They worked so hard to go out to the sea, risking their lives, and finally returned with a full load, but didn’t expect to be blocked by Yang Leshui here, and had to be robbed of half of the harvest.

That half of the gain is quite a lot, equivalent to the result of their hard work in the previous year or two. Who is willing to hand it over?

Ling Yinqin clasped her fists and said: “Vice Pavilion Master Yang, since the two of them are on my ship, they are my crew members. This mistress must keep them safe, we have a great harvest this time. I can leave it all to you, but only if you don’t trouble them.”

“Are you bargaining with me?” Yang Leshui narrowed his eyes, his eyes shone cold, and his whole body exuded an icy chill.

Ling Yinqin raised her head and said: “We have harvested more than 100,000 pieces of dark green feather coral this time, and there is also the corpse of an ice and fire mysterious dolphin. Vice Pavilion Master Yang can consider for himself whether it is cost-effective.”

“What?” Yang Leshui was startled, and lost his voice: “More than a hundred thousand dark green feather coral, the corpse of the ice and fire mysterious dolphin?”

Even if he was the vice pavilion master of mysterious clouds pavilion, he had never seen such a large fortune at once.

Just the more than one hundred thousand Dark Green Feather Coral is good enough, not to mention the corpse of a 12th-order monster beast! The 12th-order monster beast is equivalent to an emperor realm, and the inner core is priceless.

In the solitary void secret realm, many spirit pills are refined with the inner core of sea beasts. The inner core of this 12th-order monster beast is enough to refine the emperor grade spirit pills, and its effect on Yang Leshui is hard to estimate.

His heart moved suddenly.

However, Yang Leshui still said in a deep voice: “Ling Yinqin, do you dare to tease this king? The ice and fire mysterious dolphin is a 12th-order monster beast. How can you kill it with your strength?”

Ling Yinqin said: “It’s dead, and that piece of Dark Green Feather Coral is also the place it protects. We just collect it.”

Yang Le Shui immediately believed it, because in this solitary void sea, there are often some martial artist who encounter opportunities and adventures, and can get a lot of good things for nothing.

He laughed: “You are lucky, not bad, so many things are enough to buy your life.”

Ling Yinqin said solemnly: “So, Vice Pavilion Master Yang has agreed?”

Yang Le Shui nodded and said: “Naturally, why won’t i agree to such a good thing? I don’t need to take these two people away, but in addition to the conditions you just made, the space ring of these two people must be handed over.”

He wanted to take away Yang Kai and Liu Xianyun mainly for the source crystals in their space ring. As long as he could get the space ring, would he care about the life and death of Yang Kai and Liu Xianyun?

Ling Yinqin frowned and said: “At this point, this mistress cannot decide for them!”

As she spoke, she turned her head and looked at Yang Kai, with a helpless expression on her face.

She can achieve this level is the limit, the rest depends on Yang Kai’s intention.

Yang Kai hummed: “Being shameless to this extent, you can be considered unconventional.”

When Ling Yinqin negotiated with Yang Le Shui, Jiao Yi and others did not intervene even if they were angry. Even when Ling Yinqin said that she was willing to hand over all the gains in exchange for him and Liu Xianyun, none of these crew members refuted.

This made Yang Kai understand how high Ling Yinqin’s prestige is among this group of people, because he and Liu Xianyun have nothing to do with them. They just paid the ship tickets and the room fee for the time being with them. This kind of relationship, Who is willing to pay such a high price to protect them?

Ling Yinqin did this, because Yang Kai got on her boat, and that was the people on her boat. She had to guard the people on her boat.

This is a very principled woman! It also convinced her subordinates that no matter what decision she made, others would only listen.

He naturally saw the meaning in Ling Yinqin’s eyes. Although she didn’t say it clearly, she undoubtedly wanted to persuade him to break fortune and eliminate disasters.

Ling Yinqin thought that he had failed to break through promotion, and then cut his own cultivation base. Now his momentum is weak, but Yang Kai didn’t even think of these people.

So when he heard him speak so arrogantly, Ling Yinqin’s face changed drastically, and he hurriedly said: “Yang Kai, calm down for a moment, take a step back!”

Yang Kai hummed: “Sister Ling, the road to the martial artist should be aggressive, head straight up, just shrinking your head and be patient is not a good habit. Some people, if you give in, he will pee on your head.”


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