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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2375 English [Readable]

Looking at Yang Kai with a cold expression on his face, Yang Leshui felt cold all over his body, faintly feeling that he seemed to have provoke something terrible, and he was deeply regretful.

This time, even if he escaped the disaster, this huge loss could not be explained to the pavilion master, and he was bound to bear the anger of the pavilion master by then.

“Should i slice you to death with the sword, or stabbed you to death with a sword?” A wicked smile bloomed on Yang Kai’s face.

Yang Leshui trembled, and said in horror: “You can’t kill me… I am the vice pavilion master of mysterious cloud pavilion. I am the subordinate of Mi Tianhang, if you kill me, he will definitely not let you go!” [MSN: this dude think his status will safe him when he is clearly weaker. pft!]

“Mi Tianhang?” Yang Kaihan said, “That guy is at the 1st-order Emperor Realm?”

“Yes, Pavilion Master is very kind to me!” Yang Leshui said quickly, thinking that Yang Kai knew the name of Mi Tianhang.

Unexpectedly, Yang Kai showed a disdainful expression, curling his lips and said: “The 1st-order Emperor Realm is nothing but a fart, and this young master have killed some!”

When Yang Leshui heard this, the first reaction was that this guy was bragging! How easy is it to kill the 1st-order Emperor Realm? Moreover, these words also came from a 3rd-order Dao Source Stage martial artist.

But he didn’t dare to refute, he could only say: “Let me go, I can give you a lot of benefits, if you kill me, you will be unable to make any progress on Tongtian Island!”

Yang Kai looked cold: “Dare to threaten me when you are about to die?”

“I’m just telling the truth, not to mention that it is not easy to kill me with your current ability. Why bother to lose? Wouldn’t it be better for everyone to sit down and talk about it?”

Yang Kai sneered and said, “Talking should also be based on equal terms between the two parties. I can take your life easily at the moment. What qualifications do you have to talk to me?”

“You underestimated this king, this ship has strong protection!”

“You look at yourself too highly.” Yang Kai snorted, and directly slashed at him with the Million Sword.

Yang Leshui was shocked, he did not expect that after he was painstakingly persuading him, the other party actually shot at him, for a while, he was angry and anxious, and without hesitation, he directly sacrificed a shield artifact to block it.


There was a crisp sound, and Yang Le Shui was horrified to find that his shield artifact had broken apart directly, without any protective effect at all, it was disintegrated as soon as the opponent cut it with the sword. The power of Emperor Artifact directly cut into his body, breaking him in half.

Is he still a human? Yang Leshui couldn’t believe it until he died, that he was annihilated by others at the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage. If he had known that there was such a huge difference in strength between each other, how could he continue to stay here, he would already flee, at least there was hope of survival.

The deck quickly became empty, except for the corpses all over the floor, only Yang Kai was left, and even Liu Xianyun followed Jiao Yi and the others to chase down the enemy.

Yang Kai stretched out his hand and sucked in the space ring of those dead martial artist, checked it a little, and threw it on the ground in disgust.

These martial artist should have lived in the solitary void secret realm for a long time. There are a lot of messy things in the space ring, but there is nothing that is really worthwhile. With Yang Kai’s current wealth, it is really not attractive to him.

The shield artifact of Yang Le Shui was originally pretty good, but after being split by the Million Sword, it lost its value.

Yang Kai ignored the space ring of these people, but cast his gaze on the huge ship.

The ship building was driven by Yang Le Shui and others. In the solitary void secret realm, this kind of large artifact being used to go to the sea seems to be very common. Yang Kai thought that he might also need to go out to the sea in the future, so he flew to the opposite side. On the ship, walked into the cabin, found the control center, and began to refine it.

After a tea cup of time, Ling Yinqin and others returned from different directions one after another, no less than a dozen crew members, except for a few injured, the others were basically intact.

As soon as the crowd gathered, they informed each other about each other’s situation, and Ling Yinqin couldn’t help but exhale.

There are not a single Mysterious Cloud Pavilion martial artist who able to escape from their chase, so there is no need to worry that news from here will spread to Tongtian Island.

Dangers happen on the solitary void sea all the time. It is normal for the people of Yang Leshui ship to disappear. Mysterious Cloud Pavilion may not necessarily suspect Ling Yinqin and the others. Even if they doubt it, there is no evidence, so she doesn’t have to worry about anything.

After calming down, Ling Yinqin realized that there was a sense of horror as she walked around the ghost gate. She ordered the crew to clean the deck and push the corpses off the sea, letting go, and found out that Yang Kai was present, refining the Mysterious Cloud Pavilion ship and did not bother him, but pulled Liu Xianyun aside and asked in a low voice, “Your senior brother, what is going on?”

If they didn’t have Yang Kai this time, they probably wouldn’t have encountered this kind of thing, but in the same way, if they didn’t have Yang Kai, they would definitely have no harvest, and all the harvest would be robbed by Yang Leshui.

Therefore, Ling Yinqin was still very grateful to Yang Kai, but what made her extremely puzzled was how Yang Kai could exert such a terrifying combat power. There were more than 30 people in the Mysterious Cloud Pavilion ship, and almost all of them were killed by him alone.

This kind of unthinkable thing can only be done by the Emperor Realm, right?

If such a powerful force is acting against her and others, who on this ship can resist it?

Ling Yinqin was even more grateful that she prevented Jiao Yi and others’ greedy behavior that day, otherwise, she and others might not even know how they died.

Although she was unclear about her question, Liu Xianyun also knew what she meant, and she pondered for a moment: “Senior brother is very good. A few days ago, we were chased by a 3rd-order Emperor Realm and being escape is also the credit of the Senior Brother.”

“Can even escape and survie after being chased by a 3rd-order Emperor Realm?” Ling Yinqin was startled.

She hadn’t learned how strong the 3rd-order Emperor Realm was, but she knew that it was absolutely impossible for the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage to survive after being chased by them.

But Yang Kai did it, which shows that he is not an ordinary 3rd-order Dao Source Stage.

“Senior brother is very powerful, he also injured the 3rd-order Emperor Realm.” Liu Xianyun did not seem to see Ling Yinqin’s shock, and added another sentence.

“Injured…” Ling Yinqin was completely messed up, feeling that her brain was not enough, and everything she heard completely exceeded her understanding.

“It was a sneak attack, and that 3rd-order Emperor Realm seems to have hurt himself previously.”

Despite Liu Xianyun’s explanation, Ling Yinqin’s mind was still buzzing, and she didn’t even listen. She stared blankly in the direction of the ship on the opposite side, and said nothing for a long time.

“Big sister, they have a lot of good things. That Yang Leshui actually brought more than 200,000 Source Crystal on him. We really hit big this time.” Jiao Yi walked over with joy whild holding the space ring on his hand, and handed it to Ling Yinqin.

Ling Yinqin returned to her senses and said, “You should divide the things by yourself, but throw away all the artifacts and some characteristic things, and you are not allowed to bring them back to Tongtian Island!”

If the artifacts and those characteristic things were taken back, they might reveal something, and let the people of Mysterious Cloud Pavilion follow the lead to them, so Ling Yinqin would not allow this to happen.

Although Jiao Yi felt it was a pity, he knew that the big sister was right, so he turned and left, ready to share the spoils with the brothers.

The deck had been cleaned up, all the bodies were thrown into the sea, and the blood was washed thoroughly.

But Yang Kai hasn’t come out yet, Ling Yinqin can only wait.

About a day later, the ship on the opposite side suddenly buzzed, and the entire hull was shaking. The next moment, with a flash of light, the huge ship suddenly disappeared, and Yang Kai appeared in the crowd instead.

At this moment, he seemed to consume a lot of energy, and his face was a little pale, but on the palm of his hand he held a beautiful ship that had shrunk countless times, obviously the one from Mysterious Cloud Pavilion.

“So fast!” Even if Ling Yinqin knew about Yang Kai’s strength, she couldn’t help being surprised.

It took only one day for Yang Kai to refine the ship building. If someone else talked about it, she would never believe it, but the facts were placed in front of her.

How strong is this man!

Ling Yinqin had overestimated Yang Kai as much as possible, but found that she still underestimated the other party. Even if there is an emperor realm here, it is impossible to refine that building in just one day, right? She thought she would have to wait here for a month or two.

When she was still at lost, Yang Kai had already sent the ship building into the Space Ring, shook his figure and came to the deck.

A dozen crew members looked at him in awe, Jiao Yi opened his mouth, as if he wanted to say something, but couldn’t say it. With the strength that Yang Kai showed yesterday, Jiao Yi no longer has the confidence to be a brother to Yang Kai.

“Sorry, I’m causing trouble to everyone.” Yang Kai said apologetically.

He knew that the reason why the people from Mysterious CLoud Pavilion came here and found Ling Yinqin and others was probably because attracted by the promotion of Zhang Ruoxi. Otherwise, how could they meet each other coincidentally on this vast sea?

So the cause of this matter is still him.

Hearing what he said, the crew waved their hands and shook their heads.

The group of people in Mysterious Cloud Pavilion were killed by Yang Kai in a blink of an eye. It can be seen how terrifying Yang Kai’s strength is. Naturally, they dare not take it seriously.

Observing their expression, Yang Kai knew that these people should be very afraid of him.

“Brother Yang, we should be thankful for you, you saved us from a disaster.” Ling Yinqin said.

Yang Kai’s impression of this woman is very good. She would rather hand over all the gains from her trip in exchange for the peace of him and Liu Xianyun. Yang Kai sees it, but it’s a pity that Yang Leshui is too greedy.

“Big Sister Ling is serious. It’s my fault when it really comes to it.” Yang Kai sighed. He didn’t know how to explain the previous matter to Ling Yinqin, and it was not easy to explain, so he could only say something vaguely.

“What’s your situation now?” Ling Yinqin asked, frowning. Yang Kai had failed in his previous breakthrough. He cut his cultivation base and fought another battle. In her opinion, this was simply Looking for death, “You should take a rest.”


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