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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2376 English [Readable]

“Big Sister Ling, I have to apologize to you.” Yang Kai turn his head and took out the set of advance clean spirit formation, “I broke this thing.”

Ling Yinqin took a look and found that her clean spirit formation was so badly damaged that it was impossible to use it again. A look of sadness flashed in her beautiful eyes, some recollections, and some regrets.

“If it’s broken, it’s broken.” Ling Yinqin gave a strong laugh, and said with relief: “It’s just a set of high-level clean spirit formation, don’t worry about it.”

Yang Kai said, “How much source crystal is this thing worth? I will supply you.”

Ling Yinqin waved her hand, “No need, it’s a pity that it didn’t help you much.” While talking, she took out two wooden tokens and handed them to Yang Kai.

“What is this?” Yang Kai asked doubtfully.

“This is the nameplate of Tongtian Island, and it is also necessary to enter Tongtian City.”

Yang Kai stretched out his hand to take it, reacted at once, raised his eyebrows and said: “This is taken from those people in the Mysterious Cloud Pavilion? Is there no problem with using this to enter the city?”

“There is no problem, these two pieces are just low-level identification nameplates, without recording any information. If it is a high-level identification nameplate, it will be different. No one else can impersonate it.” Ling Yinqin explained.

“Thank you very much.” Yang Kai was extremely happy. He was still a little worried about how he and Liu Xianyun would safely get into Tongtian City, but he didn’t expect these people from Mysterious Cloud Pavilion to actively send their identity plates. This is really a gift like sending charcoal in snowy weather.

“I’m a little tired. Go back and rest first. Brother Yang, you can help yourslef.” After Ling Yinqin said a word, she turned and walked into the cabin.

Liu Xianyun leaned over and whispered to Yang Kai, “Senior Brother, that set of high-level clean spirit formations is a relic left by sister Ling’s partner, which is of great significance to her.”

She also heard this information from Jiao Yi. But when she saw Ling Yinqin’s expression change just now, she also knew that Jiao Yi was right. This high-level Clean Spirit Formation was indeed very important to Ling Yinqin, and it has a memory of someone important to her.

Only then did Yang Kai realize how valuable the thing he had damaged, and hurriedly said loudly, “Miss Ling, I will definitely find someone to fix it for you.”

The clean spirit formation is just damaged. It was not destroyed. Yang Kai originally wanted to compensate with some source crystals for Ling Yinqin, or waited to buy the same set on Tongtian Island and return it to her, but now he knows the significance of this Clean Spirit Formation to Ling Yinqin. After that, it seemed inappropriate whether it was compensation or buying a new set and returning it to her. The best way is to find someone to repair the formation.

Upon hearing this, Ling Yinqin paused slightly, but did not look back, just waved her hand gently. Her back looked extremely bleak, drifting away.

“Senior Brother Yang, why don’t you two go to rest too?” Jiao Yi walked over with a flattering smile, no longer the previous casual attitude, but accompanied by some caution, “We will set off soon, it will not take a month. Then we can return to Tongtian Island, and call to you when we are there.”

“Okay. Then there is work for Brother Jiao.” Yang Kai nodded, and walked toward the room with Liu Xianyun.

After a little while. The ship sailed again.

In the room, Liu Xianyun wanted to inquire about Yang Kai’s current situation several times, but when the words reached her mouth, she swallowed it back. Yang Kai’s previous failure to break through the emperor realm should have dealt a big blow to him. Liu Xianyun felt that if she asked again, it would definitely make him more sad.

She didn’t know how to comfort Yang Kai. She sighed extremely in her heart, feeling that God was really unfair, and made Yang Kai realize the opportunity of breakthrough in this ghost place.

The sailing speed of the ship is not slow, and some sea beasts occasionally attacked on the way, and the martial artist on the ship can handle it properly. It can be seen that these people under Ling Yinqin, regardless of their cultivation level, are extremely experienced martial artist, and have extremely strong experience in how to resist sea beasts.

All the way is a breathtaking experience.

About twenty days later, Yang Kai suddenly heard a commotion on the deck. He listened carefully and learned through the joyful dialogue of the crew that they almost reach Tongtian Island.

The martial artist on Tongtian Island are looking for training resources on the sea, so every trip to the sea is accompanied by great risks, often more than ten or twenty go out, but less than half of them come back.

But this time Ling Yinqin’s ship was very different. Everyone came back alive and no one was hurt, not only that, but also get a huge harvest, and the crew was naturally very happy.

Sure enough, after a while, the speed of the ship slowed down, and soon the ship stopped completely.

There were bursts of noisy sounds in his ears, Yang Kai let out his Divine Sense, and found that the ship had reached the edge of a huge island, anchored in a place like a pier.

Before Ling Yinqin and the others arrived, there were already several ships waiting to dock, and from time to time, martial artist flew out of those ships and landed on the ground.

As soon as these martial artist landed, a lot of people gathered around them, as if every martial artist who returned from the sea was a sweet pastry.

Yang Kai saw a martial artist who had returned from overseas and exchanged a few words with another person, and then quickly left with that person.

“Brother Yang, Tongtian Island is here.” Ling Yinqin’s voice came from outside the door.

Yang Kai and Liu Xianyun looked at each other, and both stood up quickly.

When they arrived on the deck, Jiao Yi and others were already waiting eagerly. After seeing Yang Kai, these people nodded at him in awe.

“These people are selling the harvest of the sea?” Yang Kai walked to Jiao Yi, pointed at the martial artist who were talking, and asked.

Jiao Yi nodded and said: “Yes, basically a trip to the sea will yield something more or less. There are people waiting at the dock. When they see the people return from the sea, they will take the initiative to purchase. If the price is negotiated, sell it. It’s also very cost-effective. The province has gone to the city to find a buyer. Many shops in the city have people squatting here. Every time they come back, they surround them like crazy people. The competition is fierce.”

Hearing Jiao Yi’s explanation, Yang Kai knew that his guess was correct. He felt so when he saw this scene before.

“Let’s go.” Jiao Yi greeted, and many crew members showed their strengths and flew towards the shore. Yang Kai and Liu Xianyun followed closely, but Ling Yinqin stayed behind, pinching the seal art with both hands. Ready to put away the boat.

As soon as the crew here came ashore, many merchants immediately greeted them, gathered them in groups, and offered a good price to buy their gains during this trip.

Jiao Yi and the others are undoubtedly very familiar with this, each of them pretended to be advanced, put on a full posture, and whispered to those merchants. After a while, someone negotiated the price and walked aside to prepare for the transaction.

This trip to the sea, Jiao Yi and the others have gained a lot, not to mention the more than 100,000 dark green feather coral and the corpse of a 12th-order monster beast, but the spoils collected by Yang Kai after killing those people in Mysterious Clud Pavilion. It is many times more than what they usually get.

The gain is too great to be easily finished at one time, so the dozen crew members acted separately, preparing to convert part of the income into useful training materials, such as source crystals and spirit pills, and the rest will wait for later. Look for opportunities to sell, otherwise, if you take out so many good things at once, you will definitely burn yourself.

Source Crystal is a hard currency no matter in the outside world or in the solitary void secret realm. And there is another thing popular here, that is the spirit pill, any spirit pill that is slightly more useful can be converted into the corresponding source crystal and serve as a bargaining chip.

When Yang Kai was looking at the strangeness, a middle-aged beautiful woman suddenly appeared in front of him. This middle-aged beautiful woman was wearing a green dress. Her figure was enchanting and plump, and her chest was bulging, the clothes she is wearing were almost torn apart, which was extremely eye-catching. The cultivation level is not low, and it looks like a 2nd-order Dao Source Stage.

However, although she looks enchanting, she has a very dignified and beautiful demeanor. Don’t know if she was slower or disdain to compete with others, so she failed to catch up with the crew who returned from sea. Seeing Yang Kai and Liu Xianyun, Standing here, no one cares, so she took the initiative to lean in. She pursed her lips, clasped her fists and said, “This little brother.”

“Miss, something wrong?” Yang Kai looked at her up and down.

The beautiful woman smiled and said, “This mistress is ICe Heart Pavilion’s Deacon, Fan Xin.”

“Ice Heart Pavilion?” Yang Kai raised his brows and couldn’t help but took a closer look at this beautiful woman named Fan Xin.

Fan Xin said suspiciously: “What? Little brother doesn’t know about Ice Heart Pavilion?”

She finds it strange that although Ice Heart Pavilion is not large on Tongtian Island, it is absolutely famous. As long as people live on Tongtian Island, it is impossible not to know Ice Heart Pavilion. But seeing Yang Kai’s reaction just now, he seemed shocked, as if he had heard the words Ice Heart Pavilion for the first time.

Yang Kai calmly said: “The name of Ice Heart Pavilion, I naturally heard about it, but I didn’t expect Ice Heart Pavilion to buy things here.”

This is of course nonsense. It was indeed the first time he heard about Ice Heart Pavilion, but Yang Kai also knew that his performance just now aroused the suspicion of the beautiful woman, and these words can undoubtedly dispel the other’s doubts.

Sure enough, the beautiful woman smiled bitterly when she heard the words: “Business is not good, competition is everywhere, and this mistress is also forced to be helpless.” She changed the conversation and went straight to the subject: “I wonder if little brother has any gain on this trip? If so, can you take it out and let me have a look, this mistress will definitely give you a satisfactory price.”

“Their goods are with me, come to me if you need to talk about it.” Ling Yinqin walked over from a distance, and finally relieved Yang Kai.

How can he have any goods in his hand? If he knew the situation at the dock was like this, he would definitely leave something in the space ring after killing the group of Mysterious Cloud Pavilion people.

After hearing the words, Fan Xin looked at Yang Kai puzzledly, not knowing why he put the goods in Ling Yinqin’s hands, after all, the dozen or so people who got off the ship just now brought things.

Yang Kai stretched his hands and smiled and said, “I am a little bit forgetful when I see beautiful women. Big sister is afraid that I will suffer, so she has the full authority to act as an agent. Now it seems to be a wise move.”

Fan Xin covered her mouth and smiled: “Little brother is really interesting.”


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