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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2377 English [Readable]

This Fan Xin from Ice Heart Pavilion quickly got together with Ling Yinqin, communicating something secretly.

After a while, Ling Yinqin looked up at Yang Kai and said, “This Junior Sister Fan is making a very suitable offer. I am going to sell things. What do you say?”

When she asked this, it was obvious that she was just showing it to Fan Xin. Moreover, her cultivation level was a little higher than Fan Xin, so it didn’t matter to call her junior sister.

Fan Xin immediately looked at Yang Kai with a look of expectation. She has been here today for most of the day, but she hasn’t gained a little bit. At this moment, she finally saw a glimmer of hope. As long as Yang Kai nodded, she would receive a lot of things. Naturally she is looking forward to it.

Yang Kai smiled and said, “Then sell it.”

Fan Xin suddenly smiled, “Thank you for this senior sister and little brother, don’t worry, our Ice Heart Pavilion has always been fair in business, and will never suppress prices.”

Ling Yinqin said indifferently: “I have heard of the name of Ice Heart Pavilion, otherwise I won’t sell it to you.”

While they were talking, the two of them were moving quickly. Yang Kai took a look quietly and found that in addition to some source crystals, there were some spirit pills that Fan Xin had handed over to Ling Yinqin.

After receiving the goods, Fan Xin seemed extremely happy, and her attitude became more enthusiastic, saying: “If there is anything else to sell, little brother, don’t forget to come to this mistress, the price is easy to negotiate.”

Yang Kai nodded and said, “No problem.”

“Let’s go.” Ling Yinqin greeted, leading Yang Kai and Liu Xianyun toward the front.

After walking out of the noisy pier, the three people stopped and stood there waiting for others to arrive.

After a few minutes, all the crew members have returned, all of them are full of joy. Obviously, the harvest is not small. And the things they just sold were only a very small part of the harvest from this trip, and there were more that they didn’t take out.

The number of 100,000 Dark Green Feather corals is too large and must be sold in batches. Obviously, it is not suitable for trading on the dock. Ling Yinqin planned to wait until she returned to Tongtian City.

The harvest from this trip alone will allow them to eat and drink without worry in the next three years, and to live in a better place.

After a short walk, a giant city appeared in front of them. The city gate is also huge and unmatched, like an open beast mouth, on the top of the city gate, these two characters are engraved: Tongtian City!

At the city gate. With the guards, no matter how pedestrians enter or exit in the past, they have to pay a low-grade source crystal or something corresponding to the value to be released.

Seeing this, Yang Kai frowned.

The source crystal is extremely precious in this solitary void secret realm. He originally thought that as long as he had an identity plate, he could enter and leave here at will, but he didn’t expect to still need to pay the source crystal. This low-grade source crystal was nothing to him, but for those martial artist who have lived here for a long time, it is no small fortune.

There were not many people in front of the city gate, except for the martial artist who had previously returned from the dock in line to enter the city. No one left the city. It could be seen that the martial artist in Tongtian City were not willing to spend that piece of source crystal in and out at will. They would only do so when they needed to go to sea or had to go out of the city.

Ling Yinqin and a group of more than a dozen people, after paying more than a dozen source crystals and verifying each person’s identity plate, easily entered the city.

Yang Kai was still a little worried about whether his newcomer’s identity would be exposed. It can be seen that it is so simple, and he knows he thinks too much.

Entering the city, it was a lively scene. There are many martial artist in the city, and there are many shops on both sides of the street.

But he soon discovered some differences. That is, on both sides of the street, many martial artist are sitting cross-legged, staring blankly at the front with a dull expression.

There are a lot of these martial artist, regardless of their cultivation level, their aura is extremely weak. It seemed that they hadn’t cultivate for a long time, and they just sat there, motionless.

Not only that, there are many people dressed as beggars on this street, begging all around, but they rarely get anything.

Yang Kai frowned. He didn’t expect the seemingly prosperous Tongtian City to be so bleak inside.

“These are all poor people.” Ling Yinqin sighed, “They have no resources for cultivation, their cultivation level is decreasing day by day, and they are unable to go out to the sea to find things. They can only wait for death besides begging.”

Hearing what she said, Yang Kai understood why this scene was on this street. He only saw this when he entered the city. God knows how many people are waiting for death in Tongtian City?

“Is there really no way to leave this place?” Yang Kai asked.

Ling Yinqin shook her head: “I have never heard of anyone successfully leaving here.”

The two were talking, and suddenly there was an angry shout not far away: “Little thief dares to steal my things!”

There was a shout, followed by a commotion in the crowd not far away, and occasional hands-on sounds came.

Yang Kai released his Divine Sense and immediately found out what happened over there. It seems that a martial artist has been robbed. The robbed martial artist has the cultivation level of 1st-order Dao Source Stage, but the person who robbed him has only the 2nd-order Origin King Realm. Not only the cultivation level is much weaker than the opponent, but the aura is extremely weak. Maybe can’t even exert the power of 1st-order Origin King Realm.

This kind of death-seeking behavior is absolutely impossible to happen outside, but it seems normal in this Tongtian City.

With two knocks, the thief was directly killed on the spot, regaining his space ring. The martial artist on the 1st-order Dao Source Stage was about to say something ruthless. Suddenly countless people with dumb expressions swarmed from both sides of the street. These guys eyes were originally hollow, but at this moment, the eyes were red, everyone was staring at the space ring of the martial artist, and the competition was constant.

Even if the master of the Space Ring is at the 1st-order Dao Source Stage, it is hard to beat four hands with two fists. Although several people have been killed by force, no one flinches and is soon overwhelmed by the crowd.


Just when these people were fighting, two figures suddenly fell from the sky. The two were full of momentum, dressed in black costumes, and stared at the fight ahead with sneer and coldness, but they didn’t mean to stop them.

“This is a member of the Law Enforcement Team of Tongtian City.” Jiao Yi quietly explained beside Yang Kai.

“They don’t care?” Yang Kai said in amazement, saying that since it is a law enforcement team, it is naturally to maintain the peace of the city. Why are they ignoring the fight in front of them?

Jiao Yi sneered: “You will know it by looking at it.”

Boom, two more robbers were knocked out by the owner of the space ring, but this man seemed to be a little exhausted. Although his condition was better than those who were waiting to die and begging, but after arriving on Tongtian Island The cultivation level has also dropped drastically, and he can’t display the strength of Dao Source Stage at all. At this moment, he is already scarred and exhausted.

As soon as he looked up, he happened to see the two law enforcement officers in black robes, and they hurriedly shouted: “Two Sirs, help, these people are lawless. They actually robbed people in broad daylight, I ask the two Sirs to be fair!”

The two law enforcement officers did not move when they heard the words, but just watched indifferently.

The owner of the space ring yelled again: “The two sirs, please make a move. I would like to pay half of the space ring content as reward!”

One of the law enforcement officials heard the words and sneered: “It’s only half?”

The owner of the space ring gritted his teeth and said bitterly: “It’s all for the two sirs…”

He knew that if he was not rescued, he would really be killed by these lawless people. Compared with his own life, what else is more important?

The two law enforcement officers then walked forward lazily, and the person who had spoken before hummed: “Since you kid is so acquainted, i will help you.”

When the words fell, the two of them all started to greet them so fiercely. The energy surged directly to blast the robbers out, killing and wounding in midair, and the air was instantly filled with a strong smell of blood.

With this shot from the two of them, the martial artists around them fell silent for a moment, and the looters who survived were also immediately scattered, not daring to stay here any longer.

Only the robbed martial artist was left on the ground, lying there covered in blood, looking extremely dreadful.

The law enforcement officer walked over, stretched out his hand, and sucked his space ring into the palm of his hand. After probing with Divine Sense, his brows frowned and he spurned: “Fart! There is only such a thing.”

After speaking, he spit on the martial artist with disgust, and swayed away.

“This person can only wait to die in the future.” Jiao Yi sighed.

This robbed martial artist probably didn’t have much belongings, and now even the space ring is lost. Unless he can find the fleet and go to the sea as soon as possible, he will definitely fall into the same way as the people who robbed them, sitting here and waiting for death.

“This place is so chaotic.” Yang Kai’s expression sank.

Ling Yinqin said: “Reaching the dead end, these people are also forced to do everything.”

Yang Kai was silent, knowing what Ling Yinqin said was reasonable.

Those looters were waiting to die, what else could make them fear? But what made Yang Kai a little unbelievable was that the law enforcers in the Tongtian City were actually so dirty. [MSN: from what i see, no law enforcers in this novel is good.]

The scene just now was called hitting on someone when they fall.

From this point of view, Tongtian City is a place where there is no law at all, and it is difficult for Ling Yinqin and others to live here for so long.

“This is the outer city, it’s relatively chaotic, and the inner city is safer, and these things won’t happen.” Ling Yinqin explained.

“Then you live in the outer city or the inner city?” Yang Kai asked.

Jiao Yi replied: “Outer city, but we can move to the inner city in a few days.”

They gained a lot this time, enough to rent a good cave mansion in the inner city. Although the consumption in the inner city is generally more expensive, it is better to be safe, so some spending is worth it.

Ling Yinqin said, “Brother Yang, you just came here. It’s best to rent a cave mansion to live in and get familiar with it slowly.”

“I also have this plan.” Yang Kai nodded, he didn’t know how long he would stay on this Tongtian Island, he had to have a place to live.


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