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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2378 English [Readable]

This should be the place to rent the Cave Mansion, right? “Yang Kai stood in front of a hall at the junction of the outer city and the inner city, looked up, and then greeted Liu Xianyun and stepped in.

He was able to find this place quickly, naturally thanks to the guidance of Ling Yinqin and others. Originally, Jiao Yi wanted to accompany him on the trip personally, but Yang Kai declined it. Jiao Yi and others had gone to the sea for so long. It’s not a troublesome thing to do his own business, and it’s just renting the Cave Mansion. Yang Kai can handle it at his own expense.

Before the separation, Jiao Yi gave Yang Kai a communication bead and told him to call him if he needed any help.

There are not many martial artist in this hall, but it is also quite a lot.

When Yang Kai came, there were already several people waiting in front of him. It seemed that they were all coming here to rent the cave mansion. He stood aside and watched silently for a while, and soon understood the procedure of the loan.

Half an hour later, when it was his turn, he walked forward directly, threw a packet of source crystals on the table, and said to the martial artist who was in charge of the matter: “Rent a medium-sized cave ansion for one year.”

“Outer city or inner city?” The martial artist looked up at Yang Kai and asked faintly.

Yang Kai snorted, “If it were the cave mansion in the outer city, I would give you so many source crystals? Do you treat me as an idiot?”

The person in charge was not annoyed, just grinned, took the bag of source crystal and weighed it, then put it away, pointed to the sand table on the side and said: “Choose yourself.”

This sand table looks like a model of the entire Tongtian City, but it has shrunk countless times, but every building is vivid. There are two large areas of Cave Mansion Area, one of which is in the outer city and the price is relatively low, and the other is in the inner city. The rental price is relatively more expensive. Some small flags have been inserted outside most of the caves, which means that the caves have been rented out, and only a few of the caves with many locations are still free.

Yang Kai just wanted to find a place to stay. He didn’t have much requirement for the level of the Clean Spirit Formation on the Cave Mansion or even the amount of spiritual energy, so he just swept his eyes on the sand table, and pointed to a relatively remote Cave Mansion. “This one.”

The person in charge took a look. Reaching out and throw something, a token flew towards Yang Kai, without looking up and said: “This is a restriction token. Collect it by yourself. You can’t lease it. You can’t replace the clean spirit formation at will. Those who are found doing so will be killed.”

Yang Kai catch the token, just checked it slightly, and put it away, turning around with Liu Xianyun.

It was another half an hour later. Yang Kai and Liu Xianyun came to the cave mansion together. The cave mansion area of ​​the inner city is located in an island mountain range. The cave mansion of every large and small are built on this mountain. The environment is generally good.

The world’s spiritual energy in Solitary Void Secret Realm has always been extremely rich, but this spiritual energy is mixed with chemical power, so the martial artist cannot absorb it at will, and can only absorb it after arranging the clean spirit formation. According to the level of the clean spirit formation, the efficiency of martial artist cultivation is also very different.

But overall. Even if there is the highest level of clean spirit formation, the martial artist can only barely maintain their cultivation level in this ghost place and cannot improve at all.

This medium-sized cave mansion rented by Yang Kai is naturally equipped with a medium-level Clean Spirit Formation.

He went into the cave mansion with Liu Xianyun to investigate, and found that the area of ​​the cave mansion was not bad. There are three rooms, one pill refining room, one item refining room, and even a living room.

Compared to the cave mansion that Yang Kai rented in Maplewood City, this place is undoubtedly much better. But the price is almost the same.

The source crystals are extremely precious in the solitary void secret realm, so the same price represents different values, and the value of the same source crystal in the solitary void secret realm is naturally greater.

“Junior sister, find a room for yourself.” Yang Kai said to Liu Xianyun.

“What about you?” Liu Xianyun asked.

“I’ll get acquainted with the environment, and find item refining great master to repair Ling Yinqin’s Clean Spirit Formation.”

Liu Qianyun said, “Then Senior Brother must be careful.”

“Okay, if you have nothing to do, you can strengthen the various restrictions in the cave. We may have to live here for a long time.”

“Well, you go early and return early.” Liu Xianyun whispered. After speaking, she blushed a little, because she suddenly felt that she and Yang Kai were a bit like a husband and wife living together. Before the husband went out, The wife is worried about her husband, but isn’t she in the role of wife?

With this thought, her cheeks suddenly became hot, but when she looked up again, Yang Kai was nowhere to be seen.

After walking around the streets of Tongtian City and asking for directions several times, Yang Kai came to a small alley.

He turned his head and looked around, with a weird expression on his face, and said to himself: “If i don’t walk the wrong way, then the item refining great master live here, right?”

When he was separated from Jiao Yi and the others, Jiao Yi gave him a communication bead, then secretly sent him a message, telling Yang Kai that if he really wanted to repair the high-level clean spirit formation for Ling Yinqin, he would go to the inner city to find Sang De Great Master.

In the entire Tongtian Island, Sang De Great Master is the best item refining expert, and it is said that he has vaguely touched the mystery of the Emperor Grade Refining Expert, and at least 80% of the high-level clean spirit formations that appeared on Tongtian Island are refined by Sang De Great Master

Since this person can refine a high-level clean spirit formation, it must be no problem to fix it.

Jiao Yi also knew the importance of that high-level Clean Spirit Formation to Ling Yinqin, so he secretly gave Yang Kai some guidance, and he also hoped that the Clean Spirit Formation could be restored.

Yang Kai is not familiar with Tongtian City, but Sang De Great Master’s reputation is great, so he came here just after asking few people randomly.

It’s just that he couldn’t believe it. A guy who was about to arrive at the Emperor Grade Refining Expert actually lived in this corner. He remembered that some experts had a weird temper and always acted unexpectedly.

He walked straight to the end of the alley and came to a gate that was open. Yang Kai glanced inward and found that there was a spacious courtyard inside, empty and spotless.

A young boy was sweeping the floor with a broom.

Yang Kai stepped forward, clasped his fist and said, “This little brother.”

The boy seemed to be a deaf, he didn’t pay attention to Yang Kai’s intentions at all, just sweeping his own ground, as if there was a stunning beauty lying on the ground.

Yang Kai gave a dry cough and asked, “Excuse me, is this the place where Sang De Great Master live?”

The boy raised his head and said impatiently, “Since you have found this place, what else is there to ask?”

Hearing what he said, Yang Kai immediately knew that he had not found the wrong place, and hurriedly said: “Is the Great Master free now, I have something I want the Great Master to help repair, I don’t know…”

“Who are you! Don’t you understand the rules?”

“Rules? What rules?” Yang Kai looked blank.

The boy looked at Yang Kai up and down, and sneered: “You found this place without asking about the rules. You are really interesting, just because you want to see the great master, he will see you?”

Yang Kai asked humbly: “Please also ask my little brother for advice.”

As soon as the boy raised his head, looking at the sky, he stood there holding the broom in his hand, twirling his fingers quickly.

This is for good! When Yang Kai saw the boy’s posture, he knew that he had done this kind of thing before. No wonder people said that the king was good to see and the little devil was difficult to deal with. This boy is really the little devil.

Yang Kai endured the unhappiness in his heart, took out a cloth bag from Space Ring and handed it to the other party, and said, “Can you tell me now?”

The boy weighed the weight of the cloth bag, and then smiled with satisfaction, and pointed to Yang Kai condescendingly: “Great Master time is precious, so how can there be so much leisure time to entangle with you people? But the great master is an old man with a kind heart, thinking you are trapped in Tongtian. Life on the island is not easy, so he deliberately squeeze some time to help people on item refining.”

Yang Kai curled his lips sharply when he heard the words.

“You should remember this.” The boy looked solemnly, and said: “Every month, the great master only opens the door three times, and there will be three opportunities to help you refine artifact. If you want to ask the great master for help, you have to look at your own opportunities. Of course, in addition to these three times, the master will make an exception to open the door occasionally when he is in a good mood, and every time he opens the door, he only helps the first ten people to refine artifact.

“Three chances, ten quotas each time?” Yang Kai frowned, thinking that Sang De Great Master was quite arrogant and had laid down many weird rules. However, in this way, Yang Kai understands why Sang De Great Master has no one here today, obviously it is not time to open the door, or the door has already been opened before.

“Russ can be taught, that’s how it is!” The boy smiled and nodded.

“How old are you kid, dare to talk to adult like this!” Yang Kai’s face sank, and he reached out and knocked the boy.

The boy’s head shrank, and he didn’t avoid it. His cultivation level was not high, only the Origin Returning Stage. How could he avoid Yang Kai’s blow?

“You…do you dare to hit me?” The boy stepped back a few steps, and yelled with his hands over his head. His eyes were red, and he looked very frustrated.

“It’s light to beat you. If you dare to act so big, be careful I really beat you.”

The boy seemed to be frightened. He worked at Sang De Great Master place. Everyone who came here was polite to him and did not dare to offend him at all. This was the first time he met someone who dared to teach him. He turned his head and looked into the courtyard, as if he was expecting Sang De Great Master to come and give him a lesson, but there was no movement inside.

“What do you look at! Little kid, you should know that the fox will never be a tiger. If I ask you, answer it honestly!” Yang Kai snorted coldly.

The boy looked unhappy, but did not say a word.

“How many times has the great master opened this month?” Yang Kai asked.

“Twice!” The boy hummed.

“When is the next time?”

“I don’t know that, the master opens the door immediately, when he is in a good mood, and when to help you do item refining. You can just wait!”


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