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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2379 English [Readable]

“You want to find a great master item refining, today you have no chance.” The boy hummed: “But luckily you met this boy. If you don’t mind, you might as well take out the materials, I will help you do it!”

“Are you also Item Refining Expert?” Yang Kai looked at him in surprise.

The boy raised his chest, shook his hair, made a chic and unruly appearance, and said proudly, “What’s so difficult about Item Refining? This boy is so talented and has been dyed with the eyes and ears of the great master for so long, it must be no problem to help you. Yes, but the reward…”

Yang Kai curled his lips and left without looking back.

This boy is no more than the Origin Returning Stage, even if he is really an Item Refining Expert, how can he be good? He is looking for Sang De Great Master, to repair a set of advance Clean Spirit Formation. Repairing was more difficult than refining. He was sure that this boy didn’t have this ability.

“Don’t go, look down on people? Tell you, this boy is a Saint Grade Item Refining Expert. If you miss this chance, you won’t have it again in the future. Don’t regret it!” The boy jumped in the back, seeming to be deeply humiliated by Yang Kai.

For several days, Yang Kai had to visit Sang De Great Master every day. According to the boy, the Great Master has opened the door twice this month, and there is one last chance left, but he doesn’t know the specific time, so Yang Kai can only try his luck.

Unfortunately, after a few days of effort, Yang Kai still found nothing.

But in the past few days, He have been walking through the streets and alleys, and he have been in touch with the situation of Tongtian City, and e have also mastered a lot of the customs here.

Counting this month, there are only a few days left. Yang Kai is afraid that one day he will be late and miss the opening time of the great master, or if he didn’t squeeze into the ten spots, he simply stopped running around. He came directly to the place where the great master lived and stood guard.

He thought he had gone early enough and would definitely occupy a good position, but Yang Kai realized that he was wrong when he got there.

In the place where Sang De Great Master lived, there were already many martial artist waiting in line.

Yang Kai stared blankly.

But after thinking about it, he knew that these people must have the same ideas as him. Thinking there is not much time left this month, and the great master still has one last chance to open the door, so they came here to wait in advance.

He counted them carefully and found that there were nine people in total. In other words, if he count himself, it is ten people.

At the moment, he didn’t say much, and silently came to the end of the line to stand.

The sweeping boy seemed to be crazy. After seeing so many people, he tried his best to promote himself, brag about his ability, and wanted these martial artist to hand over the materials to him so that he could refine them.

But the martial artist who lived here obviously knew the boy’s abilities, and everyone was silent in front of the boy’s chatter, regardless of what he said.

The boy seemed a little annoyed.

Yang Kai chuckled: “If you have time to grind your lips here, it’s better to find materials and practice your hands obediently. It seems that your time to follow the great master is not too short. Didn’t the great master teach you to take a step by step in everything, don’t you think you thinking too far ahead?”

The boy mumbled: “No need to talk, just stand up obediently!”

But after being taught by Yang Kai, he was embarrassed to entangle with those martial artist again, turned around and entered the house, closed the door.

All the martial artist who came here had to wait for Sang De Great Master to open the door and ask for item refining. Everyone was not familiar with each other, so no one chatted. Those who are boring, just sit down cross-legged and meditate.

In front of the great master house, no one dared to be presumptuous at will. Naturally, he was not afraid of being troubled by someone who did not have eyesight.

And over time. More and more people come here.

However, when these later martial artist saw that there were already ten people waiting here, most of them were disappointed and shook their heads, turned around and left. They knew Sang De Great Master rules, and naturally understood that even if they stayed and waited, it would not do anything. They could only wait for the next opportunity..

But some people have already prepared. They took out Source Crystal and wanted to find the ten people including Yang Kai to buy positions, but there were few successful examples. Only two people traded happily.

Those people who wanted to use the source crystal to buy a location naturally found him, but is Yang Kai a person who lacks source crystal? Naturally, he shook his head and refused.

After waiting for a full two days, the front door suddenly opened. The boy walked out with his head up, and pretended to make a dry cough, and said loudly: “The third time of this month is starting now. The top ten friends, please come with me!”

Everyone was overjoyed upon hearing this, and stood up from the same place. After waiting for so long, It finally the 3rd time for the great master to open the door. These people thought it was worth it, because Sang De Great Master rarely fail the Item Refining. Although the charge is a bit more expensive, he is indeed skilled, as long as they ask for it, the great master could satisfy it.

“Hahaha, i came at the right time!” A loud laugh suddenly came, and then a figure shot from behind, rushing into the crowd very domineeringly, squeezing a position, that powerful momentum made everyone frowned and their faces looked unhappy.

But after investigating the cultivation level of the incoming person, these displeasures became fear again.

Because this person who came here was a powerhouse in the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage.

Among the ten people waiting here, apart from Yang Kai who is in the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage, there is only one woman dressed as a young woman who has this cultivation level. The others are in the 1st and 2nd order of Dao Source Stage, so naturally they dare not open their mouths to offend him.

Dressed in a purple robe, this person was extremely conspicuous, and he was born with a magnificent appearance, but there was a strong sense of superiority between his eyes. It seemed that no one in this world could get into his eyes.

After he arrogantly fell down and grabbed a position, Yang Kai, who was originally at the end of the line, inexplicably became the eleventh.

Sang De Great Master only has ten places at one time. This is the eleventh place. Doesn’t it mean that he has no qualifications to enter and waited for days for nothing?

Yang Kai suddenly became unhappy, looking at the boy and saying, “Little boy, don’t you care about this?”

“What? I didn’t see anything.” The boy raised his head, his eyes rolled over his head.

Yang Kai knocked him on the head a few days ago, which obviously made him bear a grudge. Seeing that Yang Kai’s last position was squeezed out, he was secretly refreshed, how could he come to help Yang Kai out.

Yang Kai’s expression sank and said, “You are blind. Didn’t you see this person jumping in line?”

The boy said angrily: “My eyes are good, your eyes are blind.”

Yang Kai sneered: “Is it okay to let him do this, what is the reason?”

“Reason?” The martial artist who had seized the position sneered when he heard the words. “This King is the reason. You want to reason with me? Then I will reason with you. You said I jumped in line, who saw it? Who see it, you can stand up and talk to me loudly, and Yu Leping immediately let go of this position!”

As he spoke, he turned his head and looked around. The other nine people were silent, silent, and seemed extremely afraid of this guy named Yu Leping.

“I saw it!” Yang Kai looked at him coldly.

Yu Leping snorted coldly: “Don’t deliberately look for things when you come late. If you dare to slander this king, Believe it or not, I dug your eyes?”

“Try it.” Yang Kai smirked. This guy named Yu Leping was too shameless. It was obvious that he jumped in the line when he arrived late, and now the thief shouts to catch the thief. Yang Kai has never seen such a cheeky people.

“The kid is looking for death!” Yu Leping is obviously also a hot tempered man. He didn’t expect Yang Kai to dare to chat with him on this matter. He take a step and turned his hands into claws to grab Yang Kai.

Before the attack, the strong wind was blowing, and the momentum was big.

Seeing his posture, it seemed that he really wanted to dig Yang Kai’s eyeballs, and he didn’t show any mercy at all.

Several martial artist with slightly weaker strength were urged by his momentum, and their complexions changed a lot, and they fell back.

Yang Kai stood there and didn’t move, but looked at the boy coldly and said, “You don’t care if he do it in front of the Great Master place?”

The boy hummed: “Your own business, solve it yourself.”

“Alright!” Yang Kai snorted and looked up at Yu Leping.

When Yu Leping was staring so aggressively at him, he suddenly felt an extremely bad feeling, and he felt cold all over his body, but when he thought that he was the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage, except for a few Seniors on this Tongtian Island that could make him afraid, who else is his opponent?

So he just hesitate for a while, and the moves became more brutal.

Yang Kai raised his hand and blasted a fist forward. The majestic Source Qi suddenly erupted like a silent volcano, and the power of the fist made everyone changes countenance.


Yu Leping grabbed Yang Kai’s fist with his big hand, with a grinning face. When he was about to break Yang Kai’s hand to pieces, he was shocked to find a tsunami-like force approaching. The cultivation level of his 3rd-order Dao Source Stage is actually powerless to resist, and the Source Qi protection is like snowflakes under the scorching sun, quickly dissolving, and retreating steadily.

The power flowed along the palm of the hand, rushing towards the arm all the way, and along the way, the clothes burst, the flesh and blood splashed, and the bones separated.


The imposing Yu Leping seemed to have been hit by a mountain, flew out, and hit the corner directly.


A large mouthful of blood spurted out, and Yu Leping’s arrogant aura suddenly languished, his face pale and bloodless.

“My hand!” The next moment, he roared heartbreakingly, and looking around, the arm he hit at Yang Kai was broken every inch, bloody, and white bones were poking out. It looks shocking.

The boy was sluggish for an instant, and the other nine people were also shocked, their eyes were full of horror looking at Yang Kai.

Before Yang Kai did it, he seemed harmless to humans and animals, and he wanted the boy to be fair to him, but they didn’t expect him to be so cruel when he act. He just hit Yu Leping who is a 3rd-order Dao Source Stage and broke his arm.

This guy…Could he be an emperor realm who hid his cultivation level to pretend to be a pig and eat the tiger?

This idea emerged in everyone’s mind, and the boy was dripping with cold sweat for a moment.


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