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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2381 English [Readable]

“What are you doing?” Yang Kai looked at Sang De coldly, and asked in a cold voice.

“Little brother, don’t be nervous.” Sang De didn’t have the consciousness of a sneak attacker. He smiled and looked at Yang Kai and said, “The old man just did a little test on you, and there is no malice.”

“Are you kidding? What kind of test actually requires a sneak attack, and it’s a Divine Soul sneak attack!” Yang Kai was annoyed, this is him, if it was someone who is not as good as him, they would be crying right now.

If the divine soul is injured, it is not a small injury, Yang Kai impression of this Sang De guy suddenly drop.

“Because what the old man need requires the use of the power of the divine soul, if it weren’t for seeing the little brother dealing with martial artist with the same level at the door before, old man is too lazy to test you.”

Yang Kai snorted coldly, “So it’s still my honor?”

And listening to what he meant, he seemed to know it when he and Yu Leping were fighting outside before.

“Little brother, stay calm and listen to the old man slowly.” Sang De stretched out his hand to soothe.

Yang Kai stared at him fiercely for a while, and he was a little helpless. Now he need the other party’s help, so even if he is not satisfied with Sang De’s practice. He has to wait for him to repair the clean spirit formation.

Seeing Yang Kai sitting down, Sang De changed his smile and said, “The old man wants to ask my little brother, how long have you been trapped in this ghost place?”

Yang Kai’s heart burst suddenly, thinking that this old man could not see anything, right? Did he know he is new here? But he said just now that he doesn’t lack the source crystal, and it makes no sense to act against him. Distracted thoughts flashed through his mind, and he said calmly, “What do you ask me this for?”

Sang De smiled and said, “Little brother, i won’t hidea it. The old man has been trapped here for nine hundred years.”

Yang Kai sneered inwardly, thinking that he will be trapped here until death.

Sang De sighed and said, “Nine hundred years ago, the old man was in the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage, 900 years later, the old man is still at the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage! The level of this old man item refining has been improved all the way. But what about it? Isn’t it still impossible to leave? Can’t leave this place, there is no way to break through the emperor realm, and I will die here sooner or later.”

Yang Kai frowned slightly. He don’t know what he said this thing for, but he didn’t say a word, restrained his temper and listened.

“No matter how long you have been trapped, little brother, the old man only asks…” Sang De’s face suddenly became serious, and his eyes burst, and said, “Do you want to leave this place?”

Yang Kai was shocked, staring at Sang De and said, “Do you have a way to leave?”

Sang De smiled slightly, and asked instead, “Is there any…hehehe…”

This undue beating answer made Yang Kai annoyed, wishing to catch this Sang De now, and then use the soul search method to see what was inside his skull.

He originally planned to live here for a while, and then slowly find out how to leave here, but today he heard some clues from Sang De. How could this make Yang Kai not be moved?

He pondered for a while, and said, “Great Master, we know that people don’t talk secretly. You said you have a way to leave. I don’t believe it. Several emperor realm are trapped on the island. If there is a way to leave, why couldn’t they get out?”

“They are them, the old man is the old man, don’t mix it up!” Sang De pouted and said proudly, “What’s more, the old man masters this method of leaving, even if the emperor realm knows it, he cannot leave.”

Yang Kai frowned. “Since the emperor realm can’t leave, how can you do it?”

“That’s the old man’s business!” Sang De snorted, somewhat impatient, “The old man will look for you, it’s your chance. Can you grasp it?”

This Sang De looked a little moody, and Yang Kai was sure that if he refused, he would definitely want to kill him. Although the old man is an Item Refining Expert, according to him. Nine hundred years ago, he was in the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage. The level of his Item Refining was improved on Tongtian Island, and his strength was definitely not weak.

Now that he reveals the information to him, he has only two choices left, either cooperation or hostility!

“If this is really an opportunity, I will naturally not miss it, but how do I know if what you are saying is true.” Yang Kai looked unwilling to believe, “At least you have to tell me where to leave.”

Sang De smiled slightly and said, “Little brother is also a prudent person. The old man likes to work with prudent people.” He paused and said, “The place to leave is in the solitary void sea.”

Yang Kai curled his lips when he heard the words, thinking that it’s the same as he didn’t say anything.

How big is the solitary void sea? He has learned it deeply, Sang De only said that it is in the Solitary Void Sea, who can find it, and how can he prove it?

Sang De said, “The old man tells you the truth, not only the old man knows the location of this exit, but also two other people!”

“Who?” Yang Kai raised his brows.

“Tongtian City Lord and Ice Heart Pavilion Master!” Sang De snorted coldly, “These two are the most powerful two in the entire Tongtian Island.”

Yang Kai was stunned. He thought that such secret information must only be known to Sang De, but now it seems that it is not like this. The City Lord and Ice Heart Pavilion’s Master also know it.

The City Lord of Tongtian City, he heard from Jiao Yi, knowing that this guy was originally a 3rd-order Emperor Realm, but after cultivating and surviving on this Tongtian Island, his strength was not able to reach the peak state. Although the ice heart pavilion’s master, Yang Kai is not clear. But, the situation should be similar to that of Tongtian City Lord.

In other words, both of them are the 3rd-order Emperor Realm, but they can’t perform to the level they should have.

“Since they know, why don’t they go? With their strength, shouldn’t they be able to go anywhere?” Yang Kai was surprised.

“Can go anywhere?” Sang De sneered when he heard the words. “This is not necessarily true. If it is outside, such a powerful cultivation level will indeed run rampant, but in this solitary void secret realm, if the two of them dare to stay outside for a long time. That is also looking for death!”

“The power can’t be supplemented?” Yang Kai suddenly understood.

“Exactly!” Sang De nodded, “How vast is the Solitary Void Sea? Even if the two Lords is strong, don’t even think of flying to the exit by themselves. Once their power is exhausted, If there is no supplement, it is a dead end for them.”

The chemical power of the solitary void secret realm makes it impossible for any martial artist to absorb the world’s spiritual energy. If the wind and waves of the sea are calm, its not a big deal. They can find a place to set up the clean spirit formation, using the source crystal and medicine pill to assist. Slowly recover, and then move forward when the recovery is good.

But Yang Kai came all the way from the solitary void sea, and he knew that in the depths of the sea, there were countless sucking water, and that water whirlpool had extremely strong water absorption, and it was not a place for recovery.

And the deeper you go, the more it is, and the more terrifying the suction power. The 3rd-order Emperor Realm seems to be powerful, but they really flies there. When the power is weak, there will be no way to resist it.

Hearing this, Yang Kai had believed it a few points, and Sang De’s words made sense, and he couldn’t help but believe him.

“Where is the location of the exit, can you let me see it?” Yang Kai suppressed his excitement and asked seemingly casually.

He might be able to do the thing the 3rd-order Emperor Realm cannot do. He has the Mysterious Boundary Bead, and when his power is exhausted, he can enter the Mysterious Boundary Bead to escape. When he recovers, he can go on and move on. The only thing he needs to worry about is not getting swallowed by powerful whirlpool.

If it is too powerful, he can’t get out.

But it must be right to get the location of the exit first.

“I can’t show you this!” Sang De rebuffed.

Yang Kai said in a deep voice, “Is Great Master so unkind? You ask me to cooperate, and you want to share information, you don’t show me anything, just rely on one side, how can I believe you?”

Sang De smiled slightly and said, “If you believe it, you will have it, and if you don’t believe it, you won’t!”

He looked like he was eating Yang Kai, but he could do nothing.

After thinking for a while, Yang Kai said, “I don’t understand, what does the matter of going out have to do with the great master’s cooperation with me?”

Sang De said, “If you want to go out, you need not only an exit position, but also tools, right? Could it be you want to fly all the way?”

Yang Kai frowned slightly and said, “You don’t even have tools to go out?”

Sang De said, “There is, but I need to get it. It’s not with the old man. Also, it takes several people to work together to get that thing. That’s why the old man will look for you.”

Yang Kai thoughtfully asked, “Is that something related to the strength of the divine soul power?”

Sang De smiled and nodded and said, “Exactly, you can take over 70% of the power of the old man’s divine soul in a haste, it is commendable. It shows that even if your divine soul cultivation is not as good as the old man, it is not far away, otherwise you think the old man will tell you this?”

With an arrogant expression on his face, he seemed to feel that it was Yang Kai’s honor to be able to resist 70% of his divine soul power. He didn’t know that Yang Kai had only used 20% of his divine soul power just now. If he weren’t afraid of hurting this old man, Yang Kai would definitely let him know what real divine soul power is, so that he won’t dare to look on the sky and boast.

Yang Kai wondered, “Since that thing is a tool for going out, how can it not be with you?”

Sang De hummed, “It was refined by my Master. With the old man’s ability, I can’t refine that stuff for the time being!”

Yang Kai was shocked! Sang De is said to have peeped into the mystery of the emperor grade item refining expert, and even he can’t refine it. Doesn’t that mean that his master is a genuine emperor grade item refining expert?

There is an Emperor Grade item refining expert in this solitary void secret boundary? And it doesn’t seem to be known yet. Yang Kai was extremely shocked.

Sang De seemed to see Yang Kai’s doubts, and said, “My master does not live in Tongtian City, and he has never revealed his skill in Item Refining in front of outsiders, so he is not known.”

“Since it’s your master’s stuff, you go and fetch it like this, he doesn’t have any opinion?” Yang Kai asked with a sneer. This Sang De is really not a good thing. He is thinking about getting his master’s things, and he doesn’t know which blind master it is. Accepting such an adversary, instead of clearing the door early, how could he allowed Sang De live to this day?


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