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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2382 English [Readable]

Sang De smiled, and said, “My Master died five years ago. What opinion can he have?” When he said this, his face suddenly became distorted: “Even if the old thing is dead, he won’t give me the tool. I can only take it personally.”

Yang Kai was stunned when he heard this. Seeing Sang De’s expression, it seemed that he was not happy with his master, and there was quarrel between the two.

“The old man has been preparing for this matter for five years, and has been looking for someone like you. Today, I finally found someone suitable. As long as you nod your head, little brother, give your trust to the old man, the old man promises to take you out of this solitary void secret realm! “Sang De looked at Yang Kai with excitement.

“I don’t have the right to choose?” Yang Kai smiled.

Sang De said lightly: “Although the old man stays at home, he has been doing item refining on Tongtian Island for 900 years, and he has made many friends and made many people owe favors. You should think carefully, little brother.”

Although these words sounded unclear, Yang Kai was not a fool, and could not hear the threat in the other party’s words. He said that he has made many friends and made many people owe favors. In other words, he can let many people work for him. Once Yang Kai refuses, it may be difficult for him to live in Tongtian City in the future, and many people will come to kill him.

“You help me repair the Clean Spirit Formation first, I have to think about it for a while.” Yang Kai pointed to the item refining furnace.

“It’s easy to talk.” Sang De smiled slightly, this time he didn’t talk any more, but with a solemn expression, his hand pinched seal arts. Start the fire. Begin to repair that Clean Spirit Formation.

Yang Kai sat cross-legged, frowning, seeming to be considering the feasibility of Sang De’s proposal, but in fact has been paying close attention to the old man’s item refining, lest he do anything on that clean spirit formation.

Sang De is also worthy of being a great master Item Refiner. He throws his various materials into the item refining furnace, and his hands are constantly changing. The spirit formation was depicted in the item refining furnace, and the huge refining furnace let out a buzzing sound from time to time.

Yang Kai himself is an alchemist. Although he has never touched the art of item refining, there are many similarities between the two, such as the investment in materials, the control of the heat, the depiction of the spirit formation, etc. He don’t understand it very well, but he also know that Sang De is not doing it wrongly. He is really repairing the Clean Spirit Formation for him.

After a full hour, Sang De suddenly recovered the spirit, and the furnace fire of the item refining furnace gradually began to weaken. After reaching a certain level, Sang De slammed several spiritual seals against the item refining furnace, and suddenly stop.

He stretched out his hand. The lid of the refining furnace flew out. One formation flag shot out from the refining furnace, and was caught in his hand. Yang Kai opened his eyes and found that this set of clean spirit formation had been restored as before, and it seemed to be better than when Ling Yinqin first lent to him, it was more spiritual. In other words, this set of clean sky formation is definitely better than the previous one.

Sang De smiled slightly and said: “The set of clean spirit formation you brought, should be something that the old man refined fifty years ago. The old man has learned a lot in the past fifty years. As I worked hard, I made a slight modification to this set of Clean SPirit Formation, but you can rest assured that it is definitely better than the previous one.”

While speaking, he directly handed over the clean spirit formation to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai took it, and didn’t worry about what he would do on this clean spirit formation. He just checked it briefly and threw it into the space ring, clasping his fist and said, “Thank you, Great Master.”

Sang De said: “I wonder what the little brother is thinking about my proposal?”

“I’ve figured it out clearly.” Yang Kai nodded slightly, “Count me in.”

Sang De laughed: “The little brother really understands the truth, the old man did not see you wrong.”

Yang Kai snorted coldly: “I just want to leave here. Even if it’s not the great master, I’ll cooperate with someone else.”

“It’s okay, if that’s the case, let’s meet in front of the city gate in three days!” Sang De smiled slightly, “The old man needs to prepare something and call other people. Then I will ask the little brother to be on time for the appointment!”

“I will leave first.” Yang Kai got up and clasped his fist to Sang De slightly.

“By the way, I haven’t asked the little brother name?” Sang De suddenly asked again.

“Yang Kai!”

There is no need to hide names in this place, so Yang Kai directly used his real name to show people.

After leaving Sang De’s residence, Yang Kai took out the communication bead that Jiao Yi had handed him before, contacted him, and found out that they had indeed moved to the inner city, and they were far from him and Liu Xianyun. The Cave Mansion where he was located was not far away, so he agreed to wait for a visit to them and prepare to return the restored Clean Spirit Formation to Ling Yinqin.

After walking through a few streets, Yang Kai suddenly stopped, and looked up at a building not far away.

The building looked like an attic, divided into six floors. It was not too big or small, but it was certainly not easy for the owner behind this attic to occupy such a place in this extremely prosperous area.

In fact, the owner of this loft is not a simple person.

Because this is Ice Heart Pavilion!

Yang Kai knows that the pavilion master of the Ice Heart Pavilion is an extremely powerful emperor realm, and can even sit on an equal footing with the Master of Tongtian Island, but this Ice Heart Pavilion master is different from the Master of Tongtian Island. The former seems to control only one attic, while the latter control the entire Tongtian Island.

When he first came to Tongtian Island, Ling Yinqin also sold her goods to a beautiful woman named Fan Xin, who was from ICe Heart Pavilion.

The three words Ice Heart Pavilion reminded Yang Kai of a lot of past events, and Sang De also mentioned that besides him, the people who knew the location of the exit were two people, Ice Heart Pavilion Master and Tongtian Island Master.

It is naturally unrealistic to find out the information exported by these two people. The powerhouse at the 3rd-order Emperor Realm might not even be able to be seen. Even if they are, it is impossible to inquire directly.

This happened slowly. He always felt that Sang De was a little unreliable. Maybe he was planning some unknown activities. The so-called eggs cannot be put in a basket. Yang Kai thought about leaving the solitary void secret realm in the future. Sooner or later, he may have to deal with the Ice Heart Pavilion Master, so he might as well start this matter now.

Outside Ice Heart Pavilion, there was a wooden sign with two lines of characters engraved on the wooden sign. Yang Kai looked closer and realized that it was the sign of Ice Heart Pavilion hiring alchemists.

“Hiring a high-level Alchemist, the benefits are huge!”

There were only two lines on the sign, which made Yang Kai’s eyes shine brightly.

Moreover, the handwriting is graceful, three points into the wood, and there is an indescribable Taoist rhyme hidden in it, which seems to be the hand of an extremely powerful person.

Just as Yang Kai stopped in front of the wooden sign to watch, a beautiful woman suddenly walked out of Ice Heart Pavilion and asked with a smile, “Little Brother is an alchemist?”

He stood motionless in front of this wooden sign, which naturally made people think of some situations.

Yang Kai raised his head when he heard the words and looked at the other party, the beautiful woman said in surprise: “It’s you.”

“It turned out to be Senior Sister Fan!” Yang Kai smiled and clasped his fists.

This beautiful woman is not someone else, it is the Fan Xin who bought Ling Yinqin’s goods at the dock before.

“What Senior Sister?” Fan Xin glared at Yang Kai, and said unwillingly: “Plainly call people much older. If you have a higher cultivation level than me, just call me junior sister.”

“Junior Sister Fan!” Yang Kai immediately changed his words.

“How do i call the senior brother?” Fan Xin asked.

Yang Kai hurriedly reported his name, Fan Xin pursed her lips and said, “It turns out that it is Senior Brother Yang. Senior Brother Yang is an alchemist?”

“Well, I barely understand it.” Yang Kai said modestly.

Fan Xin’s beautiful eyes lit up and she asked urgently, “What level of alchemist is Senior Brother Yang?”

“Dao Source Grade!” Yang Kai said that his skills were a little smaller. After all, the emperor grade alchemist there are extremely lacking existences. Sang De is just a Dao Source Grade high-rank item refiner, on this Tongtian Island. It is admired and respected. If he is really promoted to Emperor Grade Refining Expert, Tongtian Island Master will be polite to him by three points.

“What level of pill can be refined?” When Fan Xin heard that Yang Kai was actually a Dao Source Gradealchemist, she seemed to be even more enthusiastic. The whole person leaned in front of Yang Kai, and suddenly a fragrant wind rushed into his face, making people feel very excited.

“Dao Source Grade middle-rank, high-rank can occasionally be refined successfully, the chances are not high.”

“Senior Brother Yang may come in and test it out. If you can really refine the Dao Source Grade middle-grade spirit pill, Ice Heart Pavilion will definitely hire him.”

“Okay.” Yang Kai smiled slightly. He came here to find a backer. After all, he came here for the first time, and he might encounter some trouble in the future. If there is a backer, it would be better to live in Tongtian City. He want to meet the Ice Heart Pavilion Master, and get familiar with this powerhouse.

Seeing that Yang Kai agreed so readily, Fan Xin was overjoyed and quickly led Yang Kai to the pavilion.

Yang Kai opened his eyes and saw that this Ice Heart Pavilion seemed to be a place where materials were sold. The goods on the shelves were all kinds of pill refining, pill refining and materials for cultivation, and no finished pills and artifacts were seen.

Moreover, to Yang Kai’s expectation, the business of Ice Heart Pavilion seemed to be not very good. There were only three or five guests inside, who were watching around.

However, a few women with very similar dresses were accompanying the guests and introducing them to the goods.

“Your Ice Heart Pavilion only accepts women?” Yang Kai asked in surprise.

Fan Xin pursed her mouth and smiled: “Yes, this is the rule set by the pavilion master.”

“Then I have broken the rules?” Yang Kai raised his brows, thinking that the ice heart pavilion master, was either a lecher or a female, so he made such a rule.

Fan Xin said: “This is different. We are all disciples under the master’s seat. If Senior Brother Yang can join Ice Heart Pavilion, it will only be an employment relationship.”

“That’s it!” Yang Kai nodded slightly, and didn’t care much. People only accepted female disciples, so it was naturally impossible to bring him under the sect, not to mention Yang Kai would not want to.


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