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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2383 English [Readable]

It’s just that Yang Kai couldn’t figure it out. How could Ice Heart Pavilion, a place selling materials, think about hiring alchemists? And looking at the texture and traces of the wooden sign, it is obviously already a few years old. In other words, Ice Heart Pavilion has been recruiting alchemists from a long time ago.

Seeing Fan Xin walking in with Yang Kai, the female disciples of ICe Heart Pavilion seemed to be extremely surprised. A pair of beautiful eyes looked over them. These women were all young girls, all of them beautiful, pure and flawless, and seemed to be cultivating the same technique, but the level of cultivation is uneven. Fan Xin only has 2nd-order Dao Source Stage. These girls don’t even have Dao Source Stage. The most powerful one is only 1st-order Origin Returning Stage. Others even have Saint King Stage and Saint Stage. Don’t know how the Ice Heart Pavilion Master received disciples.

“Junior Sister Fan, how many alchemists do you have in Ice Heart Pavilion now?” Yang Kai didn’t care about the eyes of the girls looking at him, but asked casually.

“There was one, but was fired a few days ago.” Fan Xin replied.

“Fired?” Yang Kai was stunned, “Was that person careless in Pill Refining?”

Now that someone has been recruited, why are they dismissed again? Yang Kai couldn’t understand.

Fan Xin smiled slightly, but this time she didn’t answer. Don’t know if there was another hidden reason or it was inconvenient to answer. The two people had already reached the third floor in the room.

Along the way, Yang Kai found that the Ice Heart Pavilion was full of materials, and the higher it is, the higher the grade of materials.

At the corner of the third floor, there was a room that looked like a secret room. After Fan Xin led Yang Kai into the place, she said, “Senior Brother Yang. Just test it here. There is no source of earth fire on Tongtian Island, so the conditions are a little bit rough, please bear with it.”

“It’s nothing.” Yang Kai waved his hand and found that the room covers a large area, and there are more than a dozen large and small pill furnaces in it. Each of these pill furnaces has Dao Source Grade, three of them has even reached Dao Source Grade high-rank.

There is no alchemist in Ice Heart Pavilion. But there are so many pill furnaces, which are obviously collected deliberately.

Yang Kai is puzzled. According to the truth, since Ice Heart Pavilion sells materials, it should just sell materials. Why does it have to hire high-level alchemist for? And also prepared so many pill furnaces. The Ice Heart Pavilion Master was a powerhouse of the 3rd-order Emperor Realm, surely there is no shortage of training resources. After thinking about it, Yang Kai only thought of a possibility that the Ice Heart Pavilion Master probably wanted to refine some spirit pill. That’s why they deliberately looked for some high-level alchemist.

“You can use these pill furnaces as long as you don’t damage them.” Fan Xin said, pointing to the pill furnaces.

“I know, but I don’t know what Spirit Pill Junior Sister Fan wants me to refine?” Yang Kai turned his head and asked.

“As long as it is a Dao Source Grade middle-rank spirit pill, the senior brother can give the pill recipe, and I will get you the materials.”

Yang Kai nodded and groaned for a while, and said: “Then i will refine the 7 Stars Dragon Tiger Pill.”

This 7 Stars Dragon Tiger Pill is a Dao Source Grade middle-grade spirit pill. Its function is to make the martial artist explode with more powerful combat effectiveness after taking it, but it has some side effects. Once the effect of the medicine has passed, the whole body will be weak and unable to use power within two months. Not only that, but also some damage to the meridians and foundation.

The inferior 7 Stars Dragon Tiger Pill can increase the strength of the martial artist by 10%, the middle by 20%, and the upper by 30%, if there is a pill mark, it directly broke out as much as 50%.

The 7 Stars Dragon Tiger Pill is violent and cannot be taken by non Dao Source Stage martial artists. Forcibly taking it will only explode and die. However, who is willing to take this pill to forcibly increase strength if the cultivation level already reach the Dao Source Stage? Once the meridians and foundation are damaged, it is most likely to stop moving forward.

Therefore, this spirit pill is a tasteless existence, and there is not much market. Only some desperadoes will prepare one or two.

Yang Kai said the materials of the 7 Stars Dragon Tiger Pill once, and Fan Xin took it down carefully, and immediately set about preparing.

The reason why he chose the 7 Stars Dragon Tiger Pill is because the material of this pill is not difficult to find, even if it is on Tongtian Island.

Sure enough, after a short while, Fan Xin returned again and brought ten materials directly.

Hand over the materials to Yang Kai and said: “Senior Brother Yang can pass if he succeed in Pill Refining two furnaces. This mistress is waiting outside. If it is all right, call me.”

Ten materials, two furnaces of pill formation, are not too difficult tests for a Dao Source Grade middle-rank alchemist, as long as a little bit of care is added, it can be made successfully.

For Yang Kai, it was naturally not a problem.

He can now even refine the Emperor Grade spirit pills, not to mention the Dao Source middle-rank spirit pills.

Fan Xin obviously also knew that alchemists should not be disturbed when they were making Pill Refinng, so she took the initiative to say to wait outside.

After she left, Yang Kai took out his Ink Jade Cauldron and placed it in front of him, urging the fire of divine sense to start refining.

Although it was the first time that he refined the 7 Stars Dragon Tiger Pill, he was not unfamiliar at all, and his movements were extremely skillful. The timing of the heat and the input of materials was also perfectly controlled.

Soon, Yang Kai immersed himself in pill refining.

Just when he was engrossed, the Soul Slasher Blade in the Consciousness Sea suddenly shook slightly, and suddenly awakened him from that clear state.

His expression did not change, his hand movements did not stop at all, but he began to examine himself extremely carefully.

Soul Slasher Blade couldn’t have this kind of abnormality for no reason, the only explanation was something happened to him.

He came and explored, but still didn’t find any clues.

After a while, he suddenly realized that someone was spying on him! Because he sensed that a Divine Sense that didn’t belong to him was nearby, so the Soul Slasher would move.

However, even with his own ability, he couldn’t find this person’s prying eyes, indicating that this person’s cultivation is far beyond his own.

Ice Heart Pavilion Master!

Yang Kai immediately understood who was secretly spying on him! In Ice Heart Pavilion, apart from the Ice Heart Pavilion Master, who has such ability?

It seemed that he had thought wrong before. He thought that a powerhouse like the Ice Heart Pavilion Master would definitely live in the best cave mansion in the inner city, but he didn’t expect this person to be in Ice Heart Pavilion.

The entire Ice Heart Pavilion has six floors. He is on the third floor. The ICe Heart Pavilion Master is most likely on the sixth floor!

What does it mean for such a strong man to secretly pay attention to his pill refining? What’s more, it is the Dao Source Grade middle-grade spirit pill that is refined. What effect does this spirit pill have on the other party?

In other words… this powerhouse is concerned about his ability on Pill Refining?

Yang Kai’s thoughts flashed through like lightning, but his hand movement did not stagnate.

He originally planned to refine two furnaces of spirit pills directly, and then waited for the time to go to find Fan Xin, but now he knows that Ice Heart Pavilion Master is spying on him, how would he dare to do this?

He quietly modified a spiritual formation in the pill furnace. After a short while, the pill furnace suddenly erupted with a muffled noise, and then, a burning smell came out.

Yang Kai showed a frustrated expression, and after a long time he sighed heavily, as if he was regretting that the refining of this spirit pill had failed.

After pouring out the medicine slag in the pill furnace, Yang Kai rested for a while and started refining again.

It was already night when Yang Kai came out from Sang De place, and this refining went straight to the next morning.

When Yang Kai opened the door. Fan Xin, who was waiting outside, immediately greeted him.

“Fortunately, I have three furnaces Pill Success. Please also ask Junior Sister Fan to check it.” Yang Kai handed over the three jade bottles, each of which contained four or five 7 Stars Dragon Tiger Pills of different qualities.

This is also the level that a Dao Source Grade middle-rank alchemist can perform normally.

Fan Xin took the jade bottle, but didn’t even look at it, as if she had already expected the result. Smile softly and said: “Senior Brother Yang’s test is considered to have passed. As long as Senior Brother Yang is willing, he can become the alchemist of my ICe Heart Pavilion.”

“I am naturally willing!” Yang Kai replied bitterly.

He entered this Ice Heart Pavilion, hoping to take the opportunity to meet the ICe Heart Pavilion Master, and get familiar with each other, but now he noticed that the situation in ICe Heart Pavilion was also awkward, and he didn’t know whether it was right or wrong to apply for an alchemist rashly.

But at this point, he can only bite the bullet and agree.

“Great.” Fan Xin was overjoyed, “Senior Brother Yang, you don’t know how difficult it is to find a Dao Source Grade alchemist on Tongtian Island. There are only a few alchemists of this level on Tongtian Island. Few people did not meet our requirements, so luckily I met you.”

Yang Kai wanted to ask why people didn’t agree with the requirements, but he swallowed it again.

He felt that Fan Xin would definitely not answer this question.

“Senior Brother Yang, it’s like this. If you make pill refining in my Ice Heart Pavilion, you can get half of the income from all the pills you sell.”

“Half?” Yang Kai looked surprised.

Not because it’s too little, but because it’s too much!

He doesn’t need to prepare materials, he just refines pill refining here, and he can divide the income into half, which is simply a great thing.

“Sixty percent is okay.” When Fan Xin saw this, she thought he was not satisfied with the reward, and quickly changed her words, “Senior Brother Yang also saw, our ICe Heart Pavilion is mostly dealing with materials, as long as you can do Pill Refining here, sooner or later. It is not a dream to be promoted to the emperor grade alchemist, improving your pill refining level will not be a dream.”

This sentence is the truth, ICe Heart Pavilion is mostly dealing with materials, and if an alchemist wants to improve his level and ability, it needs a lot of materials to practice hands. As any alchemist enters Ice Heart Pavilion, they will definitely be happy.

“No need, half is fine.” Yang Kai waved his hand.

Fan Xin was startled for a moment and smiled and said, “Senior Brother Yang is really nice, then when can Senior Brother Yang come to make pill refining?”

“I’m afraid i can’t do it immediately. In three days… well, maybe two days. I have agreed with someone to deal with one thing, and I will come over after I deal with it.” Yang Kai said.

Although Fan Xin was a little disappointed, she didn’t dare to force him. She could only say, “Naturally, Brother Yang’s business is the main thing. I also ask Brother Yang to go back to Ice Heart Pavilion as soon as possible after handling the matter.”


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