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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2385 English [Readable]

After waiting for a full hour, Sang De was nowhere to be seen. Just as Yang Kai was extremely impatient and wondering if Sang De was lying to him, the young woman on the opposite side suddenly took out a communication bead and frowned to investigate.

This change attracted Yang Kai’s attention. If this beautiful young woman was a helper invited by Sang De, then some clues could be found from her.

The young woman quickly collected the communication beads, then flew up and shot towards the depths of the sea.

Guessed wrong? Yang Kai was stunned. The young woman left the dock without saying a word. Could it be that she was not with him?

Just when Yang Kai was suspicious, a soft voice suddenly rang in his ear: “Leave after a cup of tea, waiting for you at the sea!”

This voice definitely came from the young woman. Reminiscent of the scene where she took out the communication beads before, Yang Kai immediately understood that it should have been Sang De secretly calling her, and then let her tell him.

After understanding this, Yang Kai smiled slightly, thinking that Sang De was really cautious in his actions. But I’m afraid he is not to blame. Sang De is too famous in Tongtian City, and he is certainly easy to be recognized. If someone sees him taking people out to sea at the dock, it will definitely arouse some people’s vigilance. For example, the master of Tongtian Island and the master of ICe Heart Pavilion.

Don’t know what Sang De want to do now. He left Tongtian City without knowing it, and only afterwards quietly sent a message to the young woman and Yang Kai, which shows that this person has acted carefully.

As the young woman said, Yang Kai waited for a cup of tea time at the dock, and then suddenly his figure shook and disappeared.

The martial artist who had been hiding in the dark to monitor him didn’t know what was going on. He only saw Yang Kai’s body blurred for a while, and then disappeared. In shock, he quickly sent a message to Yu Leping.

Not much effort. The thunderous Yu Leping hurriedly came to the dock, looked around with a gloomy expression, and quickly fixed his gaze to the depths of the sea.

There was no sign of Yang Kai returning in the city, nor at the dock. The only explanation was that Yang Kai had already gone to the sea.

Yu Leping naturally didn’t want to miss this kind of heaven-sent opportunity. At the moment, a ship was set up, and a group of people rushed out of the dock and sailed to the depths of the sea.

Less than a quarter of an hour after Yang Kai flew over the sea, he saw a ship parked there in the distance. There were a few faint figures on the deck, watching in the direction where he was. After seeing him appear, one of them immediately waved.

Seeing this, Yang Kai did not hesitate. Shot towards the ship on that building.

After a short while, he landed on the deck and looked up. There were four people standing on this deck. The glamorous young woman Yang Kai had seen before was among them. At the moment, she was staring at him with a smile, looking up and down, as if to see a flower from Yang Kai.

Naturally, Yang Kai didn’t know the other two. One of them is looking tough, broad and sturdy build, his burly muscles are like the most exquisite works of art, exuding a unique beauty of color and strength. This person is actually a head taller than Yang Kai. Just standing there will give a person an extremely violent sense of oppression.

The other man looked unsurprising. Ordinary, there is nothing special about him, as if he can’t be found in the crowd, but this person has an extremely cold expression and depends on where he is standing. Yang Kai also knew that this person must be an extremely arrogant person, because he had distanced himself from the glamorous young woman and the burly man, and seemed to disdain to be with these two people.

When he got on the boat just now, he also glanced casually, then looked away, looking like he couldn’t get into his magical eyes.

The fourth person on this boat is naturally Sang De.

He seems to have used some artifact to change his appearance and his own aura. If it were not for Yang Kai’s preconceptions, he would not be recognized. At this moment, Sang De changed his previous old man’s appearance, and turned into a middle-aged man.

No wonder he can sneak out of Tongtian City without knowing it. With the help of this magical treasure, what else can he not do?

“Everyone is here.” Seeing Yang Kai’s arrival, the middle-aged man in the incarnation of Sang De said in a deep voice, pinched magic arts with his hand, and urged the ship to sail forward.

“Although these people are all here, great master, should you introduce us? So it will be easier to cooperate.” The glamorous young woman suddenly giggled, and the laughter was as clear and sweet as a bell, and seemed to be mixed with some enchanting meaning to make people listen.

When she was talking, she actually performed her charm technique, and a scent of fragrance wafted from the deck immediately, which made people smell in the nose and made the whole body hot.

“Snake Lady, are you looking for death?” The self-confident young man suddenly snorted, his plain eyes suddenly exploded, staring coldly at the beautiful young woman and said: “Don’t take put out your charm technique, or I will throw you into the sea to feed the fish now!”

The young woman called the snake lady smiled faintly, and did not care about the threat of the young man at all. She just smiled and said: “I am so scared.”

As she spoke, a strange sound suddenly came from the deck.

Yang Kai looked up with his eyes, his scalp was numb. He don’t know when many weird snakes and pythons appeared on this deck. They were all large and small, and they all looked poisonous and fierce, and at this moment all these snakes and pythons were actually surrounding the young man in all direction.

“Presumptuous!” The young man didn’t change his face, looked at the snakes and pythons as nothing, and looked at the snake lady calmly, as if not afraid of her at all.

As soon as the two of them came up, the atmosphere became so stiff, and don’t know if there was any grudge before.

“Who dares to make any more noise, get out of the old man’s ship now!” Sang De snorted, and his majestic eyes swept around, and the snake lady and the young man immediately stopped speaking.

If Sang De is just a Great Master Item Refiner, he may not be able to live in such an unruly generation on this solitary void sea. The key is, Sang De not only a Great Master Item Refiner, but his strength is not inferior to them.

“Put away these pets of yours, the old man doen’t want to see it!” Sang De said with a glance at the snake lady.

The Snake Lady pursed her mouth and said: “The great master has ordered, and this mistress naturally dare not refuse.”

She placed her jade hand on her red lips and whistled softly. The poisonous snakes scattered all over the deck instantly disappeared. Don’t know where they were hiding.

Sang De said: “Actually, you should all have heard of each other’s names. It’s just that you may not have seen each other before. There is no need for the old man to introduce anything. Just report your name.”

The Snake Lady nodded and said: “Yes, I have seen the few senior brothers, please take care of me on the next journey.”

While she was talking, a pair of winking eyes kept coming, her tone numb, and an affair that could provoke others.

The proud young man snorted and said, “Shen Fei!”

After saying his name, there is no more words. For him, it seems to be a shame to say one more word.

The burly man smiled, scratched his head, and buzzed: “My name is Man Kuai!”

He looks extremely simple and honest, but everyone knows that if he is deceived by his appearance, it is himself that is unlucky. No one who can be famous on Tongtian Island is simple. Simple people are all dead.

“Sure enough, it’s brother Man!” The snake lady’s eyes lit up, as if she had already heard of his name, she pasted her body while she was talking, and said: “Sister has been admiring brother Man’s name for a long time, and I am finally lucky today. Being able to see you today, it’s a well-deserved reputation.” While she was talking, she stretched out her slender fingers and gently stroked the strong musles of Man Kuai, with a seductive expression of moving index fingers, even breathing slightly. The corner of her eyes was glowing with spring.

The man bulged up his muscles very cooperatively, smiled, and said, “If my sister likes it, just touch it, I’m a man who is good at this skill!”

The Snake Lady licked her red lips and said, “It’s not true, right? Does Brother Man have no other strengths?”

The man chuckled and said, “Naturally there are.”

“how long?”

“Enough to find out the depth of my sister!”

“Then we can get closer and closer.”

This pair of dog men and women, in this broad day, under all eyes, flirting with such shamelessness, the look of a bastard looking at mung beans meeting their eyes, making Yang Kai and the others look black.

“What’s this friend’s name? It seems to be the first time seeing him!” Shen Fei seemed to be too lazy to look at the adulterer and adulteress, turning his head and looking at Yang Kai and asked.

As soon as he said this, Man Kuai and the snake lady also paid attention to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai smiled slightly, clasped his fist and said, “Yang Kai!”

“Yang Kai?” Shen Fei furrowed his brows, and met the eyes of Man Kuai, and they both saw each other’s doubts, because the two had never heard of Yang Kai’s name.

“It turned out to be Brother Yang, disrespectful and disrespectful.” The Snake Lady left Man Kuai, and suddenly came to Yang Kai, her body pressed to him, and winking: “What are the advantages of little brother? Tell this sister, ok?”

Yang Kai darkened his face and said, “No, no, I am full of shortcomings, and I have no strengths at all.”

“How could it be.” The Snake Lady giggled. “It’s a man, so he should have his strengths. Don’t be so shy, brother.”

Yang Kai’s face was cold, and he said, “Auntie, how old are you, calling me brother, can you force your face?”

The smile on the Lady Snake’s face suddenly stiffened, and her whole body burst into coldness. She turned to look at Sang De and said, “Great Master, where did you find this person? I want to tear his mouth, is it okay?”

Sang De’s face sank: “It seems that you didn’t remember what the old man said just now.”

The Snake lady trembled, gritted her teeth and said: “Great Master, the Man Kuai you invited and Shen Fei, I have long heard about them, and they are both famous lonely strong men on the island, but what kind of green onion is this kid? Also qualified to work with us!”


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